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Officer stops robbery in progress

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Officer stops robbery in progress
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gypsymanjeff 21 (2 months ago)
Ron We (3 months ago)
Thumbs down is from illegals wanting more free stuff. Shot him again.
Joel Driver (4 months ago)
Incredibly stupid by the cop to put that gun up to the perp's head. You should never put a weapon within arm's reach of somebody if you're in an altercation because it gives them a chance to get a hold of it.
Bruce S. Parker (6 months ago)
Yea, taxes that support and perpetuate,ever heard of that word perpetuate, don't get it mixed up with perpetrator, or even impetrate,ever heard of that word ,he'll no your ignorant, that's okay were all ignorant but don't get that word mixed up with ignoramous, because the two don't have the same connotational, meaning and never will. When you act like you know when you really don't even have a clue, THAT'S an IGNORAMOUS. Now back to where I started,taxes that support and perpetuate the ad infinitum asswarmers. Hey I gotta deal for you ,Yea right, impetrator.
Bruce S. Parker (6 months ago)
+Rocky 1015 It's not who I'm talking to , it's what I'm talking about. Get it ! It's not the same as No Comment . And to top it off , a pastrami sandwich . AFTERWARDS THAT IS.
Rocky 1015 (6 months ago)
Who are you talking to?
Bruce S. Parker (6 months ago)
Another pure,straight up criminal with non stop full freedom, more than non criminals will ever have and that's for damn,sure. Instead of the ignoble,ever heard of that word,he'll no,I have to introduce it to you since you are ignorant, that is supposed to be supressed,ever heard of that,he'll no, your ignorant, so system from asswarmer, gives him all he needs to victimize all he wants. Who am I ? My name is VICTIM MORE THAN MANY TIMES but I am only legal wise allowed to be angry at taxes.
ferrari guy (6 months ago)
Din do nuffin
Boots Jones (7 months ago)
When you aim it , Shoot ! I was waiting for the robber down on the ground .
fladave99 Mills (7 months ago)
I would have shot him right in the neck.
Quetzel Coatl (9 months ago)
Excellent work!
M F (1 year ago)
Don’t pull a gun out if you’re not willing to use it
Obey Glixity (1 year ago)
choppy restraint attempt. But cool that he still got the criminal. I would of got my distance though cause the criminal could of easily countered and disarmed the cop
ERico75 (1 year ago)
A career piece of shit
Jason Smoot (2 years ago)
definition of STUPID
samm frankss (2 years ago)
all cops need four arms one for a gun one taser the others to deal with the person one on one.
stephenmartinez1 (2 years ago)
5am robbery, financial crimes? He's probably a drug addict just desperate to get some money for drugs- If that's the case then I feel bad for him also.
Mark Mcgrath (2 years ago)
very rarely do i say a cop is truly a good and intelligent human being, i dont know him enough to make that call, but i thank him for doing his job correctly, promotion for sure, hope he is also good hearted and perfectionally intelligent.
iblos (2 years ago)
*Incredible* self-restraint shown by thIS officer! (I mean, almost excessive, IMHO.)
John Ross (2 years ago)
Man, why don't cops have batons anymore? He could of smashed that guy in the face with a cold steel baton. But I am glad the cop and clerk were alright.
Sean P. (7 months ago)
They do have them, but they refuse to use them. His best bet would have to use a leg sweep to get the guy on the ground and then wrestle him into custody. Pulling the gun out a such close range only invites the suspect to knock it out & possibly use it against you.
Chaoticstorm (3 years ago)
Wow. Being robbed twice in a 4 hour period. I feel sorry for the employees and owner. but having the officer literally standing behind the guy as he does kind of makes it worth it.
Larry Sizemore (3 years ago)
My left ear was entertained by this.
temoc76 (3 years ago)
The Cop should have killed him; he clearly has a rep! Exterminate the roach!
PutNameHere (3 years ago)
People complain about cops being killers and everybody in the comments want the unarmed thief killed by a cop. People, who think he should have shot him should get their balls chopped off and dick smashed with a rock, head chopped off and burned alive.
