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Touching Short Film - The Skirt (Lehenga) | school girl's desire

1089 ratings | 998433 views
Lehenga is a children film set against the backdrop of a newly independent India which is still struggling to forge a post colonial identity. Visit http://pocketfilms.in to know more about us and our activities including film contests, updates, etc.
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Text Comments (195)
Kumari Priya (3 months ago)
What was the message in this story....? Did she herself hide her lehenga because she didn't like it, so that she could get Nina's....?
Ajnish Verma (7 months ago)
Message is not clear.i couldn't understand.
Komal Chand (8 months ago)
Ending is not clear
DINESH KUMAR MEENA (10 months ago)
Ekta Sharma (1 year ago)
ye kya thaa? but acha tha
Mishu Zahan (1 year ago)
I can't understand this video what is meant anyone tell me
amrit Baral (1 year ago)
i could not understand the ending.
Aafreen Maruf (1 year ago)
Satish Kharat (1 year ago)
Abe Kya video banate ho .. thoda Dimag bhi use Kar liya karo. Kya Matlab Hai es video ka. ?
Kamal Kapur (1 year ago)
प्रारंभ अच्छा रहा परन्तु अंत निराश कर गया 😕😕
Kamal Kapur (1 year ago)
मैं एक हिन्दी कहानीकार हूँ ।बहुत से कहानी -संग्रह हैं मेरे ।लाखों कहानियाँ पढ़ी हैं मैंने पर अफसोस इस कहानी का न संदेश प्ले पड़ा और न अंत हजम हुआ।मैं इसे बेहद बेहतर treatment दे सकती थी ।शेष सब अच्छा अच्छा होते हुए भी कहानी के कारण एक सुंदर फिल्म बनते बनते रहे गई •••अफसोस 😕😕 कमल कपूर 🍁
MysteryMaple (1 year ago)
Kamal Kapur Łïķë ňöţ çłëäř
Kamal Kapur (1 year ago)
पल्ले पड़ा ( संशोधन )
Brinda Paul (2 years ago)
what is the messege of this video ?? don't understand what happens.
Amit Verma (2 years ago)
Non sense
Shaima Mujibun (2 years ago)
End is not clear.. we were expecting some gud message.. not a problem all the best..!!
Sonam Yadav (2 years ago)
Swordchild001 (2 years ago)
I am sorry but the ending does not make much sense...It's a shame. The movie was going well up to then.
Parbhej Ali (2 years ago)
Shivani Khatri (2 years ago)
bhut cute bche h
Dipti Awari (2 years ago)
Nice one
Pratik Bodas (2 years ago)
Mishra jains (3 years ago)
movie was gud..but end disappointing...end should be different
Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal (3 years ago)
Message was absolutely clear but direction goes into too many screenplays which makes story undefined, let me grab your attention, when film start it was all about the girl with disability, little folks treated her badly & when teacher came into the classroom and when he announced dance event he didn't notice she wasn't raise her hand to participate in dance event and at the chuskey corner she has to wait even she was in queue and the end of the storey when lehenga was missing then teacher didn't realise how she feels when she was asked to share her lehenga with other girl just because she was not able to participate in dance competition, hopefully my interpretation is reaching to the story guys but this is just my perception nothing else,
sapna singh (3 years ago)
hey..ending??..may be the writer wants us to feel the ending..
Dr Sneha S Nair (3 years ago)
arey lenhenga kaha gaya??!
Ash Dhuri (3 years ago)
I just liked dat cute boy wid pink chubby cheeks ;-) ... d acted well. but no story
sadaf junejo (3 years ago)
it could be more better ...
Nav Aman Deep Singh (3 years ago)
Bad script and screenplay. the message could not be delivered across at all.
Priyanka Mazumder (3 years ago)
the ending is so abrupt.... :/
ashwani gupta (3 years ago)
subhashree shivani (3 years ago)
why khadi was there??
Harry Harry (3 years ago)
confusion. ... ???
vasudha shukla (3 years ago)
incomplete end
Celeste Gamino (3 years ago)
I don't get it 😑
Sanjeet Sahani (3 years ago)
bakwas ending..................
one directioner (3 years ago)
It was pretty good sweet kids!
Neetika Bangari (3 years ago)
end was not good. was expecting smthng more. rest it was fine.
