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Hot swedish girls dancing Kizomba

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Nicolina Donvin is the teacher and choreographer to this group from Dancevida in Gothenburg! Thanks to the dancers: Elin Cecilia Nicolina Aina Karin Susanna
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Text Comments (477)
Where can I get this song from ?
Strange Panda (12 days ago)
Dislike people are gay.... Ha 😂
Kashif Ghafoor (13 days ago)
i thought initially, they will not show faces
Aya Nahla (15 days ago)
لوكان وريتو مساسطكم
dancing.girls (19 days ago)
TRECK (21 days ago)
Check this out ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdOwP63gGDM
Mohammed Abdallah (22 days ago)
I love girls Amrican 😘
Alqadib Alkabir (22 days ago)
mashallah arabs will fuck these women
Papai Natureza (25 days ago)
O que eu assisto na Internet é problema meu!
lilnetty2 (1 month ago)
Isn’t this haram now? Everyone google the tv commercial “the new Swedes”...hows that multiculturalism going?😬
Bennnnny1987 (1 month ago)
I wonder how many of these Swedish girls have been raped by the muslim invaders..
Patton The Intel Gamer (1 month ago)
What is the song called ?
Stewart Marsden (1 month ago)
Fat asses doing what fat asses do. So what?
Frank Frank (1 month ago)
This not swedish dance an music. This is rapist music, will multikultifans like that?
Jörgen (1 month ago)
Fake. No hijabs
Rai Creations (1 month ago)
نبيل نصاري (1 month ago)
I like sewdish girls
HOTMIRCHI VIRAL (1 month ago)
Gel Turner (1 month ago)
The one with the gold hills ugly
Musty oN 100 (2 months ago)
which song is this....?
Ty (2 months ago)
Yes. Perfect candidates to breed with the refugees. I love its
pawan kumar (2 months ago)
Best booty at the right corner
henrik h (2 months ago)
Let me know when it gets hot...
Dex Gomez (2 months ago)
Man, im not a syrian refugee in sweden. But if i was one, i would eat all those sexy blonde ass, lick those smooth hairless swedish armpits. God damn! Lucky refugees!
True Love (3 months ago)
Aida Qis (3 months ago)
What song???
firedragon159 (2 months ago)
Marky Marco (3 months ago)
Swedish women in heat behaving like african tribal women.
NesaFashion Channel (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uNAk9LKtxU&list=LLpg3t9x9mmJ0zDqg6MqSmXA Lesbian Love....
Aydress Danger (3 months ago)
Marky Marco (3 months ago)
It's just some butts but look at all the conservatives whining here.
Dayan Predator (2 months ago)
Marky Marco want to rape them muslim cunt?
Teo Man (3 months ago)
European logic: Everybody wants our women. But the same persons go and make gang bang in asian countries. Sorry that your incest culture doesnt work. HAHA.
Richie Rich (3 months ago)
alisher ravshanov (3 months ago)
Kadir ozkan
Kevin Bwalya (4 months ago)
Ste phen (4 months ago)
Calling this dancing is a joke, right?
Joey Brian (4 months ago)
Flirt Chatting (4 months ago)
Blessed Lucifer (4 months ago)
Objectifying women in sweden ho no i thought feminst were against that
Aayat Khan Aayat (4 months ago)
Matthew555 (4 months ago)
OMG! They're white and swedish!!! NO WAY
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
FlyAble (4 months ago)
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Muhammad Kashif (4 months ago)
XXX video
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Celio Januario (4 months ago)
Maravilhosas gatas poderosas aí eu do valor kijonba na cabeça
Michael Smith (5 months ago)
Michael Smith (4 months ago)
your welcome. Like don't get me wrong. You lady's look amazing.
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Aha.. Thnkx Michael <3
Michael Smith (4 months ago)
Amanda Beauty yes not good. 2 slow and you need more dance moves.
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Darryl Gibbs (5 months ago)
Far right has the best ass tho
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Irvin Schwantes (5 months ago)
Their asses are huge and disgusting
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
but I love them,))
Elvira Dolgorukova (5 months ago)
*Dоеs аnуbоdу wаnnа Рrivаtе сhаt with Ме аnd sаtisfу Ме tоnight?* *I'М sо h.о.r.n.у?Рlеаsе сhаt with Ме hеrе* → https://pug.gl/aJ?HotGirl=c5J9q4X216
Pervitin Gave (5 months ago)
How can this be called dancing? It's pathetic and disgusting.