PutNameHere (3 years ago)
Not that precise order.
Ian Nottingham (3 years ago)
Sorry guys, I was more interested with Megan, she is beautiful
Saffron's World (2 years ago)
Ian Nottingham Meagan...Meagan...Meagan...ah, what robbery?
Bri G. (3 years ago)
I think he should have stepped away from the guy, he could have tried to take his gun.
Bri G. (2 years ago)
No Baton? I think LAPD would have whacked this guy one. He should have ordered the guy to lie down instead there's a struggle and the bad guy could have gotten the gun.
PandalGaming (2 years ago)
Bri G. Should have waited outside for him
Fernando Magalhães (3 years ago)
Cop should be fired!! Why have a gun if you are not willing to use it to save people's lives or your own life? This officer should be punished!
Drew (3 years ago)
He just saved a life. That money could have got stolen making the family poor and unstable. He doesn't need to shoot to save
PutNameHere (3 years ago)
How about you shoot yourself, people complain about cops killing people and now you're saying that he should shot him. People like you should be thrown in a pit of lava.
PlanetRockJesus (3 years ago)
When the robber started fighting with the cop, the cop had every right to shoot that low-life.
tayokarate (3 years ago)
That cop was a bit foolish all be had to do was point the gun directly at him and order him to the ground ..
Rocky 1015 (6 months ago)
Agreed, he approached the guy when he was still vertical and able to resist, not the best tactic there but to be honest it is easy to write that from my bed and not being in the situation.. I'm glad he was able to arrest the guy without any major injuries though.
160moebius2 (3 years ago)
Dude I wish I was that calm he had so many chances to shoot him and be done with it the thief had a weapon and had punched his face a good number of times but got him aressted and no one was killed of horribly wounded thats what a good cop does nuf said
rockit730 (3 years ago)
That cop should be fired!!  Immediately!!  When you point a gun in a robber's face and he still doesn't surrender, YOU SHOOT THE MOTHERFUCKER!!  No hesitation whatsoever.  I would never partner with this idiot.
KA MRR (3 years ago)
+rockit730 Because in todays society a cop doing his job and " taking out the trash " will get him suspended and cause a bunch of angry welfare recipients to take to the streets. Cause he din' do nuffin'
twoslices (3 years ago)
There would have been trouble for the cop had he shot the guy,thats the way it is now which is all wrong
Boxcar Bubba (3 years ago)
Just another career criminal that the parole pussies felt sorry for
kskkarate (4 years ago)
Pull the TRIGGER next time
Beto Mendoza (4 years ago)
Most officers would have killed this robber. This is an Honorable Police Officer
Kyle M (4 years ago)
And so are the others
Redant23 (4 years ago)
Just leave him in Prison
STSairman (4 years ago)
That's why i'm not a cop, id shot the guy in the leg as soon as he started resisting..lol
Kyle M (4 years ago)
Me too. For sure. Two chances one in each leg. Next one would be in the head
ramairgto72 (4 years ago)
Takes me back to my LP days....
roan33 (4 years ago)
throw this scum in a jail cell and throw away the key, fucking guttertrash.
+roan33 Yeah, then poor bastards like me have to deal with them year after year. They don't change once they get there either.
AMY LOVE (4 years ago)
Doug H (4 years ago)
Those silly black dudes....always trying to rob, steal, kill....Just can't fix stupid can you?
PEARZ TV (2 years ago)
K-Man S how do you know he's black you can't see his face
Caveat Emptor (4 years ago)
No you cant.. smh
Special Ops Pepe (4 years ago)
rip left ear
Ping Pong (4 years ago)
my grandma stopped me a few times by grabbing my ear, this actually works
Baratako (4 years ago)
+Joseph England Well, the audio ic comming from the Left, when he said "RIP Left Ear", I thought he said that 'couse his left ear didn't receive any audio, anyways, my headphones are 100% not-backwards.