Phoolmatie Indra (3 years ago)
love ir. i would have love to see her dance
sanjaytheplayer (7 months ago)
Phoolmatie Indra
adeeba afreen (3 years ago)
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adeeba afreen (3 years ago)
Thank you :)
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omg wts dt?
special news (3 years ago)
very nice thanks
srooti imam (3 years ago)
I didn't like d end
Apurv kumar Sharma (3 years ago)
lehenga bol k pajama dikhwa diyan
priyanka patil (3 years ago)
i dont understand what they wanted to show... it seems without end or half story
special news (3 years ago)
Kenny (3 years ago)
sound could have been better...
MyParasar (3 years ago)
Many comments mentioned about the abrupt end some gap appears in communication of the theme. But I must congratulate the way it was picturised. Never felt I was watching a fil. It looked like actual life being picturised especially class room and the expressions of the kids. With a better clear message and end it would have been excellent. Congrats for the good effort
madhu bala (3 years ago)
To be frank n clear.. It's such an awsum idea.. I think you could have put it in better terms.. No worries. Keep exploring n definitely you will produce better movies..all d best guys.. :)
sahin (3 years ago)
grt.. but the only flaw or question is that were there co-ed schools back in those days?? probably not even private schools were co-ed back then..
Deepshikha Ghosh (3 years ago)
meaning is not clear at all.
praveen chauhan (3 years ago)
kuch samjh nai aaya
Runjhun Mishra (3 years ago)
Where is the end? what is the conclusion? What will be the story? What message wants to spread? It's pretty confusing.
Richa Goswami (3 years ago)
you have mixed two issues in it, both pertinent and thus mixing them was probably not a good idea.
akanksha misra (3 years ago)
missing storyline
jitendra sourastriya (3 years ago)
Yka bat h
jitendra sourastriya (3 years ago)
Yka bat h
jitendra sourastriya (3 years ago)
dr arti sahai (3 years ago)
well i am giving my views ..................just try to understand the feelings n ur heart will miss a beat ..............terridic
satish chilakamarri (3 years ago)
i didnt understand what it trying to say or convey with such ending... of course i am not that much smart as other... but as a audien i expected to see the importance of khadi through kid.. but suddenly brings up a kid who is suffering with disability to share her dress... and it ends... i didnt understand what it mean's was you like to say that we lost that which we were got with love... and we adapted that which has no ability...???? sorry to say  as a audien still i didnt understand...
Pramod Jangam (3 years ago)
I'll try to put my interpretation. Basic idea of story is principles. How do we embers our principles. How do we forget to re evaluate them as time changes. How do we enforce them to next generation forgetting how practical they are with current time. And how does this next generation have to(or want to) break them willingly or unwillingly. Khadi was good principle for parents was important for their times. Girl somewhere deep down hated khadi because it was keeping her away from mainstream. At the end she had to(or did she?) break principles of her parents by wearing non khadi (and also hurting specially abled child). It wasn't meaningless or partial rather beautifully ended. Only problem is they tried to put so many points or board that it may get confusing.
MissOddstar (3 years ago)
It was more of a sad memoir than a short film subject: pretty, but emotionally relevant to one person only.
Fathima Mahmood (3 years ago)
Watched it with an expectation. Vein. Was it about khadi? was it about the girl with disability? was it about the girl who is passionate about wearing a good lehenga? or was it about kindness? It's a mix. No flow. The story seemed oddly distrait.
kajol shah (2 years ago)
Fathima Mahmood agreed! I thought the same!
Jan Ani (3 years ago)
it really was heart touching... but i felt bad for that girl in wheel chair
Vidya Sridhar (3 years ago)
Not done properly
Vishnu Vaibhav Dwivedi (3 years ago)
kehna kya chahte ho..??
Jai Kumar Daiya (3 years ago)
What ??  It Ends???? :(
starxshininn (3 years ago)
First you talk about disability then move on to khadi, then back to disability and chuck khadi altogether. The story makes no sense and the message is absent. Not good.
kiran krishna (3 years ago)
End????? i was expecting something else... it was heart touching but at last.... no!!!!
Muhammad sadaqat awan (3 years ago)
Cooldude1991c (3 years ago)
+Pocket Films - Short Films Channel Yes end was bit sad even i am a disabled person but no offence very good film and i am looking forward to make short film
Madhavi Parab (3 years ago)
@kiran krishna sorry to know you didn't enjoy this film. May we suggest some that you will surely like? Click here to watch some of our best films: https://goo.gl/ro7YM1 and do comment and let is know what you think :)
prathyusha bingimalla (4 years ago)
Teena S (4 years ago)
senseless end... total bakwas..
