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What are the different types of Tablespaces in an Oracle Database - DBArch Video 23

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In this video you will understand about the different types of tablespaces and their use/purpose. . Our Upcoming Online Course Schedule is available in the url below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qKpKf32Zn_SSvbeDblv2UCjvtHIS1ad2_VXHh2m08yY/edit#gid=0 Reach us at [email protected]
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Text Comments (24)
Pavan Rh (2 months ago)
thank you sir..very brief and precise....keep going with more concepts on DB...
Ramkumar Swaminathan (2 months ago)
Thanks ... Enjoy learning
Bayu Setiawan (4 months ago)
amazing video.
Ramkumar Swaminathan (3 months ago)
MOHAMMED WAHID (4 months ago)
very good and simple explanation
vikram nagalikar (5 months ago)
Very informative, however i liked the earlier technique, as in these latest ones, graphics (before any new topic) interrupt the flow of your explanation. Its my personal view :)
vikram nagalikar (5 months ago)
Ramkumar Swaminathan thanks :-)
Ramkumar Swaminathan (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback, I shall take care of the graphics not coming before the topic...
vikram mehta (5 months ago)
Simply amazing way to teach oracle concepts in short and concise form. I could'nt find any other YoutTube video as good as your's. Thanks for sharing !! Please keep uploading more videos like DB creation, SQL performance tuning
Ramkumar Swaminathan (5 months ago)
Thanks, enjoy learning.. there is a playlist on tuning... But not yet complete
vishal misri (5 months ago)
Sir pls, share the video for types of oracle user .
Ramkumar Swaminathan (5 months ago)
Ok, shall cover under security
latha rupert (8 months ago)
How to know the given tablespace is temporary,permanent or undo. Suppose i created a temporary tablespace named latha,how can the other users know that it's a temporary tablespace. Any querry?
Ramkumar Swaminathan (8 months ago)
The contents column of dba_tablespaces will reveal the type of tablespace.... https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14237/statviews_4157.htm#REFRN23287
Sunanda Reddy (9 months ago)
excellenttttttt sir,
Pushpjeet Cholkar (10 months ago)
You are one of the best teacher to explain oracle database and teaches very well about any of the concept cristal clear. Thanks for the videos.
Ramkumar Swaminathan (10 months ago)
+Pushpjeet Cholkar thanks
pranav deshmukh (11 months ago)
please do share database creation manually video
Ramkumar Swaminathan (11 months ago)
+pranav deshmukh sure shall do that too
pranav deshmukh (11 months ago)
best explainer.. thank you
Ramkumar Swaminathan (11 months ago)
+pranav deshmukh thanks
tirupati Y (11 months ago)
Excellent sir, thank you
tirupati Y (11 months ago)
Yes Sir, I am learning many things from you. Thank you very much your help
Ramkumar Swaminathan (11 months ago)
+tirupati Y thanks... Hope you are liking the videos too... And hitting the like button

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