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DUI Driver Causes Passenger Death / Nuevo RAW FOOTAGE

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www.loudlabs.com NUEVO - The California Highway Patrol along with Cal Fire/ Riverside County Fire responded to a solo vehicle traffic accident in Nuevo. According to the CHP log, a male adult and a baby were inside a pick up truck that crashed into a tree at Hansen and Lakeview Avenues. California Highway Patrol Officers at the scene declined to provide any details on the fatal accident. Per April Newman of Cal Fire/ Riverside County Fire, arriving Fire personnel found a solo vehicle into a tree with two occupants inside. One adult patient was declared deceased at the scene and a juvenile was treated at the scene for minor injuries and refused transport. A male at the scene was seen being given a field sobriety test and placed in handcuffs. The cause of the fatal accident is currently under investigation.
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someonewhoknows1000 (1 month ago)
I do care about those who do drugs and/or drink and drive. However, I've read apparently family and friends posts who were making excuses saying "He didn't know he killed his cousin...", but don't you realize that any NORMAL person, drunk or otherwise would have known he wasn't driving alone? He had a family member with him? Didn't he hear the noise from the jaws of life? Why doesn't he show that 'Holy crap' look on his face, or remorse, or asking/fighting, pleading to know how his passenger is doing? Nope, he is only caring about why he has camera's filming him. I waited to the end to see a tear - there wasn't a tear, and it has nothing to do with when police told him he killed his cousin ... because normal GOOD people raised with MORALS have that "OH sh$t look and feeling when something like this happens and we know we were WRONG! Like when you were younger and your teacher told you to go to the Principals Office ... but you won't get that example. Or how a neighbor said "I'll tell your mom what you did" and you quaked in your boots not wanting to go home knowing YOU DID WRONG! There was a day that was all it took ... but you jerks have long passed that up and then you get pissed when we don't care about the bed you made for yourself, and your children!! I'm saddened that not a single family member or friend that posted here said "Wow, this hurt us and a real eye opener - time to look at this and make changes for our family so THIS never happens again". But no, not a one of you said that. Instead you defend. I'm glad this video is still here. Now it's been close to 4 years since this happened. I doubt you get it yet but I'm thankful this video remains forever so others can read your comments. Maybe, just maybe it can wake other people up in their own lives before it's too late. Thugs, druggies, drivers who drive drunk etc, stop making police and society BABYSIT YOU! Become responsible!!
Sianna Lannan (1 month ago)
"everyone does it no one can say they never taken a couple drinks then drove", "so you're telling me you or anyone you know never had any drinks while driving?"...I am seriously in shock that anyone thinks that it's not only acceptable but common, to drive around while drinking with a baby in the vehicle, taking a chance on killing someone. I don't know this type of person. I can only guess that it's the environment that this person was raised in. Those defending such tragic, irresponsible actions will raise children with that same mindset, causing even more deaths until someone teaches them to do otherwise.
Sea Bass (2 months ago)
3:33 lol you got caught
Kelly Pickering (4 months ago)
Please they are no longer with us, give them peace during these difficult times, so sad.
Mike M (5 months ago)
build the wall. then they can kill each other in Mexico
LiLSuzQ32 (6 months ago)
Does anyone here agree with me that people who cause a DUI with fatalities (not their own) should simply be executed at the accident site? One bullet, you avoid court costs, prison, and future death penalty appeals.
KD (7 months ago)
Probably an illegal too. Even more disappointing.
Steven Conroy (8 months ago)
He doesn't know it yet, in this video but he's at "ROCK BOTTOM" I hope he learns from this and never drinks again. my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.
Janet Armendariz (9 months ago)
Hey dum fucked... that was drunk and felt it was funny that someone died due to stupid ass how is jail time!!!!!
Terry Martin (9 months ago)
This is some senseless shit. !
Adan Ochoa (10 months ago)
Reminds me of a cousin that died the same way, a small truck crashed into a tree. He always drove his small truck drunk and the weird thing is that when he died in the crash, he had let a sober friend drive instead. Both died by the way.
A Beazer (10 months ago)
Some friend. Smiling while his friend lays dead in the car.
Dottie McClung (11 months ago)
The best shot you got was this jackass who thought killing someone was funny, was the cuffs going on his drunk Ass !! Such a shame someone had to die for his stupidity ! Very close to going thru the fence & into someone's home. Prayers for the deceased's family
John Boyle (11 months ago)
Nosey ass motherfuckers
nunya (11 months ago)
First degree murder and should be executed.
