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"BOY" produced by Station Next. Made by STAMMEN 2014. facebook.com/filmenBOY lucashelth.com Soundtrack: "Silver Web" can be bought here: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/sil... BTS video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRFDE... http://lucashelth.com/ Winner of the Jury Prize at Seoul International Youth Film Festival Winner of the Audience Award and Jury Award at The Next Film Festival Winner of the Audience Choice Award at Melbourne Queer Film Festival for Best International Short Winner of Best International Short Film at Fresh Film Festival Winner of 3rd Prize for Best Film at Josiah Media Festival Official Selection: Inside Out LGBT Film Festival Toronto Official Selection: BFI Flare: London LGBT London Film Festival Official Selection: National Film Festival of Talented Youth Official Selection: Rio Festival Gay de Cinema Official Selection: Iris Prize Festival CAST: Laura Hancock Christina Selden Oliver Wollenberg Pernille Dahl Nielsen Susanne Solberg Hansen CREW: Director: Lucas Helth Postma Screenplay: Olivia Karoline Fløe Lyng & Lucas Helth Postma Producer: Claus Michaelsen Director of Photography: Freja Lykke Maegaard Editors: Caroline Polke & Olivia Karoline Fløe Lyng Sound Designer: Tessa Hoder Music: Shenanigans & Oscar Sahlertz Gaffer: Astrid Ward Dam Production Manager: Mikkel Nordfang Phillipsen Head of Recording: Lauge Lunding Bech Caster & Assistant Director: Julie Amanda Aagard Set Designer: Sylvester Hundborg Stjernholm Riisberg Make-up Artist & Costume Designer: Nadia Schjødt Mendes Location Manager: Christian Rom Assistant Set Designers: Marcus Nørlem Beyer & Christian Rom First Assistant Camera: Alexander Friis Sharif PR: Nanna Dam-Hendriksen Poster Designer & Still Photographer : Sarah Marlene Moesgaard Jagd Scripter: Marcus Nørlem Beyer Graders: Mads Salbæk & Lucas Helth Postma Trailer: Mads Salbæk BTS Director: Emma Oline Schirripa Skou BTS Photographer: Christian Rom BTS Production Sound Mixer: William Dinesen Shot on: Sony PMW-F3 Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro
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Text Comments (57754)
Lucas Helth (1 year ago)
Watch my new short film OverLove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6kjzXjo3QA&t=27s
Game Glitches (22 days ago)
This is the second time I have watched this film and cried again, everything that girl has done Id had done but at a younger age
kısafilmler (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejIRv-ltQmM PERFECT
VeniceBitch (1 month ago)
+rachel samuel do you know what's the name of the ending song? Please😢
rachel samuel (1 month ago)
Lucas Helth loved it
VeniceBitch (1 month ago)
The ending song please?
Mia Kellenberger (32 minutes ago)
What language is this in??
Emily Connolly (1 hour ago)
As if I'm watching this and it is actually Easter .😂😂😂😂😋
lowkey geeky cosplayer (4 hours ago)
This made me cry.
elisabetrouge (7 hours ago)
Oh and Happy Easter! May everyone find acceptance or at the very least a Simon.
Danielle Devore (8 hours ago)
Some people don't under stand
Doodle_Slimezzz (9 hours ago)
OMG she just drank tap water that's why he's gay
Flamemare 69 (9 hours ago)
How can I get a Simon?
please don't use bandages, you could hurt your ribs, boyos
sakura mei (13 hours ago)
blossom butter (15 hours ago)
Emilie looked like cole sprouse after the haircut
BTS ARMY_JİMİN (1 day ago)
Laura Okaistes (1 day ago)
Tbh I love dudes who reacts like that😂 8:46
Cnstnzzx X (1 day ago)
Me encantaría que mi mamá me aceptara como su mamá la acepta a ella,,,,
Bi Pride (1 day ago)
Bi Pride (1 day ago)
blue aesthetic (1 day ago)
We all need a Simon in our lives😭
luke warm milk (1 day ago)
if my kids ever come out to me as transsexual i would support the shit out of them. this mom can go suck a dick for the way she treated him.
Es increíble que cuando alguien está pasando por momentos difíciles como este, se supone que la famila es la que te apoye y te brinde ayuda, en cambio en la mayoría de los casos la familia es la que hace más daño.... increíble.....
Skippy Bean (1 day ago)
First thing on screen BOI
Sandra Cortez (1 day ago)
Who else just didn’t understand a word they said but still didn’t look at the captions.... Just me okay
Alessandra Mtz (1 day ago)
"is that Spanish or French"
lexZ gaMinG (1 day ago)
Simon does protect!
