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Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Gee' MV

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Girls' Generation’s 1st mini album "Gee" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/oh/id353108212 #소녀시대 #GIRLSGENERATION #SNSD #Gee #Release #090105 Girls' Generation Official http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Gee' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (202235)
Flame Shoot (3 minutes ago)
2.42 : omg I got a goosebumps
Linh Giang (29 minutes ago)
*2* *0* *1* *9* *?*
Ghribi Mustapha (4 hours ago)
تايووووووون 😘😘
sunsetmin (4 hours ago)
girls generation is a miracle
Fontana Respicio (5 hours ago)
00 :2 and 00 :5 notice?
Adam nick (5 hours ago)
Snsd forrver
Firkah Vanza Munikesia (6 hours ago)
tolong wangfa sapholem (6 hours ago)
big bang and girls generation are the best among k pop
TheAngelic Emerald (6 hours ago)
I was 4 when this was released rip
Furi Tirta (7 hours ago)
Watch in 2019 ?
Saranghae Tea (7 hours ago)
Army BTS (7 hours ago)
2019 they recommended me again
K- DFR (8 hours ago)
229M vamos
Cee Yen (8 hours ago)
Tín Pham (9 hours ago)
This song takes 1395 days to get 100m and this song takes 3195 days to get 200m
Pattharawarin Suriyachay (10 hours ago)
Sone go to 300M views we can do.
Brandee Jada (10 hours ago)
Love this song with my whole heart!
Fe Magtibay (11 hours ago)
AM- Drak (11 hours ago)
nik nen (12 hours ago)
*Super girls*
Mochammad Siswono (13 hours ago)
Trima kasih,, snsd sudah mmbuwat masa smp.ku mnjadi lebih sempurna!!
cyndy hiu (14 hours ago)
💞💞💞 228,511,769 💞💞💞 21/4
5e Younko (15 hours ago)
Matador Batista (16 hours ago)
Gee Gee,good times,dam damn damn,i miss SNSD
Sweet Unnie (16 hours ago)
New kpop fans, *this is what you missed.* I need to show this iconic music for beginners in kpop.
Choi Wiz GG (16 hours ago)
Miss you SNSD!!!!!!! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥
Yenny Rojas peralta (17 hours ago)
Reproduzcan sones ... fighting
립퐁이 (17 hours ago)
이노래도 이제 추억이구나ㅠㅠ 옛날노래들으면 뭉클하다
Pat rick (17 hours ago)
Japanese teacher:Let’s see why do you want to learn Japanese Me: *thinking of this song* um reasons
rieshu (19 hours ago)
my kindergarten years omg
Raquel Chagas (20 hours ago)
Minho é vc??? Gente tô morrendo aqui ☺🙂 Ps: GG ícone do kpop 💕
A QR (20 hours ago)
Kazuma Kazuma (21 hours ago)
Overclocked Life (21 hours ago)
Video is nice to watch. Girls are cute. But c'mon I won't listen this music. It is trash, man.
Reclaimer (20 hours ago)
I thought so too but then I listened to more of their songs and this one just became stuck in my head forever. It's a classic
jaky alyp (22 hours ago)
Keep streaming sone ❤❤❤
Ahri Sone (22 hours ago)
Será q algum dia teremos nosso OT9 de volta?
Adam Saputra (22 hours ago)
punyamu panjang panjang ngeri buset nononono
橋本寛太 (22 hours ago)
Anyone 2019??? where is the sone??
ラリサキム (23 hours ago)
once tv (23 hours ago)
Im still stuck on this generation
Joe M (1 day ago)
Omg, after all these years I just noticed that @ 1:57 Taeyeon is doing her classic wall dance lol.
