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Lost dog found after 65 days in desert

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Ily's owner shares emotional reunion caught on tape.
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S Singh (11 months ago)
Love u guyz who searched for the beautiful pet to her owner
sandy (1 year ago)
I am loving also that Buddy helped the other dog! Beyond serendipity here, let me tell you! Thanks!!
DAL Eight (1 year ago)
That's why I think it is so important to have the dog always be in a carrier inside the car. If they aren't, and there is an accident the dog could get very hurt and also run from the scene never to be seen again sometimes.
sandy (1 year ago)
Yes! Best comment ever!!!
VictoriA M (2 years ago)
Too bad she didn't want to also adopt the little Pit who saved her dog, or maybe make a public please for someone to adopt that Pit.
Cynthia Kline (1 month ago)
Buddy will get adopted!! Don’t worry... news stories like this always pick up adoption rates and especially the animal featured. I’m an animal advocate and watch the effects of stories like this... they’re effect is very wide spread :)
Just Me (10 months ago)
Maybe she wanted to but didn't have the means to take care of another one! It's not free having dogs and only responsible pet owners knows if they have enough money to add anymore pets to their home than what they already have. I just read another comment below that the other dog was not a stray and is going back to their owner, too :)
Jrbr 549 (2 years ago)
Separated her what? Oh, from Illy.
Arizona Briseyda (2 years ago)
Yay my state Arizona. My dog benji escaped last week on saturday 😭😥😢
I have miss my old cats and they died and I cried so hard
Marky Mark (3 years ago)
try amagone.com... it's free!
Cessli (3 years ago)
Can someone update what happened to Buddy???? So sad Rose weren't able to adopt Buddy. He deserved it! I hope Buddy is okay.
FireStormBaller (3 years ago)
+Cessli Buddy isn't a stray. They thought he was. He actually has an owner. He's going to his owner.
BanPhotoRadar (4 years ago)
Thanks to everyone who helped catch her and the other dog.
Diana A. (4 years ago)
How terrified poor Ily must have been after the wreck. Thank you to those who searched for her & brought her home to Rose.
Stay Gorgeous (4 years ago)
Thank god she found her dog. What an amazing dog she has!!

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