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Courtroom outburst after teen sentenced

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Courtroom outburst after teen sentenced
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Michael (1 minute ago)
Also she's blaming them for them not killing him
Michael (4 minutes ago)
They fired warning shots because they new he was a kid and wanted to scare him into dropping the gun
Mio Tio (9 minutes ago)
I absolutely agree with the mother. The criminal should have been shot dead for pointing a gun TWICE at a police officer. Well said lady
Paul B (1 hour ago)
Why do American women have such ear piercing, shrill voices?!!!...... Sheeesh!!!!😩
FcukCensorship (2 hours ago)
Meanwhile the white kid who raped a girl with eye witnesses got out in less than a year.
jonnybcool (3 hours ago)
So I guess his mother didnt see the video ? HE HAD A GUN ! bet if the officer did kill this kid his family would scream racism and profiling BS ...
Renard Johnson (5 hours ago)
Dumb ghetto bitch.How can you say something as stupid as what she said?All that ghetto stuff all over her face.Yeah, I'm sure she took time off from her job to come to court.
Beachnative42 (6 hours ago)
The mothers response is horrific
k maddison (8 hours ago)
Well at least he will get to meet his daddy - and why does she not have a mirror in the house?
Faux Shizle (11 hours ago)
Dindu'nuffin can't be blamed, what can you expect with an IQ of 65.
Patty Barnard (13 hours ago)
Ummm - it's on video?
IGNANT4LIFE (13 hours ago)
stupid bitch...no wonder the son is going to prison.
Franchasca S Harvey (15 hours ago)
Ummmm we saw it on camera
Everett 989 (15 hours ago)
hey, look at the bright side....you were gonna go to school, now you have about 6 years to work on that degree with good behavior !! great news for you!! see, it aint so bad. dreams do come true
John John (15 hours ago)
Honestly if this lady thinks that the cop was aiming for his hand as a "warning shot" she's out of it. The stain just got lucky.
Klik B (19 hours ago)
Why do black women always dress so hookerishly ?
David ODonnell (20 hours ago)
the officer was aiming for his head he is just a bad shot. dummy
frick poo too (21 hours ago)
just another monkey in the cage. wonder what he doin' today
Edward Wilson (1 day ago)
Lol. She's a genius.. no wonder the kids is a lifer in prison. Ohh he will go back and back and back again until he gets shot
gsARCADE (1 day ago)
Bitch sounds sad he's not dead...
JD Lee (1 day ago)
Do a better job of taking care of your kids and training for Life lady. And don't give me the excuse that you are a single mother and don't know who the father is if that is true. There are plenty of African-American women who have three, four and five kids who work three jobs and barely even sleep at night and all of the children turn out to be wonderful.
RebelWithACause (1 day ago)
Parenting 101- instead of getting mad that your kid got engaged by a police officer you should be focused on the fact your son stole a vehicle and went on a police chase while armed with a 9mm....at 13...as if that was okay. But yea... It's somebody else's fault that people are not understanding this shit and your kids are ending up in jail or dead.
guywithstufftosay (1 day ago)
Banned from the property??? She has a case there tomorrow
John Nada (1 day ago)
He dindu nuffin he is a good boy
Hurricane Richard (1 day ago)
They shoot to keill
Ivan Ooze (1 day ago)
Banned from property,she can never be taken to court now. Beat the system
philip porembski (1 day ago)
Don't break the law i do. Don't break the law because i do. Don't break the law because i break the law. I break the law because don't break the law.
gary gerard (1 day ago)
the mother looks to be another fine example of a looser
B A (1 day ago)
Stupid ass family. No surprise the little punk turned out how he did.
D Mac (1 day ago)
Cops never shoot to kill, ever. They shoot to stop the treat period. She's just as stupid and ignorant her son.
Lauren Goldberger (1 day ago)
13 with a beard.....more like 30
KPgames (2 days ago)
Why cant this mom just accept what he did and ask for a lighter sentencing.. would probably get a better outcome
Oscar Wilde (2 days ago)
He dindu nuffin. He a good boy. He was jus about to turn his life around n sheeit.
Coach (2 days ago)
He shouldn't be waisting air others could breathe
Christopher Daugherty (2 days ago)
Dyer's mama has got too much metal on her face.
