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OUCH! Rep. Jim Jordan hammers James Comey over Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation

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Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted, "Despite statements 2 contrary, Clinton sent/received Top Secret info through her unclassified email server - yet FBI sees no case. Travesty."
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steve streitz (12 days ago)
Drain the swamp
Joyce Castellanos (18 days ago)
Everyone watch him jorden for president him jorden is awesome
JR T (1 month ago)
What about the house fire Hilly had? Did she set that fire?
Dale Givens (2 months ago)
Gary Frasier (3 months ago)
So, by extrapolation, if I were to rob a bank and hide the money so the FBI can't find it...did a prosecutable violation of law occur? You bet your A** it did. Comey, you're a poor excuse for DOJ official. Comey, on the other hand, thanks for exposing that gutter rat.
JR T (3 months ago)
Anna Vajda (3 months ago)
Is he incompetent or intentionally deceiving?
Cindy Taber (4 months ago)
Trump will service 4 years
jesaliga (10 months ago)
OUCH, Jim Jordan Ohio State sex abuse scandal.
Lily Sandoval (1 year ago)
Mueller's probe has been unfounded. Only there for the extra-money he's being paid; he should be FIRED.
sina mumuta (1 year ago)
Jordan is one of the Service man that speak the truth and justice to serve to the evil
Faith Hope & Love (1 year ago)
He gave her notice to delete. He gave immunity. He needs jail.
Wassim Collet (2 years ago)
Fitness auto security group journal shoe extensive.
John Wierzbicki (2 years ago)
Mr. Director! I understand that You are one of many Politicians that the Clintons have thrown under the Bus! But the Problem Here is that Your not a Politician, Don't try to Be one! Does Loretta Lynch scare you? She's worst than HILLARY and OBAMA! You Sir are a Coward! My Heart goes out to all the Honest Agents who has the misfortune to have a Director like You!
Arthur Smith (2 years ago)
Comey just has to sit there. He knows nothing is going to happen. He will keep his job and leave with the big pension. Comey doesnt give a dam what these guys say. Just sit there and don't get pissed is all he has to do. They will all put on a show for us. It will blow over. Great actors for the people.
soul_brother (2 years ago)
WTF!!!!! Hillary is as crooked as she comes and FBI in it with her. Lock them up already i.e Bill, Hillary and AG.
The Poet McTeagle (2 years ago)
Comey is a Joke !
Olecranon Rebellion (2 years ago)
Hillary lied about, hid, and destroyed evidence. guilty. whats the problem. lock hrt up!
W4MPS (2 years ago)
Blah, blah, blah....sounds good for your constituents. But, as usual, nothing happens, no consequences, nothing comes of it. So why bother with these hearings?  Lois Lerner...nothing, Eric Holder..nothing, Clinton crime syndicate....nothing. It's really a waste of taxpayer money if these committees don't have any teeth and/or they are too afraid to do anything.  Of course, it's different when the Dems run these hearings, people go to jail.  Just adds fuel to the belief that Republicans are just a division of the Democrat Party.
Bobby Guest (2 years ago)
Hillary won't be charged with anything ever, because the government of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation. The individual member of a corporation isn't responsible for their actions and are protected by the LLC status. (Limited Liability Corporation) Now everything makes sense!
Carlos Costa (2 years ago)
Director Comey is clearly covering up for Killary!
TheBrass18 (2 years ago)
no lawyer does anything without first asking his/her Client. Fact! Hillary told her legal team to destroy the emails.
Luke Tortorella (2 years ago)
Jim Jordan is a great congressman
mavava1 (2 years ago)
It is bad what Hillary did. It is bad that she walk away. BUT, it is tragedy that she 's gonna be next president after all! It is tragedy that Loretta Lynch not answering on any, not even ONE question, laughing at congressmen's face and walk away! All Americans knows what happen, and nobody, in this country, can't do anything about that! WOW!
Chrissy G (2 years ago)
Comey is a fucking liar when jordan asked him if "HE" asked her he said yes both times,comey wasn't even at the lying bitches interview
Scot Fenn (2 years ago)
The continued rhetorical nit-picking, And the long winded interrogation of this case is doing NOTHING, #$%^&*( but losing focus of the facts. It was solved long ago. The precedents to indict Hillary Clinton were discovered long ago. All they are doing now contributing a the traffic jam that will only lead to dismissal. And the elite Olygarths get away once again.
