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Video from Tinley Park March 2019 is up now! "TINLEY PARK NARBC REPTILE EXPO, MARCH 2019!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOM_IL07vKY --~-- What snake lives in the ocean, but isn’t a sea snake? These highly venomous snakes are called sea kraits, and there’s a few differences between them and sea snakes. Sea kraits lay eggs, and have to come up on land to lay them while sea snakes give live birth out at sea. Like sea snakes, sea kraits also have evolved a paddle tail, but have belly scales like snakes that live on land. So come and meet the sea krait, New Caledonia’s only native snake! Dāv Kaufman’s Reptile Adventures I’m Dāv Kaufman, and I’m obsessed with reptiles, and if you are too, then this is your channel! I travel the planet in search of reptiles and amphibians in wild, exotic places and also tour some of the most incredible private reptile facilities, visit amazing reptile expos, and go behind-the-scenes at reptile zoos from all over the world! So come with me, and join my Reptile Adventures! New Videos every Monday and Thursday! Use hashtag #rattleonfan or #rattleon and tag me in your photos and videos! And use hashtag #davsfieldchallenge on all your herping photos and videos! ★ SOCIAL MEDIA and OTHER LINKS ★ ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davkaufmanvlogs ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davkaufman ► Follow more of Dāv's Adventures on his Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/DavKaufmanvlogs ► OFFICIAL RATTLE ON MERCH! Get it here: https://davkaufman.threadless.com ► Check out our Sponsor’s Pages, and place an order today! Zilla: https://www.zillarules.com Rainbow Mealworms: http://www.rainbowmealworms.net Pangea: http://www.pangeareptile.com/store Music by: Silent Partner Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0
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Angus Irvine (3 months ago)
Are they rear fanged?
Yes they are
Sgt.Death (4 months ago)
Those snakes were beautiful
JUNO ANIMALS (4 months ago)
Venomus Snake
Tommy Adams (4 months ago)
OK, I need some information here I'm heading to New Caledonia here soon I'm a runner and a swimmer/snorkler, and I intend to explore Typically I'm only worried about snakes when I have my dog What do I need to know?
Tommy Adams (4 months ago)
+Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures love your videos. THANKS!
The only snakes there are the ones in this video, and they are common along the shore, but they pose zero threat to you or your dog as long as you watch that your dog isn't disturbing them. Have a good time!
David Kelly (5 months ago)
that blue krait was beautiful
First Last (5 months ago)
man i really got annoyed when you free handled that thing one of my good mates that doesnt know shit about snakes got bit by a green mamba thinking it was a boomslang because of other people free handling boomslange at a reptile show when we were younger same shit can easily happen here with sea snakes... granted my mate is a moron and lucky to live, free handling is just bad mate, doesnt matter if youre proving that the snake is harmless rather sit next to a viper basking or something similar, free handling... its not the way... just my 2 cents on the subject, not saying im right
Senior Sensi (2 months ago)
Well I'd hope your friend learned their lesson. Just because you see someone handle something, doesn't mean you have the ability to. If he had known ANYTHING about the types of snakes in your area, he probably would've realised that it was a mamba. I don't think it's those people fault for handling a snake they KNEW they could handle. Your friend did not put enough time or dedication to learning about these animals and got bit doing something very irresponsibly. Glad he's alright though, mamba bites are nasty business from what I hear.
Rosie Hawtrey (5 months ago)
The problem with saying "venomous ± dangerous" is that some berk will try and give a Coastal Taipan a hug or play snuggles with a Fer-de-lance... And they'll happily bite his/her face off. I keep Hognose - who've managed to get me a few times - they're about as venomous as the FWC but mine will sit on my glasses eating a mouse & watching time team - try to do that with a FWC and you'll be playing hunt the eyeball... You're entirely right - but don't underestimate the dumbass dimension that's out there - like the cretin the pitched a rattlesnake onto his daughters back - then sued the wildlife park because the snake gave the poor girl the full works (one of viperkeepers videos). Hopefully herpers have more sense but the idiot near me with the illegal crocodile - shows some don't. PS: anyone else loathe predictive autocorrect & the inability to edit comments..
Richard Schiffman (6 months ago)
By the way, which island in New Caledonia is this? I like to research on exotic islands and locations in case I win the lottery.
To protect the animals I find, I never reveal my locations. Sorry.
Richard Schiffman (6 months ago)
I have great respect for snakes. All the more reason why I would personally never handle one even if they are "docile".
WikkidVyxen (8 months ago)
Antonio's Youtube Channel (10 months ago)
Fantastic video, i probably still wouldn't hold one lol
Antonio's Youtube Channel (10 months ago)
Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures thank you for the amazing videos and information!
Thank you
Dante D'Andrea (10 months ago)
Looks fun
It was a blast!
MrFrontenginedragste (10 months ago)
Needs to swim with Water Moccasins
MrFrontenginedragste (10 months ago)
I have one I want you to freehandle!
Been there done that :)
ChroniclesofAB (10 months ago)
i had no idea they came in orange, i have only seen them in blue
They are two different species of Laticauda
Ron Tronnes Jr (10 months ago)
LMAO - poisonality - I see what you did there!!!
lol :)
Nicole London (11 months ago)
Sweet, had been waiting for this one. I hadn't realized the differences between kraits and sea snakes - the wide ventral scales explain how that first one you saw got up the tree so easily. They're like halfway between a terrestrial and a sea snake. Beautiful creatures.
