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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/TcIgA Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at childishgambino.com
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Text Comments (694456)
DeathAero (2 minutes ago)
This is one of 2018's good songs
Nostandroce (3 minutes ago)
this is YT rewind 2k18
Easton Sampson (8 minutes ago)
This is scary bro I love this song so much
Mafia1997 (19 minutes ago)
Why was this snubbed from YouTube rewind?
hulkjoker453 (18 minutes ago)
What the fuck Is this
Tyler Mars (25 minutes ago)
Ok. Why was the not in the rewind. Youtube???? Hello??? Fortnite has taken over, the little kids overruled this song. This song does have meaning because it shows how bad America is to society.
VITTORIA ABBADESSA (27 minutes ago)
This is a very deep amazing song. I love to lisen to this it makes me hyped the aesthetic is very cool.
kikoki-kun (32 minutes ago)
no one died in the making of this video
TreyDxK (12 minutes ago)
Not that we know of Jk
Bryant Hubbart (34 minutes ago)
Fortnite is 😎 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
rami - (38 minutes ago)
he dances like casey frey
kaneki Borromeo (49 minutes ago)
2:14 the man fall and died
Crimson Wolf (55 minutes ago)
This is very accurate story telling of what America is actually like! Damn this country has a lot of problems.
Dylen Hilbun (58 minutes ago)
Can they play this in other countries?
Theman Joe (59 minutes ago)
better than the entirety of YouTube rewind 2018.
ZionHorner (1 hour ago)
This is america. Also AKs dont shoot several people with 4 rounds. Unless you are a god at MW3
ZionHorner (1 hour ago)
I need a Part 2 where Gambino quickscopes
ZionHorner (1 hour ago)
Frankatack1120 (1 hour ago)
This is chile
What the f..k?
Jace Skaggs (1 hour ago)
this whas lip singed
robert scott (1 hour ago)
My mom wanted to know why i was moving to Germany. I sent this video to her. By the way, Donald Glover and the producers of this song and video are all fucking genius.
D and OJ FORTNiTE (1 hour ago)
exe.Aimbot jesus
JULIAN SANCHEZ (2 hours ago)
This is Canada
Coockie pie (2 hours ago)
This is Christmas
Dog Lover (2 hours ago)
Rose Brassard (2 hours ago)
Wow...this was deep. Wow.
Eggroll (2 hours ago)
This should’ve been in Rewind... 😒
Andrei Tepligin (2 hours ago)
Ебаный россит, тупа негры одни
Vanessa Reis (2 hours ago)
Isso.e a america....
Nano Luke (2 hours ago)
This is more than just music. I cant believe the majority of people who watch this video dont understand what its about.
MarcMusicTV (2 hours ago)
2:34 when hype was created
The great seal (2 hours ago)
Funny Valentine be like
birdtweet1 (2 hours ago)
What does the ending represent?
Isaiah Dorsey (2 hours ago)
It's funny how people still try to joke about the music video and it makes you look like an idiot. But again, "this is America".
flash estudios (2 hours ago)
Alv se lobiolo v: sus cribance
Tremain Smith (2 hours ago)
That Brother just telling it like it is, this is 🇺🇸 Repeatedly
Devin Key Ollin (3 hours ago)
This is cringe
Devin Key Ollin (2 hours ago)
+Samual Sinte I was jk
Samual Sinte (2 hours ago)
your profile pic is cringe lol
Emily Campbell (3 hours ago)
I've listened and watched this before when it was popular and stuff and I just came back to it and it gives me chills. I love both the song and the meaning of the video so much
yavuz korkmaz (3 hours ago)
This is turkey
Hype MyNizzle (3 hours ago)
This is youtube rewind 2018.
Manny DeRosa (3 hours ago)
this is my first time watching this video. And after watching the breakfast club, he did jack this video concept from Xzibit's "what you see what you get" video.
Sp1ce Gurl (3 hours ago)
10 year olds watching this be like *OMFG STOP HACKING U GOT AIMBOT*
Samual Sinte (2 hours ago)
Sp1ce Gurl (3 hours ago)
*2x boi*
Sezooooooooooooo anaaaaaaaaal
Doom AMVs ツ (4 hours ago)
3:17 wtf was that?
PCFilms (4 hours ago)
I just realized how much of this song is one take... and it almost looks like one take with those transitions
Tropical_ BANANAS_ (4 hours ago)
Is this a joke?
Eily Kern (4 hours ago)
The lyrics are "Go Go away", but I thought it was "All over-weight"
Timothy O. Mims (4 hours ago)
Much Love To His Artistry!
Emmanual Ramos (4 hours ago)
You can see a person falling at 2:15
Trishei Veal (4 hours ago)
So damn talented
Radomír Časta (4 hours ago)
Is this what Americuns count as high art and "poetry?"
