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Rihanna and Nicki Minaj grab each other on stage

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during lastnights thanksgiving concert Rihanna performs with Nicki before she exits the stage she gets her hands on those CAKES!!
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Cynthia Jane (9 days ago)
Hey whats the name of the song they're singing?
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Star Child (23 days ago)
I didn't see anything
Brxzzy. Nay (3 months ago)
RiRi soo pretty & bad.💞 Got love for Nicki too.😘
iss ty (6 months ago)
"She's the only one that can get right to it"💜💜💜
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kentay smithbey (6 months ago)
Brian Hood (8 months ago)
Ur video was wack
Fatim Ticoeur thiam (8 months ago)
I love this duos
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Breasia Wickliff (1 year ago)
Omg Rene gay
selenophile (1 year ago)
probably felt like grabbing a bag of rocks
Amiyah Sanders (3 months ago)
selenophile * 😂😂😂😂😂
Bobby Dixon (5 months ago)
Nicki were you live so when I grow up I can live in your state and you can chill with me and my husband and my friend and my friend husband
Jordan (8 months ago)
Girl u look like silicone
[Content ] (9 months ago)
I touched a girl ass with an implant, its jiggly and soft and feels like skin.😂
Queen Squad (1 year ago)
really Really they were hugging of course she is going to do that
Jessica Opal (1 year ago)
Who are people who can't sing famous for singing? Pawns.
Juwairiya Umar (9 months ago)
both Nicki and Rihanna can sing so what are you talking about?
The FuzzySmasher (1 year ago)
Btw her butt was showing aka drunk fucken niki minaj
lauzs (1 year ago)
Is Rihanna drunk?
Sienna TV /ISSANATION (1 year ago)
she didn't even grab anything
Daeja Love-Bailey (1 year ago)
Nicky crazy she said " she the only one that can get away with that" 😁
Rebecca Jessie (1 year ago)
What is nikki wearing?! Dafuq.
Juwairiya Umar (9 months ago)
I actually think it's cute.. I would wear it.. but I would make it opaque on the back tho 😅😁😘 but whatever she is a Freaking Queen
[Content ] (9 months ago)
She was her own person😂😂
[Content ] (9 months ago)
2010 era 😂😂
Paul Fairweather (1 year ago)
That ass is so fugly
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Walter Sanders (2 years ago)
Why Rihanna grab her butt
hazel mikali (2 years ago)
They both look drunk
Majayah Battle (5 months ago)
@Chloe Beckett yes she do
Chloe Beckett (1 year ago)
hazel mikali Nicki don't drink 😍
fwm lay (2 years ago)
hazel mikali they probably were
The Hopsons (2 years ago)
The styles back then seemed poppin but when we look back we just nod are head no.
Spideraidian Ryan (2 years ago)
EMILY MORGAN (2 years ago)
u guys re dum
Mariah Namalemo (2 years ago)
Wht kind of bitch are u nicki asslsss obe
Joseph Acosta (2 years ago)
this video sucks sorry to say buddy but it does sound and video why would you snap on the good part
Edgy 15yearold (1 year ago)
Joseph Acosta its from 2010 dumbass
harmoney girl (2 years ago)
Joseph Acosta same i like Nicki minaj but not this video
Shilder Denojour (2 years ago)
R E A L (3 years ago)
Janenet Blah (4 months ago)
Omentro (5 months ago)
R E A L Heels u can’t afford
Donjunior Jules (7 months ago)
Those are something even if u save up for months I could never get
Smily Lynn (8 months ago)
R E A L Lmaoo
Princess Cheeze (1 year ago)
You wouldn't wanna know how much they cost lmfaoo
Heaven Owens (3 years ago)
sorry to say buh Nicki's butt look fake asf 😂💯
Joonas (6 months ago)
I would still smash tho
STAN_BTS_NOW !! (9 months ago)
it is.....
Tania Boo (1 year ago)
Heaven Owens but you're as ugly a asf
Tania Boo (1 year ago)
Heaven Owens it aint
Honey, cuz it is but who cares
Lindy Whitaker (3 years ago)
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Mary Drake (3 years ago)
Rihanna really know hot to dress sharp sometimes, some very nice suits.
Ashlie Battista (2 years ago)
Mary Drake (3 years ago)
Rihanna really know hot to dress sharp sometimes, some very nice suits.
Mr.G (7 months ago)
Orion (4 years ago)
She really did grab it guys watch in a different video in this one that camera click edit or whatever it is messed it up
Tanisha Nelson (4 years ago)
Kala Ezzell (4 years ago)
She didn't touch her butt
Angierose Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Is Niki but fake
Freddie QG (5 years ago)
Eew her ass!
Gio Man Ji (2 years ago)
Freddie QG id fuck it so hard
veronica chanel (5 years ago)
why cant any of them sing in person, practice makes perfect !
Terae Constantine (5 years ago)
Thats fake she bent down to hug her he or her just took a pic of ber bending near her bum
JustLillie (5 years ago)
She did not touch her butt FAKE
Shenetta Alexander (2 years ago)
DarkSkin Beauty pause at 1:36
Courtney MSP (5 years ago)
Camera clicking nose??
