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Why gamers use WASD to move

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First person shooters mean WASD. The history of the keyboard default involves a gaming legend and the start of a new era in games. Correction: At 3:36, a previous version of this video misassigned the keys, the error has been fixed Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO To see more of Thresh, check out the eSports episode of Explained on Netflix: www.netflix.com/explained In this episode of Vox Almanac, Vox’s Phil Edwards explores the history of a common default keyboard configuration among gamers. Though there’s an inherent logic to WASD — it just works well — there’s also a story behind how it became a near-universal standard. Dennis “Thresh” Fong was one of the first pro gamers to go mainstream playing the first person shooter Quake. By doing so, he set a standard for other gamers to aspire to, including his key control configuration. He discovered that for a new era in which the mouse and keyboard needed to work together, WASD was a great way to do it. Shortly after that, programmers incorporated his schema into their own games, making it a default that millions — whether they knew Thresh or not — would play with. WASD became a standard for a lot of games because of one superstar’s amazing record with it. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Vox (4 months ago)
For more check out our episode of Explained on the history of gaming and the rise of esports, now available to stream on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/explained
Why dis only have nine likes P.s. I didn’t like this comment
Football lover (4 months ago)
Nice channel Def's need more subs....
BigGoldenYoshiFan (9 hours ago)
Good luck using Dvorak keyboards for games.
bob semple tank (20 hours ago)
vox gay
Matthew_Cash (1 day ago)
Correction: Fortnite DOES set default movement keys to arrow keys and wasd. It does both.
Spange Bobb (2 days ago)
Because it’s easy to use like wtf
ChummyChutoy (2 days ago)
This is FALSE As a gamer, the only reason i use wasd is im to lazy to change my keybinds
Mikso0 (2 days ago)
Mikso0 (2 days ago)
and no, I dont want to buy generic water. #sellout
Burak Arıkan (2 days ago)
who searched "WASD" because they're bored?
Sun SparrowEY8 (2 days ago)
Rafin Hasan (3 days ago)
Im On Da Web (3 days ago)
it just works… don’t question it.
XxHaydosxX (5 days ago)
I love copyright systems
Wayzy (5 days ago)
because its the way that a game made you able to move, duh, why do you think analog controls got popular.
Simon S. (6 days ago)
WASD = Move Space = Jump Shift = Sprint E = Interact R = Reload Tab = View leaderboard 1,2,3,4 = Weapons G = Special weapons (eg. grenade) LMB = It can be anything, depends on the game RMB = Aiming Q = I don't know, it's not that important F = Pay respect Alt + F4 = Rage quit C = Crouch Ctrl = Go prone Ctrl + Alt + Delete = Solution for "not responding"
Mid Knight (6 days ago)
You guys must have run out of ideas.
ghee4345 (7 days ago)
I’m one of those heretics that uses ESDF and Q or W for weapon toggling
Shadow Of Light (8 days ago)
Definitely not because every game has it standard now
Kane Mining (8 days ago)
gobang dobal (8 days ago)
Where and when game is founder? And why the name is "game" not mainly or player?
An Idiot (9 days ago)
2:47 esdf is not a row on the keyboard
Hanthema the noob (10 days ago)
because it’s confortable
ShqtteredDreams (10 days ago)
i got wasded
Kippyer 231 (11 days ago)
Because most people are right handed.
Flex Corner (11 days ago)
Troopr (12 days ago)
Wasd is for right handed gamers. Mostly xbox users use wasd on pc. Wasd is up left. Xbox controller joystic is up left. Xbox controller is righy handed. Left hand goes on joystick to move. Your left hand is on wasd and you move with that. Same as xbox right? Arrow keys are for left handed gamers. Who plays xbox and moves around with right stick? Unless your left handed
Zuko (12 days ago)
we use WASD because its more easier
Cugar_Hunter_64 (13 days ago)
He looks like Filthy Frank in the thumbnail.
Brother (14 days ago)
I move with Yhgj
expertease (14 days ago)
*R* *D* *F* *G* gang where you at?
VG VESON (15 days ago)
Should've copyrighted your settings
Mækkel Montages (17 days ago)
I love How the comment section is packed with the "Gamer influenced comments" Such press F to pay respect😂
Potato Mind (18 days ago)
I prefer using two separate number pads
Waluigi (18 days ago)
W is for wupwards
Explorador (18 days ago)
Short answer: Because we gotta use the mouse and would be uncomfortable to use the up down left right keys while having to click too
moenirjwzz balguidjwzz (20 days ago)
Daveshave (20 days ago)
0:26 E Fp Vox Droop Snootki Lroy was here
Daveshave (20 days ago)
I use my legs...
keepsii (20 days ago)
I use esdf xddd
S q u i d (21 days ago)
Cause it's the default, duh.
lava lupus (21 days ago)
for a neet trick with out selecting a chat like search or comments type awesome and look at the video time bar to revert back type it again
AppleCale (21 days ago)
Why is no one just moving the mouse to the other side?
