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Hefty car dealership fees explained

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The ABC15 Investigators go undercover to find out why Valley dealerships have so many high fees.
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William Vann (1 month ago)
Doc fees are fake. The minor cost of preparing documents is a dealer cost. The selling price includes all dealer costs plus dealer profit. All dealer costs are included in the selling price. Anyone who says doc fees are real is either a sales person or utterly ignorant. Be smart, do not pay them. I recently bought a new vehicle. Negotiate the price and trade value. The sales person presented the final numbers. Of course, a $299 (max in my state) doc fee was added. I said no way would I pay more than I had negotiated. The sales person left to talk to his manager, the game is on. He came back and added $299 to the trade value. Be smart, do not pay these fake fees.
Christian Luckett (3 months ago)
Lol sad states with no laws and they th ones that don't want any regulations on shot but cry because they don't have any help lol nys only 75 they can charge you 75 lmao 499 are you nuts
Syed Javed Ahmad (7 months ago)
Please, do it we need to stop this rip off business. As it is they are making lot of money, why more greed. They should know they will not take the money to the grave.
Syed Javed Ahmad (7 months ago)
Be careful, dealers add extra charges, you never added. We just got added $755.00, we are going to talk to them in city of riverside California.
punker4Real (7 months ago)
scam Why should I pay someone to do thier job s cam
2010ngojo (1 year ago)
Doc fees are bullshit.
chieftp (1 year ago)
$368??? LOL most dealers want $699 now.
alex guzman (3 months ago)
Guy tried to get $899 fr me today. Wasn't having it
auaiao9 (1 year ago)
Just another way dealers get money from you. They would rather have that money in their pockets instead of yours.
slimflex1 (1 year ago)
its always women that gets jacked.lmao. i thought they were the smartest gender. i dont think so
Ice Nine Melody (3 months ago)
Wow rude.
Dennis Van Popering (2 years ago)
Tell them ANY doc fee at all. If they refuse walk away. Done
not bad lol. i went to a delaer here in florida dealer fee was $589.00 +$200 title registartion fee+$ 52.00 doc stamp fee+ $49.00 electronic filing fee. almost $900 in fees lollololololololzzzz. should be a law against this scam. I did not buy. well i guess nasa astronauts did the paperwork.
Jon Italia (3 years ago)
Good video thank you
William Vann (4 years ago)
Fact is doc fee is not a fee. A doc fee is simply the selling price divided into two parts. The selling price by definition includes all cost a profit for the dealer. Dealer's use the word fee to lend some sort of legitimacy to the fake fee. By splitting the price into two parts, dealers can advertise a lower price with the doc fee part of that price hidden in very small print. The way to combat this charade is to consider the fee in the price offered. For example, if you decide to offer $20,000 and the dealer has a $500 fake doc fee, offer $19,500. Smart buyers do not let the dealer win this game.
Dave Acker (6 years ago)
This practice is SHAMEFUL!

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