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World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

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VICE's Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as "The Devil's Breath." It's a substance so intense that it renders a person incapable of exercising free will. The first few days in the country were a harrowing montage of freaked-out dealers and unimaginable horror stories about Scopolamine. After meeting only a few people with firsthand experience, the story took a far darker turn than we ever could have imagined. Check out Suicide Forests in Japan - http://bit.ly/Suicide-Forest- Like VICE News? Subscribe to our new channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News For more VICE News videos, click here: http://bit.ly/PILfBe Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (28456)
TakeThatL (15 hours ago)
Caracas venezuala bogota columbia quito ecuador lima peru la paz bolivia asuncuon paraguay (like if you remember this song)
Speedbird (16 hours ago)
Goddamn bliss
BoldColt (23 hours ago)
This would explain NPC's in colleges.
Black Eyed Saint (1 day ago)
What is scopolamine? Scopolamine reduces the secretions of certain organs in the body, such as the stomach and intestines. Scopolamine also decreases nerve signals that trigger your stomach to vomit. Scopolamine is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness or from anesthesia given during surgery. Scopolamine is also used to treat certain stomach or intestinal problems, muscle spasms, and Parkinson-like conditions.
Kyan Teller (1 day ago)
this shit is fake and is fear mongering. the only cool video vice ever did was the north korea one
Pauly F. (1 day ago)
Stupid scared straight to the dope man bulls%^t!
Phil Paxton (2 days ago)
I can't believe the female in the striped top is basically saying that she killed an old woman who was offering her food. Disgraceful vile creature!
Tony Bautista (2 days ago)
THAT is fucked up AND sick! People that use this shit on others, are no longer human beings. Period. 3:)
hernan canaveral (2 days ago)
I have a story to tell about cacao sabanero I went crazy for over 2 weeks I had an overdose like a real overdose doctors didn’t believe I was going to make it back but I did .. the high of cacaos is like nothing I ever try it’s most likely acids but 💯 % stronger
Richard Head (3 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like cut up hash!!!You could have used a clearer picture than that lol, kinda misleading!!!
Samiracle (3 days ago)
5:13 lamp?
chyaaaaaaaaa (3 days ago)
pussies wearing gloves and mask
Jon David (3 days ago)
if this was for real the Russians would be running the world by now
UncleAnaesthesia (3 days ago)
Datura is also in Honest Hearts (Fallout New Vegas DLC). If you're a chemist-type build, you can create some potent poisons.
Lokesh Tripathi (4 days ago)
In India datura is almost every where some people mix it with marijuana in festivals in Shiv ratri festival, they make drink out of it ! It can become dangerous !
Nicole Luciano (4 days ago)
This similar to scopolamine patch for anti sickness
minny r (4 days ago)
The dealer shaking the tree waiting for shit to drop out and eating it 😂😂 has me dead!! The crew must have been shitting their pants
minny r (4 days ago)
It makes sense now why Asian people always wear masks! They’re onto something...
TREVOR SMITH (4 days ago)
That was very interesting. I didn't know such a drug existed. Thanks for sharing.
David Franco (4 days ago)
Que rico el vicio jueputaaaaa
Anastasio Labropoulos (5 days ago)
As someone that lived in Venezuela, I know how horrible burundanga is. I've heard more the one story about it happening in Caracas.
Bone Dust (5 days ago)
As a guy who's been to Colombia a few times i find this to be bullshit , yeah if you go on the ghettos well shit!! You will get fuck , but as personal experience not one's, was i bother or drug by anyone Colombian people are very friendly and what he said about kidnap and all that shit is just trying to get people scare tipical news garbage very irresponsible and very ignorant from this hipster douchebag , is funny people say shit about country's they don't know but here in US shit is worst and noone says anything cause the news always tell the truth,right! 😉
t wulf (5 days ago)
Anybody know the name of the song they were dancing to in the club @ 19:27 ?? Lol
Azoz Alqahtani (5 days ago)
"Colombia is fucked"
then benagcz (6 days ago)
It makes all the dates come sucessful :)
sebastian rincon (6 days ago)
Even 6 years ago those are some very bias statistics @ 3:53 vice could have used a better host
Columbia..cocaine..gasoline..destroy civilization for money..nough said
Joosung Kim (7 days ago)
Isn't it funny how similar he is to the stories of men being robbed by a pretty woman who bought them a drink or something?