Lache neal (5 years ago)
Brianna gay
Highoffthoughts : (5 years ago)
She saying rahhina wonted to
Mr.G (7 months ago)
niinai fifi (5 years ago)
its 1:36 rianna touches niki's ass
Mariela Contreras (5 years ago)
I don't see nothing about grabbing a butt
ProStyle.HD. (5 years ago)
OMG that is the first time i see ( gay girls ) x)
Princess Cheeze (1 year ago)
They're not gay . they're just girls being girls
thyliaa (2 years ago)
She just bent down to hug her
Toni's Box (5 years ago)
I did not see
ShaneKarma376 (5 years ago)
Who filmed this? Michael J. Fox on Muhammad Ali's shoulders?
stubbi1001 (5 years ago)
who wouldn't grap that hot ass? and be like graped by hottie Rihanna
pretty dkoll (5 years ago)
Nicki Minajj Poor , :D
[Content ] (9 months ago)
Actually, her net worth is estimated to be about 80 million.
Suha Nasser (5 years ago)
Lmfaoooo rihanna w
Director MGQ (5 years ago)
Grace Lombardi (5 years ago)
i feel bad
Kraleff (5 years ago)
Think Rihanna is drunk
Trinity Hatley (5 years ago)
Ok I know that nickis ass is fake
Lashun Wyatt (5 years ago)
Greg McThunderDick (5 years ago)
Nicki Minaj's ass looks like a lovecraftian monster.
BreBre L.A. (5 years ago)
Rite I wuz jus about 2 ask okay iz she now like a lesbian?
Dope_ Nation (5 years ago)
rihanna lez
sarah whalen (5 years ago)
nikkis ass looks sooo fake it really does ewww grosss
bookieph (5 years ago)
Um still u have a prob now go play with urself
mnw1989 (5 years ago)
It's called having a sense of humor...Try it sometime !
bookieph (5 years ago)
your nasty
Hanna Oyola (5 years ago)
He just had p take a picture as soon as she did it
Laura Segarra (6 years ago)
I doubt there gay but if so I support <3
Robert Scott (6 years ago)
cwicks00 (6 years ago)
They were hugging
daryleaster23 (6 years ago)
no proof
mnw1989 (6 years ago)
I'd love to be in the middle of that sandwich...
bital12345 (6 years ago)
is that a tattoo on minajs hand at 54 and 55?
Lexy Noelle (6 years ago)
Can y'all shut up about saying she can't sing worry about yourself, she's worked hard to to get where he is now.
Princess Cheeze (1 year ago)
Lexy Noelle u mean she fuck the whole industry to get where she is lmfaooo
T Marie (6 years ago)
For your information rihanna can sing i have bin too see her twice now and again on monday she is amazing and she does not lip sing ... I would like to see you to sing infront of that many people!
danny behm (6 years ago)
0:14 rihanna just can sing in studios.. but she is a fucking bad live singer and she is unreal she is fake.. chris brown was last year here in berlin and rihanna was with him here.. after his show he was in GMF thats a gay club and she go on stage there and she sang playback.. after this i spoke to her and ask her " why do you always sing playback?. you cant get away your reputation as a poor live singer" wow she looked at me like a bad guinipig and go back to her bodyguards.. i hate her
Gabrielle Austin (6 years ago)
how can u tell if she grabed her booty i already saw it already on a nother one anyway
Melissa West (6 years ago)
wtf? riri and nicki:-D
kiann hils (6 years ago)
why r u taking so much blasted pics? if u takin a video then done be takin pics in d middle of it right.. cuz it looks so dotish now
aoife Flanagan (6 years ago)
shake it girls
Really? Klkl Club (6 years ago)
damn you guys using youtube as your wank bank. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell check out this: bit.ly/13pug5U?=wdffq
Gemma Catherine (6 years ago)
didn't even get to see the ass grab because of the picture snap.... *sighs*
Anti Humanity (6 years ago)
Her ass is gross.
Kerrie Smith (6 years ago)
its good
Julyiah Jumya (6 years ago)
Oh. My god
AnTra23 (6 years ago)
God this song is so pretentious.
Dalandria Robinson (6 years ago)
i didnt even see rihanna do it
arely navas juares (6 years ago)
Lillithe Noir Muahdib (6 years ago)
Damn I was hoping she squeeze out that silicone already. Lol
QuestionYourThoughts (6 years ago)
haha this is so obviously lip synced
Ozzaay (6 years ago)
youngofasho2 (6 years ago)
the picture shots fucked it up cause you couldn't even see Rhianna grab Nicki's ass.
Aleah Shannon (6 years ago)
Wtf butt pads as always
kayla Miller (6 years ago)
She Got Her Hand Stuck In Her Pocket For A Second,lls
mr orange (6 years ago)
Rihanna comes and start the song like a boss
iiV3N0M (6 years ago)
Annalisa Zanella (6 years ago)
Nicki is clearly wearing ass pads.
Drkrayvn (6 years ago)
rihanna looked drunk for a sec
Destinee James (6 years ago)
Wtf? =/
aries rodgers (6 years ago)
really why u snap shot it ........?
KatieKing (6 years ago)
Shes so bad at singing. Tone deaf practically.
mik (6 years ago)
why were you doing all that camera stuff ...
diane alonzo (6 years ago)
that ass is so fake
Bang Bang (6 years ago)
TF? You snapped on the shot... I hate you now -_- ...
Mildred Hughes (6 years ago)
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gay self

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