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Pangolin's BEYOND Laser Show Software - Why DJ´s will love it

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http://www.pangolin.com - DJ's around the world have come to love the popular QuickShow software from Pangolin. And while QuickShow is a great product, many DJ's are looking for more power, control and functionality. BEYOND is the next step up from QuickShow, and it helps you as an entertainer take your laser shows to a whole new level. With advanced MIDI and DMX mapping options, you can configure consoles the way YOU want. And you can also control your laser show from a lighting, DMX or MIDI console, if preferred. In addition, you can synchronize BEYOND to work with other multimedia elements (including DMX lighting, video, pyro, etc.). BEYOND also has expanded effect options, allowing you to create more sophisticated arial beam effects and shows. The software also features advanced drawing programs, which allow you to create 3D text, graphics, and logos with ease. And BEYOND'S\s multimedia timeline allows you to synchronize video, laser, and audio, in a fun, fast and very powerful way. For DJ's looking to take their laser shows, events and performances to the next level, BEYOND is the answer!
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