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Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

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so please stop asking (some flashing colors warning) * I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a straight up walk in the park to overcome right? Takes time and patience. If you're having a really hard time (maybe my story is similar to yours, maybe you have even more things to fight..) I really hope to hear you're working on breaking through it. If you're wanting me to fight, I'm wanting you to fight back just the same. Thanks, dude.
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Sleepy Sadness (3 minutes ago)
☁💟💟☁💟💟☁ 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 ☁💟💟💟💟💟☁ ☁☁💟💟💟☁☁ ☁☁☁💟☁☁☁ We love you so much
Sleepy Sadness (8 minutes ago)
I know what your going through and I'm only 12 Just love the people who love for who you are ❤
bloopette ____ (19 minutes ago)
Your pretty :)
Mystic Kai (30 minutes ago)
Belive me i can also felt like this... i support you no matter what
masket ventures (33 minutes ago)
Wow I have only been a fan for a little while but I knew when i watched your first video i wanted to subscribe but i forgot then i remembered but anyway when you said all those things it made me sad that you would think that way that anyone would think that way but when you showed your face I was surprised at who pretty you were you have nothing to worry about your soooo gorgeous and your vids make me super happy you do a good job on them soo thanks for making them and good job
Kenny // CosmicVectro (1 hour ago)
I really love how she repeats the same concept in different ways. 'Spiral' 'Darkness' 'Depression' 'Living' 'Expectation' 'Feelings' I can feel the impact of how Jaiden feels. Honestly I think that there are many people out there who feel the same, except they hide it.
Adrian Singh (1 hour ago)
This is a dark episode This probably took a lot of courage to post
Yuni Hope (2 hours ago)
You are such an incredible, strong, awesome and beautiful person.
Donovan Hawks (2 hours ago)
Hey jaiden it's ok we all feel that way all the time you do not have to do all this stuff just remember all of us are equally
Maleah's Diary (3 hours ago)
:') Tears of Happiness. That was brave! There is nothing wrong wrong with you!
Neno 240 (3 hours ago)
This sucks why dose this happen to people why dose it happen to anyone , i hope u get better , make more videos make more
pink super (3 hours ago)
U showd ur face in mr beast airsoft game and u and the odd1sout won u took off ur helmet
teenage life (3 hours ago)
Sorry I'm late to watch this but you are the beautiful person I've ever seen and I meen that
Julia Gallant (3 hours ago)
You poor thing 🥺😮😢
13:26 your so pretty!
Jasmine Plays (3 hours ago)
J for Jumping Jaiden A for Amazing Jaiden I for Incredible Jaiden D for Dabbing Jaiden E for East Jaiden N for Nice Jaiden
HiroroSan (3 hours ago)
I know this is old but Jaiden is so beautiful.
Elise McDonald (3 hours ago)
You are so so beautiful
Maia G. (3 hours ago)
Oh wow, Jaiden you are so pretty! Don't change, you are a good person ❤ *I LOVE YOU* ❤
Dexter Sid (4 hours ago)
Don't worry Jaiden, don't worry.
Zoey SetFire (4 hours ago)
I spent 13 minutes listening to how bad you felt about yourself!! WOMAN! >=( YOU ARE LOVED BY EVERYONE NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK! I was, and still am afraid of being on camera cause, Well, I'm skinny but I have a chubby face. It's embarrassing. I got a photo editor app and edited the color and retook 58 pictures just to make sure I don't look like a baby goblin cow. But, Now because of you, You have inspired me. But that won't stop me from taking a million pictures and editing them. O^O Jaiden.. I'm still a kid. A year after double digits. I get bullied EVERY day at school. I've been called names. I've been hit and kicked. All because of my appearance. But, after watching this, I feel a bit more confident about myself. Someone who has the same problem as me who explains what happened when she was younger and while she's still growing up made me feel disappointed. Someone who has a black rectangle box over their eyes makes me scared. I guess I have one to. I have it on everyday when I'm away from home. It ask questions of Why I'm out here. But, Jaiden, You broke it for me. I feel more confident about myself. The Ending told me that, I shouldn't be ashamed of myself. Be happy. You are my new inspiration. Thank You.
Troll- Bot (4 hours ago)
So you trust the voices in your head. Me when i hear the voices in my head i diss it
João Miguel (4 hours ago)
You are so prety
Jaiden in animation breaks depression Jaiden reality:*gets glass and drops it* Mom:JAIDEN! Jaiden :frick
Juan Rico (4 hours ago)
Im like that to....