Joseph England (4 years ago)
+KOOLGUYPT no they aren't yours are
Baratako (4 years ago)
Your headphones are backwards
matingly23 (4 years ago)
That guy needed Brutal from Green Mile to use a nightstick.
Guywithcrazyideas (4 years ago)
don't pull your gun and then not use it as you're being assulted
D T (3 months ago)
Police cant shoot him because he is black
David Lastname (3 years ago)
+Guywithcrazyideas Your username is quite appropriate."
Louis Melton (4 years ago)
+Guywithcrazyideas you want him to take someone else's life all because you're being punched, lord help us all that's all i got to say
Kyle M (4 years ago)
Tough choice. Take a chance he doesn't kick your ass first or shot him possibly kill him and end up like darren Willson. Accused of being a murderer and have to resign from being a cop. Because he killed another "gentle giant like Michael brown"
Johnny Ringo (4 years ago)
+Tyler Newton Pulling your gun out and not using it is a good way to get yourself and others killed.
roger keenan (5 years ago)
why did he not shoot him
Filippo Pirello (5 years ago)
The cop had skilz and Megan has nice tits. Win win.
aucourant (5 years ago)
That cop needs some serious training or he's going to get himself killed. To shove a gun against someone's head like that  is just stupid. Should have kept some distance between himself and the robber.
Xinder720 (2 years ago)
Very unwise to get that close to a robbery suspect.
bulletprooff1k (5 years ago)
I would of tazed the robber in the back and then whack his legs with the stick so he would stay on the ground lol
Josh Deffenbaugh (4 years ago)
He had a heavy winter coat on, and only some stun-guns are rated only for low penetration
D (4 years ago)
I would have shot him in the butthole.
Buschietime (5 years ago)
why no tazer? why no shots? good cop kept his head rare fine in a police force......great job
A (5 years ago)
why are these repeat criminals allowed to keep getting out ?  its ridiculous.  courts need an overhaul.  police have to deal with these creeps over & over again.  it must be frustrating to go thru all this & knowing the crook will be out again soon. good police work & good guyncivilian for helping him.
Kyle M (4 years ago)
Should cut off a hand when they steal. Then they only get one more chance
A (5 years ago)
+taledarkside yea, meanwhile they get to live in elysium & we're down here in worn torn earth. lol.
jortiz87gto1 (5 years ago)
This guy should of bin shot. Cops kill for less.
Lorenzo (5 years ago)
holy shit this is in my city
Striken (5 years ago)
The cop couldnt shoot him the bullet doesnt stop when it hits the body like the movies. Bystanders and the cop himself could have been shot if he pulled the trigger. He should have taken him down from behind first thing.
Catt's Box (5 years ago)
Yeah, if the cop hot him, stupid society would be protesting. Correction, ignorant people of our society would be protesting.
RebelSoldier CSA (5 years ago)
That cop should have just put a bullet in that fucks head.
D. R. Silva (5 years ago)
That's what I was thinking, too. God forbid the robber get a hold of the officer gun because he didn't use it. At least shoot him in the leg. lol.
Meat Dragon (5 years ago)
Then the liberals let him go with a small fine.
uzijohn (5 years ago)
Glad he caught him, but I disagree with SGT. Perez and the reporter, You cannot wrestle someone with a gun in your hand, once you have pulled a weapon, you are committed to using it if needed, especially with an armed suspect, standing right next to you (that’s also a problem), as soon as the man resisted he should have been shot. In the end, it worked out, but this could have gone ugly.
Felix V (5 years ago)
He should have shot him a police is a person that is not permitted to retreat if his life is in jeopardy. This was jeopardy!! Now we have to feed the fucker!
Vergon PARADO (5 years ago)
Dumb popo......could not handle the thief.
inbredagogo (5 years ago)
So basically this guy was a life long piece of shit and needed to be wasted right then and there. Fuck taking him into custody, bringing him through the court system and wasting money. Save the tax payer.
dannnyboon70 (5 years ago)
Not to smart are you?
