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Driven To Cure - Gran Turismo Sport Event LIVE

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Text Comments (9)
Markus K (19 days ago)
is ERT your Racing Team?
jeff n (19 days ago)
missed it - drank the other day - the R orster one of the working man asskickers in the world ✌️younger cuzin
John Marston (19 days ago)
Funny watching fully grown blocks playing what young kids would love to play #GET A PROPER JOB!!!!
Brad Human (18 days ago)
It's called a hobby...if you don't have one don't criticize other people when they have one...
EERIEISSSS (19 days ago)
I’ve got one?
Bracing 1 (19 days ago)
When you see Rory suffer for two hours for charity😱. Respect for hanging in there mate💪
EERIEISSSS (19 days ago)
It was a tough one... but it was for charity!!
Phil Denty (19 days ago)
You must be so fed up with Lemons by now Rory pity i missed this "live"
EERIEISSSS (19 days ago)
Yup, I’m done!

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