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Adding disk to an ASM disk group | How to add a disk to ASM diskgroup in Oracle | Add disk to asm

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Adding disk to an ASM disk group using asmca
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Nelson Nelson (4 months ago)
if i have a disk group DATA and another FRA, should i add disks in pair?
Nelson Nelson (3 months ago)
@Wysheid Wysheid Yes, I had my doubts. It's all clear now, thank you kind Sir.
Wysheid Wysheid (3 months ago)
@Nelson Nelson if the diskgroup has normal redundancy , you must add disk in pairs, for example , your requirement is to add 100gb, then you must add 2 disks of 100gb. Hope its clear
Nelson Nelson (3 months ago)
@Wysheid Wysheid I didn't formulate my question correctly. I meant, say I wanted to add more space to diskgroup DATA, it has normal redundancy, should I have to ask disks in pairs or can I add just 1 disk to the diskgroup? Thank you so kindly for your response.
Wysheid Wysheid (4 months ago)
No , its not required as both are independent. But if the disk group is having high or normal redundancy, you have to add more than one disk to match the redundancy requirement
Naveen Kumar Kalluri (2 years ago)
Great explanation
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
Satya Thirumani (6 years ago)
nice thanks -Satya

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