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Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

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so please stop asking (some flashing colors warning) * I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a straight up walk in the park to overcome right? Takes time and patience. If you're having a really hard time (maybe my story is similar to yours, maybe you have even more things to fight..) I really hope to hear you're working on breaking through it. If you're wanting me to fight, I'm wanting you to fight back just the same. Thanks, dude.
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Jr Playz (19 minutes ago)
my brother found u attractive (he likes u)
The 2 lords Mike (21 minutes ago)
I had anorexia for about a year and a half And jaiden is completly correct about the voice not letting you go She had 2 eating dissorders, i had one Mine just made me vomit everyday 24/7 Jaiden made herself vomit 24/7 Im really happy to be alive, and im really happy your alive jaiden <3
Amber and Sawyer Kopp (24 minutes ago)
Jaiden, I want to congratulate you for getting through something I am going through. Its not as bad as you explained it was for you, but, I'm impressed, you just got through possibly one of your deepest fears
Gloomy hotel hideaway xD (27 minutes ago)
I have tried to starve, and I have tried many other things... but I didint feel as bad as you did. I feel really sorry and I feel like I’m just a horrible person for not being there for you, I’m really sorry and I’m glad you got through it, this video really helped me....thank you.
Artic Wolf (33 minutes ago)
Hi, im really late on this, sry, but i really hope youve gotten better. Also thank u for this. I didnt expect to see this videos but im glad i did b/c youve helped me. P.s. im a 16 yr old guy so dont think of me as weird for saying this but your, beautiful 13:28
BIG BELLY (35 minutes ago)
How could you hate yourself you are one of the most beautiful person I have ever seen
Smol Bean (47 minutes ago)
I'm way worse ;-; dont feel bad about yourself I have bpd,depression,anxiety,and maybe A eating disorder
Austin Escandon (58 minutes ago)
Me: skips through the video and realizes it’s at the end I have one question why is it right at the last second that you show your face Future me: *watches video* why does this have to be so sad and depressing.......???
Austin Escandon (53 minutes ago)
Now I feel like a bad person for skipping true the video to see her face when I was watching it
crazy guy183 (1 hour ago)
jaden animations i have the same problem as you so just know you are relly good att doing what you do just remember we will Always be Close to you even if we are Worlds apart. and sorry if i had spelled somting wrong i can,t write as good as i can speak english
Cyber TOONZ (1 hour ago)
I have been through a eating problem and I really was sad. And it was a very sad time in my life. How it goes is like jadiden said it's more than bening thinner more like your hungry you get so comfortable without food that you just like the pain. I never through up my food after eating I just mostly ate a little dinner and a little snack after school I didn't eat food at school plus I was bullied a lot. I was so sad that this is how my addiction to hurting myself became a thing.
Kittie 1223 (1 hour ago)
Do a face revival If you don’t get it, it’s a joke from the odd 1s out q&a
swagg bag (1 hour ago)
The people who disliked are horrible people jaiden is a wonderful person and she deserves the bestest of love and the mostest hugs
Zelda Queen (1 hour ago)
Jaiden I completely understand everything you said. I really hope that nothing happens to make it worse and you are not anything bad. You are a wonderful person and you are a role model to me. I appreciate everything you've done and I understand that you have trouble but so do I. We all think you are a great person and I realize that I just started rambling. 😏 but I'm being serious Jaiden we all love you for who you are! And I'm just a person so I don't expect anything from you but i really appreciate you...
Sans (2 hours ago)
This is the best video on the internet, better than any movie I've watched, better than any storyline to a video game I've played, better than any educational school vhs tapes I'll see, thank you Jaiden for holding on, 98.97% of the comment section loves you.
Jacob Smith (2 hours ago)
Jaiden you shouldn’t keep your story from people the more people here about they will care us fans love you keep your style and don’t this comment isn’t a lie there are a bunch of people struggling through the same problem just remember people love you i am super glad you stoped you are probably my most favorite youtuber your fans love you and I do too feel good about your self god made you for a reason and you found your reason now just keep on doing you can remember you only live once you got to make the most of it
Kleber Lopes da Silva (2 hours ago)
Well, you're achieving your goal of helping people. Your videos helped me to smile when things were very awful in my life. And this one specifically helped me to find strength to leave that situation. Off course it was not just this video (it was among some other helpful stuff), but it definitely played its part. So thank you, Jaiden. Thank you very much. You really helped to change my life.
