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HBO - "Grills" trailer (Girls parody)

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Living the dream. One steak at a time. SUBSCRIBE: http://bitly.com/RsBMsb FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thekidstablecomedy TWITTER: @KidsTableComedy INSTAGRAM: @TheKidsTable WEBSITE: http://www.thekidstableisfunny.com ___________________ Produced by The Kids Table. Director/Editor: Marvin Bryan Lemus Writer/Actor: Amy Goodman Cinematographer: Erik Schneider Cast: Shashona Brooks Don Colliver Robert Cunningham Laura Ferrari Jillian Fratkin Amy Goodman Igor Hiller Spencer Howard Emily Krakowsky Marley Lieberman Subscribe for a new sketch every other week!
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Text Comments (13)
Emi93y (1 year ago)
This YouTube channel was really underrated
Marija Beišytė (10 months ago)
Emi93y am i right. such a shame
bapocat (4 years ago)
This is so good! I mean, it's so fucking close to the show! I just can't stop watching your videos.  Almost done, btw.
olivier ouellette (4 years ago)
whats the song plzzz
Hb Rhh (4 years ago)
Lisa Danley (5 years ago)
Hot movie
Christin Emanuelsen (5 years ago)
Igor actully turned me on when he said "the first time I'll make you dinner etc." 0-0 yummi <3
jjMac (5 years ago)
D; I've reached about 73% of the planet... working on the other 27%!
The Kids Table Comedy (5 years ago)
The whole world, Jason? Really? I swear to god, Jason. If a week from now, we ask a random stranger on the street if you talked to them about us, and they say no, we're gonna be sooooo pissed.
jjMac (5 years ago)
You guys are seriously on point in every one of your videos. Just watched them all. Subscribed, and ready to tell the world!
William Hardy (5 years ago)
I'm British and that British accent was hot, even if not genuine...
SailHatanmeow (6 years ago)
omg lol
2brokegeeks (6 years ago)
Yeeeea-uh, eatin' barbecue at the kids table... comedy. Okay well I went for it anyways, that's what matters. Good job guys!

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