Abhishek Aneja (4 months ago)
HollywoodLifeLover go to ur narrow world of Hollywood n limit ur opinions to that...She has a right to give her opinion n she did that...
HollywoodLifeLover (3 years ago)
For ur kind info i hv read the comments and almost everyone has written like this. And pls dont say that i am fighting wid everyone. I guess u cm from a very well behaved family so pls dont say like that. As u and everyone were sharing ur views, i am also trying to share my views only. I AM NOT FIGHTING AND I DONT HAVE ANY INTEREST EITHER... :P Thanx for ur KIND reply...( huh! Indians):P
Teena S (3 years ago)
+Ayushmita Roy I guess you have not read the other comments otherwise sabse jhagadti firti.... coz nobody appreciated the film... its nothing to be rude... it was only fact....Lolzzzz
HollywoodLifeLover (3 years ago)
@Christina S If you didnt like the movie then why r u so rude? everyone has their own choice but you cant behave like that...sorry but you r rude and u dont hv manners. :P
Cabee RV Thakur (4 years ago)
so nice i got it
Shíníng Staŕ (4 years ago)
Was interesting but abrupt end...made no sense
Archana Choudhary (4 years ago)
the message was not clear! but i understood a bit
Archana Choudhary (4 years ago)
what does it want to say?
karthik javvaji (4 years ago)
i didn't get the ending ...:/
Isabel Ortiz (4 years ago)
I don't get it 😕
Rravee Barigal (4 years ago)
  It is an incomplete short film!The concept is good but, Director Richa Srivastava and Story writer Bharati Srivastava failed to convey correct message.
Isha Dua (4 years ago)
the ending did not make sense
Niladri Sarkar (4 years ago)
Sorry but the message is not clear
муαυ муαυ (2 years ago)
Amazing Marty (4 years ago)
OMG....this is so sad, i nearly cried.Her mother made it by herself and for her, the skirt is very beautiful i really like it! That girl that didnt give her skirt to her is not nice...i dont like that girl!!!!
Namrata Kataria (4 years ago)
She did give her lehega 2 oder grl it ws shown in de end
Sneha Gupta (4 years ago)
No sync at all.....uploader should do something about it!!
jayant tiwari (4 years ago)
out sync completely 
Satabdi Das (4 years ago)
Audio is not synchronized. 
M.U.A .B (4 years ago)
is it only mine that the sound is like 3 mins behind the video 
Alpana Chauhan (4 years ago)
same here
Vikas Lodhi (4 years ago)
its with me too...
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Kokulan Jeyaraman (5 years ago)
Sad I have been that situation when I was in grade 1 I just thought about for a while
Raksha Singhania (5 years ago)
The message was not clear.
Arpita Banerjee (5 years ago)
but what about khadi? y was the concept included?
Hi Ryanna, we would like to suggest a movie to you, 'Mafiosi'. It is getting terrific reviews by viewers. Why not check it out?
Miyachan62 (5 years ago)
That's sad
Emily Van Leeuwen (5 years ago)
I'm also a filmmaker. Check out my page :)
Extreme Fangirl (5 years ago)
I don't get it......
Sujeet Keshri (5 years ago)
Kasturi Baranwal (5 years ago)
I don't get it :(
medha vemula (5 years ago)
i agree wid u sabine kapasi
Hi Allison, we hope you enjoyed the movie. Can we suggest we check out the short film 'Sidelines'. Do let us know what you think :)
Precious Kusi YT (5 years ago)
the girl in the wheelchair is very pretty and the gurl maya is a rude bitch!!
Vajrakumar Kivade (5 years ago)
gud &rocking
thanks :)
April Jane Linggian (5 years ago)
okay I will watch it :D
sabine kapasi (5 years ago)
its more touching, then i could have ever imagined, but somehow, it feels incomplete...
Bodo Rudolph (5 years ago)
I was in India and i love the Traditional clothes there. Thanks for share this film. I wish the india Tradition will be never ending. it is one of teh best cultures on Earth. And colourful.
Thanks April :) we suggest you check out 'Tubelight ka chaand', it is a beautiful lyrical film that has won awards internationally...and let us know what you think
April Jane Linggian (5 years ago)
wow, great short film :)
swaggy jenni (5 years ago)
i dont get this video.

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