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How to do sales effectively? Tamil motivation video- Madhu Bhaskaran

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Madhu Bhaskaran explains about the great benefits of sales and 2 wonderful strategies for the successful sales. Contents- 1. First sell yourself, then sell the products 2. Benefits driven presentation
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gnana sekar1998 (19 days ago)
Sir IAM gnanasekar garments field la sales executive va iruke fresher 2019 la b.com mudicha retail shop la eppadu pesaruthunu sollunga pls
Sudar Rajasekaran (17 days ago)
Hai bro... Who interest to do direct sale business with ecommerce platform ping me on messenger. We r selling fashion products like garments and accessories sales through online ecommerce website like amazon flipkart... Qualification - Any degree Arts and science or technical courses except UG or PG any... Age- 18+ and above Experience- freshers and experience also eligible.
RAINY FLOWERS (23 days ago)
Arumai.. nandri sir
vasanth raj020413 (27 days ago)
I need u r contact number
Narayana Babu (30 days ago)
#HIRING #FRESHERS #IMMEDIATELY https://goo.gl/maps/7MbR9EmTtFRZaJqo7
Tamilan 7 (1 month ago)
உங்கள் வீடியோ அனைத்தும் எனக்கு பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கிறது
Tamil Motivation (1 month ago)
Hai sir now we are doing idly dosa batter business ... this video is very useful and timely help... thanking you sir...
Arunkumar T (2 months ago)
Super speech sir...
Shreya Sherya (2 months ago)
I'm a sales promotor I have experience but I need to know the tricks of sale
Nick Klause (1 month ago)
What kind of product do you sell?? Tangible or Intangible??? If you sell tangible product, what kind of product??? Is it electronic gadgets (HP, TV, Watch, etc), clothings, vehicles (cars, heavy machinery), etc??? If u sell intangible products, what do you sell??? Is it insurance, education plan, mutual funds, health care programme, etc???
Shreya Sherya (2 months ago)
Super communication sir very good useful
Akilan bk (3 months ago)
Nandrigal kodi
Dilo Vathana (3 months ago)
Yaahh sir na 3 months marketing management training pnnan sir nengka sollura ellame 100% true
John Mandro (3 months ago)
Have you knew about improving the quality of life. I have thoroughly planned it. But also certain rules and procedures top clearly identify by me. If administration and marketing join together to challenge the global countries. This is the basic principles Weimer Govt of Germany already announced it. Nazim Govt announces this principles too clearly... Those path of way Mukesh Ambani too clearly planned follow it in correctly. Do you knew about Mukesh Ambani... Certain principles want to keep it in the mind.
John Mandro (3 months ago)
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John Mandro (3 months ago)
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NIFRAS MOHAMMED (3 months ago)
Hi sir how are you i like u r 😎😎😎😎 i am following 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Thanks sir arumaiyaana ideas I keep in your ideas in my life
Mani Vasagam (4 months ago)
Super sir
Suriya Suriya (4 months ago)
Arumaiyana pathive iyya.
radhika k (4 months ago)
Super sir
Subramanian K (4 months ago)
Thank you sir
Ra ja (4 months ago)
Great sir
tamilan barath (4 months ago)
Unmai nanum oru வியாபாரி
Niros Jegan (5 months ago)
சிறந்த sells man ஆவது எப்படி?
Sudar Rajasekaran (17 days ago)
Who interest to do direct sale business with ecommerce platform ping me on messenger. We r selling fashion products like garments and accessories sales through online ecommerce website like amazon flipkart... Qualification - Any degree Arts and science or technical courses except UG or PG any... Age- 18+ and above Experience- freshers and experience also eligible.
உங்கள் வெகுளித்தனமான பேச்சை பொருளில் காண்பித்து வாங்குபவரிடம் பேசினாலே நீங்கள் ஒரு அருமையான சேல்ஸ்மேன்... இது எனது தனிப்பட்ட கருத்து நண்பா
aazim afras (5 months ago)
I'm running a shop at twenty years your words are correct very good apeach
Pavithra C (5 months ago)
Well said
Athi Narayanan (5 months ago)
Dear sir, Kindly do video about how to sell yourself first???
Sri Manoj Kumar S (5 months ago)
I am also sales professional sales secret your suggestion it's true when I successfully close my sales I have a fully confident ingress congrats sir
Vel P (5 months ago)
Sir good morning, Very useful and powerful speech iam sales filed in 10 yes many times I think to rong dissiton to my career analysis, but very strong dissiton only sale's my professional career very thanks sir..
RAJESH Kumar (5 months ago)
Good motivational speech.Noted your points sell yourself , say benefits wonderful example of mobile phone explanation
Vashi Meenu (5 months ago)
sir ur speeches very motivated
Thenmozhi Thenmozhi (5 months ago)
Super sir
Suresh Kumar (6 months ago)
Thank you sir
I'm 1St time watching ur vedio really great speech ,, thank you....
j7 nxt (6 months ago)
I am first time watching your video. Really your great speech sir,🗣️
KRISHNA RAJ (6 months ago)
Hello sir , I'm MBA student, awesome speech, it must help in my career, i want more and more about sales! Can you help me??
