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Why gamers use WASD to move

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First person shooters mean WASD. The history of the keyboard default involves a gaming legend and the start of a new era in games. Correction: At 3:36, a previous version of this video misassigned the keys, the error has been fixed Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO To see more of Thresh, check out the eSports episode of Explained on Netflix: www.netflix.com/explained In this episode of Vox Almanac, Vox’s Phil Edwards explores the history of a common default keyboard configuration among gamers. Though there’s an inherent logic to WASD — it just works well — there’s also a story behind how it became a near-universal standard. Dennis “Thresh” Fong was one of the first pro gamers to go mainstream playing the first person shooter Quake. By doing so, he set a standard for other gamers to aspire to, including his key control configuration. He discovered that for a new era in which the mouse and keyboard needed to work together, WASD was a great way to do it. Shortly after that, programmers incorporated his schema into their own games, making it a default that millions — whether they knew Thresh or not — would play with. WASD became a standard for a lot of games because of one superstar’s amazing record with it. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Vox (18 days ago)
For more check out our episode of Explained on the history of gaming and the rise of esports, now available to stream on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/explained
lilbeserk (14 days ago)
Don't be jealous SJW Vox generation, no one will idolize you in 25 years from now.
Why dis only have nine likes P.s. I didn’t like this comment
Football lover (18 days ago)
Nice channel Def's need more subs....
HighFlyer96 (3 hours ago)
Why gamers use WASD to move? Because they're not console peasants! :D
SKL potemkin (13 hours ago)
li do un tré
no no (15 hours ago)
because were *epic gamers*
FeverGaming (18 hours ago)
I am an epic gamer and I relate
CODED (1 day ago)
Intro song?
Preoximerias (1 day ago)
Shout out to Thresh for WASD + mouse.
lufthavnor (1 day ago)
because we can
Malcom Queneau (1 day ago)
You can actually hear the monetization happening as they say "fortnite"
Chris Sexwale (1 day ago)
I press TAB to order a tab before my nuclear plant safety inspections.
GamingWithBlis (1 day ago)
Do you think that WASD will ever change or will it be the same forever?
Grief Wizard (2 days ago)
Dik dic (2 days ago)
This video is the definition of cringe. Was this made for 70 year olds?
TheDutchMan83 (3 days ago)
I'm not one of them :D i like to use QWES
Rekryts (3 days ago)
I play Wii u with a calculator now I'm very satisfied with playing Minecraft
awesome guy (4 days ago)
I wish he was the most famous Icon in gaming
Kurrency (6 days ago)
because most people are right handed. right handed people use the mouse to click.
A 2 Z (6 days ago)
I use qpzm as my movement keys
M.A. (7 days ago)
Anyone else play that free Chex game that came in the box ?
neckhole (7 days ago)
F for respects
Siyeon Seo (9 days ago)
wow so good this vedio is fantastic
Siyeon Seo (9 days ago)
im David Mayo and i approve this message
AC Cieslak (9 days ago)
I use WERT
Dylan Ackerman (10 days ago)
This is an epic gamer moment
The happy Devil (11 days ago)
TheIronIcecream (11 days ago)
in other words, Its just easier to play with.
Immortal Enemy (11 days ago)
Any Azerty players who used ZQSD instead?
Immortal Enemy (11 days ago)
Man I figured this out by myself, you don't have to be a genius for this. If you can't use your arrows due to a mouse, you will look for buttons in the same position as the arrow keys at the left side of your keyboard, seems pretty logic to me. But nevertheless I never undestood the WASD combination as an European AZERTY gamer, I used ZQSD
new all songs (11 days ago)
How to download GTA san andreas in android https://youtu.be/36oom3Sea2s
Ralof of Riverwood (11 days ago)
Jesus christ was it really necessary to make a video about this???
SanPvP (12 days ago)
living legend
Mr Orange (13 days ago)
Why you breathe oxygen to live?
More like ''The ORIGIN of WASD''
Dlugi (13 days ago)
Leftist propaganda!
BobsAndVegane (14 days ago)
Because you can reach other buttons pretty easily. Doesn't really need a 5 minute video.
Vexa Grimwoe (14 days ago)
My 's' key is busted so I don't use it although I do allow this wasd format along with arrow keys for the game I am developing.
Vladimir Lenin (14 days ago)
saying fortnite 5 times in one sentence OH LORD TACHANKA SMITE DAT CANCEROUS GAME DOWN
Roen (15 days ago)
because of ctrl, alt, space, shift, q, e, r, t, f and c are also being used to move
preben nielsen (15 days ago)
I have played FPS games for over 20 years but never used WASD once.
Nuclear Bullet (15 days ago)
I still use Shogo Mobile Armor's scheme, RMB for forward, MMB for backward
Erik ! (15 days ago)
Who uses Arrow keys to move that's what noobs do.
PixelPie (16 days ago)
That dude looks like 20 years old lol
umbrella. oli (16 days ago)
I saw also a lot of Quakers using the arrow keys and 0 to jump.
