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Sea Snakes

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Writer/Producer: Stephen Schwartz Editor: Stephen Schwartz Mixer/Sound Designer: Mike Unger
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takerumayu (7 years ago)
why the fuck was there a non poisonus one there??
SuperTregs (7 years ago)
@boligrapho they make good money. it has a very very low budget, and they can sell a ton of ad space and even DVD versions (which you would be surprised how many people buy).
boligrapho (7 years ago)
these guys must be making some money for these movies coz they keep coming back with more and more unless there just stupid
Dean98000 (7 years ago)
sea snakes was awsome because everyone has seen snakes on a plane and train but never on a submarine before
MethodicalMadness (7 years ago)
See? Snakes!
wtfomgstudios (7 years ago)
@scaremengaviation Snakes in a Universe?
wtfomgstudios (7 years ago)
@scaremengaviation And I'll be surprised if the blonde chick goes WTF ARE SNAKES DOING AT A ZOO! IT'S A ZOO!
MRauTObt (8 years ago)
its actualy called silent venom, hate it when they change names, its too confusing
MRauTObt (8 years ago)
@bonezillion actualy that was just a rip off
Alpha's Channel (8 years ago)
Next it's a helicopter, then a tank or something then "SNAKES IN SPACE!" Or something rediculas like that...
rosiebri (8 years ago)
Snakes on a Train...the sequel to Snakes on a Plane.
SnIkLeeT (8 years ago)
Snakes on a sub......
wtfomgstudios (8 years ago)
@DoctorDreee Than a chopper, then a cruise ship! THEN A SPACE SHIP.
gmanleader0 (8 years ago)
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking submarine!

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