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Amouage Interlude Man vs Midnight Oud vs Perfume Parlour

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Hi Everybody! Here's my take on Interlude Man from Amouage and how it compares with Ard Al Zaafaran's Midnight Oud and the Perfume Parlour's version. Check out the video to find out more. You can get the Perfume Parlour version here http://bit.ly/2Dp3S8T You can get Ard Al Zaafaran's Midnight Oud from Ebay and it is currently £18.99 : https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Midnight-Oud-100ml-EDP-by-ARD-Al-Zaafaran-Spicy-Labdanum-Myrrh-Vanilla-Woodd/14024171687 Please like, comment and subscribe :) Follow me on Instagram @scentimentaluk Contact: [email protected] Music used in the video:Left U Intro - Otis McDonald : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avL3-KHlT0o&list=LLMB5gRu9rSoB6rFXq9YlHYA
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TheAaronBeezee (5 days ago)
Good review. I just got my midnight oud. Mine isn’t as strong as yours sounds, nor does it last as long on my skin. Also mine just has a gold cap but it isn’t a crown like yours
HILL BILLY (6 days ago)
Got midnight oud..great scent...and good review..👍
SCENTimental (6 days ago)
Thank you. It is great indeed and for that price, it's a steal.
Denis Rašić (12 days ago)
Great work! One question, where can I find Midnight Oud same package as you have (with the crown)? Thanks man!
SCENTimental (12 days ago)
I know bro that one is hard to find now. I guess you can message the seller first on eBay or Amazon enquiring whether they have the crown top. It seems the newer bottles come with all metal top. It's interesting that the link I've put is for eBay and when I placed my order, the picture shown was for the all metal top one and I was expecting that but was ecstatic when I received the crown top one so I guess it's worth asking the seller first if they have a crown top one. Hope this helps.
nelson osas (1 month ago)
Swiss Arabian Abyad is also very close to interlude man with a fantastic performance. Give it a try bro.
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
I'd definitely try it sometime soon. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
David G (1 month ago)
Midnight Oud is fantastic. Worth more than it's affordable price tag.
SCENTimental (5 days ago)
+TheAaronBeezee Yeah mine performs really well throughout the day It's not beast mode but quite good.
TheAaronBeezee (5 days ago)
Does yours last long on skin? Mine doesn’t
David G (1 month ago)
+SCENTimental My cap is different to yours. Not so extravagant and just a point at the top
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
Completely agree with you plus the bottle looks so gorgeous.
Midnight oud is wonderful, outstanding for the price... Great video and nice beard mate
+SCENTimental you have really nice taste in fragrances mate...
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
Haha not as good as yours mate. Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I loved it, and for the price, it's a steal and did I mention how much I loved the bottle 🙈
Josh Peters (1 month ago)
Will have to check this out for sure, did try searching for this but couldn't find it. Out of curiosity, are you the Bilal that works for PP? ;)
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
+Josh Peters I'd keep my fingers crossed and keep praying🤲
Josh Peters (1 month ago)
SCENTimental Haha, I had an email reply from a Bilal so thought it was worth an ask. Yeah you may as well mate, you never know a few more subs and they'll probably be chucking fragrances at you to review 👌
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
Lol, I wish mate! I'd get all these amazing fragrances and have my own "perfume Parlour". But with the number of fragrances I've purchased from them, they might as well employ me as their official YouTube account handler 😂
Frags To Riches (1 month ago)
Bro! 104 subs! Awesome! Well done! 👏🏻
King Harris (1 month ago)
Brilliant Bilal. Might just get the PP version in my next PP order.
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
If you like the original, you'd definitely love this and even if you haven't and are into oriental and spicy fragrances, you'd like it.
jotinibambini (1 month ago)
Great video. I have a 10ml sample or interlude and I like it very much. It’s very diferente and people tend not to like it but it’s a beautiful scent. And a great performer. PS- I’m still waiting for a review of Tuscan leather perfume parlour interpretation ;) Master hug!!
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
The original is just a beast. I agree that not everyone would love it as it is that bold but when worn with a proper suit and for the correct occasion, it would do wonders!
notIsaidtheWalrus (1 month ago)
Proud to be your 100th sub 😄
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot my friend! This sub would always be special 😊🎉🎊🎈🎇
Hasan (1 month ago)
another great video, You should do a video on colognes to wear during winter and summer. Especially now with the winter season what would you recommend to wear?
Hasan (1 month ago)
+SCENTimental thanks for the recommendation. will def check them out . money is not an issue i just want to smell good lol.
SCENTimental (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching my friend! Interlude Man is a very good choice for winter, along with Pardon and Baraonda from Nasomatto. Another good option is By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela Paris and Bentley Intense if you're after a good cheapie 🙂

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