Oof Dood (1 day ago)
Simon, am I a bad mother yes oooooooooooooooooh
Joi Jessie (2 days ago)
j s (2 days ago)
what is this language?
Moose Antlers (1 day ago)
It's Danish.
Sammy Demon (2 days ago)
Can Simon be my brother please he's cool
Ejirou Kirishima (2 days ago)
Be as mjme(bish that my tie
TECHNOCOLOUR Dreamz (2 days ago)
Comment sections for short films: *literally repeats the message* we get it, no need address what we already know😂😂😂 no offence
Cbellarock (2 days ago)
I love this clip wholeheartedly
Army💙 (2 days ago)
When she took the tie I thought she was gonna hang...anyone else
Jakub Prokopec (2 days ago)
I don't wanna be bad or somehow racist, but i think it's just a disease. Like homosexuality, it's something wrong with brain, like if a computer has a faulty operational system.
i feel the same way about wearing a dress * shreds dress i bought a few weeks ago * yep anger issues are out what next * looks at wayy to girly- fancy shoes i had to wear last week* hmmm ????
lihi Patt (2 days ago)
אף אחד לא מבין מה אני כותב חחחח
cindy ferreira (2 days ago)
Socorro me apaixonei por ela/e 😍
Angelica Otero (2 days ago)
Im fucking crying , yo i love simon,he Is a good father
Xxx Gekyume (2 days ago)
I'm crying
Tośkowe fanduby (2 days ago)
In what language they're talking?
Tośkowe fanduby (2 days ago)
Like... Danish I think?
Kai on (3 days ago)
“Simón am i a bad mother” WHAT DO YOU THINK??!
just a girl who wanted have short hair and wear blue tshirt
Masha Kalina (3 days ago)
Типо Мулан?😂
Tech (3 days ago)
Lol, she's way cooler than me
Tortuga Plays (3 days ago)
Bruh did u see that like slap tho
Simon protecc
Jessica Moore (3 days ago)
This was the best thing ever
Mehrava Afshani (3 days ago)
When the mother put the tie on emilie who else was like is she gonna kill her?
Pliappa (3 days ago)
What's the language? Danish?
Moose Antlers (3 days ago)
Yes, it is.
Gracie Beth xo (3 days ago)
I’m just like Emilie. I hate being a girl. Since the age of 9 I always felt uncomfortable with my gender
Meowlishious (3 days ago)
I know all of u hate the mom, but I think she did the best she could. She tried to understand as much as she could, though she never should have slapped him. The mom just got so worked up about how she couldnt understand.
salt and lemon (3 days ago)
"Just imagine you have an enormous dick" That killed me
Ellie Draws (3 days ago)
“Simon, am I a bad mother?” *Simon avoids the questions* “We have to join the others(I think that’s what he said)” *The mother insists on him answering* “I asked you something. Am I a bad mother?” *Simon turns to see his daughter standing by the sink, awaiting his response as well* *Simon turns to his wife* “Yes” *The mom oofs*
Ellie Draws (3 days ago)
The Dad Oofed when she said the D word 😂
blue aesthetic (1 day ago)
Thats her brother lol
Jenna Jako (3 days ago)
OOHHH now I know how they she did it in the movie Mulan
MakiTamy (4 days ago)
I hate that kind of mothers who love playing victim when their children are the ones that are actually suffering
Atem the Otaku (2 days ago)
牧民子 my nan and grandad is like that
I’m glad this had British subs and not American ones
Hallow Studios (4 days ago)
8:46 me
Taekook Universe (4 days ago)
When she said "Just imagine that you had a huge dick" I laughed out loud and I know my family is thinking 'Who's the boy?'
ShrubLife Plub (4 days ago)
Mom: the girly girl Simon: the brutily honest one Emily: the boy
harmony arakaki (4 days ago)
my question is, why the FRICK are there 17 THOUSAND DISLIKES?
Jessie Cooley (4 days ago)
When the mom put the tie on him, I lost it! My tears are now on my bedsheets!!
Beth Xoxo (4 days ago)
I’m watching a lot of LGBTQ+ short films and I’m crying. The thing people do when they get bullied, it’s not right
Ximena Pineiro (4 days ago)
Eso le pasa por no serrar cm seguro la puerta ok no :v
BabyGirl_Jasmine G (4 days ago)
This kinda hurts to watch because I am trans I am a girl but I want to be a boy my mom knows I’m bi I’m scared my mom just thinks it’s a phase wish I could tell her
Kye Reynolds (4 days ago)
I still hate the mom
xxsunflowerxx (4 days ago)
Mom: Am i a bad Mother? *silence* Simon: Yes.
