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10 Celeb Kids With Perfect Manners And 10 Who Are Already Divas

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Famous kids who were taught good manners and other who are already acting like brats. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Celebrities are just like us! They have families and mouths to feed, but sometimes those mouths can get a little too mouthy. Not sure what we mean? Just watch our video to see, as we show you 10 celeb kids with perfect manners and 10 who are already divas. In this video, we will show you famous families like the Smiths and the Beckhams, and we’ll show you where their kids fall on the list of being super sweet, or super bratty. We’ll also take a look at a few of the Kardashian kids, and you might be surprised to learn how they stack up against one another. Stay tuned to see Sofia Richie, The Obama Girls, Suri Cruise and many more! Once are you are finished watching the video, tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (2644)
Elephantgirl245 (7 months ago)
Love this channel I will tell all my friends about it because you earned it
Zmachine (1 month ago)
lol its funny how people get pissed off about dis comment and i mean with dis YOU ARE ALL RETARDS
Faded_Dreams xX (2 months ago)
Fun&games i’m not surprised they hearted tis
syntrish TM (2 months ago)
+NeptuneDaBubbly wow are you so desperate for a like
Mari Ray (3 months ago)
ME TOO😍😘😗😙😚❤💙💚💜💖
Sarah x Kornmann (5 minutes ago)
Where are Jlo kids?😂
juskym (3 hours ago)
Ya know, judging these kids before they even reach their tweens is really crappy. Lucky them, they get to have their personalities set in stone on the internet before they even know themselves.
Kasia (12 hours ago)
1:33, except that a man should be offering his hand to the woman to rest hers on top of his for support, and in this photo it's the other way around.
Nezumi Körner (20 hours ago)
If a person speaks his mind, they are a diva? I think I live in a different universe. Also, as long as one only knows the “public face” of a person, one can’t say much about how that person really is. Some people act different in public for a million of different reasons. Whenever they say “not much is known about xy child..” I thought : and how would you know if that child is a brat or not? How does not knowing much about someone equals being well mannered?
Hannah Sophia (1 day ago)
love dis vid☺️
Brooke Levy (1 day ago)
I love this channel i think it is entertaining
Karen Chastain (1 day ago)
You can't blame the kids! I have figured Mason Dash was a brat!
camcamicake love (1 day ago)
North is my favorite and the cutest😚😚😙
sadie elise (1 day ago)
tbh i wanna know what sofia abraham’s snap is 🤪
Sade Jefferson (2 days ago)
This kinda dumb because some of these kids young and they rly can't control that and just because of how some people talk or want don't mean they divas
Practicerecordings (2 days ago)
None of this proved anything, in either regard...they are all kids, and kids have moments here and there. ...none of them strike me as divas, just kids.
flower girl (2 days ago)
She needs to loose weight ( honey ) she thinks shes hot n that, but listen linda , chu fat af , find a tredmill
Usuario Claro (2 days ago)
So..apple is a really good girl just because she looks like her mom? Lol
hey wig (2 days ago)
so Penelope is a diva bc she had a UNICORN THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY?!?!!?!?!? what's wrong with you? blue, north,jaden all these kids are normal like us. We have our up and downs and they also have them. just bc they are in the spotlight and they have money they look like divas. what's wrong with you guys fr
Grace Mulroy (2 days ago)
Mini earwan is so pretty!
Kid Named kid (2 days ago)
I love it how they called kids divas for being fashionable
3:32 my god.....she's stunning.
3:08 you all that make these videos need to be responsible and never blame the kids.No kid is bad in any way.Like,for real.Never call them divas and idk what can go through your mind,because those kids didn't raised themseleves.
Mayah Schmidt (3 days ago)
Can the speaker plz stop talking so close to the microphone, all I hear is the puffing from her breathing
Princess Alexander (3 days ago)
Comparing kids. Sad.
Paulo Rodrigues (3 days ago)
Sofia Richie is spoilt
Active Axe (3 days ago)
Why do you take it so hard on kids
Loren Serrano (2 days ago)
l have a goat name apple
Aubreythesavage 123 (4 days ago)
Who names there kid apple?
