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5 Essential Bottle Photography Tips in 5 minutes

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Loads of people tell me how hard they find it to photograph bottles. Granted, it’s not easy but these 5 tips will help you to take an amazing packshot. Wish I’d known all this when I started! 1) Prepare your bottle! 2) Get the correct camera and subject position 3) Your back light is what will create the interior glow, positioning is key! 4) Use black card to bring back blown out edges 5) Cross polarization…magic As a still life photographer you’ve got to be confident photographing any subject. Once you understand some basic principles, things like the angle of reflection and refraction, which I’ll explain in a later video, you’ll begin to become comfortable photographing anything. EQUIPMENT USED TODAY Nikon D810 - http://geni.us/cwHFb Nikon 85mm - http://geni.us/oye1 Manfrotto 410 Junior - http://geni.us/9FB5b7 Profoto D2 - http://geni.us/8uMYmJ Profoto Air Remote - http://geni.us/ssbMlqc Wireless triggers - http://geni.us/kxzt8I Profoto 1x1.3 - http://geni.us/dbBF4 Impact strip small 9 x 36 - https://fave.co/2q4Q3W0 Opal Acrylic - https://bit.ly/2EfVV2V Polarizing Gel – https://fave.co/2q4IjTJ 20-inch C-stand - https://fave.co/2It9q1M 40-inch C-stand - https://fave.co/2uOdQhG Matthews Knuckle - https://fave.co/2uKFWu5 Baby Wall Plate - https://fave.co/2uIlqdH Extension Arm - https://fave.co/2q4WBny Manfrotto Super Clamp - http://geni.us/DmQmnKf Manfrotto Magic Arm - http://geni.us/rAyO84 Acrylic surface - https://bit.ly/2Emr7xC Label remover - http://geni.us/xjYcFyB VISIT SQUAREMOUNTAIN.CO.UK TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT US https://squaremountain.co.uk/ CHECK OUT THE BLOG FOR EVEN MORE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS https://squaremountain.co.uk/product-photography-tips-blog/ FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/square_mountain/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sqmountain/ Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/squaremountain/ Square Mountain: https://squaremountain.co.uk/ LINKS TO ALMOST EVERYTHING I USE...ALMOST! CAMERAS AND LENSES Nikon D750 - http://geni.us/yya8gC Sigma 150mm Macro - http://geni.us/B56E Nikon 50mm - http://geni.us/F8mw9 Tamron 15-30mm Macro - http://geni.us/fzAJn TRIPOD AND HEAD Tripod – Need a better one  LIGHTING Godox Speedlight - http://geni.us/HUKtxA MODIFIERS Profoto 3x3 - https://fave.co/2q4RKTk Profoto Reflector - http://geni.us/mqwrzOr Profoto Gird kit - https://fave.co/2q6E61S Acrylic Mirror - http://geni.us/tHHV6X Lee 129 - https://fave.co/2q4BaTE Savage Translum - https://fave.co/2IsZpS3 Cinefoil - http://geni.us/uz7rAbd GRIP Matthews 48x48 Trace Frame - https://fave.co/2q71RXy Overhead Boom - https://fave.co/2q54M3j MISC Acrylic blocks - https://bit.ly/2Emr7xC Acrylic Ice Cubes - http://setshop.com/special-effects/ice-effects Matt Paint Primer - https://bit.ly/2GuhHFY Vegetable Glycerin - http://geni.us/oEGj X-rite Colour Checker - http://geni.us/iDhK1 Wacom Tablet - http://geni.us/wJ5z SOFTWARE Adobe Creative Cloud – https://fave.co/2qe3JxV Capture One - https://fave.co/2qdKSD2 - Use code AMBSM for 10% off Helicon Focus - https://usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=32621&p=32621FocusPro&v=13&d=0&q=1&a=slrlounge EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES RGG EDU - https://rggedu.com/collections/available-tutorials SLR Lounge - https://www.slrlounge.com/store/?refc=maxbridge Fstoppers - https://fstoppers.com/store Phlearn - https://phlearn.com/affiliate/199/
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Text Comments (39)
Hendru Burian (26 days ago)
Verryyyy useful tipsssss gonna try!!!
Kevin Virobik (1 month ago)
Is the acrylic stand something you purchased or DIY? Great 5min. tips!
Square Mountain (1 month ago)
It's definitely not 5mm but not exactly sure. 3mm sounds about right.
suskipatineta (1 month ago)
Is it three or five millimeters thick? thanks!