CyaDevGT (21 days ago)
i use esdf for csgo and fortnite and apex. the extra wqa keys could help a lot
CZ Swiss 12 (22 days ago)
This is a lie and i and my family use alt f4 to move
Cheezy (22 days ago)
epic gamer moment reeeee
yeppiyep (20 days ago)
Thumbnail looked like filthyfrank
Zippreh (22 days ago)
ZQSD gamers stand up
weebie (22 days ago)
why league players don’t even use wasd
Blue Milk (22 days ago)
I use wase
Casual Yoyo (22 days ago)
What’s the background track in the beginning? It’s so cool!
Prfkt_BlAcK (23 days ago)
he was playing fortnite on a touchpad
Scooterdoot Johnson (23 days ago)
I shall make all of humanity cringe and die in one single quote *Wasdew*
ValoTheBrute (23 days ago)
I thought that was filthy frank in the thumbnail
gameer heheuaibcuayfcboyh -this yuk yuk was made by epicsauce forntnite gamer
Doge (23 days ago)
What about the *_ARROW KEYS?_*
I play roblox with the arrow keys
Dapper Daniels (24 days ago)
I thought filthy frank was on the thumbnail
Timber P (24 days ago)
Cause it's easier, ez
Charles Wang (24 days ago)
because WASD is an acronym. W-Walk A-Aleft S-Strafe D-Dright
when someone asks what a meme means so you have to explain 50 other memes so they get it
White Frozone (24 days ago)
You needed to make an entire video to explain what WASD is just easier to use than arrow keys?
Elijah Heyrosa (24 days ago)
I say ASWD instead of WASD
Nope TotalyNotGeneric (22 days ago)
You are a scourge on humanity.
Rule U Out (24 days ago)
There really shouldn't be a video for this. I thought this was obvious to everyone.
Franklin&Tangelo 345 (24 days ago)
LegenDTriX (24 days ago)
As a gamer, I didn't want any reason why we use wasd, one thing's for sure. Its in my genes to use wasd.
Xanzs (24 days ago)
Category: News & Politic What
hashisaka (24 days ago)
whats the background music?
AIO (25 days ago)
I know 9 things ------------------------- 1. At 0:25 says kill Roy was here 2. At 2:19 says iluminati is watching you 4. At 2:29 it says buy generic water it tastes ok 5. You checked that I was correct 6. You taped read more 7. You didn't notice i skipped number 3 8. You just chaked 9. You are thinking about commenting
nah not me I use qupg
Cenia Candra (25 days ago)
I was confused, i saw the game and thought "hey... how old is he?why he looks like 20 ish" Turns out he's 41 , my mind just blown away
Natan Polenec (25 days ago)
daniel panchenko (25 days ago)
i thought gamers used their legs?
nightwatchsg (25 days ago)
am i the only one who uses the arrow keys now
It would actually make more sense to use EDSF because you have more buttons around it.
Kim Beam (26 days ago)
Long story short: It was easier and comfortable use.... (edit) and they copied Thresh
weedle (27 days ago)
I use ESDF
Brad Murray (27 days ago)
"gaming's first superstar" Thor akerland would like a word
Meme Lord (27 days ago)
*Where my fellow gamers at*
hyvin homo (27 days ago)
i use esdf ree
funkrod (27 days ago)
Arrow keys till I DIE
Toothpaste boi (1 month ago)
All the 9 year old EPIC gamer boys entered the chat
person of interest LOL (1 month ago)
i personally prefer legs
Cheddwardo (1 month ago)
Thank u, thank u for not saying WASAAAAAADDDDDDDDD
Aight,stop reading. (1 month ago)
So this is the legend..
Jules (1 month ago)
Droop Snoot. 0:26 concorde reference
Ms.angel Lin (1 month ago)
? I play beam ng with arrow keys
Jucho (1 month ago)
Made me nostalgic in a weird way
Firman N (1 month ago)
Firman N (1 month ago)
Some guys and games use the good'old arrow.
Kaaa aaeni (1 month ago)
Because using the legs is harder
VezzyVex (1 month ago)
1990s this guy 2019 NINJA
boti (1 month ago)
Thought Joji was in the thumbnail 😂
Noah (1 month ago)
Why gamers use WASD to move: *Because it's the default setting in a lot of games*
HAYDOUGH (1 month ago)
I use ‘esdf’
*ESDF laughing in background*
Simon VanderWall (1 month ago)
Love this guys humbleness
Sherey Niraf (1 month ago)
Kevin Freitas (1 month ago)
Awesome vid! I've always wonder why, however, ESDF isn't more common. Is that just because I'm old and learned to type on an Apple II? ;)
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
0:25 kilroy was here 2:19 illuminati is watching you
Alex 2557 (1 month ago)
I wonder what if WASD was ABXY was 2468
Anna Kunken (1 month ago)
I use wasd not on,y because it is the default but it lets your fingers easily reach shift (sprint) r (reload) the numbers (weapon switching) and other stuff like other letters (different abilities). It is just easier to have wasd on your left hand and the mouse on your right
SX Infrared (1 month ago)
I use ESDF

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