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Hamza Hm (5 months ago)
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Mohamed Ali (5 months ago)
Got boner
Yes my Somali bro, I love punishing Swedish blonde girls with my bbc while her husband watches
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
The Son of Mesopotamia (5 months ago)
The girls with the dark hair are the ones who moves best. The blond ones are like robots
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Shary M (5 months ago)
Anyone here who tell me song name
Shary M (5 months ago)
Plz tell song name
firedragon159 (2 months ago)
xrx0R 9 (6 months ago)
No Future 68 (6 months ago)
Thats the kind of bootie i would go to war for....
Luis kpi (1 month ago)
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Sergio Lobato (6 months ago)
Yah Yah....
Andy_Maxx (6 months ago)
It's impressive Swedish girls has butt and hot butt
REDA med (6 months ago)
Amanda Beauty (4 months ago)
Nsatiro (6 months ago)
Sweden.. Bau to your muslim masters.. Haha week contry
APCOPILOT (6 months ago)
Soon these COWS will be for sale on Islamic EBAY !!! LOL
Dave Marshall (6 months ago)
This hypnotises me
Bars and lyrics (7 months ago)
Someone call an ambulance!.....my dicks exploded!!!!!
holy H E C C its suga (7 months ago)
Taylor Zolma (7 months ago)
The three from right, please
greencase (8 months ago)
I'll take the two shorties in the back. Yum.
napierdalator13 (8 months ago)
soud like nyyga song
world history (8 months ago)
hot super
PRAVAT PARIDA (9 months ago)
दृश्यों Happy women 's day.
peter pam (9 months ago)
Nice FAT ARSE........good to see your African
antonis kyriakou (9 months ago)
David Geo (9 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnkm-y47BYo watch it enjoy
Marku k (9 months ago)
Thats to fast cannot see faces
Zoran Ljubomirovic (9 months ago)
Song name ?
OHKPodcasts (9 months ago)
Its good to see Western women loosen up and have fun, not just black and eastern european girls
1551sag (9 months ago)
a mi me parece , que necesitan musulmanes??
Delusional (9 months ago)
in 20 more years they will ban this in sweden. muslims taking over and will ban it
Daz Capone (9 months ago)
WHITE lives matter
eddie Guerrero (10 months ago)
nice bootys mashaallah
Lavalambtron (9 months ago)
eddie Guerrero Get your paws off the ladies you muslim ape.
Gus Goose (10 months ago)
Have to stay in shape so they can outrun the animals invading their country.
pixnstix (24 days ago)
EE RR Stop being an idiot.
EE RR (27 days ago)
Stop being abigot
Toni Martin (8 months ago)
Gus Goose So they learned a dance from their culture? Kizomba is an african dance from a predominantly muslim country.
Daëmon (10 months ago)
.. And they are not even the hot ones we have 😂😂
smackitonthearse (10 months ago)
Nick (10 months ago)
fun to look at but whats the point
what is the song name
maximus78028 (10 months ago)
Okay Sweden coming up.
lolzY (10 months ago)
First on the right <3
AweSum PowerZ (10 months ago)
AweSum PowerZ (10 months ago)
kim jong un (10 months ago)
All of these girls have black manly boyfriends who satisfies them daily
Dayan Predator (2 months ago)
kim jong un Having an undeveloped monkey with 80IQ as boyfriend sounds quite sad.
Lázaro Bispo dos Anjos (10 months ago)
The PARADISE! The PARADISE! I wish marry with the first lady on the left!
Lázaro Bispo dos Anjos (10 months ago)
I want to marry the first lady on the left!
Saurabh Gupta (10 months ago)
Nice ass gft me
Hot swedish ? Haa haa !!
komujimaru (10 months ago)
i was looking at their hair and feet and nothing else i swear on my life
SK. SUVO (1 month ago)
Wladimir (10 months ago)
drmo blyt
NickoLps (10 months ago)
Femminist country entertainment.
Communist Dog Eater (10 months ago)
need to get myself a big ass blond Swedish woman
Col (10 months ago)
That’s something you need to watch like 4 times in a row to really appreciate it
David K (10 months ago)
they look so stupid
George Cy (10 months ago)
I watch the videos 7 times!
infobulb (10 months ago)
This doesn't look like swedish or ANY kind of scandinavian tradition. Its more like an imported culture from the neanderthals of africa who are now invading the cuckolded land of the vikings
Xero (7 months ago)
infobulb good job liking your own comment, mr adult. what a boring fucker you are lmfao just appreciate these sweet booties and shut the fuck up
infobulb (7 months ago)
Xero Grow some pubic hair junior before you pick a fight with adults
Xero (7 months ago)
get the fuck out of here with your political bullshit
Jesup Colt (8 months ago)
Hmm... it did look a bit ass heavy to be good bachata.
Toni Martin (8 months ago)
infobulb Kizomba is an Angolan dance. So yes it's an african dance. They did pretty good job executing it.

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