Jackson Bernard (2 days ago)
She doesn't believe her son pointed a loaded gun at a police officer even when its on video no wonder these kids act this way with a retarded mother like this
Sivy (2 days ago)
1:20 WHAT. IN. THE. FUCK. IS. THAT. 9 milla-MEDER
Sergio Avila (2 days ago)
Thats bs! He dindu nuffin
Brandon J (2 days ago)
Classy family rite there
Duhdog Dvg (3 days ago)
Mother: I dont believe my son pointed a gun at police Judge: But we have it on body cam Mother: camera don’t mean nuthhhhhin, my son be innocent!!
Zorro II (3 days ago)
His mom looks criminal
A Tragedy (3 days ago)
Judge: I can think of nothing more serious than pointing a loaded gun at a police officer. really? how about drunk driver kills family of four or baby found mauled to death from neighbours rabid dog, or how about child accidentally shoots and kills baby brother while baby sitter sleeps. so Jude are you sure there is nothing more serious, because I really have only mentioned three scenarios. there are thousands more..
A Tragedy (20 hours ago)
yeah I know that's not the point, but the ridiculousness of people who say " there's nothing worse" is overused+Mr. Grimm 200
Mr. Grimm 200 (1 day ago)
Chill, that's not the point.
Detskalldaltas (3 days ago)
Wtf what a piercingshite mother.
Marinko Svecak (3 days ago)
Why isn’t he dead? Because officers are trained to shoot to kill... but they don’t want to. Nowadays some officers are even too scared to shoot for the kill or shoot at all because people constantly shout racism and go out of their way to murder officers.
Pyo (2 days ago)
Money from the prison farms
Nick Raymond (3 days ago)
It's not possible, this level of autism is unprecedented!!!!
Ty Tratar (3 days ago)
This kid is a minor, and his name and crime were said on the news. Someone is in BIG trouble!
Hamburger Jones (3 days ago)
Lmfao this women is so fucking low IQ it is disgusting. These people should be sterilized.
Presley Barretto (3 days ago)
To be fair, I and I think many others do not see the him pointing a gun in the video. At least not in the clip included in this video, or if it was, it was definitely unclear. I’m not saying he’s innocent, but I do not understand how people are claiming that he pointed a gun at 0:46. I just don’t see it :/. For that reason, I can understand where the mother is coming from when she says she doesn’t think her son pointed the gun. I’m sure if anyone was told their kid pointed a gun at a police officer, they would be in disbelief too. With that being said, she may have not chosen the best words to describe her reasoning but she is entitled to believe her son didn’t point the gun and people who mock her, are not doing any favours to anyone. The community should be looking for Justice and evidence. Not trying to make fun of the mother because she said some funky stuff.
Butters Stotch (3 days ago)
My son didin do nuffin he good boi
Butters Stotch (3 days ago)
What a shocker he is black
ColonelMetus (4 days ago)
11 years is too short. Lock that savage ape away
Bob Bobete (4 days ago)
I’d at least reduce it to half
Austin James (4 days ago)
Wow only little over 10 years for gta and pulling a gun on an officer. He got off pretty lucky, with good behavior, which won’t happen he could be released in a couple years with parole probably.
xFlow777 (4 days ago)
Can they judge cops the same way too?
Assad Shewa Bakhtiar (4 days ago)
This is the results of a BAD parenting-
Lovingthetruth7 Ltt7 (4 days ago)
For only 13% of the population, blacks commit the vast majority of crime. I’m angry he was shot in the hand and not the head. Now we have to pay for his dumbass to rot in prison.
Dreage (4 days ago)
Not surprised. Prejudice and racism are typically based off fact. This is just more proof from the boy and his sister.
William Stryker (4 days ago)
He’ll get a rude awakening in Prison
Jessus Christ (4 days ago)
Cool. He was young... Now he has 6 years to think about it. If he was 22 id gladly give him 25 years
Charlotte Katakuri (4 days ago)
Dindu’s never did nuffin. He’s joining Dono and Nevadid nuffin in the slammer, there’s a chance they meet their Tyrone daddies in there also.
todd long (3 days ago)
His Name wasnt Tyrone ....ASSHOLE
Wow, why would he do such a thing? I wonder what his mom has to sayyyyyoooohhhhnowitallmakessense...
unlimitedwealth1 (4 days ago)
Sorry black prejudice lady if cops were shooting to kill like u say the black population would be down. I know cops treat everyone like criminals until proven innocent so all cops are evil and corrupt until proven innocent too
Gary Shepard (4 days ago)
He dindunuffin
Gary Shepard (4 days ago)
Dindus gonna dindu
Akash Singh (4 days ago)
Shu-Tu-Keel 😂😂
Swabri Anwar (5 days ago)
if only the judge could hav talked to him personaly and try to understand and rectify the kid...remember what cus d amato did to mike tyson?