Meleagro gaming (4 days ago)
I've met Bindi and Robert Irwin in real life there very good people
陳詩韻 (4 days ago)
brooklin beckham is racist
Bobby Afeef (5 days ago)
why’re y’all attacking these kids lmao
Dhila Fauzi (5 days ago)
i thought when blue ssh her mother during camila cabello speech i guess she means to ssh her mother because someone is trying to talk
D D (5 days ago)
This channel is a fucken joke.....makes pathetic shallow and plain out mean videos like celebrities with partners that are way hotter then them......and removes comments because you know your going to get hate for the video but you refuse to let people have a say. The talko needs to get a life and some manners.
PuppyEyes Meme (6 days ago)
Some of these kids aren’t even “famous”🤔🤔🙄
Kadejah C (6 days ago)
Jaden isn’t a diva
Loren Serrano (2 days ago)
leave all these kids alone
Cierra Nicole (6 days ago)
The Obama brats aren’t well-mannered. They’ve been caught smoking weed numerous times, sneaking out, and throwing their ‘fame’ in people’s faces.
ChizzyDiva ChizzyDiva (6 days ago)
Please can someone tell me the meaning of "DIVA"
Karen Chastain (1 day ago)
ChizzyDiva ChizzyDiva I was wondering the same! I think it means entitled but not sure
khashiya abdullah (6 days ago)
Where is woah vicky? AND lil tay!?! !!!
Gambo Gambo (6 days ago)
Judging kids..for some fame and likes. what can i say Too much man, atleast leave the kids . Why ruining their life... I m for sure because of people like u. They will lose the child time.. Feel shame a little...
Randomsome (8 days ago)
TBH who are you to judge. Most of These kids are just fine. Stop trying to make them look bad.
Gabriela Tifany (8 days ago)
You know The Return of the Superman? All the kids from that show has perfect manners. As expected from korean. (i love The Triplets so much btw 😍😍😄😄)
Pretzel Plays (8 days ago)
Just because ponelope got ponies at her party at my 8th party!!!!!!!!!! Ponelope isn’t spoiled or a diva get your facts right!
Plo Lumpski (9 days ago)
Just because penelope had a nice birthday she was spoiled !?!!!?
Kim Eun Sol (9 days ago)
did you even breathed???
jean (10 days ago)
why are you pitting these children against each other????????? like no child is perfect sit youre asses down
Alvin Del Rey (11 days ago)
Sasha is well mannered but her sister did have a scandal or two so ☕️
I hate liberals (11 days ago)
I would love to see Bindi Irwin speak out against whales in captivity in seaworld
Axel Rodriguez Armas (12 days ago)
Helena bomham catther
Blarfy Boop (12 days ago)
Who names their kid Apple? I don’t get it 🤔
Jeiran Kiani (12 days ago)
North West is actually sweet and has good manners!
sg vs (13 days ago)
Omg North is so gorgeous!!! 😍
Kaylalikespups -roblox (13 days ago)
I dont really like suri cruise....
Amber Moffatt (13 days ago)
Not to be rude or anything but Kim has said that when they are going out she picks Norths clothing incase of paparazzi and north can wear whatever she wants in the house.
Low-key Leo (14 days ago)
if you think those kids are divas you would think that I was actually satan when I was younger
Emily robles (16 days ago)
Leave the Kardashian’s children alone😤🖕🏻
Faiqa Raza (16 days ago)
Adele Therese (18 days ago)
The Obama girls are so pretty
The RANDOM CHILD (18 days ago)
When Jaden Smith popped up I immediately thought of Louis from TWDG!
Sophie Auld (20 days ago)
*makes video attacking literal children*
Carter (18 days ago)
This needs to be taken down
Lihini Jayasekara (21 days ago)
Don't judge the Kardashian kids, just because of their parents. They are not even old enough to have done something that bad.
FarAdila (22 days ago)
u do know her parents dresses her up right? lol seriously
Matthew Raja (23 days ago)
Who’s we, talko?
YouTube Queen (23 days ago)
Of 20 people are in a 10 minute video then why aren’t ten people in 5 minutes
Boxing Science (24 days ago)
Obama lowlifes lol
Destiny Hunter (25 days ago)
Even if I'm an Indian, i love Obama very much! Modi is just a dust compared to obama!
Regine Valdez (25 days ago)
It doesn't mean that Penelope is a diva for having a very big unicorn birthday and North is not a diva Kim is the who's picking her clothes
Laura Fister (26 days ago)
Penelope is a sweet little girl she is not a diva
Laura Fister (26 days ago)
Mason is not a diva he was little and he is so cute and sweet
Djdjdjs Ass (26 days ago)
Why am I watching this?