Kylie606 (4 hours ago)
The amount of raw emotion in her voice hurts
Mec Tuiasi (5 hours ago)
Be brave Jaiden
Ghost_ender 77777 (5 hours ago)
Jaiden look you think you are bad but look how many people love you they know cute but don't ever do this again this is too sad 😭😭😢😢😢😢.
Seby cool dude 12,600 (5 hours ago)
You look awesome.
yobi chan (5 hours ago)
Is okay,I feel the same pain.I just can say why because It was the past life experience.
Socual Meandia (5 hours ago)
You cute charming attractive and one of your kind. Love you
Draw Matic (5 hours ago)
"You Saved Me" "Thank You"
Uhm, Jaden you made me cry ;-; I can’t believe you went through this, I wish you hadn’t..
Mile Juka (5 hours ago)
I hope to one day meet a person like you to spend the rest of my life with.
Dave Marco Odevilas (5 hours ago)
Jaiden you look pretty though
Murphy Jr (6 hours ago)
Don't worry we like you, jaiden they see you in vid con already. We don't need to see!
Dat Bax (6 hours ago)
That ending was so powerful!
Marsh mellolover (6 hours ago)
K jaiden Ur not UGLY i'm UGLY
Goody Mind (6 hours ago)
She is pretty... why hate herself? Just continue to be you!!!!
ens413 (6 hours ago)
Jaiden is Beautiful Funny Loving Kind Amazing Awesome Creative Fair Responsible Strong Respectful Brave GOOD ENOUGH Jaiden just know all us fans of you love you no matter what you look like. You are beautiful women and shouldn’t being this to yourself. I’m sorry this is so long but I just want to say to everyone you are good enough and someone and everyone needs you on the face of the earth be good to yourself!
Kareen Victoria (8 hours ago)
Actually i've been in there ms jaiden (im sorry im just a kid) when i was a kid i always love myself but that all change when one time my life tore apart im not gonna tell you what happened that time but that was the moment when i think everything is my fault im feeling guilty for no reason i don't know what happened that time that there's a voice that tell me that you never gonna be good enough you just a stupid child,no one will love you,and im feeling like yeah,this is what i am a stupid child.things only get worst when im in third grade i started feelin like everyone disown me,im feeling that im not require any love from anyone at this time i have some emotion problem im started get mad at people who talk to me im getting bullied alot and that's make's me even worse my teacher started saying horibble things to me they started ignoring me and all my friends started ignoring me more and when i get older i started thinking that im only get worst but someone in my head telling me this is not you , you have to fight it no matter what im here with you i kind of shock cause that voice was like my grandpa voice (my grandpa was the best grandpa in the world he teach me,telling me story and other) that's when i started get up from the darkness that im carry since third grade ims strating to say you're better then this keep moving forward everyone will always support you and i learn that there's a lot people on this world that feeling like everyone doubt them im also feeling that too but why i learn that sometimes if someone hurt you you should always get back no matter how hard it is Thanks ms jaiden to share you story to us it so helpfull for all of us😆😆
Kareen Victoria (8 hours ago)
Im sorry if i have a bad english cause english is not my main language
baldz doterte (8 hours ago)
your voice so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolx0102929929292929292929292929282828383837474747838392929299, 9,988877,8,778899,7666889,99766688,
Keith McDaniel (9 hours ago)
Jaiden Awesome Intelligent Daring Exellent N (i couldnt think of very good words or a word with N)
nyasu tv! (9 hours ago)
o boi where dem onion dicing ninjas at
A potato (10 hours ago)
Jaiden iam cring
Ahhhh life with its sufering bulies dark imagination responsibelty fursing yourself to deal with things low estem unlucyness depreasion and sickness and many more and i almost killed myself from it
Grace The saviour (10 hours ago)
Hey jaiden! I'm a huge fan and I believe that you're great, strong,powerful, talented,intelligent and I don't care what you look like, even though you're beautiful! Love you! I could never understand what you're going through. But please stay strong. For us!
Blue October Rain (10 hours ago)
I’m struggling with my own eating disorders and this...this made me feel like I’m not alone in this
Xd WildEpicmemes (10 hours ago)
Blue October Rain I commented 9secs ago and you commented 8 secs ago >:(
Xd WildEpicmemes (10 hours ago)
Jayden it's your choice to do what you want
Mavis Lim (10 hours ago)
I support you and your YouTube channel jaiden!