Jack London (2 years ago)
The late former Congress man Jim Traficant (2012) was talking about the crimes committed by FBi and CiA and he pointed out that there is no credible force to investigate crimes committed by people like Comey. He called for a Ultimate Justice Force that would be independent from all services and only would investigate and oversee the work of FBi and CiA people like this Comey. Look how do you want to get justice if the suspect is the one that investigate his own case? Understand? Only JFK and Jim Traficant wanted to change this and both died soon after they wanted to do something about it. So it is time for the people now... if you don't do it, no one ever will...
Jack London (2 years ago)
Comey is a former bank high-flyer an HSBC guy with a really fat pay check! A professional liar... he will lie his ass off as that is his fucking job!!! Unbelievable how ridiculous you guys are...do you live in the same world? What have you been thinking? These are all paid shills the CIA served always the Billionaires first and Public second only! Look these jobs are not knocking on your door! The guy is a shill from day one! Fucking hell how stupid you wanna be not to see it? These fucking traitors are working for some Intelligence Services and care about only their own bank account! Wake the fuck up please.
rotti12245 (2 years ago)
Vic5245 IM-V (2 years ago)
hydrochuck (2 years ago)
That's called obstruction of Justice and the Head of the FBI is either a Fool or was Paid off, it's your choice to determine which. We should demand his resignation immediately!
Robert Jones (2 years ago)
COMEYis lying they got to him. He is slowly changing his testimony.
Mitch Dezzy (2 years ago)
Jim Jordan will be president one day
Mary Keyzers (1 month ago)
Janet (1 year ago)
yes he is great
Sneakk (2 years ago)
We can only hope. Him or Trey Gowdy. Would vote for them in an instant.
Jay B (2 years ago)
One can only draw two conclusions; either Comey is doing his best to aid in a cover-up or he is ignorant. Comey makes me sick! I went from having the upmost respect for the FBI to now believing the FBI lacks integrity and can't be trusted.
ALBERTA GIRL (2 years ago)
I lost the video where one of the senators described where Clinton might not be smart enough to understand a (c) means confidential. I commented on it and now cant find it! Anyone have any idea?
J Kilroy (2 years ago)
Dunno but one of the Ben Shapiro podcast episodes has it
rwg1949yt (2 years ago)
the obama legacy, driving miss hillary.
Storm Lover (2 years ago)
how does this woman keep finding people to fall on the sword for her family??
richard ordonez (2 years ago)
Jordan looked hopeless because he couldn't. Interrogate stupid. Or he was suttlely admitting defeat to the corruption by slumping back into his chair.
Baby (2 years ago)
Comney is full of BULL SH$$ and he knows it..He owes FAVORS for past BS to Miss hillary..More scandal and GRIME..They all should be HAGED Naked and upside down...human garbage like never B4..
Darrell Sparks (2 years ago)
Twice in the Interview. Jordan, "did (YOU) ask that question?" Comey, "YES." Jordan, "did (YOU) AS that question?" Comey, "YES." When did Comey ask Hillary these questions, since he claimed he was not at her Interview.
CANUSA Kommando (2 years ago)
The FBI is protecting a Chinese Communist Agent! Everyone down the line has committed Treason ! The FBI Director, the Attorney General and the President of the United States of America! There must be Justice done ! Trumper will clean this up and put these Traitors in Prison! This is not going to end well! Treason is a Hanging offence. Hell is coming for this bunch!
Andrew H (2 years ago)
Absolutely. But it's much worse than that. And people need to ask a question. Once you realize how controlled everyone obviously is in federal gov't. And you find out things like Dennis Hastert (ex Speaker of the HOUSE!!!) is a pedophile, and the elected buddies of Jeffrey Epstein, along with all the other pedophiles and blackmailable homosexuals who don't want others to know that are in our elected gov't, is HOW so many of them get elected? If you've read up on the Jeffrey Epstein pedo case, you know that it was reported by police that he had hidden cameras in all of this rooms! And if you read up on the Franklin Scandal, you know that the 'after' parties of most Washington DC parties were held at houses that ALSO had hidden cameras in every room. So these people are ALL ELECTED because they are EASILY CONTROLLED. Of that there can be no doubt, unless you can tell me that our FBI and NSA are SO STUPID AND INCOMPETENT, that they don't vet any of these politicians??? You are left to conclude with the BIG question that remains. WHO IS CONTROLLING THESE POLITICIANS? Who is telling them to vote AGAINST auditing the Federal Reserve (a private company owned by a half a dozen banksters), who is telling them to vote for the TPP, a trade bill that will completely destroy what's left of the USA manufacturing capability, and will make our gov't and people beholden to FOREIGN CORPORATIONS!!! I know who it is, but I leave you all to figure this last part out yourselves. Or of course, to laugh at everything I've said, and ignore it....it's up to you.