Babishan Babi (6 months ago)
super sir super
Mullai Haji (6 months ago)
Nice speech sir
Ann Eddiba (6 months ago)
Hello Sir, u speak tamil well enough. Do u live in Kerala or Tamil Nadu
Mani pal (6 months ago)
Director Manobala
VIKRAM Viktam (7 months ago)
Ss ur sure sir
karthi keyan (7 months ago)
sathish chandran (7 months ago)
thq u sir, i feel confident
sweety uma (7 months ago)
Hai sir super i m work sales filed sir i need to more impressed sir than how to improve my self sir
veera pandi (7 months ago)
sweety uma which product you have to sale now
veera pandi (7 months ago)
sweety uma, hello mam.
Kanniya Furniture (7 months ago)
Good idea
Vijay Arun (8 months ago)
Thank you so much love all your tips your sharing on you tube
Saravanan Saravanan (8 months ago)
Thank u sir
A to z update (8 months ago)
Super motivate speech sir...
mahmood lebbai (8 months ago)
Sir excelent explain you absolutely sold ur points
pushparaj pushparaj (8 months ago)
அருமையான உரை அய்யா...
Mahendran A (9 months ago)
Very useful information thanks sir
Abbas K (9 months ago)
Super sir என்னை உங்கள் உருவத்தில் பார்கிரேன் நன்றி
royal vignesh (10 months ago)
tq sir I am sales Engineer in Chennai
Mohammed Muzammil (10 months ago)
Nice Sir
ruthra kumar (10 months ago)
Wow superb
Rajendiran.a rajdhanam26 (10 months ago)
அருமையான பதிவு
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anand and (10 months ago)
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veera pandi (7 months ago)
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tamilselvan thangarasu (10 months ago)
use full in my career
Ravi sankar (10 months ago)
Network marketing pathi oru vdo podunga sir
veera pandi (7 months ago)
Hi Ravi sankar if you want to know about the network marketing....? 9566090910... can you give me your number??? I can to knew about that
praveen kumar (10 months ago)
voice tone nice, I understand easily
thipaat (10 months ago)
Useful information
Akber Ali M (10 months ago)
sir insurance work benefit pathi sollunga
veera pandi (7 months ago)
Akber Ali M If you want to know about marketing
veera pandi (7 months ago)
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Health Foods (10 months ago)
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Kathiravan Kathiravan (11 months ago)
Nice sir thank you for good massage
roy royal rapheal (11 months ago)
thanks.. sir
jeevan creators (11 months ago)
Yes...it fine...Sir..
MANI MARAN (11 months ago)
Sir... Its very usefull for me and thank you
Saravanan K (1 year ago)
thank you sir ! my name saravanan SBI Life Insurance Advisor. my whatsapp no 6380323294
SAI JAITH (1 year ago)
super sir nice.........i lie to tat 2 points super
Kabilan Kabilan (1 year ago)
super sir 9791583280 wattsapp number
vel jack (1 year ago)
Smart way pathi sollunga MLM company
Na Vaz (5 months ago)
Rathna T (8 months ago)
Aravind Subramani (8 months ago)
Atha vita better ah iruntha ena pannuvinka
Suthar San (1 year ago)
English communication pathi solunga sir
nivi raja (1 year ago)
Superb sir
jesu balan (1 year ago)
Strongly believe your points as a sales person ...thank you sir
Sankar Narayanan (1 year ago)
Thank u sir , I got an awesome answer about the "sales".
sridevi swaminathan (1 year ago)
Awesome video I am also a sales trainer, I would like to know how did the sales help your training career growth? Could you please share that sir?
sridevi swaminathan (1 year ago)
Thank you so much it was really nice video,i am a sales trainer. So this video motivates me a lot.even i could say it changed my life entirely. Thank you very much
Shruthy Kumar (1 year ago)
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KANNAN LIC (1 year ago)
Fantastic thanks sir
kutty tha channel (1 year ago)
Super sir
G Sathish (1 year ago)
prasanth r (1 year ago)
Super news sir it's really true
veera pandi (7 months ago)
Shruthy Kumar which company
Shruthy Kumar (1 year ago)
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galary Suriya (1 year ago)
super speak sir
Sharfuddeen S (1 year ago)
I liked it
Wilson doss (1 year ago)
Awesome sir
Moorthi B.K (1 year ago)
Super sir
S.karthi S.Murali (1 year ago)
Sanjeev Kumar (1 year ago)
Super sir
Krishna Kumar (1 year ago)
Super sir
Thamotharan Tharan (1 year ago)
Shankar Ga (1 year ago)
excellent 👏👏👏
Raja pandian (1 year ago)
really super speech sir
Pranav nandhu (1 year ago)
Super and thank you
mohamed ramzeen (1 year ago)
good sir
Silver Moon (1 year ago)
Ameena _Semma (1 year ago)
muthu selvan (1 year ago)
super sir....
Uma A (1 year ago)
Yes sir I love sale's
Devi Vijay (1 year ago)
Devi Vijay (1 year ago)

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