That's exactly right. I don't think that a proper sea snake could get up that tree
Smetlogik (11 months ago)
You cray cray 🤪 but that was one COOL snake.
Maybe a little :)
Were Wolf (11 months ago)
Wow. Awesome video.
Thank you!
IAMGiftbearer (11 months ago)
It's amazing that it didn't seem at all bothered by a total stranger picking it up! To me that says that there must be some types of snakes that have no innate fear of man. I wonder if the neonates are just as trusting! That would be interesting to know.
They had no idea what a human was and showed zero fear, so did most of the lizards.
Chris graham (11 months ago)
Your one lucky guy
robin larouche (11 months ago)
That was cool man!!!!
Nice video! Keep 'em coming dude. It took you until you were 9 to get obsessed with reptiles? What took you so long? :-) I got hooked at 5 after catching a gopher snake under my Dad's car. He got me my first exotic for my 8th birthday. Rattle on dude.
I've always been a late bloomer :) Rattle On!
JTB Reptiles (11 months ago)
Twisted (11 months ago)
i loved this series and cant wait for a new episode. great learning experience for me
Awesome! Glad to hear that!
Felix Arthur (11 months ago)
Typo in the title: New Caledoina. Should be New Caledonia
Felix Arthur (11 months ago)
Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures No problem! I am glad you distanced 'venomous' from 'dangerous'. Important distinction!
Thanks for pointing that out!
Jason Longton (11 months ago)
I watched and enjoyed the old series, but these on location videos, showing the animals in their natural environments, are a whole other level. This is *really* cool stuff. Dav, your very lucky to be able to have these adventures, and thank you very much for sharing them wit the rest of us.
Thanks Jason! Feel free to share!
Jason Longton (11 months ago)
Oops, "you're" and "with".
BC PYTHONS (11 months ago)
Great sea krait video and information!!! Thanks for sharing and not keeping it a "seakrait"!🐍
Lol! I thought it was pretty punny :)
Joseph Stoneburner (11 months ago)
That was awesome! Looking forward to your Australian adventures!
They start soon!
DEA- Exotics (11 months ago)
awesome video my friend
Thank you!
Feldy Mohrisar (11 months ago)
Poisonality... Please don't laught like that agan, it's a bit creepy...
Feldy Mohrisar (11 months ago)
A bit... 😅
But did you laugh?
Lou V44 (11 months ago)
Loved your old stuff but really love the new stuff Dave!
Awesome Lou! Thanks!
Michelle Molash (11 months ago)
Boy that water is gorgeous. “Poisonality”? Oh Dāv...
I regret nothing!
Lance Kirkman (11 months ago)
NOooooo! The videos cannot end!! Do you have any BTS contacts in the states?
Lance Kirkman (11 months ago)
I guess... if only one more... We shall survive!
Lance Kirkman (11 months ago)
Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures sir yes sir!
One more and then it's back to Australia. Contact Ty Park. He's the man!
Lance Kirkman (11 months ago)
Amazing how it looks like it drags that tail behind it...
Lance Kirkman (11 months ago)
I know! I swam with him just watching him for about an hour.
ryan moeller (11 months ago)
Uuuummmmm sir... Next time you go somewhere awesome like New Caledonia.. Can I put myself into your carry-on luggage?? Haha. Keep up the great work my friend.
Sure, I need an assistant out there :)
Val Drans (11 months ago)
Swimming with snakes and sharks. One brave person. Thanks for letting me live thru your crazy adventures. Pretty amazing stuff.
Thanks Val. The sharks were frustrating. They would all swim away from me as I chased them, and I couldn't get very good shots of them.
One lucky man!
Thanks! Hard work, sacrifice, and dedication is my luck :)
HBP Exotics (11 months ago)
Awesome video dav....those are really kool looking...
Thanks. I saw hundreds of them and never got sick of seeing them.
Brian Gundy (11 months ago)
Great video Dav, I love your point at the end. We're all living vicariously through your videos. Where are we off to next? Brian / FGS
Brian Gundy (11 months ago)
Dav, Would that be the Eastern Diamond Back? Brian / FGS
Thanks! I'm off to florida to find the biggest rattlesnake species in the world!
CMC Reptiles (11 months ago)
just love your videos Dav...
CMC Reptiles (11 months ago)
I will,
Thank you! Comments like this make it all worth while. Please feel free to share and let people know about the channel!
Matt Watkins (11 months ago)
Dāv, 2:45... and 7:36... pure gold 👌
Lol! Krusty loves me. We go way back :)
Markus Stokes (11 months ago)
Awesome !💯🔥
Levi Gowens (11 months ago)
Damn you're brave man. I don't care how docile I won't ever free handle a venomous snake. Rattle on brother
Well you certainly won't see me doing it with any other species :)
GYM MASTER (11 months ago)
Cool Catch, also like how you saw it hunting at night in one of your previous videos. At least it didn’t Sauce your rainbow meal worms shirt. Nice education on this video Dav.
True! Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed the video
Toris Zoophoria (11 months ago)
Sea krait sauce 🤣
AdamKun (11 months ago)
Karen Lee (11 months ago)
your videos are helping me to see the beauty in all of nature
I'm so glad to hear that. Love comments like this :)
douglas beauchamp (11 months ago)
I agree with the dangerous animal moniker it is highly over used with snakes especially
Couldn't agree more

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