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A Tudor Costume

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A little different for my channel, but I hope it is enjoyable nonetheless! This video shows the layers, and the process of getting into the layers, of Tudor dress. More information linked below! This was my first foray into tudor fashion. Because of this my ensemble definitely isn't the most historically accurate or well assembled but i'm quite proud of it. I learned a ton throughout the process, and definitely gained skills I can apply to similar projects in the future. This costume was made entirely by me, (aside from the shoes, socks, and rings) including the foundation garments. There are over fourteen homemade pieces worn for this project. Thousands of beads, over a hundred eyelets, and more than twenty yards of fabric went into this costume. Not to mention the hours of time! The whole thing took me four months of on and off work. Many more details on the process can be found HERE: https://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/orange-tudor-ensemble/ If you are interested in seeing more of my work or contacting me, I'll leave links to my various sites below! Tumblr: http://doxiequeen1.tumblr.com/ Blog: https://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com Portfolio: http://angelaclayton.crevado.com/ Email: [email protected] The song does NOT belong to me. It was acquired through musopen. It is titled "Harpsichord Concerto no. 2 in E, BWV 1053" composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, and performed by Matthew Ganong The license relating to this song can be seen here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ it has been shortened but is otherwise unedited.
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Poulomi Hari (3 days ago)
No wonder why our grandmas gasp at us. We pratically just wear "undergarments". On a lighter note, those days the husband really must have to sit through a long striptease.
Sparky 1998 (4 days ago)
How in the world were these women able to move without over heating.
Miss Duke (8 days ago)
This looks like something princess Charlotte war in the movie berserk, the egg of the king
Gustavo Miranda (8 days ago)
cristiane Rocha (13 days ago)
Demais da conta morou
Rama Tour (14 days ago)
Why don't u be costume designer, nice!! hmmmmm I wonder why flat-chested considered admirable on those era...lol
pacificrules (21 days ago)
1:20... you can stop there. Thats sexy.
Sincerely Shajila (24 days ago)
So fantastic!
Kim Delarosa (25 days ago)
Absolutely gorgeous work.
MsFancia (29 days ago)
woman in the past really had to work hard just to wear everyday clothes.
Agathe Zepower (1 month ago)
Solar S (1 month ago)
What a gorgeous costume!!
joe 90 (1 month ago)
I love the Tudor era.how much would this cost and how did they wash the garments
kat (1 month ago)
Is anyone else jealous that's she can make such beautiful things that's is true talent I can barely walk let alone make a dress like that
minasmiles (1 month ago)
If only I had the patience!!! I'm absolutely in love with fashion history and just want a wardrobe full of gowns from different decades! Maybe one day I'll find joy in sewing...
Rubaida Allen (1 month ago)
Pretty accurate. Minus the nail polish 😊😊 We still don't know how the dresses were constructed precisely however, since no example of a Tudor or Elizabethan dress has survived the ravages of time. Dresses were also cut up, given away to theater productions as hand-me- downs, destroyed and/or reconstructed. I have read that clothes were often burned after an individual died. This would probably explain why a majority of the clothing from the Tudor and Elizabethan period were never perserved. A few mens shirts, doublets, which is what we would call a jacket today, bits of fabric, shoes, ruff pins, hose, gloves and a few pieces of jewelry have survived, but not enough to really fully appreciate the creative fashions of the era. When Shakespeare in love was made, Sandy Powell, the costume designer, had to rely on paintings and historical books on Elizabethan fashion to accurately portray the clothes people wore during that time in history. Also, these clothes and accessories were for the wealthy, and highly coveted, so not everyone had access to them. Sumptuary laws also restricted who was allowed to wear luxury clothing. Queen Elizabeth I had over 1,000 dresses housed in the Tower of London. The fact that none of these dresses survived is a real shame. The BBC did a very interesting story about a beautifully embroidered tunic that was found in a church. Apparently it belonged to one of Elizabeth I's ladies in waiting. The queen gifted it to her. The tunic is gorgeous and textile historians were able to match it to a paiting of Elizabeth and are confident that the tunic was in fact hers. A 500+ year old clothing item worn by Elizabeth I, priceless. 16th century fashion was so beautiful and fascinating. My favorites are the French fashions of the 16th century. Really beautiful.