Giovega21 (8 days ago)
Thank god we have those lovely christian values in the west O.O
Diego Pena (8 days ago)
Nada la prostituta declara con la cara por delante que droga a los clientes y no pasa na, si lo dice un hombre ya estaria en la carcel. Que asco de tia aun por encima dice que mato a una anciana que queria ayudarle
jose pinho (9 days ago)
colombia that piece of shit
You over rate this drug you cant make someone do what you want with scopolamine or any other strong anticholonergic drug. USA ARMY try it and it do work
Radiant Fanatic (9 days ago)
Did vice give those two criminals that Scopolamine - cause they sure admitted to all their crimes on video
Mark Castro (9 days ago)
The guy's demeanor completely changed after he purchased the drugs, it kind of makes me feel sick to watch such odd happiness, if you can call it that.
unboxing theboxx (9 days ago)
Mauricio Rompani (10 days ago)
en Uruguay se le llama floripón y crece en todos lados... no es tan rara como la pintan
Thirstyland Dick (10 days ago)
Is this caption a warning or a advertisement
jason weaver (11 days ago)
So my uncle suffered from this. Govermnet experiment. Was never the same guy. Died early and wasent right. Fucked up
yokai (8 days ago)
jason weaver Which experiments?
Natures way of staying high
ALEX VEGA (12 days ago)
they could use this on mental patients to make them stop killing people
Alexa Lopez (13 days ago)
And of course, they flushed what everyone had called the "Devils Breath", the one that captures your free-will , into the toilet. You might as well have left it with the drug dealers instead. At least they didn't spread it into people's water supply.
aswyin rimal (13 days ago)
Looks like Dhatura , that we use as a offering to Lord Shiva in religious rituals and ceremonies .. may be one of the species dhatura that is found in India & Nepal
My Charms (13 days ago)
so, this is the real-life Banana Fish, basically
Iosif Stalin (14 days ago)
your dealer was tripping balls 24/7 xD
Kevin Ngugi (14 days ago)
6 years later is when im watching it
A.J. Bautista (14 days ago)
Death by spoiled garlic
B1 KitKat (14 days ago)
I had this plant in front of my parents house. My dad tired to cut them down so many times but it kept growing back They don’t die like ever!!!!
lil exxx (14 days ago)
Look at his hands shake when he handles that shit
Kyle Pudinoff (14 days ago)
Hahahaha they obviously haven’t heard of flakka you get possessed and have super human strength
Klax Cuy (15 days ago)
I recognized the datura at the first glance. I knew this plant since I was a teenager and this is not a drug but a poison. The lethal dose is so close to the hallucinogenic one that it makes it more dangerous than attractive. It's just a wild plant that grows up almost everywhere and the seeds are definitely the most dangerous part. The effects also last for the whole life and you would be really desperate to to give it a try.
Dogsidog007 (15 days ago)
16:43 I held my breath cuz of that shit
bungaking (16 days ago)
Amortentia really does exist.
Purple 9 (16 days ago)
Any of us in the comments section could be on it
Bayu Adhi Pradana (16 days ago)
in Indonesia it is called kecubung
Tullock (16 days ago)
He probably just gave them something else.
Arnav Khadka (17 days ago)
I have that tree in my grandmother's house
Santos (17 days ago)
I clicked on this video because I thought they were getting high off rabbit shit
water malone (17 days ago)
That dealer needs a show of his own💀💀...wonder if he still roams free today
Ryan VanDalinda (18 days ago)
Scopolamine sounds a lot like the fictional drug from the 2013 independently film "Upstream Color." In the film it also causes hypnotic susceptibility.
Epic gaming535 (18 days ago)
Thumbnail looks like black garlic
Shaswat (19 days ago)
Excuse me, is this the same drug used in Hangover ? :(
vegan heethan (19 days ago)
That girl talking about stealing her bf's cash was suspect cuz isn't this drug supposed to erase memory when high? Hmmmm think she just robbed him and used this common theme as a cover up.....
Twinsun predator (19 days ago)
datura grows in many country , not just south america, it grows in europe ,us , etc...
Twinsun predator (19 days ago)
we used to have this plant grow back home , one matebrought us some seed from this plant , a full tabacco bag of seed ,we just eat some seed ,maybe a full grab ... datura is no9 joke , this stuff fucked us up for a day ..... its like you are awake,but u dont really tilt what you doing.. its fucked up shit ... i remenber some other mate wanted to try ,, we was SCARE to touch that stuff again .. and its only the seed,plant material is 100 stronger
Sergio D (20 days ago)
Every vice ep I seen it’s always a white folk talking about “fun drugs” white People demand drugs and then blame it on others for their actions y’all disgust me .