Potent (1 year ago)
laughing peice of shit.
64pori (1 year ago)
Was the baby ok?
FROMSCLA (1 year ago)
That's what happens when your young like the driver. A young guy feels unstoppable as if he can drink a lot and smoke blunts after blunts. He is impaired because he thinks he can drive perfectly but in one second the alcohol will make you blur your mind causing you to crash.. Drinking and driving is like playing rush n roulette one day you will get home from a day and wake up all hung over and wonder how you got home driving drunk. The next day you can take your own life or your passengers life and regret it in the cell after your convicted... no one deserved to die but I'm glad so innocent non family bystander was a victim of this. This family lost a life and and someone who is alive but lost his future in one night.. Take notes teenager DONT DRINK AND DRIVE or you'll kill your self or kill your dreams in life ...
Joe M3 (2 years ago)
after i left heritage high i heard about this kid dying sad man. miss my boy donovan though died in an accident like 2 miles away😕
Corvette Guy (2 years ago)
Hassuey JQuevedo (2 years ago)
this is sad...  :(
someonewhoknows1000 (1 month ago)
+FireFightersLady I'm sorry for your own personal loss but thankful for the work you do being a Flight Nurse. However, I can't feel sorry for the gentleman who passed simply because EVERYONE needs to decide ahead of time. Never after-the-fact, and this deceased person had the choice to call a family member, a friend, a cab, Uber, or sleep under a rock in a parking lot. Far better to risk police being called because you're drunk and sleeping in a parking lot - at least he'd be alive. Chump change for bail money when compared to losing his life. Maybe if he did this once, twice, or more, he could figure out how living this way would only be a dead end street. Poor choices never equal a positive. I do however pray for his soul with hopes he made it in the afterlife, and do pray for the family and friends he left behind. It would be a beautiful legacy if his death made them all think more about this tragic loss to make changes to ensure they never face this again here on earth. Accidents can be avoided from this type of scenario, whereby cancer or other health issues can't always be avoided in the same manner. When we make better choices, it rubs off onto our children and our children's children. Again, thank you for all you do ... it can't be easy being a Flight Nurse.
FireFightersLady (2 years ago)
Look...to those of you who knew him as a friend or family member I know that you are all going through your own kind of hell... It must be very hard to watch so many others put down your friend or family... It is also normal for you to come to his defense... But that won't change anything... I watched your friend fail a roadside sobriety test and get arrested...   But most of all I can't help but think about the victim who died in that accident...their friends and family... I have yet to hear anyone express any caring or concern for their feelings! They lost their loved one forever... I feel so bad for them..They will never get to see him ever again all because your friend made a conscience decision to drink and drive... You need to accept that your friend is responsible for the death of another human being while he walked away without  a scratch...and apparently no remorse for it...
mayra fraire (2 years ago)
Rachel why do you say he was drunk who told you and he's not punk I know him
FireFightersLady (2 years ago)
Mayra fraire... I don't know what I'm talking about? Please take the time to understand I recently lost my brother when a drunk driver hit and killed him on his motorcycle.. I don't know if you have ever had to identify a family member but it hurts like you wouldn't believe... I'm not going into detail as it is still very difficult for me to talk about... I am also a Flight Nurse and many is the time that I have responded to an accident that was responsible
Hassuey JQuevedo (2 years ago)
+mayra fraire  that's alright :) .
TheUglyOne (2 years ago)
fuckin cesar man. i was with you 1 hour before that ceash , i miss you man ... ALOT.
Hassuey JQuevedo (2 years ago)
so sorry for your loss...
Ramiro Jimenez (2 years ago)
Nataly Flores (2 years ago)
r.i.p #710 Cesar we miss you ❤
Jason Gomez (3 years ago)
Jason Gomez (3 years ago)
I was the one first on the sceene I put the fire out.and pulled the driver out TWICE
64pori (3 years ago)
what about the first accident, was the baby ok?
Amina Be'Smilin (3 years ago)
Was he trying to leave?