Lance Sy (10 hours ago)
Hey Jaiden actually I found your face and I'm happy really because that completes the puzzle there are people faces I still I want to know about like Odds1out, H20 Delirous, and other youtubers BTW I'm fourteen.
Jaiden, don't you dare think that you are dragging people with you, you're not, you're just making an inspiration. Ignore people who look down on you here. They're just Gremlins that try to take your happiness away from you so they could pull you down too. So please, don't do this ever again, don't abuse your self again, please Jaiden. We're here for you too Jaiden. Thank you for building up the courage to make this video. Just remember we love you are, but there will be people that will try to pull you down, ignore those types of people.
Kaylen Nesbit (11 hours ago)
The saddest part is that you’re actually such a classically beautiful person and it reminds me so much of myself to see you and listen to you talk about these issues. Like when you lose your confidence, when you get into that headspace, it’s TERRIFYING to watch the people around you be so warm and joyful when it’s a facade to you. You lose ALL your trust in everything. Including yourself.
paramita mallik (11 hours ago)
Omg I cry each time I see this
it's little lizzy (11 hours ago)
So I've imagined her differently and I wanted to know who this sweet angel was even though she didn't look like I expected I still wasn't disappointed I mean it's freaking Jaiden she awesome aaaaaah I'd squeeze her to death I wanna upload my first animation cuz of her and I'm supper pumped / nervous/ scared hehe thanks Jaiden for being u 😄
Cachi S (11 hours ago)
I could relate to this
Terry Dutton (11 hours ago)
I love you Jaiden!!!
kawaii patato (11 hours ago)
I just LOVE how deep jaiden goes for comedy but how DEEPER she goes for being serious.
Esther Maldonado (11 hours ago)
I understand how you feel...im still a young child thats in school and its been almost a year and i just got used to the negative things my happiness was fading away I always tried to fit in but nothing ever worked I didnt eat much I tried forcing myself to eat but I just never ate I couldnt feel happiness anymore I stopped being friends with a lot of good people I always felt pain i was hit a lot by my grandmother I just cant stand feeling that pain anymore....people would ask me if i was okay i always said i was okay... but in the inside i was torn apart my heart was full of pain I dont believe in love my pation is art I draw my feelings out i draw to forget the pain but it always comes back i never wanted to talk to anyone I hate every part of myself I feel that every person hated me I only have 1 friend I almost broke down in tears during class i felt pain i thought i couldn't talk to anyone but....there is always a point where you cant handle it anymore I always thought negative emotions I feel like my family dosent love me When people say who i like i dont say i love myself i say i dont love anybody i tell them i hate my self i dont even love myself its like your pain is garbadge being thrown in a garbadge can and when its full it overflows it cant handle it anymore I understand what you feel i always have to put up whith the negative words boys tell me at school i always tried to sleep in to avoid the negative tgings that are in my school. school is like a prison to me I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ALL THE PAIN I SAY IM OKAY BUT DEEP DOWN INSIDE IM FULL OF HATE FULL OF PAIN I CANT HANDLE IT ANYMORE.......im sorry this was long i just wanted to....say my feelings to someone who has gone through it so they know what i feel and somehow help me over this obstacle...so this is...how i feel💔🔚
Carlos Ramses Lopez (12 hours ago)
You're good enough for everything ;)
RedShadow StarMaximus (12 hours ago)
*skips* *Watches again* Why am I such a bastard?
RedShadow StarMaximus (12 hours ago)
Just_Jan23 (12 hours ago)
I’ve only started watching your content recently but honestly so many of your videos speak to me. I know you don’t like being put on a pedestal so I won’t. But you do seem like such a nice person and it seems like you’ve never let the success change you and it’s why I like your content. You’re not some exaggerated personality, you’re just you. Thank you for your videos and I hope I one day get a chance to meet you.
Alexzander Whitaker (12 hours ago)
This was my introduction to your channel.
Flemserne (12 hours ago)
1 sub to me = 1 hug
49 COOLBOI #2 (12 hours ago)
Beside my anxiety jaiden dosent matter about the look she just looks how she can helping herslef
49 COOLBOI #2 (12 hours ago)
I am this this is me with my anxiety my brain will stop wroking i act weird and funny and silly my inside was a liar i was dying with hunger trying to be skinny making me look like a monster i look like a monster when it happens my friends dont get it they dont know about my anxiety this cage with me being dragged into it when i escape i feel like a homeless person i have to go to the public as a kid i just go
Sabrina Dulin (13 hours ago)
You are so beautiful and I want you to know that you are special in your own way.
