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Text Comments (53)
Josh Wynns (2 days ago)
No love for the emacs? lol
Satvik Reddy (4 days ago)
Yo, why is his f stop so low in his facecam clips
Joshua Fluke (4 days ago)
His fstop is low because this lense was $35 on Amazon lmao
exod4 (5 days ago)
That's wayyy too much fucking blur dude
Joshua (6 days ago)
and what about eclipse?
Toahmisae (9 days ago)
You're out of focus.
Shadow Teck (12 days ago)
2019? I got a video for the best IDE's for 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjEd2DBeeWE
Bozhidar Petrov (23 days ago)
So vs code and sublime an idea better over the others text editors.
Cipher Tester (24 days ago)
Good video. The newest IDE and text editors simply cant compete with VIM. Most of these programs are bloated and big, while you look at the load time also look at the memory footprint of the process. Which IDE or editors lets you edit code on the server? Lots of feature in VIM that you can't do in any IDE or editor.
Joe Monaco (28 days ago)
IntelliJ for java and PyCharm for python from JetBrains is free
sandeep kurien (28 days ago)
I have been a freelance php developer for 9 years now. I started with notepad++. Now sublime text 3. I have never been impressed with IDEs. I have tried to use quite a few of them but none of them open as fast as ST3.
Emenike Anigbogu (28 days ago)
Angelos E. (1 month ago)
JetBrains products for students are not just free for one year. But you have to renew the license for each additional year you are enrolled in college. "5.1. Customer may renew its Product subscription for another year by submitting a written request to JetBrains 30 (thirty) days prior to the end of the Toolbox Subscription term."
james yang (1 month ago)
Sublime Text 3 && VS Code && Pycharm. Pycharm is great for Python.But that's okay, just coding, other things seem to be bells and whistles.
David Araújo (1 month ago)
what about Geany
Fabian (1 month ago)
Did the change it, or did you miss something? Jetbrains has(/had) Community Editions for I think every IDE. And the community Edition was free, aren't they now?
Fabian (1 month ago)
They do indeed have less features, but more than enough to start. After that you could try the test month of the Pro version and then see if you should buy it
TheCoffeeAddict (1 month ago)
Sublime Text 3 && Brackets && some Atom. In the beginning, I was devoted to Kate (KDE.) I’ve been checking out VS code, but not yet sold on the hype.
what's the theme's name at 4:19? it's C L E A N
Joshua Fluke (1 month ago)
Geovane (2 months ago)
vim is also good, but... you may spent a lot of time configuring and learning it, vscode is simply and good so.. I recommend Vscode for everyone
AstroSquid (2 months ago)
I just go into a computer science college, and I want to learn pyhton so bad
StickMan1316 (1 month ago)
One word "Udemy"
EartHeart Compass (2 months ago)
The video focus could be better; you're slightly blurry.
pluraltest (2 months ago)
What about vim?
Johnny Muen (2 months ago)
Atom for at least the next 15 years
Tanner Barcelos (2 months ago)
I just started my CS degree... been using visual studio and code blocks for c++ and python. However, have just looked into text editors and VS Code looks great, and supports python, JavaScript, c++ etc. so like, idk what I’m doing. Should I stay coding in visual studio or use VSCode text editor because I’m kinda learning that at the moment. Or would you say use visual studio and use VSCode through my degree?
Harrison Boot (3 months ago)
what is up my jakepaulers
- - (3 months ago)
Sublime Text is fast
Quinnx Primus (3 months ago)
I'm that guy who comments "nano" 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Fluke (3 months ago)
There's always one
Lahiru Mihiripenne (3 months ago)
50th like 😏
Erik Hernandez (4 months ago)
Hello. I am new to coding and just started learning. Can you please recommend me a good pc latop (i am not good with mac) I'm using a dektop pc but it isnt mine and I would prefer to have my own. I have about $500 to spend maybe $700 thanks
Allan Clayton (4 months ago)
Brackets is my go-to editor atm (may change after I finish the video); and it does have autocomplete and split-pane view, and their extensions are enough for me.
Explorer (1 month ago)
Allan Clayton VS has the same too.
LLIO?!_OI79ITЬ?! (4 months ago)
PHPStorm the best of IDE and SublimeText3 the best of the best of text editor!!! If only ST3 have such a great debugger like VSCode)
Fist Last (5 months ago)
microsoft word though...
An B (5 months ago)
Watched the video and then I was really surprised that your channel has lesser views than I expected. Anyway wish you good luck Joshua. I agree with your list and love VSCode these days. Its perfect for almost everything. I am using it from Python to Web development, to CUDA C programming, it has support for everything.
Rahul Sharma (7 months ago)
You can get jetbrains for free if you have a student id.
Joshua Fluke (7 months ago)
Rahul Sharma but only for a year I believe
Rayli (7 months ago)
Brackets is amazing and also has third party support 😑 not to mention you can get plenty of extensions for whatever you need.
Mohammad Rafik (1 month ago)
brackets sucks compared to VS code, iv used both
Joshua Fluke (7 months ago)
Rayli interesting. Today I learned. Thanks for filling me in!
KDJ Musix (7 months ago)
I have used all the editors.....But the "Visual Code" is my best....it is very speed and we can manage our files easily.....Goof video bro...
Coding Connections (7 months ago)
Great interesting info! Muchas garcias!
ilyes skender (7 months ago)
NetBeans is pure garbage ... just get jetbrains staff from torrent and you be good!
Hilbert França (1 month ago)
or eclipse
Edwin Feliz (3 months ago)
Don't torrent please.
Justin B (7 months ago)
I use NetBeans in my Java class. It's an Oracle based software, so it's basically for Java. There are other things it can do though.
Hilbert França (1 month ago)
Justin B i find netbeans kinda ugly haha i use eclipse but if my pc was better i'd use intelliJ
Michael Holmes (7 months ago)
I actually applied this info today... thank you sir for breaking it down.
omar (7 months ago)
vs code is amazing these days
Joshua Fluke (7 months ago)
Thumbnail so good. Didn't even plan on that, keeping it.

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