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✂ DIY: Infinity/Circle Scarf | How to Knit

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Fun fact: this scarf took me 10+ hours to make. Ring's store: http://www.stelladot.com/kristhessa Ring's link: http://www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/p/pave-chevron-ring-gold?s=kristhessa Link to stitches: http://www.vogueknitting.com/pattern_help/how-to/techniques_abbreviations/basic_knitting_stitches.aspx Music: Akdong Musican 200% and Epik High Born Hater I N S T A G R A M: http://instagram.com/berriebarely E M A I L: [email protected]
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Ishil Akhtar (8 days ago)
what size needle did you use? Lol I'm so late with this question tho
Muthia Ulfa (1 year ago)
how many ball of this yarn do you need?
berriebarely (1 year ago)
Mapi Aviles (2 years ago)
Can i just knit?? And not purl?
berriebarely (2 years ago)
+Maria Paula Aviles Yes and you will get a knit patter than the rib
alvin pang (2 years ago)
Can I know how long u knit this scarf?
alvin pang (2 years ago)
+berriebarely thanks ^-^
berriebarely (2 years ago)
About 9 hours in total! It's not that bad if you watch something while knitting though.
Mina Abdulkarim (3 years ago)
This was the BEST "how to knit" video ever!!! I have been looking for THIS since like last winter... Anyways, THANKS A LOT
(3 years ago)
This is the first time I saw someone not guess how much yarn to use and waste a good bit of it at the start of the project. Thanks for your help with that, kiddo!
KrispyKremes (3 years ago)
Lol when you said knit, purl, knit, purl, really fast it sounded like u were saying nipple but with an asian accent. 😂😂😂
berriebarely (3 years ago)
+SmexyBurrito HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGG I can't stop laughing!!! XD
McKinley Moen (3 years ago)
I've watched 15,000 videos on how to knit and this is by far the easiest and my first scarf looks good thanks to you! You're such a lifesaver👍
Sissi Wang (3 years ago)
omg this is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!
berriebarely (3 years ago)
@linda dao Nope! I'm just a kpop fan! xD Merry Christmas!
Kiwii amv (2 years ago)
your a kpop fan!!
Linda Dao (3 years ago)
are you korean cause youve put born hater and i freakin love that song from epik high!!!
Diana V (3 years ago)
Pritty. there is different techneek of kniting, faster one that Slavik people use. by using it, it would take max-6 hours to make a scarf like this one. My mom cane make it in 3 hours
Catherine Demou (3 years ago)
Catherine Demou (3 years ago)
How long was your scarf when you finished knitting it? It looks amazing!
berriebarely (3 years ago)
+Catherine Demou Before sewing the ends together, it's about 2 and a half foot long
Beyond the Journey (3 years ago)
My mom bought me knitting needles last year and I was so excited to make a scarf. So I learned the basic stitch. But I got so bored, and it was just taking so long, but after watching this I want to keep going, so thanx! And I see it would help if I bought thicker yarn. What do I make out of all this thin yarn I have? Any ideas? Please answer my question, I don't want to waste the yarn.
berriebarely (3 years ago)
You can use magazine clippings to wrap your presents then use the yarn to decorate your wrapping!
Beyond the Journey (3 years ago)
+berriebarely​ Thanx, thats a really great idea because I just ran out of wrapping paper, lol
berriebarely (3 years ago)
You can buy a smaller size needle to work with the thinner yarn. If not, you may use the yarn to wrap Christmas presents! I wrapped a few with yarn! +Noel Bowers 
Alyssa Gibby (3 years ago)
can u do beginners tutorials?
Alyssa Gibby (3 years ago)
I will have a merry christmas ! :)
berriebarely (3 years ago)
+Alyssa Gibby I'm so sorry!!! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! :)
Alyssa Gibby (3 years ago)
:) haha oh sorry :) it was good :) im just slow i actually got it:) THANK YOU! :) your amazing
berriebarely (3 years ago)
+Alyssa Gibby I actually aimed this video for beginners.... I guess it's my fault for going too fast! xD
Deanie (3 years ago)
LOL I want to make this, but I am terrible at anything that has yarn haha!
Steph XO (3 years ago)
I swear my brain just fried! 😐 this looks so complicated aaaahhh!
berriebarely (3 years ago)
I was just like that when I first started!!! Just practice and don't give up and you will succeed! :DDD
Fatima Alam (3 years ago)
Nice video and plzz next time make video about DIY room decors plzz
berriebarely (3 years ago)
I already have one! :) Andddd I just finished editing one! 
Phiyen H Vu (3 years ago)
I just brought all of the materials can't wait to tackle this. Thank goodness I'm done with my finals! XD
Phiyen H Vu (3 years ago)
Haha better get on it girly ;)
berriebarely (3 years ago)
SO LUCKY! Finals are next week for me! I should be studying instead of being on YouTube! xD
Christina Tagay (3 years ago)
This was helpful thanx
Serena Chheuy (3 years ago)
I love the background music, its truly 200% love
berriebarely (3 years ago)
HAHAHA I love it too!
Chloe V. (3 years ago)
This video was so helpful! Thanks!
berriebarely (3 years ago)
Glad you like it Chloe!
Voffa Hej (3 years ago)
Good video
berriebarely (3 years ago)
Thuy-Linh Nguyen (3 years ago)
Omg I am literally JUST staring out how to knit! I bought needles and a book, but I just couldn't get it down and just had a big yarn ball of mess. But girlllll you showed me the light! My motivation to knit has been restored! Thank you so very much!
berriebarely (3 years ago)
HAHAHAHA That was SO me when I first started! After you get the hang of it, you can even close your eyes and they will automatically knit for you!
Hi it's Joy (3 years ago)
berriebarely (3 years ago)
Thanks! :)
erisa (3 years ago)
I always wanna try knitting :) maybe after exams, ill try
berriebarely (3 years ago)
Definitely!! It's gonna occupy your time during break!
boomshakalakaxo (3 years ago)
the scarf looks amazing on you!!!!! :) 
berriebarely (3 years ago)
boabogo (3 years ago)
I KNOW THE BACKGROUND MUSIC 200% c: I was like I know this song..
berriebarely (3 years ago)
+ItsElle +Tini Cheung Do you guys have any music requests? I may use it in one of my future videos if I get hooked on to it! xD
Tini Cheung (3 years ago)
Alondra Higuera (3 years ago)
Whoa I give you major props on this. :) this must of been hard.
Mary Lee (3 years ago)
Born Hater in the background, love it!
berriebarely (3 years ago)
I'm a diehard fan for born hater! XD
Sarah Januub (3 years ago)
Thnx its getting cold were i live so that would be extremely useful thnx And By the way can u do a Q and A vedio plz ily😘
Sarah Januub (3 years ago)
Okay ✌
berriebarely (3 years ago)
I'm glad it helped! I honestly don't have any plans for a Q&A since I don't get much questions, BUT if you do have any questions about me, just ask me here! :)
Sam Su (3 years ago)
I remember the time where in 6 th grade where I had to knit a square / squares for a blanket for the homeless! Every Friday at school I would be knitting and knitting hoping i would finish first and I'm DEFINITELY gonna give this a try for my long 6 weeks holidays!

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