Fluffy butt (4 days ago)
If you didn't call you eyes out your crazy
silje eklund (4 days ago)
I lost it at 11:50😢
Ritaf Avlaj (4 days ago)
Omfg I'm crying..stop😭❤
yikes (5 days ago)
ngl she looks good both ways
BearCraft 2.0 (5 days ago)
I am in the same situation...yay us?? Ummm yeah this got awkward. I’m scared that my parents will judge meee
Firewolfcaves (5 days ago)
I wish I had someone like Simon as my friend, He's so supportive of him. <3
Potato Fairy451 (5 days ago)
"no mum, I'm fin-" " *FEET!?* "
Potato Fairy451 (5 days ago)
Poor guy.
Nadine Zacharya (5 days ago)
When the mom slapped Emilie omg Who's cutting onions? ;-;
ØwØ (5 days ago)
3:54 (If I saw my friend doing this...) me: Hey its dinner ti- **backs out of room slowly**
Beatrice O'Brien (5 days ago)
Omg this made me fucking cry! WHYY MAN! When you know your family will accept you is a gift but it's still too hard. "it should be as awkward to come out as LGBTQ+ as straight" this makes me, so be powerful and keep going. I'm so lucky for this not to be me in this situation and to have to go through that. 😭😭
yeetus fetus (5 days ago)
This film got me right in the feels because I relate to Emilia. It hurts to watch the fighting scenes, because it is relatable.
Atem the Otaku (2 days ago)
yeetus fetus got your back
EMPIRE EMPIRE (5 days ago)
Is there any one who is like Emilie or I am the only one??Her mom reminds me about my mom!!My mom also don't want me to wear boys cloths!!
I'm not trans, but I am a tomboy and my mom is the same way, she won't let me wear "guys clothes" and always makes these stupid comments about cross dressing
KO hunter (5 days ago)
Nobody can force you who you wanna be just be your self and be happy <3
Goth Babe (5 days ago)
Just like my mom stupid asf
Pig Life ALESSIA (5 days ago)
Ugh...god...😔😓 I'm crying...😭
This is a good video but now I’ve watched it please stay out of my recommendations as this video is everywhere
Orange Juice (6 days ago)
Every comments is about simon
Maheeda Salim (6 days ago)
Boys cloth are comfy and better in my opinion and im a girl
Maria Reynolds (6 days ago)
Hi.. I’m 12, My name’s Eve. Wanna be online friends? (Alone forever ;-;) Reply and I’ll give you my # :)
Eternal Artist (6 days ago)
Okay, I'm seriously disliking this girl, she is being a complete jerk, TO HER OWN MOTHER, then just..completly disobeys her!! For this reason that cannot be justified, she is not a boy, you can't tell me otherwise, I don't know if that's just a thing I'm just confused about the whole "transgender" thing, her mom tried to get her to help her understand, but she YELLED at her, making her mother slap her, which in my opinion is justified. And then the story goes on to treat her like the hero. I'm very upset about this. Also just because you wear boys clothing, does not mean your a boy.
Moose Antlers (6 days ago)
+Eternal Artist Did you not see the distress that he was put in by having a mother essentially choose who he was going to be? He wouldn't have lashed out if not upset.
Eternal Artist (6 days ago)
+Moose Antlers okay so, in what manner did her mom upset her?
Moose Antlers (6 days ago)
+Eternal Artist Yes, and his mother upset him.
Eternal Artist (6 days ago)
+Moose Antlers oh ok I guess. She did upset her mom though, and your not supposed to go out of your way to do that. I do not think outright disobedience of your parents is right.
Moose Antlers (6 days ago)
+Eternal Artist You initially said that he "made" her do that. I'm simply addressing why that language should not be used.
lmao simons reaction when she started talking about -dicc- was hilarious
bro the way he cut his hair without getting any itchy ass bits in his shirt is beyond anything to me
oh my god the mom must be so exhausting
026 x011 (6 days ago)
I remember watching this a few years ago and thinking I wasnt alone, and other people felt like me. Looking for my comment that's probably like 4 years old lol
Somebody Yt (6 days ago)
3:53 I the only one who noticed the penis?
luna starling (6 days ago)
Goldie the cat (7 days ago)
*_The soul is only immportant...i will love u in any form u will take...just don't be sad_*
Zoe's Odd Life (7 days ago)
The mom is not a bad mother, she was raised to believe certain things so she doesn't understand
Nova Glacrr (7 days ago)
The dad is so understanding.
Nova Glacrr simon is her brother.
Hailey Wheeler (7 days ago)
Don’t you wish it was that easy
Evelin The Scrub (7 days ago)
faith elizabeth4952 (7 days ago)
I love it I almost cried at the end
Sienna Madrigal (7 days ago)
Billie eilish vibes

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