GG Allin (5 days ago)
Alwazetranz Taft (5 days ago)
I want to help black people in poor neighborhoods. A lot of the black kids are brainwashed to blame the white man. These parents need to raise their kids better. Ground their kids and show them right from wrong. I am not a racist. I want people to look at their behavior and think.
Mark Larsen (5 days ago)
The mother just proves why her son is such a complete fucking idiot..
Marco Biral (5 days ago)
When I saw the "mother" I expected her to start some black shit like "me son dindo nuthin, iz tha police who'sa racist ya know? Coz every muthafucckin time a bro iz just wakkin by, yo know, they shoot at as wiz no reason! An that shit ain't cool man, I say it, it ain't cool!"
Manic Triphop (5 days ago)
The moms input is cringe af
Kav Cav (5 days ago)
Hes not dead because cops arnt machines and dint want to kill a 16yearold or maybe even younger than that depending what he looked like back then i wouldnt have shot to kill a kid unless it was a must and he shot at me i would aim for the arms or legs tell i was forced to shoot to kill
Nick DeGugs (5 days ago)
The cop shoots the guy’s hand to disarm him thus disarming him AND blowing the mom’s argument out of the water? Reminds me of how I handled outlaws in Red Dead Redemption!
Stevottty (5 days ago)
I dindu nuffin
TheMightyPH (5 days ago)
1:20 Are you fucking kidding me?.... I'm done. I can't do this anymore.
Jockuptown (5 days ago)
Reformed1 (5 days ago)
mom is dumb as hell
Matt Evans (5 days ago)
Tanner Johnson (5 days ago)
These are the societal effects of welfare
Ranvir Singh (5 days ago)
As much as a horse . As much my partner requires when drunk.
Papa John (5 days ago)
I rest my case.
o (5 days ago)
I respect the judge
Wil Andersen (5 days ago)
Why weren't they this upset all that time he was runnin the streets risking his life, breaking laws , stealin cars,...guns........don't play like you care just for the public eye...if they gave a damn he wouldn't of been in this situation to begin with...this is a KID it was not to late to parent him/be there to teach him better and get him out of that lifestyle. That fat lazy scrap yard face mom and his sister too is why he ended up there so why are they freakin out?! He's a KID it is 100% their fault.
t q (5 days ago)
Black people are so nice. Why would anyone hate them???!!
Mark Arellano (5 days ago)
Damn even in court Blacks can't be chill lol
Paul T. (5 days ago)
Mom: He didn’t do it! If he did do it he would be dead. 👏MOTHER👏OF👏THE👏YEAR👏
Vaultboy2287 (5 days ago)
He dindu nuffin!
Sean Jenkins (5 days ago)
Ittl be a family reunion
NPC (5 days ago)
Lol. Mom upset that her son isn't dead.
NPC (5 days ago)
He dindu nuffin.
She wishes her son was dead so she could start a gofundme
bob macksauce (5 days ago)
He should be happy. Now this jungle monkey can be in his natural habitat. A cage....
jordan boyd (5 days ago)
Cops are not trained to shoot to kill you blinged out bitch
Bob (5 days ago)
Of course she'll say that. He's not dead because the officer shot his hand.
Sneaky STARS (6 days ago)
That mom is a f#:&ing retard.
internet god (6 days ago)
That poor boy dindu nuffin
James Morris (6 days ago)
This happens everyday in some ghetto across America ...wonder why the boy is the way he is no father and a silly momma
R. Xader (6 days ago)
I, like, how everyone saying "OOh, he pointed a gun at a police officer" "I can't think of anything more serious than pointing a gun at PO" I mean, I'm not defending him. But there's definitely situations more serious. PO is exactly the job where people train to confront such situations. I can tell more serious situation. Trying to escape from someone by pointing gun at child. or is it not as serious as pointing it at PO?? Like, I don't know what's their country... maybe, it's peaceful and something like this is just out of hand maybe that's just some laws
SnippleSnapple (6 days ago)
Dumb mothers breed dumb kids.
SpeedHomeAttack (6 days ago)
If he was black he would've been dea-....wait a minute

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