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Yamaha Keyboard Style - Jong Ban Propun Khmer

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While I was home on leave, I decided to making the style on my Yamaha for the Khmer song, Jong Ban Propun Khmer. One of my favorite songs! Enjoy!
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veasna boy (1 year ago)
Sen Von (1 year ago)
anyone know where I can DL Khmer drum beats for a Yamaha psr s900 ?
HIEN THACH THANH (3 years ago)
oy knhom som style neung ban te bong? khnhom chong ban style neung nas....okkun bong chren!!!!
heng tran (3 years ago)
បង​ប្រុស,ខ្ញុំចង់រៀនលេងkeyboard,ជាពិសេស creat stylesចង្វាក់រាំវង់,សារ៉ាវ៉ាន់......សព្វថ្ងៃខ្ញុំរស់នៅNew Jersey, email របស់ខ្ញុំគឹ [email protected]តើខ្ញុំអាចទាក់ទងនិងបងបានទេ?សូមអរគុណទុកជាមុន.
heng tran (3 years ago)
+SaephanhMusicProd បាទ,សូមអរគុណបងទុកជាមុន,but I don't know how I can learn from you.....through...video..orcome to your place?Is it OK for me to know where you live?I can give you my phone number if you want ,once again ,thank you very much for your reply,looking forward to hear from you,good luck.
+heng tran I will be doing tutorial in a couple months.
Zac Tim (3 years ago)
you should make the full song! can you do it please
JOHN SAEPHANH (3 years ago)
Is this your keyboard bro?
JOHN SAEPHANH (3 years ago)
+SaephanhMusicProd let me get this beat
JOHN SAEPHANH (3 years ago)
+SaephanhMusicProd whats your facebook?
+JsaephanhMienMusic Yeah it is.

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