Christopher Salvato (2 hours ago)
To make you feel better I will tell my story So I had my first kiss I was happy but she moved we had each others phone numbers and were good friends I had two other girlfriends, BTW same thing happened with them. And I had a dream so in it was all my exes I said hi and then out of nowhere a cage plops down on me and a big hole pops up behind them and they start falling in but there was nothing I can do I tried every single way. But there was no hope. I started crying and then I saw them but this was worse. I saw them die every imaginable way possible, still nothing I can do. It felt like someone was toying with my mind just to get me to grief like someone wanted to see me suffer When I woke up I was torn apart The next day I thought about it and I wondered if it had meant anything. I thought something could happen to them and I can't do anything, just like my dream So days went on and it got worse I don't want to talk to talk about it So when word got out to my exes and there boyfriends they all came to visit me For some reason it was like I was fixed I was finally almost happy But after they left it started to get worse but I started watching your vids and when I watched this video I felt some urge to do it, so I stand up with you If anyone judges you for who you are, they can shove a d#$k up there @$$
Zitlali Rameimz (2 hours ago)
Am lesbian and am scared to tell my brothers so am doing it today
Albert Carlito (2 hours ago)
Girl, I think u looking FINEEEE
Gods Plan (2 hours ago)
So Sad
Gus Jones (2 hours ago)
I haven't gone through those phases yet. I have a big life ahead of me.. I cry for you each time I watch this video and I just want to hug you.
Angel Caceres (2 hours ago)
Yoshi cute as hell I don’t know what she’s talking about
Misleading Oreo ! (2 hours ago)
I’m here for you jaiden you’ve been my fav YouTuber for what now.. 1-2 or something now.. so.. I saw your self on boyinabands vid and I said omg she pretty and awsome and you are searsouly doing really welllllllll and your awsome
Aristotle Pleasantbey (3 hours ago)
Jaiden listen your not good,ok, or fine... YOU ARE AMAZING look at your subscriber count that’s not even all of the people who like u. Your great. Don’t believe anything else about yourself❤️
Kai's PlayHouse! (3 hours ago)
ur face is absolutely bootiful, u look pretty. (But also ur kewl for who u r. looks dont matter, but just sayin. u look nice.)
nugget boi (3 hours ago)
I feel ugly sometimes too i have the same story but im 8 im too young for this...
Super gacha Potato (3 hours ago)
U are so Pretty don’t be sad
Llama Unicorns (3 hours ago)
Your so brave ! You went from not telling anybody about this to telling millions of people :3 We wish you the best Jayden!
Tristan Stoney (3 hours ago)
After this she made a face reveal
Richard Nguyen (3 hours ago)
You look good
Regan Wolf (3 hours ago)
We love you Jaiden and we do care what you say Btw you are beautiful❤️
Mark Baker (3 hours ago)
Wow.. You are so pretty I am not kidding this is not a joke!!! 😍😍 This is howw much u are worth! 💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰💎💎💎💎💎 x's 10000000000000!
everunique 123 (3 hours ago)
This is deep
Anderson Playz (3 hours ago)
Your pretty
I don’t wanna do a face reveal for the same reason... I know, it’s tough
Taufatun Akter (4 hours ago)
How can you hide that face it's so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
southern smoke (4 hours ago)
You're Beautiful Jaiden! Dont hide your Face,Everyone Loves you! i May be about 2 years late :P but still. and if the waves keep crashing down on you or the sky falls and crushes you, Just remember People are there for you,Your Fans are there for you,Im There for YOU! (Even if i never go to Vidcon) People Love you Jaiden! And if there are haters in these comments DAB ON DEM! *WE ALL LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE JAIDEN!* Your Not weak,Your not Fat,Your not Ugly. Everyone is Beautiful,I Really like your Videos Jaiden! Your not a Disappointment, In fact.. Your a Inspiration!. you Inspire young people to start Animating or start their Path as a Youtuber Just like you! We are there for you Jaiden....... Remember that :> James is there,Dave is there,Adam is there..... Your fans are there! Dont listen to the voice in your head. Dont over-work yourself, dont starve yourself, Just Remember your a Unique Person Jaiden! No one is like you in the Universe,Your the only Jaiden, And the best Jaiden! your doing your best and we Appreciate it! People love you Jaiden :D -Your 2019 Fan
White Alpha (4 hours ago)
jaiden, you arent just good enough in my eyes. I look up to you a lot, you are an amazing, beautiful, and respectable person. And i know that i cant know exactly what you went through and/or are going through because its your life and i live in different situations but i still support you so much, and im sure there are so many more people who feel the same way,
Sadie Gallagher (4 hours ago)
You are amazing Jaiden and pretty we all love you
Sadie Gallagher (4 hours ago)
Jaiden I am the same way about feeling hurt and not w anting others to know about being hurt and all the other stuff it hurts a lot and this might not mean much but I know how you feel and I am hear for you.