Square Mountain (1 month ago)
Thanks. The stand is something I purchased not exactly sure where from to be honest but you should be able to find it with a quick google search. It's not a photography specific item. Let me know if you have trouble finding it and I'll see if I can track it down.
Matt Mateiescu (1 month ago)
Alan Reid (2 months ago)
Great video, thanks 👍👍👍👍👍
Jurgen Payne (2 months ago)
Can I ask what you use for the large backdrop scrim?
Square Mountain (2 months ago)
Sure. It's called opal acrylic. You can find it here - https://bit.ly/2EfVV2V
Hongs (2 months ago)
I like your presentation,straight to the point, and a relatively simple/clean setup and I dont feel overwhelmed
Michael Blatner (3 months ago)
The primer is making the colors on the label bleed. What do I do?
Square Mountain (3 months ago)
Hi Michael, That's very odd. I've never seen that before. What primer are you using?
BLK Midia (3 months ago)
Amazing Tips, straight to the point!!!
Tom Nelson (3 months ago)
Cross polarization! Brilliant! . . . It is now a week later since I commented. And my order for the circular polarizer filter and linear gel has arrived. Put the gel over a led light and tried it out. Yes, it works brilliantly. The biggest advantage so far is killing the reflections on a wine cap. Fantastic time saver in post. Thanks again for sharing this tip.
Carlos Toche Henderson (4 months ago)
this was awesome...the polarizer gel tip was the greatest. Thanks!
J (4 months ago)
Love your tutorials. You have anything with jewellery?
Square Mountain (4 months ago)
Thanks for the compliment. I have a few videos on watch photography, depending on the jewelry your photographing, the videos should be pretty helpful. Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkHkQZcz_Bk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJuqZPWuvPw
edma22 (5 months ago)
Possibly the most useful, approachable video about product photography I've ever watched. Thank you for sharing! Subscribed:)
Square Mountain (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Magno Coutinho (5 months ago)
Amazing tips! Keep it up!
uiaiui (5 months ago)
Without any fuss. This has been the best photography tutorial of the many I've watched on YT. thanks!
Darren Davenport (4 months ago)
uiaiui yes.... keep your eye on that fuss
Square Mountain (5 months ago)
uiaiui thanks! Really appreciate that!
Juanma Pagadizabal (6 months ago)
Jireh Tay (6 months ago)
Derlis Riascos (6 months ago)
HI Max, Thank you for your tutorial is really good and easy to follow! I've started working in a wine company a couple of months ago and I'm taking the bottle shots! but they don;t look crispy and sharp like it should be! with your tips I think i would get better results! One small question I have a nikon d5100 and I would like to know if you can recommend me a lens to take bottle shots. thank you
Derlis Riascos (6 months ago)
Square Mountain thank for your answer !
Square Mountain (6 months ago)
Derlis Riascos thanks for the comment and the compliment! I've shot bottles with all kinds of lenses for different reasons. I'm assuming, given your job, that you'll be shooting quite a few and the intended usage will be online for their store. If that is correct, I'd say a 100mm macro would be good. It will give you some nice room to work which will be useful when shooting high numbers and if you're working with glossy labels. Bear in mind the crop factor on your camera and get something which would be 100mm (ish) on full frame. Hope that helps
LSG PHOTO - Laya Gerlock (7 months ago)
Awesome tutorial! Just bought a polarizing gel and trying to figure out how to use it. Did you rotate the polarizing gel or the circular polarizer on your lens?
Square Mountain (5 months ago)
You can find it on B&H here - https://fave.co/2q4IjTJ
刘活佳 (5 months ago)
Where can i buy the gel please?
Square Mountain (7 months ago)
Once the gel is on the light you can rotate either. However, if you rotate the polarizer on the lens it will effect your entire image. As we only want to effect that specific light, you should rotate the gel not the polarizer on the lens. Hope that helps
Isa Aydin (7 months ago)
Great tips!
Javier Mercedes (7 months ago)
Wow, this is very insightful! Thank you so much.
cristian george Samoila (7 months ago)
Very useful. Thank you!
Malcolm Catmur-Neame (7 months ago)
Max that was another great session, thank you
Paul Ker (7 months ago)
Great tips!
Gyula Penzer (7 months ago)
Thanks! Its quick and clean tips.
Pravin Sonawane (7 months ago)

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