Dona NA (2 years ago)
Notice. This man Comey is very careful with his speech. I don't believe so. He can't say yes it would make her guilty. Didn't say no because if they find evidence he can be charged with perjury.
Cynthia Diane (2 years ago)
Most of the leadership in this country is corrupt and immoral. They have been lying to us and stealing our tax money for years. It is time for Americans to wake up and own the fact that WE allowed these lying thieves get to where they are. We need a con sti tu tional conv ention asap.
Trina Tenney (2 years ago)
lies and yet she gets away with it so i think its all in gov now they did this to show they tryed but not good enough so they r on the take 9 trillion missing but noone talks of it so yep time for an over haul all need to go and get new then each one needs a lie test to show they can be trusted
Mathew Joseph (2 years ago)
What happened to you Director Comey? You were a man of integrity :(
Hugh Christian (2 years ago)
This country should fear a crime family as strong as the Clintons. Who else could make Mr. Comey, the Director of the FBI their bitch?
Teresa Ward (2 years ago)
Clinton will have him killed. Watch and see.
Blustu Rising (2 years ago)
How? the hell can Comey sit there straight faced and try to justify the unjustifiable?...the mind boggles?.....You sir are a LIAR!!!....NO BETTER THAN CLINTON
hulagan808 (2 years ago)
Gee, I wonder if Obama, Lynch and Comey sent any emails to her subterranean server?
jack samme (2 years ago)
Comey and Clinton are working together for the purpose of an extension of his career in the FBi
wrath of the lamb (2 years ago)
spread the word like irish butter on french bread evidence of intent? okay. are you sure? according to records on the internet, on the very same day hillary clinton became secretary of state, in 2009, she established a website (clintonemail.com). clearly, on that day, hillary clinton became a sovereign entity. she then proceeded to conduct official clinton business, using her own website, email addresses and private server. crystal clear sovereign entity as a sovereign entity, hillary clinton conducted official clinton business - despite being a united states government official. she did not use .gov email addresses, she used exclusive clinton email addresses (sovereign entity). clinton is therefore a traitor to the united states, wanting the privilege and honor of being a united states official, but not the responsibility. your evidence, o america, is clear and plain to see. it is certain. you only need to see it. would you like a knife for that butter? here you are! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/65/e5/e0/65e5e0ba418585971dfc1088b3d170f0.jpg
Michael Adamson (2 years ago)
fire him . i dont belive what he said.
New meaning for FBI - Fucking Bunch of Idiots I mean, how damn stupid do they think the American public is?! Obviously, everyone who is alive and able to think, can tell Killery Hitlery: the Bitch Butcher of Benghazi is LYING AND GUILTY AND SHE SHOULD BE TRIED LIKE ANYONE ELSE!!! Had it been anyone else, they would be serving their prison term already, and this would be old news. She is a CRIMINAL and she should NOT be allowed to run for the highest office of this land! So, why is she NOT BEING PROSECUTED for the malicious, deliberate, guiltless acts of MURDER and MAYHEM?!! They should ask him how he came to the conclusion she should not be proscuted? Was he smoking crack, snorting a line, what? I mean, no one 'in their right mind' would find this bitch not guilty and deserving prosecution to the fullest extent of the law!
Jim McKinley (2 years ago)
James C. is lying too, but people will do this when there is a 'Golden Handshake' or a 'Lead bullet' from Bill involved.
Cory L. (2 years ago)
Many will also be unaware that before Comey was installed by the Obama Administration as FBI Director, he was on the board of Director at HSBC Bank – a bank implicated in international money laundering, including the laundering of billions on behalf of international drugs and narcotics trafficking cartels.
askquestionsplz (2 years ago)
isn't this all hearsay anyways!! why isn't hillary on the stand!
Susan Smith (2 years ago)
He will be another victim of killery!!!! So changed his mind!!
Renae Anderson (2 years ago)
Comey was paid wonder how much he got seeing The Clinton foundaTIONS have millions in them
Georgie Thumbs (2 years ago)
The real damage this fucking prick did is in future cases of espionage, they will look back at this case that redefined the law and it will put the security of this nation in a lot more danger not to mention we may get this fucking FELON Hillary Clinton as President.
mowekelvin (2 years ago)
Since they know the lawyers destroyed classified data own by government, why aren't the lawyers arrested or called for questioning? If HC did not know or authorised the destruction of these data, then surely the lawyers are criminally liable.
she new what she was doing. if she honestly didnt know then she clearly is not qualified to be our president.
bjlracer (2 years ago)
it would at least weed out some rif raf
bjlracer (2 years ago)
my point is that a polygraph is more reliable than their word that's all
Michael McNeil (2 years ago)
What happened with the George Bush emails? Were they not actually deleted >>AT<< the White House?
studd11 (2 years ago)
Anyone who is Govt and sells out United States should be tried and executed immediately.
studd11 (2 years ago)
Comey was paid off long ago to sell out America. Founding Fathers would of hung Comey by the neck until death, or executed him by firing squad, or thrown him to the mobs vigilante justice.