Jude Dahlstrom (4 hours ago)
i know what it feels like i went like a 2 day of it cuz my brother kept bullying me nobody was intrested in me exept my family my mom went through it too so dont feel bad i came here to know what you felt and heres a dank mine craft meme
Thomas Taylor (4 hours ago)
So Talented and Beautiful.
Cat Dude (4 hours ago)
I wish i could give you a hug, i sure do get how you feel but you gotta at least try to believe in yourself, im sure your feeling a lot better now since this vid was like 2 years ago but if you have these thoughts again try to cheer up, ps im sure you beautiful (i say as i haven't seen your face yet even tho im on the video) because 6 million people im pretty sure know that you look great. So screw those bitches who think otherwise, keep drawing and waddle on!. P.P.S i really hope you're doing ok now because i was kinda starting to get scared so please if you feel any pain just think about all the good things you have tons of people who will take their time to see you, you have awesome and very supportive parents, and best of all you have the gift of life i would totally make every happy moment count and just cherish it. So sorry for making this comment so long (if you're even reading this) but just please be ok you deserve a lot more than sadness. yolo
Annabelle Awes (4 hours ago)
Jaiden We love you. Looks don’t matter you look better than me! And if anyone says anything mean or Offensive we got your back don’t let hatters get you down
slytichy (5 hours ago)
You are so pretty and I love you so mush
Alana Kaiser (5 hours ago)
That is sad
Murray Boy (5 hours ago)
I can't finish this video. This is sad
Kiersten Thompson (5 hours ago)
I am so sorry that you had to go through that but when I say this I am not lying you are so gorgeous
gost fox (5 hours ago)
I feel the same Just don't have to hide be your self don't lisson so uthers that dout you this relly helped me thro depression so have a good lifeand don't let it control you and you don't look ugly,fat you are the best person you can be just have fun in life amd don't fall for its tricks
Derpy Dude (5 hours ago)
Jaiden your pretty
lilpumpjetski 123 (5 hours ago)
*Pause: **13:27*
Silas Shotwell (6 hours ago)
I understand I feel like that a lot also you are a nice YouTube you are the best YouTuber and I'm going to make a poem for you and then I'm going to write it
greninja gamer 447 (6 hours ago)
I'm really sorry :(
GL1TCHY BO1 (6 hours ago)
You're FUCKING beautiful Ps sorry I'm a very aggressive person.
Chrisg21563 ._. (7 hours ago)
This happend to one of my famile
Galex Grace (7 hours ago)
It’s ok just it’s ok your not alone this video gave me confidence people like you keep me going
Miranda Ipsen (7 hours ago)
I was thinking you looked like that,my guess was correct 🙂
Enzo Deav (7 hours ago)
You broke it like in believer
Okie Gacha (7 hours ago)
You are perfect how you are, your looks don’t matter And everyone will comfort you.