Bertha Martin (3 years ago)
I have seen the arresting officer, in another Loudlabs car accident, unfortunately...I was wondering if the officer told the driver, his passenger was killed...or do they wait till they get to jail??one more preventable life taken..., pain for his family. R I P
jason sandoval (3 years ago)
R.I.P Cesar #710 blessings to the family
James Garcia (3 years ago)
Princess Jasmine (3 years ago)
Kelliebelle44 (3 years ago)
I feel bad for all the people in this crash. I do understand everybody makes mistakes but this is more than just a mistake. It's a crime and somebody lost their life. That expression becomes trite in situations like these. We all know the possible consequences of impaired driving and he should have made other arrangements for transportation prior to the drinking. When I hurt my back and was on pain meds I told my kids sorry I can't drive you while I am on these. Decision made ahead of time.
techingo666 (3 years ago)
It doesn't look like he is smiling to me, he looks more scared and nervous and he is trying to be polite to the officer, how unfortunate.
Don’t need friends (3 years ago)
someonewhoknows1000 (1 month ago)
@Don't need friends Sorry but you got your correction wrong again - "...mows the guy" to "nows". Now in a sentence means "Come here now". The correct word you need to learn is "knows", as in "My boss knows how I need to do the job". I'm not the spelling/grammar cop ... just feel bad for you because you can't possibly fill out an employment application with poor spelling, grammar, and diction. Since you're in YouTube, you can learn using a computer or cell phone. So I'm not mocking you .. just suggesting so your life improves and maybe your child [ren] too.
Don’t need friends (3 years ago)
I live her in Nuevo Cali and my cousin mows the guy who was driving
Emily Reimold (3 years ago)
One minute, these ladies claim that he didn't know he killed his cousin, then they say he was in shock seeing him dead... then back to the first story. Which one is it? Apparently YOUR story isn't straight, either. The driver definitely looked like he was chuckling a little bit. Perhaps he was that wasted? Perhaps. Stay off the internet if you can't take the comments from others. And a grammar lesson wouldn't be a bad idea, too... Rest in peace to the victim.
mayra fraire (3 days ago)
Navy Retired what
Navy Retired (3 months ago)
mayra fraire fuck him
Jose Moreno (3 months ago)
+mayra fraire The sad thing. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life. My Heart and prayer's go's out to his cousin and family.
mayra fraire (6 months ago)
Let me tell you this he did not know what he did and that his cousin died
Amina Be'Smilin (3 years ago)
Lavish Gaming (3 years ago)
maria isabel (3 years ago)
Its okay for everyone that believes there negative comments and opinions are so welcomed here, there not! I dont know these people personally but live around this community and know people that know them and I can't help but feel they're pain, no one ever sees this happening to themselves and a simple bad decision can change someone's life forever! EVERY ONE AND I MEAN EVERY ONE HAS MADE A BAD DECISION AT LEAST ONCE IN THEY'RE LIFE, YOUR JUST LUCKY IT DIDNT GET TO THIS.. because seriously sometimes alot of us in the moment you don't really go threw and completely think about!! its easy to say "no worries I drank a lil but I don't live that far" or "just this once" and when you least expect it that's all it takes IM NOT SAYING ITS RIGHT BUT WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE WHEN WE MAKE THOSE MISTAKES AS WELL WE JUST FEEL OK SAYING MEAN THINGS BECAUSE WE DIDN'T GET THAT OUTCOME!! ALL IM SAYING TO THE PEOPLE THAT TRULY CARE AND UNDERSTAND LET THESE OTHERE PEOPLE WITH NEGITIVE MINDS KEEP GOING YOUR 💕CAESAR💕 is watching and he knows what's happening he knows he made the choice to get in the car knowing how they were. So lets not put the nasty blame on this guy ❤ things will be okay heads up my prayers to your family and friends {{{{{I see this guys face and I swear I can almost feel his soul, he's in pain and confused reality hasn't hit him yet, my prayers to him💙💙💙}}}}}
starr fisher (3 years ago)
that guy does not seem to know his passenger is dead
Mollie Smith (1 year ago)
starr fisher I was wondering why he was laughing.
Budd Dwyer (3 years ago)
Shut the fuck up , you don't know what happend . He was high and intoxicated , of course he's. It going to know what's up
Budd Dwyer (3 years ago)
Shut the fuck up , you don't know what happend . He was high and intoxicated , of course he's. It going to know what's up
sunteacup (3 years ago)
How utterly sad, such a preventable death and yet it happens all the time. Both were so young and now one will face prison and another faces nothing at all. May God have mercy on them both and their families. We all think we are never gonna die at a young age, so many do. God bless them all.