Carter (18 days ago)
Idk it was your choice to do it
Gracie Huffaker (27 days ago)
Do a vid on top ten indie games plz
tlolovestats (27 days ago)
They are all kids...time will tell. Hopefully, they grow up to be great adults!
they are kids fgs..
Amy Newberg (29 days ago)
Waittt....wasn’t jaden Smith and honey boo boo just on the “celebs who act like angels but in real life are brats”????🤨🤔
Ts B (30 days ago)
WTH!! didn't even finish the vid. Way too many ads
I DON'T KNOW (30 days ago)
Jen garner i have the same last name
Alisha Kennedy (30 days ago)
So this video bugs me so much! Kids can fake as much as any adult. Plus you shouldn't judge children or their parents choice on how to raise THEIR OWN KIDS! Also why would the celebs truthfully tell people their children are brats? One thing I found common however was that no matter what the child did you completely blew it out of proportion.
Berenice Almaguer (1 month ago)
sophia is a little brat
Berenice Almaguer (1 month ago)
i hate honey boo boo likr idont know why she does that. if i was her mom i would already give her spankings along time ago cause i'm only 9 and i have way better manners then that little brat
Isabel Gomes (1 month ago)
Lol, Malai Obama?😂 Malia and Sasha are two wise girls!👍
Pardon ? (1 month ago)
North isn’t a diva she is actually really cute when Kanye’s mom passed away she requested a plane to go see her in heaven she also loves kissing her mother and looks up to her, She is really cute and wishes to become a bunny sure she acts like a diva but who doesn’t? She hates people taking pictures of her and that’s fine but behind cameras on her mother’s snaps she is really sweet don’t judge her because of reality shows they are fake
Pia Jones (1 month ago)
4:45 I was like oh hell yeh bindi Irwin was anyone like that because I'm Australian I always used to watch her.
Meleagro gaming (4 days ago)
i've met her and robert in real life cause i'm an aussie legend.
Linda Rames (1 month ago)
"he was escorting his mom to her car. many fans were swooning over this!" no offence like srsly no offence but oof
Are you kidding me? Everybody is diffrent and I can’t believe you would make a list about ‘divas’ when they aren’t. They don’t deserve that. Shame on you.
Anna Marie Krupka (1 month ago)
I dont see how having a unicorn birthday party makes penelope a diva. Her parents are rich so she can get what she wants but with the kardashians, their parents keep a big roll in manners Ok but how is the way North dresses make her a diva??
Chloe Vlogs (1 month ago)
2:25 whats wrong with her eyes
Alannah Grihmthan (1 month ago)
The amount of ads on this video are overwhelming
Thinderella EDwards (1 month ago)
Another reason I am glad that my childhood was relatively free of being filmed 24/7 and being judged for acting childish during my childhood! Thanks Mom & Dad for being regular!
Ann Minz (1 month ago)
I say this the Obama girls will grow up and do great things just like their father
Danya Muhsin (1 month ago)
This is not right, they’re only children
Peter gay Scholes (1 month ago)
Obama girls 💯💯🥰😍✌🏾
Rajni Singh (1 month ago)
beckham kids💕
NICOLE DOHERTY (1 month ago)
North westttt all the wayyyyy
Simple Art (1 month ago)
Mmmm, I just realized the divas are more popular than the sweethearts.
CoCo Cat (1 month ago)
Audrey pYE (1 month ago)
I have no idea who any of these celebrities are but looking at some of the comments a few of these people aren't divas and a few are just kids being kids like Penelope was just wanting a unicorn party BECAUSE SHE'S A CHILD
Icecream Sunday (1 month ago)
North west is the best if you ask me
Jaela Limmie (1 month ago)
where's jojo siwa for the naughty list. and the royal family for the nice list
CraftyGirlGaming (1 month ago)
This is so mean there only kids I mean what do you expect and classifying them as diva and mannered that is not nice at all so unimpressed
Bam Buh (1 month ago)
This page is such a trash for saying kids are divas because they got a beautiful birthday party and dresses Fab. It's so obvious they hate the Kardashian kids
Bam Buh (1 month ago)
Lol the shade on Sofia
Christina Bonvillian (1 month ago)
Some of those kids are just Brats
Maria Hernandez (1 month ago)
I've always considered the Obamas to be very classy and respectful folks.
Alaïa Marie McBroom (1 month ago)
daily teaaa
Crazy Gacha Potato (1 month ago)
Nobody can have "perfect manners"

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