Destroy Ok (16 days ago)
I use WASD because i wirte with left hand
10LightY3ars Politics (16 days ago)
Cultural appropriation
Adam A. (16 days ago)
I only use TFGH
u look starved. (16 days ago)
I hate the word 'Gamer' it makes me feel so devalued idk why
roubla roubla (16 days ago)
I use zqsd because I have azerty keyboard
Sayan guria (17 days ago)
What! And I thought it was standard since creation of universe
martin w (17 days ago)
W - why A - are S - society D - dating (gay people)
ameteuraspirant (17 days ago)
I use esdf. it's easier to bind keys to the left of the hand to access for things like potions and weapon swaps and you can access more of the 1-7 keys easier with a more centralised hand location.
Zone of Zeng (17 days ago)
qzpm anyone?
Patrick Lloyd (17 days ago)
WASD - Move Ctrl - Crouch Shift - Run Alt - Walk Space - Jump E - Interact Z - Prone R - Reload X - Item F - ̶R̶e̶s̶p̶e̶c̶t̶s̶ Flashlight G - Throwables C - Squad Commands Q - Previous Weapon or Weapon Wheel Y - Chat T - Mic I - Inventory TAB - Stats ~ - Dev Console M - Automap V, B, N, H, and J - Equipment ESC - Pause K - Drop Weapon E+R - Change Weapon Mode LMB - Fire RMB - Aim MMB - Melee Mouse Wheel - Quick Switch Macro 1 - Cheese Quicktime Events
Ghostly Meme (17 days ago)
Gamers rise up
Joppie Ortego (17 days ago)
W- welcome A- At S- sans D - death man im so bad at doing dis
Mortality DarkSide (17 days ago)
*WASD at its finest*
Blueslimeguy 332 (17 days ago)
Chip Chapley (17 days ago)
It was dark and I tried walking south only to be eaten by a grue.....
Excess Monopoly (17 days ago)
If W was right above S it would feel way more ergonomical.
POYZINIS (17 days ago)
i should name my kid wasd
Martin Jhon Enriquez (17 days ago)
another, why QWER to cast skill?
Marc (17 days ago)
Simple answer why: We are not retarded
Vexa Grimwoe (14 days ago)
I use the arrow keys because I'm right-handed and I incorporate the 'wasd' keys in my games so that lefties can play. Also, there are 2 shift keys and on my keyboard its right smack next to the arrows plus ctrl and numpad.
People who use arow keys are noobs
RedDonut 121 (17 days ago)
Yeah ik why we use WASD 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Duarte Santos (17 days ago)
Now I also wanna know if Thresh in League of legends is also called trhesh because of this guy.
Burbsi (17 days ago)
Any left handed people out there that prefer the arrow keys like me?
Perseus123 (17 days ago)
was Thresh named after Thresh in League of Legends or did Thresh from lea of legends get named after Thresh, the person?
NothingYT (17 days ago)
But left handed players that use their mouse with their left hands use the arrow keys to move.
z3nd3r (17 days ago)
Im lefty, so uncomfortable
Maris Grablevskis (17 days ago)
Why is Filthy Frank in the thumbnail?
Polkop90 (17 days ago)
The Butler (17 days ago)
1:02 FILTHY FRANK!? IS THAT YOU!?!? lol.
DisMantled (17 days ago)
I liked The series on netflix. Im waitin for more
Cause they have to
Josh (17 days ago)
The reason is if ur right handed u use w s a d and people who are left handed use arrow keys
Vexa Grimwoe (14 days ago)
That's nonsense.
snicksim (17 days ago)
Tribes2 tried to convert its users to "esdf" to allow more keys for the little finger. Seemed like a good idea but didnt catch on.
Axel Kusanagi (17 days ago)
Press J for JASON!
Iggv Iggviilanueva (17 days ago)
Boi my friend still usee arrow keyz
Cr1 Ew (17 days ago)
Look at those amazing fortnite graphics
AntiBoltz (17 days ago)
No wonder they dont use the arrow keys lol
Ro|Gaming (17 days ago)
People still ask this question?
Dj Games (17 days ago)
Simple, it's closer to L-Shift
ThatGuyRaging (17 days ago)
Fortnite is gay, change my mind
Sebi Dmu (17 days ago)
your mom gay
Video Games (17 days ago)
ThatGuyRaging I agree
Avery Jacob (17 days ago)
?????????????? Normies REERZEE3{{33{{3
Joe Kreissl (17 days ago)
There aren’t just 3 dimensions...
Quintin Castro (17 days ago)
Is he the legend47
BEEF ? (17 days ago)
idk if you use ESDF you could get more use out of the keyboard
Starsi Q (17 days ago)
Sue me, I use arrow keys
Swapnil Panigrahi (17 days ago)
What's thresh now??
K4sature (17 days ago)
i use zqsd xD
UltraDeluxe (17 days ago)
Because it’s default
The Outlander (17 days ago)
Because we have to. Would much rather use arrow keys and the mouse to look
Chewbacca (17 days ago)
Well if you use the arrow keys to move you can't move the damn mouse
Jack Bjorn Wulf (17 days ago)
I thought that was Papa Franku in the thumbnail...I was severely disappointed
Rene Monreal (17 days ago)
Follow me on instagram for Daily weird pictures @dtx_renem
Eddie 2P (17 days ago)
i use esdf to move
Brady Blackwell (17 days ago)
because they're the default movement keybinds for almost every game
Kelyaan (17 days ago)
A video for this ... I can say why in a single sentence - wasd is the easiest keys to put your hand on if your other hand is on the mouse, boom 5 minutes video saved.

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