Madi Ramos (3 years ago)
Thank you so much💙
Melanie rodriguez (3 years ago)
Y'all better shut up you guys dont know what happened he wasnt laughing he was in pain. So if you guys dont know then dont open your mouth, your welcome (:
Lavish Gaming (2 years ago)
Rex_8787 (3 years ago)
Just to be clear, I don't think he was smiling. His mouth does look fucked up. But the fact that he should no emotions is just heart less. Unless he wasn't aware that he had just killed his cousin.
Rebecca Ortiz (3 years ago)
No he wasn't aware. Imagine when he found out. Damn Rip Cesar you were always happy when I seen you. And I hope my other cousin stays strong in there, I know his head is going everywhere right now 😢
George Forall (3 years ago)
This guy is all laughs and smiles until he sees the videocamera . Then you can read his lips when he says "who's that fool" psht look who's talking!
Philip Koen (3 months ago)
At first I was not sure if he was smiling or if he just had a normally ugly mouth like an open toilet lid...later realised it were both...
Freddy J (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Sahagun your cousin is a piece of shit that deserves to go to hell, you as well
64pori (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Ortiz I do agree with you, he was smirking cause he thought he just smashed the truck or whatever, but if they would have told him that the relatve was dead. I do believe he would have sobered up real quick and had a straight face! But nobody should ever drink and drive. I firmly believe in that! if you're going to drink do it at home!
64pori (3 years ago)
+Lala Gonzalez they didnt
Amina Be'Smilin (3 years ago)
+Shannon Gerdel where did they show the baby?
anthony arciniega (3 years ago)
You guys better stfu cuz this is no joke he was my primo i swear next time i wiil fucken report cuz this shit ain funny it hurtz to know youre cousins in prison while the other died at 5 a.m.
Scytherene122190 (1 year ago)
anthony arciniega dude got his cuz killed bro and he's nonchalant about it. sorry about your other cuz's death but your other one is a rotten piece of shit for real
Christian Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Rest In Peace Young Ceez 🙏🏼💙 You'll always be in my heart homie!!
MrzRatchet (3 years ago)
I like how he was more concerned about being recorded than his friend who had just passed.
Leanna Hollis (1 year ago)
So how much time did this dumbass get ??
MrzRatchet (1 year ago)
Brian Jones i thought you were one of her fake defenders. I'm sorry.
MrzRatchet (1 year ago)
Brian Jones i proved my point, is this your relative also? 😂😂😂 you're defending someone who drove drunk and killed someone.
Rem Dusad (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Ortiz fuck off cow.
Rebecca Ortiz (3 years ago)
I like how your so concerned when you know nothing that happened and want to talk shit
cowboy6591 (3 years ago)
nothing to see?
Sunshine Jenkins (3 years ago)
This is so sad blessings to the family of the deceased.
Barbeatcue (3 years ago)
Rip Cesar you will be missed we used to be cool for a mins when we were middle school ..
Dub Coco (3 years ago)
I guess he thinks its funny killing someone.. Have a good laugh in prison for around 15 years bud.....
Angel Simone (1 year ago)
Why is smiling about this whole situation! He caused a major accident and he will be sued by the people he injured and his parents will have to get a lawyer and it will be like a couple thousand dollars if not more, and he will go to prison for making a choice in which was stupid and dangerous but it sounds to me like this guy doesn't even who he killed!
Michael Glenn (1 year ago)
Dig'n The Dirty South 15 years is not enough.
Nataly Flores (2 years ago)
stfu you dont know shit
Hugh Jass (3 years ago)
+Madelin Ramos 3:30 to 4:11 you really think he looks in pain? get real, he was under the influence and had not a care in the world.
FireFightersLady (3 years ago)
+Madelin Ramos First of all... I am all woman so please refrain from calling me "sir" He was drunk lady and caused the death of another human being!! I don't care who he was to you or anyone else...facts are facts... I didn't have to be there to know he was drunk...it says so in the title of the video... Now...if you want to blame anyone blame the one that wrote the title... My main thing was he was driving drunk and I absolutely hate drunks because I've seen what they can do when they get behind the wheel... Also...if you care as much as you claim...why didn't someone ANYONE...stop him from driving that night... If you had maybe your deceased loved one would still be alive! I'm finished with all of you and your inability accept reality...
Jayme Esteves Junior (3 years ago)
Bom dia parabéns pelos videos é pelas reportagens

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