Enzo Deav (7 hours ago)
You had depresion
Ashleigh Pluta (8 hours ago)
You're beautiful no other what other people say what you say you're always beautiful ❤️
mode man (8 hours ago)
Your a some person your the best YouTuber
DecemberGlaceon 1217 (8 hours ago)
"Oh, please. Like your life is so bad" "Don't worry" "You're great at everything!!! What do YOU have anything to worry about?" "STOP TALKING TO STRANGERS (online friends)!!!! YOU'RE GIVING AWAY TOO MUCH INFO (our family's faces and what state/ town we live in)!!" "Why're you upset?! Huh????!" "Haha, you say you're not, but you're OCD!" "Too bad you're not OCD about cleaning your room.. You hear?" "At school, they test people for drugs! Maybe you're on drugs. You're crazy! You talk to strangers like 'Jacob' and 'Mona!" That's what I hear. "Oh, you're overreacting.." "I NEED to get better!" "I need to exercise more, look at me, I'm fat." "I need to reach standards." "Why am I not there yet?" "Are my dreams and hopes just a ghost, fading away every time?" "My 'happiness' is just a facade to cover up pain." "Yet again, I'm overreacting." "You're doing this wrong. This is one millimeter away from where it's supposed to be. This line isn't traced exactly. This is too little, that's too big." "EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT!" "Why is the shopping cart a mess?!?! If I fix it, they'll say: 'too organized, the shopping clerk'll mess it up anyways,' but I NEED to." "You're supposed to be the smart one. Look at her, everyone calls me the genius but look at her, beating my standards." "i'm NOT JEALOUS of everyone, I just need the rge to beat them at what they're better at then me." "Am I too mean? Am I a bully? Does my friends think I'm fake?" "Am I a nerd? Do I need to act 'badder'? How come I never fit in?" "It's HER fault!!!!!" "How do I get these voices away from me?" "My taste of music is bland. Pop? I mean, really? Everyone in my class likes Country. I don't know ANY country songs." "I'm a waste of oxygen." "My parents wouldn't care about my 'depression'. But hey, as I said, I'm overreacting! Haha! I don't have 'depression'!!!" "These suicidal thoughts would go away." "Why can't fantasies be real? I just want to get away from reality..." "There are probably a lot of mistakes in this comment." And these are just the little things that are in my head. Nobody cares. Im just overreacting anyways. Sorry to people who read this and wasted time. This is about Jaiden, after all.. :3
BjSuper Sonic (8 hours ago)
I watch this hole video and I almost cried ☹️☹️☹️
Shade _Zekren (8 hours ago)
The 11k people who disliked are children of Satan
Amberly (8 hours ago)
It doesn't matter what anyone looks like, it matters of who they are on the inside :3
art Sia (8 hours ago)
What I'm really happy about that you don't let the stop you do what you want to do yes it might hurt but keep on trying we believe in you and we really do you mean it
Ciara Murphy (8 hours ago)
Jaiden im struggling with depression..
OOPS (8 hours ago)
This video hits hard. I’m sorry to hear this Jaiden and I know it must of been hard to share this. Listen to this though. YOU ARE VERY TALENTED! Your videos bring us all joy on every upload and I gotta say, you have to be YouTubes best animator. Anyway, this video is beautifully animated! As a budding filmmaker this really inspired me in terms of animation and every drawing has a huge impact, packed with feeling and expression! I’m so happy that you managed to share this and I’ll pray for you. God bless
Erina Alam (8 hours ago)
I've watched this video millions of times, and every time i watch it every word sinks in deeper, every word has more of a meaning to me, every word makes sense. It's been 2 years since its been published. When I first watched this video, I felt bad that Jaiden had to go through all of this. With the pain, the burden, the time, all alone. After a couple of times re watching it, the words... really hit me. When she talked about how it made her happy when she had ate so less; I could relate perfectly. I am very fortunate and am pretty healthy, and I have no eating disorder at all, but around a year ago I started eating less, or at least trying to. When she released her song "Empty" about her story, all that kept repeating in my head was "for a while it was working". I started not eating my lunch at school, and then some days I wouldn't eat the snacks my mom would pack me. I started unpacking my lunch box in secret so my parents couldn't see all the things I hadn't eaten. My friends would tell me to eat and I'd just tell them I wasn't hungry and change the topic. Whenever I accidentally said something to my sister about eating less or diets she'd look really worried and I'd have to assure her I was fine. I had a phase of always going to the scale, almost everyday. I'd look at my weigh and feel so happy if 1 pound went down. And if it ever went up.... well I'd try to only eat one snack the whole day. At home my mom would make me eat which honestly, thanks mom. Don't get me wrong this video helped me get out of this routine. After multiple people telling me to eat more, watching this video gave me a different meaning. It made me see everything in a different perspective. One of the most recent times I had watched this video it almost made me cry. To know she had to go through this... and all I was doing was trying to do the same! I hadn't realized until then. So basically.... well if you're even reading this, I just want to say... thank you. Thank you for being amazing and posting this video and saving all of the other people who went through this. This video really saved me. Thank you Jaiden.