Michelle F (13 hours ago)
did i already comment? I probably did. I'll say it again: this video is amazing and it's gonna keep helping so many people like it's helped me. Thank you Jaiden.
PHARMY JZE (13 hours ago)
"No matter who you are, where you are from your skin colour, your gender identity, speak yourself." -Kim Namjoon
Mr YetToBeThrownOutLemon (10 hours ago)
Lauren May (13 hours ago)
I hate how she thought she was ugly and fat but sis...ARE YOU A FUCKING MODEL YOUR AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL
ɪᴛᴢ ᴀᴢᴇʟғ (13 hours ago)
*This story made me cry*
It’s High noon (14 hours ago)
I have the same life I don’t make youtube videos because I think that people will make harsh comments on me because I’m black I cry a lot I mostly get hurt by little things my brother has a harder life he got called a nigga a lot when he was young and he got bulled I don’t know how to swim dance or be happy I grabbed a knife from my brother and I stabbed myself you will never be alone. If your reading this comment I have harder life I’m not being mean but I wanna-kill myself for little things my grandpa had a stroke and he’s in the hospital he’s paralyzed know
McGarrity Family (14 hours ago)
this is so sad i can belive people actully go through this D: But i think ill be safe since i have trouble going two hours without food
Creative Potato girl (14 hours ago)
Jaiden you look cuter than this thicc ugly potato right here :/
Emily Hunter (14 hours ago)
I have an eating disorder too so I’m with you and I know how it feels 💕 Also every like this video gets is a hug for her❣️❣️
Gabe (14 hours ago)
This made me cry. I almost went through this myself and am still working on accepting myself. Just know that if you ever feel like nobody cares, you have all your fans. I feel so bad for you.
Lara Middleton (14 hours ago)
I stayed through the whole vids cuz almost all that stuff is how i feel about myself
Unicorn Lover (14 hours ago)
I think this is an important video because a lot a people struggle from stuff like this, and not a lot of people realize how bad this is because it’s so dangerous, I think there should be more information on this issue Thanks Jaiden for telling us, we need to know
Adam (14 hours ago)
Holy crap! There’s a 0.011% dislike ratio. Straight up unheard of I’m proud of you Jaiden
Jasper Flores (14 hours ago)
Why are there dislikes on this vid
A Person (14 hours ago)
I can sadly relate
Noel Coronado (14 hours ago)
U LOOK 👌 Not to be a pervert tho ok
Molly Wolstenholm (14 hours ago)
You are so pretty and amazing!
Dan Zhang (15 hours ago)
She's so fudging gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
nazeem son (15 hours ago)
nazeem son (15 hours ago)
*my pen15 can only get so erect*
Cosmic comican (11 hours ago)
Lil’ Potato (15 hours ago)
Jaiden is just so... KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!!
Darkwinggs - and more! (15 hours ago)
Jammed An Inside Dark Erosion Narwhals
Darkwinggs - and more! (15 hours ago)
Ok, for all the idiots in the comments saying how beautiful she is, go on her recent vids because she isn’t gonna come back on this vid and anyways she doesn’t show her face in this vid. We all know what she looks like so what’s the point of listening to this video if she doesn’t actually face reveal in the video?
DA LEGEND 11 YT (15 hours ago)
It’s ok... I’m Asian too. Always be yourself!!! You are beautiful and unique!
It's who you ore not a disgrace don't listen to the haters
Amari Greggs (15 hours ago)
Feels bad that happened to you
I know how you look like because of mr.beast
What you're so pretty man you are better than I thought!!!!!!
FINERSTORM PLAYS (16 hours ago)
Jaiden you are inspired me so much, for quite some time I have been helping my mom and my family now I'm in high school top of my class, all thanks to you.❤️💛💚💙💜Jaiden Animations❤️💛💚💙💜
EMILY MOLINA (16 hours ago)
The 11k who disliked it she is eating less!!!...!!
EMILY MOLINA (16 hours ago)
You are the best I wish I can meet you in real life you are my artist 👩‍🎤 idol.
Battlecookethe2 ! (16 hours ago)
I stayed all through the video
Battlecookethe2 ! (16 hours ago)
I stayed all through the video
John Napolitano (16 hours ago)
This video is deep

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