Cookoo Gamer (4 hours ago)
The things this possibly hints at : 1) Failing gun laws 2) Suicide 3) School shootings 4) (Maybe) Police brutality 5) Gangs 6) Racism 7) Riots 8) (Maybe) Terrorism 9) Human trafficking/Kidnapping 10) (Religious) Hate crime 11) Knife crime Thats really fucked up but it's true and proving in not just america but most country's this is what is happening everyday. Still a good song though.
2.088.759 views (4 hours ago)
1:55 when you turn on aim assist
James Chapman (4 hours ago)
What a fucking bender
BigKids (5 hours ago)
This is amazing
Hallam Family (5 hours ago)
Which part of the internet is this?
letrasxkpop esp. (5 hours ago)
Hoseok. lmao
B3Dcool :v (5 hours ago)
The harder reality
Dead-4X3L - (5 hours ago)
cryptikRed (5 hours ago)
1 hit wonder
Amina A (5 hours ago)
C_22 bg (5 hours ago)
niggas, where are your chains? why do you sing without them? xD
C_22 bg (5 hours ago)
um... im racist, and at 1:55 the gum must be M4A1, not AK-47. Isn't it too russian? btw sry for my english
Nader (5 hours ago)
Why you are not in YouTube rewind????????
Puting Pinoy (6 hours ago)
Would anyone who disliked this video offer an explanation for the dislike? Because the only explanations I can think of is 1) you didn’t get the powerful commentary (and maybe felt shocked by the violence), 2) you are a Trump supporter, 3) you are racist, or 4) two or more of these options.
No, this is Sparta
Waifus for laifu (6 hours ago)
How did I just now hear about this?
Mauricio Fontanilla (6 hours ago)
This is the word
Sektor Gaza (6 hours ago)
Почему вы такие ебанутые?
Fgteev Duddy (6 hours ago)
No this is fortnite
- Ivankà - (6 hours ago)
*3:50** when your mom saw your grades*
Fabricio Gamer (6 hours ago)
O que eu to fazendo aqui só tem gringo
- Ivankà - (6 hours ago)
*if it was on the rewind It would be our favorite*
JacobTD Sk (6 hours ago)
Martin Cortez (6 hours ago)
2:35 the pale white horse?
Ornella Torres Risso (6 hours ago)
America is not only USA, I totally hate the fact that most of the people there believe they are the only ones who can be called Americans on the whole continent
007 Lanski (6 hours ago)
Celebrities talking about the king of R&B today... this man is so far advanced as far as maturity, world views, writing. He's on another level. Raping, singing about love if they want to go there also. He and Phonte (Foreign Exchange) is the best thing going right now. Neo-soul is the shit. Check it out...
Micah GGaming (6 hours ago)
GG bro i like it but what where you running from
Vinicius Leite (6 hours ago)
É fizeram como na critica lá em São Paulo parece. Morreram quatro. Triste
Jerry Gonzales (7 hours ago)
Ridiculous and over the top. Protect your self and your neighborhood. Consider your ignorance and don't argue with the law. If your in a situation that possibly may mean your life protect your self but remain alive. Do not argue with those that hold your life in your hand, only you can make the choice to live or die at this point. Argue annoy taunt it's on you. The police should not be hated for your actions. Comply when you need to no pride is lost if you have nothing to fight for when you've proven them correct for protecting themselves.
Itay Bernstein (7 hours ago)
This is pure art. It just shows how America is pathetic. I am an American btw
YumYumGiveMeGumGum (7 hours ago)
He almost looks like Redfoo from party rock anthem.
Is that Troy from Community?
Birdie (7 hours ago)
the bullet hits his head and the actor jumps way to late
Nowahm Onlyn Ipples (7 hours ago)
Hate this left-wing shit, but this is the greatest bass ever in the history of pop after John Williams Jaws
Alisha Lillard (7 hours ago)
Just listen to this song like ten times it’s that good
TheDesign (7 hours ago)
Alisha Lillard (7 hours ago)
This is America.. sad but true
NoTHinGBuTSkiLL (7 hours ago)
Yo he can dance my god
the oof (7 hours ago)
this is *w a n n a s p r i t e c r a n b e r r y ?*
joeptoep kijker (7 hours ago)
America rewind
ا لهيبي (7 hours ago)
Neelam Bakhtiar (7 hours ago)
America rewind
English : this is america : spaninsh : esto es america
Donnie Campbell (7 hours ago)
Donald Glover Why are everyone on you tube trying to put together a puzzle about what they believe This is America themselves, why don't you just explane it yourself, because so many videos are running with this and their getting it all wrong, for there sake, explane it to us please, Thanks ( " , )
john eckhartjr (8 hours ago)
Babies lives matter. 👼 pro-choice equals Pro murder
Martii Paula (8 hours ago)
This is Argentina
Eldbjørg Rossebø (8 hours ago)
Not childish NOT CLOSE EVEN😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Matheus Vaz (8 hours ago)
Sooo.... for Youtube, Ninja is more important than this. And he's not an youtuber.

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