Alora Reichow (9 hours ago)
Just subscribe to your channel. Watching this video made me feel a lot better about myself because you. You just helped me out of that sea of bad thoughts. Thank you! By the way you look beautiful!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aria Juna (9 hours ago)
I don’t know how to comfort you but know that you’re loved You’re enough how you are 💖
CookiesDwop (9 hours ago)
Mmmmm people r relly helpful xd i would say something helpful too... But im in the same place so i cant...
vickyfer xd (9 hours ago)
Jaiden: tu eres increible y demustras lo fuerte que eres en este video gracias por compartirlo debo admitir q yo tambien pase por eso (yo era el doctor y yo el paciente ) espero q sigas asi de fuerte y aunque sea raro o talves suene raro tu cara es realmente hermosa Gracias por compartirlo :)
Creepypasta Tiki Toby (9 hours ago)
You are so cute and pretty
BLUE Foxy Gaming 101 3 (9 hours ago)
You look fine whats rong?
Joseph Young (9 hours ago)
13:24 I love that ending bit Just breaking free and showing yourself to the world Throwing off the mask and showing your true self to everyone
Harv Mcnugget (10 hours ago)
Thanks Jaiden. I have a similar problem ( not worser but enough to discourage anyone) but my advice is to reflect on how well you’ve done to motivate yourself. Proud of ya😉😉
Holly Stamer (10 hours ago)
You look fine bro
saphire Z world (10 hours ago)
I love you Jaiden. You're smart, beautiful, pretty, perfect hair, eyes that you could get lost in. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! What matters is that.... YOU DO YOU HONEY! 😘 I love you so much. I understand what it's like. I starved myself for ages and somehow I made it out. Xx
lol lol (10 hours ago)
But hony you lok gorges i thank you for probly helping some one ore even saved someone for sueside
BelleeBean (10 hours ago)
You’re so nice, kind, caring, funny, and, you definitely are pretty!
Holly Stamer (10 hours ago)
I’m not even halfway through the video and I still think you could look great
Shirley Rozental (10 hours ago)
BIANCAVLOGS Y MÁS (10 hours ago)
this vid made me cry..... alot
BIANCAVLOGS Y MÁS (10 hours ago)
and you are actually what i expected a beautyful and amazing girl you're welcome
Ashy Kat (10 hours ago)
It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this, i will always be brought to tears after watching this
Hassn Alnaser (11 hours ago)
I Googled your face And bish you are cute
Dazay (11 hours ago)
You know what you imagined. Yeah, you're beautiful, but I'm interested in you as a person. But you are beautiful. Know it and live with it. There is a person who thinks you are beautiful. It's me. (your hair is so beautiful, can i have the same?) Yes, there are people who are judged by the appearance of a person, you correctly said that all the popularity is in appearance. This is true, albeit bitter, but true. But you have a great talent for drawing.
Elizzy555 lue (12 hours ago)
My friend goes through the same thing I help her with her problems and shes better now
Jaiden you never disappointed us
Shanedoestech (12 hours ago)
don't be so hard on yourself. (im abit of a hypocrite because of social anxiety) Everybodys pretty and beautiful in their own way your work is amazing i wish i could draw and do animation but sadly im to stupid to figure it out haha oh well maybe one day, but people who down you on your appearance probably feel the same about themselves and are making an excuse by firing their sh!t at you don't let them don't be hard on yourself, be happeh and play pokemans P.S I can't wait for sword and shield!
Radioactive 101 (12 hours ago)
I also felt the same way back then. The lack of self confidence, trying to please others, and yourself trying to tell you you're not good enough. I don't know if you believe in God but in my case he is the reason I'm still trying to push through and it worked for me. I may not be a great of a person now like what I wanted it to be but at least I found happiness and contentment and I hope you will too.
Esmeralda Ruiz (13 hours ago)
I love your face
Lemon Zest (13 hours ago)
I made a sandwich while watching this video and I'm calling it the "Jaiden's getting better sandwich" and I will enjoy it
Orange Girl (13 hours ago)
you are sooooooo pretty don't listen to anyone who says you are a disappointment they say that bec they can't be you soo they try to break you down so they feel good but just know everyone loves you not bec your pretty bec you are a great person so don't listen to them and you have always been and your still pretty in any shape:)
carson preston (13 hours ago)
i may be better but i still can’t shake being proud when i’m freezing in a warm room.
Homie Fazbear (14 hours ago)
*My God...I Had hard Depression And Trust me I Was Really REALLY the Same Like you And Did What U Mostly Did But...Its hard to see people suffer....I hope you get better...Looks Arent Everyone people..*
You’re ugly

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