Wave Dancer (2 years ago)
Scam, scam, scam! Shame on the FBI! This Org. is deeply compromised for next decade!
MRMR (2 years ago)
As a Canadian I have had the chance to visit your wonderful country on many occasion. I love the people because when it comes down to it we are similar in so many respects. Your political system is however laughable. You vote in criminals to become your leaders. Your country has become a laughing stock of the world. So sad...:(
Artur Kolacz (2 years ago)
MR. JORDAN.............THIS IS THE WAY TO KILL LIERS...................
Dan Doyle (2 years ago)
$6.00 haircut. He probably sleeps on his couch after watching gay porn.
eric sorenson (2 years ago)
comey threw his whole reputation away for the Clinton's how sad ...his family must be so disappointed. ..
Jay Jay (2 years ago)
There comes a Time in our Lives when we are faced with telling the Truth for the good of the people or Lying and playing it safe thereby protecting you own ass. Well We Know what Comey Did!
Dave Sparks (2 years ago)
The game is rigged and has been for decades. The Bureau is essentially a praetorian guard.
Georgie Thumbs (2 years ago)
How many people know Comey is on the board of HSB which is connected to the Clinton foundation? https://investmentwatchblog.com/fbi-director-comey-is-a-board-member-of-clinton-foundation-connected-bank-hsbc/
David A (2 years ago)
Comey was probably bought by Obama when US Govt deferred any further prosecution of HSBC Holdings, a decision worth at least $9B to HSBC... Well call us all conspiracy theorists for pointing out very very suspicious behavior. Clinton meets by chance with the AG LL? Well, if you believe all these things, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, any buyers?
EscapingProgress (2 years ago)
James Comey is a coward, and his political career is over as soon as Trump gets in the White House. What an idiot.
Eric Shutter (2 years ago)
Comey is lying, Lynch is lying and Clinton is lying. Put them all in Q.B. for life and let them think about what laws mean. These 3 are the definition of Domestic Enemies as told in the constitution....Traitors to "We the people".
Why is she getting off ?!!!
Bob White (2 years ago)
What good are these investigations do for the American public?, nothing ever comes from them to the detriment of the accused who perpetrates these frauds and crimes to the American people. The congressional dog and pony shows cannot grind through the political protection they enjoy and in the end nothing is ever achieved. The show rolls on and just hesitates over these staged events like a speed bump. These assholes are funded by the corporate institutions, the same ones that fund the accused, garanteeing the outcome which is business as usual.
R. Cogburn (2 years ago)
Comey gets to live another day. It caught up with Colby.
Doris Perez (2 years ago)
the clinton foundation is fraud.
Jeff G (2 years ago)
every single person held in custody or convicted of these crimes should be released from custody or have their cases dismissed without prejudice immediately  I hope the lawyers for these other defendants all over the USA make a similar claim now that this precedent has been set with the bar lowered this far I am sure there will be all sorts of legal arguments made...wait a minute The FBI director said don't get any ideas of doing the same thing as it is Illegal...ILLEGAL...Just like IMMIGRATION or ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION THE  TERM ILLEGAL HAS BEEN RE DEFINED AND HAS NO FUTHER MEANING THE FBI DIRECTOR MADE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR...ENJOY ALL YOU CROOKS CAN FEEL FREE TO APPLY FOR JOBS IN THE NEW USA
Guy Rutledge (2 years ago)
Laws apply to everybody, and no-one should be "above the law". Either a  person breaks the law, or they don't break the law. There is no "kinda" broke the law.Whether a person intended to break the law, willfully broke the law, or didn't mean to break the law, is irrelevant. Ignorance of the law excuses not, and is not a defense for breaking a law. If a person gets caught breaking a law, they should be charged with breaking that law. When you destroy evidence, and tell lies, that is a clear indication that you know you have broken a law and are attempting to conceal that fact. Hillary was aware of the law, and broke the law because she feels she is above the law. And so far it appears she is correct in her thinking.  So remove her security clearance immediately, and charge her. Enough double talk, mumbo jumbo legal bullshit, and double standards.
Thomsy111 (2 years ago)
Comey does as he is told or he will suffer the consequences, as others have that have crossed a Clinton. Pretty bad though, he completely destroyed his reputation.