AbduCola (5 years ago)
Really stupid to not shoot him. That crook could've gotten his gun
SuparTuber (5 years ago)
You ain't missing anything the video contains no sound.
GunQuickie (5 years ago)
LOCK HIM UP FOR LIFE. Give him the option of death. (save us good people tax money)
Eyad Abuhamdeh (5 years ago)
I can't believe people liked my Comment ;) theres always a first to everything I guess. :)
1c3yb0wtwins (5 years ago)
very true, however would you be more scared of a gun up to your head or a gun about 10-20 feet away?
daviscraig83 (5 years ago)
cynthx (5 years ago)
Right ear feels lonely.
Roman Olvera (5 years ago)
then everyone would be bitching about it...
BusinessDone (5 years ago)
Flip your headphones around, TrollVolta.
Premiumturtle (5 years ago)
My left ear had more fun than my right ear.
anyidsleft (5 years ago)
I was going to comment but not going to...if I did, I would say the officers judgement was a little off, probably due to inexperience or the administrations lack of training and the 'grey' area in the "Use of Force Continuum." Dude, subdue the guy immediately! Not saying taser the dude...simple leg take down...most honest citizens stand behind you...when the time comes, we expect the same!
John TrollVolta (5 years ago)
i have no hearing in my left ear, i heard nothing
TheJubbert (5 years ago)
The officer was kind of fucking retarded for putting the gun right up against the guy's head. If things had gone a bit worse, the robber could've disarmed him and turned the tables. A gun isn't a knife, you don't need to put it against the guy's face to be effective.
WarriorOfMandalore (5 years ago)
Kissfan63 (5 years ago)
Should have shot that shithead as soon as he resisted arrest. And all you handwringers fuck off! He is 55 years old and always being a criminal. But I guess he must be a hero to some of you.
Pius Joseph (5 years ago)
Since the would be robber looked at the officer as he walked into the store, it sort of makes one wonder if figured he was caught anyway so why not go ahead with it.
Ryan Ebrahimy (5 years ago)
Don't worry left ear, we will meet again in the next video...
austrianecoable (5 years ago)
Now this guys is a police officer. Respect.
Depresjon (5 years ago)
My right ear its so lonely. Why the right one why not the left one?!
Put the gun straight to his head. I love it.
Krishna Kishore C (5 years ago)
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uruglytoo (5 years ago)
cops should have shot that mothafuka
Confederate Son (5 years ago)
This is the problem. The cop didn't shoot the robber now the people have to pay for his incarceration for at least 3 years.
Mummyonabudget (5 years ago)
haha the robber was like wtf....o hello sir
theforogoten1 (5 years ago)
no you wouldnt of...
zQker (5 years ago)
i would hav killed him.
Dan (5 years ago)
The rober was lucky ...the cop didn't shot him..
CobraVenom2003 (5 years ago)
austin binn (5 years ago)
If he shot him it would be hard on the cop as an SRT iv shot human beans it sucks
Django (5 years ago)
The robber was 55? damn dude.. at one age do you give it up. lol
rh1507 (5 years ago)
Megan is cute,
Chris2makeU pissed (5 years ago)
I thought Travon was only buying skittles & Soda???
bloodriotiori (5 years ago)
XenittX (5 years ago)
trololololol ;)
SmashLike (5 years ago)
I'm surprised the coo didnt shoot the guy when he was on top of him I wouldve
bloodriotiori (5 years ago)
*You're* :(
FueledByAdrenaline (5 years ago)
If that was you, you would have been suspended from the force. Apparently you don't understand the use of an officer's service pistol...I'm actually amazed the department thought he did the right thing pulling his gun and sticking it to the back of the robber's head like some street thug. If that "career criminal" had any kind of weapons defense training he could have messed Officer Campbell's life up permanently.
KO Ethan (5 years ago)
Their not subhuman, just freaking idiots!
Spyhunter107 (5 years ago)
7.1 surround sound
Tom Stout (5 years ago)
nice porn mustache. i would give it a 8.5

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