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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/TcIgA Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at childishgambino.com
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Text Comments (675431)
marsilio brandon (3 minutes ago)
This is candice.
Maskit Vape (6 minutes ago)
Пиздец нахуй блять
kiara that person (7 minutes ago)
0:01 - 0:53 when someone turns your jam
Enzo Veloso (9 minutes ago)
Cnc Cadillac (10 seconds ago)
Enzo Veloso https://youtu.be/mbJGpGHUSao
Piyush Sharma (11 minutes ago)
Watching this video from India and literally thus us awesome
Sajan Singh Sandhu (17 minutes ago)
0:50 From where he took his gun cuz the back was empty 0:31
I think i died 10459207382× during this video so dont kill me again pls cause *THIS IS no killing time*
zX Wolf (21 minutes ago)
This is a meme
Aleksandr Spiridonov (28 minutes ago)
Здесь кушать российские
김대일 (30 minutes ago)
Im korean but i can think this artist is so unique and intelligent I respect him ❗💓❗
אוריאן ולוגים (35 minutes ago)
εχͥtπεͣπͫε M (38 minutes ago)
MxKE (56 minutes ago)
1:33 ,You can't stop my love with my self #IDOL#BTS
MAD critical (59 minutes ago)
Quién más está acá por Benjadoes? :v
Adriano La Manna (1 hour ago)
No this is your moom
Feminist Ate My gf (1 hour ago)
All I see is a black guy killing black people.
Vast land Traverse (1 hour ago)
If you watch this one first, and then "This is Iraq", you get the picture real quick, that the US is spreading the same discord all over. Then you watch "This is Nigeria", and it only becomes more obvious.
Woodrow Wilson (1 hour ago)
Too many of our people are acting like gangster .the way you act.that is the way you are going to be treated .acting like a bunch of burn out bums.
Vasko Ivanov (1 hour ago)
No many dislikes Why?
2D’s twin (1 hour ago)
At 2:35 there’s a kid doing the Fortnite dance
Woodrow Wilson (1 hour ago)
These guys are part of America problem.they can’t make that tape go away.the are getting all of those Black kids in trouble .thing every body is after them.even the Black cops..some got Black cops in there family .if you act right you won’t have too mush to worry about,now you do because of this tape.when you get in trouble with some one other then the cop.they are the first you call the cop.
Roblow Ruys (2 hours ago)
No America this is vietnam c:
hostage Ghostsharon (2 hours ago)
Childish ¤ hostage
Настя Вжух (2 hours ago)
Есть российские? Это гавно полное сами они Америка )))
Erykah Tabaro (2 hours ago)
a song with sooooo many hidden messages.... I love it
Kenia Moreno (2 hours ago)
Bonnie Tv ch (2 hours ago)
This is Fortnite
IM NOT ALONE hey (2 hours ago)
this is the best meme ever com on like
Huntter2323 (2 hours ago)
this became weirder when trump became the president of America
Mart Tiemersma (2 hours ago)
This is new meme content
eli Russell (2 hours ago)
This is North Korea!
นี้คือสยามหน่า คนรวยก็อยู่รอด คนจนก็ตายห่า
Jasper Lombaard (3 hours ago)
Fradika Abi Anggara (3 hours ago)
Tengil amat
ruger fan for life (3 hours ago)
So the moral of the story is a man guns down a lot of people, gets chased down for his actions, but still trys to act like he is the victim somehow? Bravo dip shit 👏
İbrahim Kısaer (4 hours ago)
Bağımlılık yapıyo amk cok iyi ya
Zomcon Gaming (4 hours ago)
I didn't know young lando calrissian did rap
Nekorar (4 hours ago)
What that's Pokemon?! This is America.
ElgranOp YT (4 hours ago)
Scary xd
Dragon Man (4 hours ago)
NO, this is a meme
Julio Kevin (4 hours ago)
Alpha Centauri (4 hours ago)
Why I am so addicted to this damn song?
Raven Adair (4 hours ago)
Maybe he is still alive...
kamikadzemore (5 hours ago)
Negro shit
Svenskas (5 hours ago)
This is sweden🇸🇪 no Guns i my area 🇸🇪meatballs everywhere
mad nutter (5 hours ago)
confused why this is so popular and big on YouTube meanwhile i think he violated a lot of terms by mowing down a group of people with an AK or executing a guy.
Swilto _ (3 hours ago)
this is america 😂😂
Sensory (4 hours ago)
pple are crazy dude.
