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HEY!! Here it is, my LONG video! Hope you enjoyed it, and if you do don't forget to subscribe and to LIKEY LIKEY 💕☺️👍 See you next week, for another video!! What was your favorite outfit?! 😜
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ExoPanda (1 day ago)
I ended up singing all the songs instead of watching the video oof😂
Allyson Sunshine (9 days ago)
I'm going to wear Nayeon's style😂 the last one😂😂😂
Daivika sweety (9 days ago)
jennie, iu and jeonyeon styles are best
ãññìě Kpop (11 days ago)
Lisa and Jennie fashion are my fashion 💖
XX X (11 days ago)
I only need the clothes fuck 😅
Salim.amirov Amirov (12 days ago)
Salim.amirov Amirov (12 days ago)
AnnyeongSalmaImnida (15 days ago)
Anyone talking about Chae looking soooo gay at 0:34 with those vans and those shorts????????????
Becki isAloser (15 days ago)
All of their outfits look so amazingly beautiful, I would live to try some of their styles especially since I don't really know mine; however, I'd feel like it would never work on me. Plus my only way of getting to place to place is my mom and I don't have a job. And the clothes I want must be approved by my mom. And the ones that are super cute are always in a small or extra small 🙃 My comments are always so long. Probably cuz I never state my opinion or say my thoughts about the stuff I like in real life. Like all my friends have this hate for music that's in Korean and I have no idea why??? Idk if people have been shoving it down their throats or they just don't want to listen to it, which is totally fine, but they just hate it. OMG I type so much. Half of my comment isn't even related to the video. Sorry, it's so weird how much easier it is to talk about stuff with complete strangers than my actual friends. 😛 Ok I'll stop now. Lol I don't even know if you even took the time to read this irrelevant comment Keep doing you beautifuls as long as you don't cause harm to others nor yourself ✌💜
мия_ кит (16 days ago)
Bebekk Askisi (16 days ago)
Awww I came because of Eunhaa in the thumbnailll😍😍
Taehyung's Crusher (17 days ago)
What is the name of music intro??.. 😶
JiiHopee • (17 days ago)
IU 😍
Chungha's outfit too
Cha Elya:D (17 days ago)
5:52 Summi?
datdreamerkid (18 days ago)
oooff i love hyunas style
WBFmilkyh (18 days ago)
I definitely have Rosé style. She is also my bias 😊
yaayyy Ice cream (18 days ago)
I LOVE IUs and SinBs style so much
andrea Satajo (18 days ago)
I like twice style...
norma quezada (19 days ago)
snsd time u put a twice s song? really? -.-
Denise Gail (19 days ago)
POP-ONLY (16 days ago)
Denise Gail you search for « kpop 80’ remix » 😊😘
Denise Gail (19 days ago)
I need to know who made the remixes you used in this video! I need it in my lifeeeeee!
Park Han (19 days ago)
Is Suzy number one? OMG... I love you Suzy💜💜💜
FF BlackPink FF BTS (17 days ago)
Is not nor Mina or Suzy is just a list to get ideas😂😂
Park Han (17 days ago)
+Cha Elya:D OH.... Sorry. I'm also happy for that💜😁
Cha Elya:D (17 days ago)
No it's Mina
Somi EXID Rose
Rose and somi style 😘😘
K pooop (19 days ago)
I like Jisoo's style😎
Chim Chim (19 days ago)
Rose style, somi style
Bae Mari (20 days ago)
I like TWICE and IU s fashion style
S G (21 days ago)
Jennie's Fashion style is the best for me
Viberlyn Agapito (23 days ago)
I love Jeongyeon's style💞💓💓
KIM TAEHYUNG (23 days ago)
Twice fashion
Twice’s fashion is so casual and classy❤️❤️❤️
Zahra besties (24 days ago)
Kirsten Hee (25 days ago)
Rosé's fashion styles are so underrated. Her style is my style
Rai yan (12 days ago)
제 이름 Kayla 입니다안녕하세요 HAHAHAH
Pink Heartue (14 days ago)
+제 이름 Kayla 입니다안녕하세요 HAHAHA damnnn😂😂
Sshshshsa Nitashs (17 days ago)
+제 이름 Kayla 입니다안녕하세요 LMAOOO
Kirsten Hee that’s why it’s underrated
Velia Sierra (25 days ago)
de casualidad durante gfriend no escucharon la tonada de never gonna give you up de Rick Astley?
taehyung is mine (26 days ago)
It might be easy but my dad would take me out aka the trash if I wear that
taehyung is mine (19 days ago)
Maria C H Because I would look like garbage if I tried to look as cute as a kpop idol
Mai C H (22 days ago)
Kristine Uy (26 days ago)
Blackpink's fashions are amazing
BUDDYxARMY LEXO (27 days ago)
Gfriend styles 😍😍😍
Dana&Sereen Show (22 hours ago)
BUDDYxARMY LEXO yes they are amazing #oncesupportbaddy Sorry for my bad English
Ella Esclamado (28 days ago)
gfriend yuju is so fashionable i love her all outfit😱💕😍
Pisey Toch (29 days ago)
The outro song tho I need it in my life
Andrea Ante (30 days ago)
For me I love Jennie Lisa Mina and Chaeyoung fashion they're my style
소녀팬Hallyuthere! (1 month ago)
TWICE style is always amazing. Very casual yet classy.
ItsDaniii (1 month ago)
Oooohh what song was in the beginning of the video?
Jo Iloreta (1 month ago)
Closer by Oh my girl
Miriam De Gracia (1 month ago)
ItsDaniii signal by twice but here it’s like a remix
Jisung's UWU (2 months ago)
What do you use to make your videos?
POP-ONLY (29 days ago)
yes for my birthday ✨😍+Cheeky Aina
Cheeky Aina (1 month ago)
POP-ONLY did you buy final cut pro X ?
Jisung's UWU (1 month ago)
+POP-ONLY okay thank you very much!!😘💓💜💜
POP-ONLY (1 month ago)
With Final Cut pro X 😊 but I debuted with Imovie 😉
Julius Lanto (2 months ago)
Isabella V (2 months ago)
u forgot jisoo from blackpink
POP-ONLY (2 months ago)
I don’t take every idol from a group, but sometimes yes when I have good pictures (like Twice for example) 😊

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