why does spanish sound like funny english
Jose_ 84 (20 days ago)
It's funny when he says "Columbia is basically FUCKED"
Nicolas Sleit (21 days ago)
Gringo pirovo tirate donde en ELN
Omuk (21 days ago)
24:57 LOL
B (22 days ago)
So the shit just falls off a tree. Or was that something else
Harrison Krank (22 days ago)
Can someone give me that shit then force me to study, get in shape, and not be lazy
Dimitry Brandon (22 days ago)
A kids substitute to weed is poison ivy
its. ami (23 days ago)
In my country, Indonesia this plant as known as "kecubung"
Kirstin Clark (23 days ago)
If anyone is interested in reading further about this drug, check out the link below. It provides accurate and unbiased information. Erowid is my go-to source for researching all drugs/chemicals/psychoactive plants. You're welcome. ;) https://www.erowid.org/chemicals/scopolamine/
Jane Appleseed (24 days ago)
Powder that makes you say yes
DaddyDeno (24 days ago)
I want some
Mr Rotary (24 days ago)
Who the fuck would pay to sleep with that ugly bitch? No wonder she has to drug potential clients
David Janssen, Jr. (24 days ago)
after this doc. drug dealers across the globe took up playing the flute.
Jean Claudine Cavan (25 days ago)
Who wants this drug ,? This is free in Philippines in our province's this is just a garbage
nightcrawlernumber1 (25 days ago)
Criminals are watching this video right now !!!
Roberto Carlos (25 days ago)
Es totalmente falso, para que te haga efecto tarda aproximadamente 30 min a un poco mas. No sé si este doctor haya realizado un test o pruebas con personas, el habla sobre comentarios, yo realice unas pruebas conmigo mismo, con respeto al polvo, para que haga efecto se tendría que inhalar como la cocaina de forma directa y con fuerza, con agua o alguna bebida. En el caso de inhalar es mentira que alguien venga te sopla o en el ambiente esta el polvo y te cause efectos, es falso y hay pruebas mias. Lo que se realiza es tratar de invitar alguien que inhale con cocaina y haga efecto. O en alguna bebida pero eso tardaria 45min aprox. Lo cual te hace hace efecto adormecimiento que uno mismo se percata al pasar los minutos y luego causa sueño porque se va la visión. Se va los recuerdos porque se llega en sueño profundo pero despues de unos minutos, sucede mas cuando se a bebido alcohol. Es falso que venga alguien te diga que hagas algo y lo hagas, los psicólogos indican que las personas hacen caso es por el miedo. No existen estudios por parte del gobierno o de los médicos. Cualquier quimico farmacéutico o en toxicologia lo puede probar y romper el mito. Para sacarse de las dudas traten de intentar pocos dosis y listo. Saludos.
Speed (20 days ago)
no sabe de qué habla, hasta con sólo tocar un papel donde te pregunte una dirección y que esté impregnado ya te tienen atrapado.
Autumn Aurora (25 days ago)
It could just be any powder for all they know and the guy just took their money lol.....
Thesupersubzero ! (25 days ago)
100% per grade A Colombian
Autumn Aurora (25 days ago)
So they can't remember who gave it them and what happened but that woman remembers?
ELLIOT Metallica Fan (26 days ago)
The bill cipher drug
xXIts LuiXx (26 days ago)
Pretty Much A Chuck Norris Thing.
allucination? with earth, solar system and the outer electromagnetic bubble? i wonder what their allucination are!
Lantana H (26 days ago)
So its truth suerm?
Chris Anderson (27 days ago)
Damn that woman on the left at dinner was beautiful, I would want to stay there too but damn it would be different
Aki Aki (28 days ago)
This drug is some shisui level shit
Kuper Mc (28 days ago)
here in uruguay we drinked with water and i had no idea that this shit could do that
Provo. Lonely_ (28 days ago)
So uhhhh where do I get some
Squirtly Dude (28 days ago)
This documentary is so fake only lies lies lies ... i took scopolamine and its not like That
sonofa beach (28 days ago)
What?! Used to use it for anti sea sickness medicine. Remember the patches behind the ear?
barelybrain (28 days ago)
Mac and Dennis have finally gotten serious about their documentaries.
KM (28 days ago)
Waste all that time watching it then they dont have the balls to take it - lame
David Bell (28 days ago)
Dude every government has this uses it, look at all the people who have Hong themselves
jerrell bell (29 days ago)
WHITE MALE CRIME: White males are just 30% of the population in America, but they are arrested for: - 59% of all violent crimes, - 65% of forcible rapes, - 63% of aggravated assaults - 46% of all murders. - 65% of Burglaries, - 67% of arsons, - 70% of DUI's, - 80% of all murder-suicide cases, - 66.9% of assaults on family members and children, - 75.4% of vandalism, - 63% of auto theft, - 68.7% of fraud, - And they comprise 72% of all convicted child rapists. DISPROPORTIONATE!!
DJ 1990 (29 days ago)
3:46 😂😂😂😂
Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk (29 days ago)
I think i was the 10 millions’ subscriber lol

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