KandaProGaming (5 hours ago)
The guy in the back is doing the orange justice at 2:22 lmfao
NEBULA (6 hours ago)
This is a joke isn't it?
ruger fan for life (3 hours ago)
No honestly this is just shit lol
Sensory (4 hours ago)
Bayu Raditya (6 hours ago)
Who watch this man after watching spiderman homecoming :v😂😂😂
Sweeteners. (6 hours ago)
America covers up the bad things with entertainment
gaaaaaaayssss don't eat lay's
Breno Bezerra (6 hours ago)
This is Brazil? Alguém?
Pig Package (6 hours ago)
0:52 the moment we all *shook*
Drangelice Prime (7 hours ago)
Sliding into them DMs like
Joseph Mataba (7 hours ago)
0:40 lol
Keatea yuen (7 hours ago)
This is Tahiti 🇵🇫 Coconut trees, White sand, Vahine, Tahitian dance...
두덩이dudungi (7 hours ago)
This is korea ho!
Aruna BV (7 hours ago)
This is America
Jermyn Matthew (7 hours ago)
When you're not black but you just love the music.
taee tv TH (7 hours ago)
E Coli (8 hours ago)
This is what my sleep paralysis demon do in the corner of my room
Evan Michaels (8 hours ago)
The 498k dislikes have no taste.
Storm X (8 hours ago)
damn, people still gets distracted by his dance and doesn’t follow what is happening in the background?
this is America yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Omar Oliva (8 hours ago)
Video is cool but his rapping or mumbling sucks. Visual artist maybe. Definitely no MC here.
Kevin Hermoso (8 hours ago)
So there's a meswage here that entertainment just covers up the violence i think the other dancers that was dancing with gambino didnt die because i think there s a message thay if you just go with the entertainment you wont die
It's this is a country NOT this is America like if u agree
Logan Paul fan page (8 hours ago)
What the fuck did I just watch 😂
Talktoons (9 hours ago)
0:50 NO
Talktoons (9 hours ago)
50 NO
Kylez Klaw (9 hours ago)
I swear I'm not a Racist why the hell is a black dude singing this
Irving Lombera (9 hours ago)
If you tough this was not enough check https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6cmg75bgkkg 🎥 This Is America 2 - YouTube
KidCritic (9 hours ago)
what a wonderful vide...(GUNSHOT) FUCK!
He made the dance at the end when no music was playing
joe joe (9 hours ago)
Propaganda of the highest level. WIll be a good day for us all when you sink YOUTUBE/GOOG/DARPA
Golden_Vortex (9 hours ago)
35% is people who like the song 55% people like me who’s like “HE DID THE HYPE” 10% memes
это Россиюшка
Mercy Dude (9 hours ago)
This is Mongolia guns in my e Area them funky carry ons
Jacob Orozco (9 hours ago)
I like sotig
lol manlok (9 hours ago)
This is America 2
Geoffrey Moler (9 hours ago)
I can't believe there are not more people watching this and commenting on it. I don't care about your politics, race, religion, etc. This is reality, let's not deny it. Whether you like it or hate it, this is a beautifully strong commentary about AMERICA.
JecJec Bass (9 hours ago)
*is this a song?*
Juuh (10 hours ago)
0:53 Que tiro foi esse?
Kid Bautista (10 hours ago)
Ha gaaaaaay
Cankurt2 (10 hours ago)
Welcome back to Youtube
Chaazaq Magan Sweetney (10 hours ago)
Ga go away we just want to party
wwe toy match Scott (10 hours ago)
You suck dick
Alexius Czar P. Vergara (11 hours ago)
Gotta love those bloody scenes
InVictus Aqua-OaC (12 hours ago)
Perception is a muthafucker. This is not America
Spicy Burrito (12 hours ago)
2:37 gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang
Aldana Páez (8 hours ago)
I thought the same
Aldana Páez (8 hours ago)
I thought the same
Matheus Abrahão (12 hours ago)
E brasileiro votando em Bolsonaro ....
Robert Ruff (12 hours ago)
shots guy this is America
Deadshadowpool (12 hours ago)
2:22 orange justice
Hayden Figgins (12 hours ago)
This is life get used to it
10k (12 hours ago)
Hardest video of the decade 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾
S_Pen 87 (12 hours ago)
Hate crime is exaggerated way to much, like as if a a white cop tased a black guy it would go on the news, but recently a black guy shot up a school and it didnt even hit newspapers
Valeria Martel (12 hours ago)
Wait_itz _MADINA (12 hours ago)
How could people dislike this

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