Avena Neumann (2 years ago)
My theory: Clintons are not stupid. Hillary collected enough materials to compromise people at the very top, just to save her neck. She would be stupid if she would not have done so. FBI found out during their investigation a potentially dreadful reality, which would bring chaos to the whole country. Comey had a difficult choice, and he decided to protect the country from far bigger scandals of far bigger consequences.
bill llib (2 years ago)
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Faustina Egoian (2 years ago)
He's question just cleared Hillary of any wrong doing while looking as if he is asking the hard question. Read between the lines on how the ? Is being asked and will be applied if used.
wesley brown (2 years ago)
I want to know why fbi and justice think they can chose which laws are good?  Aren't they required to follow the law and let the courts decide those questions? Isn't that the reason for a supreme court?
JA G (2 years ago)
Please log on "we the people" a .gov site and read before agreeing in PETITION to REVERSE AG/FBI ruling. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/charge-hillary-rodham-clinton-pursuant-18-usc-641-793-794-798-952-and-1924
Gregory Morris (2 years ago)
The Congressional Hearing  by Clinton Hillary committing Federal PERJURY UNDER OATH to House Rep. Jim Jordan Stating she NEVER Sent ANY CLASSIFIED E-mail on Her Private Server which is Federal Crime under U.S. CODE Title 18-793. Hillary Clinton IS a FELON at LARGE.  I hereby Request Congress to have Her ARRESTED AT ONCE!!!
Gregory Morris (2 years ago)
I hereby Request that CONGRESS remove AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey from Public Office for Obstruction of Justice.
DeepWaterBlack (2 years ago)
He is telling us that HRC's lawyers deleted the emails without her instruction or discussion?  Obviously somebody was trying to hide something, and God Damn if HRC wasn't behind it.  What a hack job, this gov't is a joke.
Larry McMillan Jr. (2 years ago)
I reckon Comey and Lynch are not qualified to give straight answers
W P (2 years ago)
Haha true
ArrowJ Smith (2 years ago)
Hillary was never placed under oath. Cover up by the FBI Liar Comey.
bjlracer (2 years ago)
let's cut the bs and put all these corrupt idiots on a polygraph
Andrew H (2 years ago)
Word. A lie detector would find nothing on any of the Clintons or Bushes. Sociopaths have no problem BELIEVING they are telling the truth, when they KNOW they are lying. And our corrupt federal gov't is FILLED WITH SOCIOPATHS.
Michelle Blake (2 years ago)
a murderous heartless bitch : (
KarenFromFinance (2 years ago)
A sociopath can easily pass a polygraph with enough training. *Couch *cough *hillary is a heartless bitch
toasteh (2 years ago)
There should be a law introduced where politicians are forced to answer "Yes" or "No" to questions asked during these investigations so we can avoid all these bullshit non-answers which make them able to get away with just about anything.
RAP (2 years ago)
Americans want to see CROOKED HILLARY indicted, convicted and sent to Federal Prison for a long time. That political HACK is way overdue for some justice. TRUMP 2016-2024 HILLARYforPRISON 2016
Wendy Russell (2 years ago)
the code is don't snitch or???? Just like criminals. Put a fence around DC and there is your federal prison.
Joe Morales (2 years ago)
CLINTONS/FBI JOINED AT HIP ALL THE WAY BACK TO WACO (SEE: https://parapoliticaljournal.com/tag/fbi ). "ORDO AB CHAOS". The real "Woman in Charge" of the 3/23/93 massacre of all 93 U.S. Attorneys (SEE: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1817411/posts ) in preparation for the 4/19/93 massacre of 76 Waco Texas Branch Davidians, including 21 children and two pregnant women was was Hillary, not Janet Reno (SEE: http://rense.com/general80/hillms.htm ). Killery has "owned" the FBI since joint Waco holocaust sacrifice. Loretta Lynch & James Comey Tied To HSBC Drug Laundering (SEE: http://whateverhappentocommonsense.com/2015/07/corruption/ag-nominee-loretta-lynch-tied-hsbc-drug-laundering/ ). Comey held a direct supervisory executive position at HSBC Bank while extreme money laundering operations where being carried out by the Mexican Drug Cartel and their terrorist allies (SEE: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/07/06/comey-oversaw-drug-cartel-money-laundering-operations-as-a-top-executive-at-hsbc-bank/ & http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2013/12/19/hsbc-receives-slap-on-the-wrist-for-helping-to-finance-terrorists/ ). Comey's, "NO EVIDENCE": Gucifer "DELETED". PUTIN WILL HOLD KILLERY EMAIL FOR LEVERAGE. prayorbepreycom
genuineuni (2 years ago)
I admire Jim Jordan!!!

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