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Families of drunk driving victims say four OWI law a good start, but more needs to be done

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Under a brand new state law, drunk drivers will have their license permanently revoked after four drunk-driving offenses.
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Mad Planet (11 months ago)
All dui offenders should be EXECUTED FIRST OFFENCE NO EXCEPTIONS the only difference between a dui offender and a MURDERER is DUMB LUCK nobody should be rewarded for dumb luck all you whining turds who will cry out intent THE DEAD BODY DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT INTENT IT'S DEAD regardless of intent
Ha ha that's what they get including the child 😁
Robert Hubbard (11 months ago)
The passenger was complicit in the crime, so sending the child with him is ok, why? seriously at 4 owi's you should not get a pass ever again, obviously at that point, they aren't going to learn nor change their behavior
Walter Wynnchok (11 months ago)
Uber 🚗...

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