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Carol's A Demon (Bloopers)

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Watch the pilot here: https://youtu.be/GeSuhjnFtZA Donate to the indiegogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/carol-s-a-demon-horror/x/18554524#/ When Sofia and her friends accidentally summon an optimistic demon named Carol, Sofia has to figure out if she's willing help the 3,000 year old demon get into heaven by stopping the apocalypse or try to send her back to hell? Carol's A Demon is a comedic webseries about friendship and what it means to be a good person. Starring: Brittany Ashley as Carol Ashly Perez as Sofia Sierra Shay as Melanie Nicole Bird as Sarah TJ Marchbank as Demon Devy Setiady as Brunch Goer #1 Julianne Donelle as Brunch Goer #2 Executive Producer: Chantel Houston Amanda Holland Ashly Perez Written by: Amanda Holland Directed by: Chantel Houston DP: Brian Hartley AD: TJ Marchbank B Cam: Christina Cropper Sound: Madison McGaughy Swing G&E: Devy Setiady PA: Julianne Donelle Script Supervisor: Kirsten King Editor: Amanda Holland Sound Design: Amanda Duncan Composer: Joanna Burns Colorist: Branden Smith
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Girl Ship TV (11 months ago)
I wish this could be longer however we are all just so professional that we kept it together most of the time... But mostly, we filmed it in a weekend and didn't have time to break. Donate to our indiegogo so that we can make more episodes and ultimately more bloopers: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/carol-s-a-demon-horror/x/18554524#/updates/all
JC Alexander (3 months ago)
this was by far one of the best youtube made series I've seen in Avery long time! Excellent writing!!
Taagol (9 months ago)
Sooo when do we get to see more Carol's a Demon? :D
Anime Poo (9 months ago)
Just waiting for my first pay check to come in xc
Sanja B (10 months ago)
Yess. This is exactly the kind of content I want to see. More than happy to contribute to the indiegogo!
Instrumental Music (10 months ago)
Love u
a v a n t p o p (10 months ago)
house in the sword in the sword in the house in the 1920s
Taylor Sewell (11 months ago)
I'm carol we've met. No, you're not you're mac. Absolutely dead hahaha
Renee Duckworth (11 months ago)
I love the cheese part lol
Lupita Fernandez (11 months ago)
I love 1:26 when Brittany Ashley was already laughing before even look at Amanda lol
Hello There (11 months ago)
Andrea Leyte (11 months ago)
How come drunk lesbians haven't watched blue is the warmest color yet? I would love to see you guys react to such a beautiful film!
Layla x (11 months ago)
O my god please watch chasing Amy I just watched it and want to see what you think 😂
Emino M. (11 months ago)
Why can't Chantel be a character in these 😞
Barbue123 (11 months ago)
people, what you are doing is absolutely PERFECT and you should keep on doing that... just wanted to say I've been following you for so long and you are always making me(and I'm sure many people) smile. Keep this up and keep the queerness out there. we all need a place to relax from our lives and you guys are just the perfect thing to do after a long day...
Already donated!!! Can't wait to see more of this series 😆
Marissa Ballenger (11 months ago)
this is already my favorite show
Clarissa Gomez (11 months ago)
This is the content I didn’t know I needed
Farah Aus (11 months ago)
Question thats been bothering me for a while: which side is your tv facing? is there like a little rotating system that u have so that you can watch tv in bed or on your couch? cause thats awesome!
Girl Ship TV (11 months ago)
Yes, it's on a lazy susan so that it can rotate between bed and couch.
The Trumpet Kid (11 months ago)
I love bloopers, glad this was posted on my birthday lol
Lozz15 (11 months ago)
“Oooh fainted a little” most composed almost pass out, Brits face 😳 lol
Cassie Saenz (11 months ago)
"Easy as skinning a newborn" my new favorite saying
BeeCharmer (11 months ago)
I hope u like cheese in a can Amanda, it seems like a lot of takes 😂😂
Kelly WN (11 months ago)
I love everything and everyone here
Kelly WN (11 months ago)
“beep boop”
Anzy (11 months ago)
For real, the Pilot of Carol's A Demon is soooo much better than any tv show I ever watched in terms of queer content. I appreciate when Tv try to put gays on their shows, but man, THAT'S why we need queer people doing queer content. The pilot was amazing. Also, very funny, I always crack it up with Ashly and I love queen B(ritanny) as a Demon lol. Thank you Amanda for being crazy and having crazy ideas and putting them out there. I love mi some sci-fi and weird demonic stuff and you're feeding SO WELL! Just thank you. I wish I could donate for you guys, I really do, but I'm f-ing broke and stealing the internet from the owner of the house I live. But always count on me to support in any other way, love you guys
Anzy (11 months ago)
I love gay queens
Maddison Boisclair (11 months ago)
Is there gonna be a DLW today???
Maddison Boisclair (11 months ago)
Girlshiptv ok yeah, sorry I screwed up to channels. I got the days switched.
KillerCactus (11 months ago)
Girl Ship TV It's Sunday in my heart. That's gotta count for something
Girl Ship TV (11 months ago)
MaddiB_isback !!!!!! It’s... not Sunday?
Maddison Boisclair (11 months ago)
She's The One (11 months ago)
This is pleasant. I am pleased.
Marion D. (11 months ago)
Can we get that muppet again on the series ? He seems fun !
Baltos World (11 months ago)
You guys are so hilarious ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💛💛💜💜💚💚!!
Brenda S (11 months ago)
vent flocon (11 months ago)
that beep boop tho xD
Melu V (11 months ago)
Dime que el títere aparece en la serie XD
Panda Bo (11 months ago)
That is some good bloopers👍
Celina Kraus (11 months ago)
scrap taz (11 months ago)
Hope we get more episode's
Ana P (11 months ago)
my day just got better
Raina Mora (11 months ago)
I just automatically hit the like button! Yasss!
Z (11 months ago)
I you have gay friends who have big platforms on any social media, please inform them about this. We need everyone's help for the completion of this amazing project.
Kaitlyn Phillips (11 months ago)
The bloops I have been waiting for.
Kaitlyn Phillips (11 months ago)
Margo S LMAO 😂!! I’m glad you read it that way!
Margo S (11 months ago)
I read "the boobs I have been waiting for" for a second there.
Katie McAuly (11 months ago)
Really hope this series becomes a thing! I’ve been telling all my friends about it since I don’t have the $$ to support you myself. I LOVED the pilot.
Kasza (11 months ago)
good gay content
domcamatic (11 months ago)
this is everything i’ve ever needed
syd vish (11 months ago)
I love amanda so much omg. gay queen!! Please donate guys! 😭❤️
lil brazill (11 months ago)
Only a minute in and I can't stop laughing wow <3
Julia (11 months ago)
Farida Aydayeva (11 months ago)
Nooooo.....not cooool
Katie Brady (11 months ago)
Lea W0rld (11 months ago)
Amanda being surprised is everything haha so cute
ginger psycho (11 months ago)
This needs to be a series. Those that are American please donate! this needs to be a thing!
Ericka Lachaize (10 months ago)
me too, in France and I could donate
Erika (10 months ago)
not just Americans! I live in Europe and was able to donate 10 dollars
drummaniak (11 months ago)
Oh I taught it was only possible for Americans to donate, i was shocked haha.
ginger psycho (11 months ago)
I don't have an account :(
drummaniak (11 months ago)
Wait can you not donate with paypall or something? Shock!

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