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RiSING STYLE 「Now or Never」

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RiSING STYLE「Now or Never」 Directed by Akihiro Takeishi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CegyuA1YwsA&t=2s RiSING STYLE is an Electro / J-Rock band from France. Between an energetic punk and a catchy electro music, RiSING STYLE doesn't hesitate to mix different styles in order to produce their own musical identity. Strongly inspired by actual music, the band has however knew to stand out through influences like pervasive japanese pop culture. https://www.facebook.com/risingstyle
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serchy gamer 99 (1 year ago)
Wow good video One year ago I meet you in JP 🇯🇵
serchy gamer 99 (1 year ago)
Yea I like it 👍👍👍👍
AKIhiro takeishi (1 year ago)
serchy gamer 99 Thnks friend. Do you like it?

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