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Little girl gets arrested for walking! MUST WATCH!!!

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Little girl gets arrested for walking! MUST WATCH!!! For more GTA 5 videos, SUBSCRIBE! HELP ME GET 3,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS: http://goo.gl/aiaO7V kid spends $8000 on dads credit card in GameStop! MUST WATCH!!! https://youtu.be/HcimZQ7z14s Follow Me On Twitter! "LispyJimmy" https://twitter.com/UnitedgamerzHQ Snapchat:LaspyCrammy Follow Me On Instagram! "LispyJimmy" https://www.instagram.com/thereallispyjimmy/ Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0rh4a9raXA Little girl gets arrested for walking! MUST WATCH!!!
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LispyJimmy (2 years ago)
*Little girl gets arrested for walking! MUST WATCH!!!*
Katy Chameleon (3 days ago)
LispyJimmy ha
Jayden Johnson (10 days ago)
LispyJimmy I need it
Richard Baranor (6 minutes ago)
Titanium_Tetra_13 (22 minutes ago)
Reminds me of sssniperwolf
Michael Dallas (38 minutes ago)
Andrew Simon (40 minutes ago)
I subscribe all your YouTube videos and like them and turns on in notification Bells
Animesh Patil (46 minutes ago)
Yes I want it
Unruly Kid (48 minutes ago)
He just saying that
Stanley Salvage (48 minutes ago)
I do love it
Aimer Gamer (1 hour ago)
I like it now don’t lie
MSKANE302 (1 hour ago)
I liked subscribed and clicked the bell😉
Cristina Liu (1 hour ago)
Mom: ur stupid why did you break it Willum: it does not mater Dad: stop you broke the TV so I can will take away your Xbox Me : whaching omg ur stupid willum
Alfie Gore (2 hours ago)
I subscrbe
Gage Bassett (2 hours ago)
Why did y show that in the end and not react to it dummy?
Jade Bolton (2 hours ago)
I like your video
Lanise Terrell (2 hours ago)
I subscribed to you and liked it
Vato12 (2 hours ago)
I am subscribed, liked, and I hit the bell!
TheKriptonizer Kid (3 hours ago)
I am a big fan of u keep up the good work you da boss
Ryan Bradshaw (4 hours ago)
I liked and dived
why are you wearing your glasses like that
Bobby Coakley (4 hours ago)
I have done it
Jackson Gibson (4 hours ago)
I subscribed and liked where’s the ps4
Jayden Peters (4 hours ago)
please I don't have a ps4 I love your chanel
Calvin Campbell (4 hours ago)
Mahir Siyarn (5 hours ago)
Jonique Perry (5 hours ago)
She was just walking
Cadence Bowen (5 hours ago)
OliviaBrynn Leonard (5 hours ago)
OMG people these days, rrested for walking!
Lilly Bissonnette (6 hours ago)
Chaotic Russell (10 hours ago)
So on this video you use other people’s videos for you content.
Stephen Mobbs (12 hours ago)
I Liked it
Yonathan Berhane (14 hours ago)
Damn dat William kid is crazy and high
Danielle Amburn (15 hours ago)
You spoiled half of it so yea
Can I get the PS4
John Ailao (16 hours ago)
Williams is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaqwan Walls (17 hours ago)
That's worng
Josh Prouty (17 hours ago)
You are the best
Acepilot2k7 fan (17 hours ago)
You blind or somein
Raelin Mareko (17 hours ago)
This is so cool
JAYMEZ Channel (18 hours ago)
Please I’m James
Melissa Wesselink (18 hours ago)
I really want it my mom broke mine
Mayson Briere (18 hours ago)
I got 5 ps4 s
Clemence Villiers (18 hours ago)
Total waste of time what was that about
Lupita Sanchez (19 hours ago)
I want IT for my sun please
crasy breken (19 hours ago)
I sup and bell
unevenYT 2 (19 hours ago)
So ur telling me if I go outside and walk I will get arrested
Roxanne Witt (19 hours ago)
Please give me
Maleeya Dawson (19 hours ago)
You're very rich.
Kittylover xy (19 hours ago)
Give me th game please 😭😭😭😭
Ninja RM00 O (20 hours ago)
Pls give me a ps4
Tre Brown (20 hours ago)
I liked it
Micheala Darrell (20 hours ago)
I’m new to the Chanel
Joe Patricelli (20 hours ago)
I subscribed are you sure
Adam Haner (20 hours ago)
Tonya9095 (20 hours ago)
I liked it
DJ Tayshawn (20 hours ago)
i liked
Landyn French (20 hours ago)
I liked and subscribed pless I hit notifacashin
Logan widrick (20 hours ago)
I love your video, s
Panther Sqaud (20 hours ago)
Talk about rage
Jennie Bow (20 hours ago)
That's crazy!!!!!!!!😮
Chazz Taylor (21 hours ago)
What you hiding under the glasses
Lukah Mramor (21 hours ago)
i want an ps4
Jeremy Grothe (21 hours ago)
I liked and subscribed and slapped that bell
Nevaeh Sanchez (21 hours ago)
DWC_Man (21 hours ago)
EVERYONE YOU CLICKED ON THIS VIEDO NOW WATCH IT 20 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samson Rodriguez (21 hours ago)
God shut up or getting a or PlayStation 4
Jennifer Jackson (21 hours ago)
I did
Liv Pelfrey (22 hours ago)
2 minutes in. He's still talking.
Jamall Brown (22 hours ago)
Diana Pickens (22 hours ago)
Ok, William needs to learn his place if I did that in my family my mom would have smacked me to tomorrow. My dad would have also smacked me, so he really does need to learn to take a chill pill.
Brenndan Magee (22 hours ago)
I liked
Helena Kamery (22 hours ago)
That is stupid
Elsie Nicholson (22 hours ago)
When u say little she is 15
Queen Beauty (22 hours ago)
Plzz i need
Peter Greensmith (23 hours ago)
love your vids
Kinnick Iles (23 hours ago)
Savannah Grace (23 hours ago)
Love it
Zachary z 776676 6754 (23 hours ago)
Ricky Schmitz (23 hours ago)
I sub scribed
Jeff Amaya (23 hours ago)
I subscribe
Angela cruz (23 hours ago)
Martinio Magar (23 hours ago)
Me want ps4
Netava Bakaniceva (23 hours ago)
*police officers must be arrested*
Charlie Craig (1 day ago)
Omg what the hell😧👮🏻
Leidiana Branco (1 day ago)
I need my PS4 now
zzyoyo89 (1 day ago)
i love how you try to copy filthy frank yet you fail at it so badly
Tom Caird (1 day ago)
Hero biscuits all around
Klevin Reyes (1 day ago)
I ilke peifor
FireKnight 15 (1 day ago)
I hate this mans channel
Joshua Johnson (1 day ago)
How you
Joshua Johnson (1 day ago)
Joshua Johnson (1 day ago)
Tyrone Sorra (1 day ago)
PRATIK Chaulagain (1 day ago)
Plz give me ps 4
Chloe West (1 day ago)
Your family is so wild and weird
Chloe West (1 day ago)
She looks like she is 25 and it says little girl
Chloe West (1 day ago)
I liked do I get the prize now
Mill Wong (1 day ago)
I liked the video
Kinh Le (1 day ago)
I subscribe and liked it too
She was trespassing.

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