Dani Setiawan (1 day ago)
Gee: 228M I Got A Boy: 218M The Boys: 216M I: 170M Mr Taxi: 140M OH!: 116M PARTY: 101M Lil Touch: 101M Run Devil Run: 99,7M Lion Heart: 99,1M
Sheut6 (1 day ago)
Fajna piosenka :D Pozdrawiam z Polski :)
Nhân Lâm (1 day ago)
2019 ai còn nghe không ta!! Việt Nam điểm danh nè!! Ôi 10 năm thanh xuân của tuii!😍😘😙😗😚
Grace Danseur (1 day ago)
Queens. Always and forever.
하이센 (1 day ago)
이 노래 듣는데 왜 눈물이나지 흑흑 초등학생때로 돌아가고싶다
Hachiroku (1 day ago)
Gee, such high resolution for a MV in the 2000s! See what I did there lol! Are they still going? I hope so!
MUSIC CHANNEL (1 day ago)
2019 anyone
Siti Patimah (1 day ago)
Punya mu panjang panjang ngeri buset oh oh oh oh
이석용 (1 day ago)
이것도 대박이었지
Sarah Taiclet (1 day ago)
This was my jam along with dbsk classic songs when I was 6/7 haha
정민수 (1 day ago)
2019 April?
Nanik mutia (1 day ago)
Creative W (1 day ago)
Ngân Hữu (1 day ago)
Có ai ở Việt Nam còn nghe không.
Ashley's World!!! (1 day ago)
I was 5 when I loved them! I didn't even know! I love Bts and Blackpink etc. I finally found them! I'm now 12
I can’t find out where is Taeyeon.
Minh Anh (1 day ago)
Minh Anh (1 day ago)
Minh Anh (1 day ago)
Minh Anh (1 day ago)
Minh Anh (1 day ago)
Jay Sekona (1 day ago)
I’m here again for Minho
Tini Candy (1 day ago)
It's almost 10 years from the releasing of this MV! SNSD 4 EVER❤
Si Encess (1 day ago)
Diana rose Aput (1 day ago)
Yoona forever 🇵🇭
erika Avendaño (1 day ago)
John Swift (1 day ago)
This song is so iconic BTS could never
Bangtan Babies (1 day ago)
Anyone else when BTS Sugarbird sang this? "Listen Boi. This my first love story."
GD Metaphor (1 day ago)
Kai's Underwear (1 day ago)
Back then when kpop female idols didnt have to wear skin-showing clothes.
cyndy hiu (1 day ago)
💝💝💝 228,435,840 💝💝💝 19/4
Yatno Yatno (1 day ago)
228.434..mil girls
Lukkhana Ruypring (1 day ago)
คนไทย 2019 หน่อยค่ะ
Rosalina Oktaviani (1 day ago)
Is that minho?
Linh Tử (1 day ago)
228.433.035 M
hobi’s supreme gun (2 days ago)
dude I remembered jamming to this when I was 3
Who Am I (2 days ago)
Dark Knight (2 days ago)
Sean Sean (2 days ago)
Already 9 years.
I come from 2019
I love Kpop because of this song💖💞💖
Aranya Muay (2 days ago)
2019 😊 i miss this song
milk latte (2 days ago)
Punyamu panjang panjang ngeri busyet no no no no no
19/4/2019. Còn ai nghe ko nhỉ:v
changmi back (2 days ago)
hyunak im (2 days ago)
The best song ever😘😘😘 love SNSD so much❤❤❤💋💋
Patricia Manoppo (2 days ago)
Rusmiyanti Cahyani (2 days ago)
19 april 2019☝
TexasRigged (2 days ago)
this song rules.
Adiguns MOTOVLOGH (2 days ago)
Bahasa jawanya ini begini "Gonmu panjang panjang gurih besar nononono" wkwkwkwkw
Kook Beatiful (2 days ago)
Rodo HuBAr (2 days ago)
verla despues de 10 años ..y seguir sintiendo .....esa emoción del primero dia !!! .... Sone Forever !!!!
Minho? Wow 😘😘😘😘😘😘
tcya tyul (2 days ago)
*after 2008 they got a BLACK OCEAN, in early 2009 they came back to ROCK the KPOP INDUSTRY* *LEGEND*
The start of Kpop becoming people all around the world.

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