BB-8 4292211 (1 month ago)
I love the Tudor style dress. You look like you could be from that time!
娃 娃 (1 month ago)
Audrey Muller (1 month ago)
So beautiful!!!
Silvia Gomes (1 month ago)
Rob Dunn (1 month ago)
u must of been soooo hot
TheNordicharps (1 month ago)
Just lovely. I am obsessed with this period - but I find the music disturbing, it's about 150 years too late. But the costumes are just wonderful.
Ginny Griffin (1 month ago)
I know exactly what painting this is from and it is one of my all time favorites, and my favorite of queen Elizabeth. I know this is super old now but I still adore this video!
Luisa Dedic (1 month ago)
tiffany custer (1 month ago)
This is so beautiful!
Maria Luisa Dedicova (2 months ago)
Holly Zassenhaus (2 months ago)
Anne Butzen (2 months ago)
Since there's no bustle or hoops, how do you keep the skirt out and away from your body? Do you just use very heavy fabric? The shoes are cute, but I don't think they're Tudor. OTOH I love the French hood. I wish they'd given one to Genevieve Bujold in "Anne of the Thousand Days," instead of just plopping a clumsy, decorated headband on her head.
Tania Levy (2 months ago)
Teacher Science (2 months ago)
Incredible!!! Beautiful!!
코발트블루국민 (2 months ago)
와 진짜 중세시대 여귀족같다 외모가 서양고전명화랑 똑같애...진짜대박😍
Cool Girl 2000 (2 months ago)
Like from Brazil. You're amazing!!
Sania Azhmee Bhuiyan (2 months ago)
what is thaaaat?????????//
Claire Ueda (2 months ago)
Beautiful White Woman in a beautiful European dress.
Eliza Georjeux (2 months ago)
its beautiful, but i can physically see you struggling to breath :(
janice wright (2 months ago)
Mary Jane's in tudor times? Don't think so
Lori Stevens (2 months ago)
Absolutely gorgeous! I'm in a historical theatrical ensemble cast. We recreate the court of Elizabeth I ... circa 1559/1560. You have the Henrican look down. Remove the dark nail polish and you'd be ready to join our guild! Texas happens to have a huge Henrican Faire (court of Henry VIII). They'd love you there!!!
Bogumiła Bajor (3 months ago)
Do You know, that it’s baroque music? But exept the wrong music, this video is fantastic
Waldemar (3 months ago)
Tudor style is a blessing for those with a smaller bust. My apologies in advance if that sounded inappropriate.
Özgüncan Gümrah (3 months ago)
...so when you go to wc...
Alistaire Bella (3 months ago)
this is freaking awesome
Adam Paulk (3 months ago)
I'm just nodding along to all of this. Such fair skin!
Oliwia Wolyniec (3 months ago)
omg ur so cute ♥♥♥♥
Juli Noodle (3 months ago)
Elegant 😍 Beautifull 👌 Awesome
Melina Santos (3 months ago)
Só acho que naquela época não existia esmalte né?
karla kirchman-gray (3 months ago)
Amazing talent!!!! Wow!!!
The Baroness (3 months ago)
Reminds me of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII.
Roberta Kuhlman (3 months ago)
I sweating just looking at the layers
Vera Lucia Belmonte (3 months ago)
Que horror. Eu já teria desmaiado.
angito7774 (3 months ago)
sheikh barooj rouf (3 months ago)
Wow!! You made it yourself! This is such a beautiful dress! And you look gorgeous
Melisa Wilson (3 months ago)
So pretty!^_^🌹⚘🌷
toanewday (3 months ago)
The detail absolutely beautiful
susan howard (3 months ago)
Oscar Korlowsky (3 months ago)
I must admit, she looks gorgeous
Dawn Ryan (3 months ago)
do you make these outfits
Miche Y (3 months ago)
Just when you think, oh, cute outfi....oh, another layer....now it's done....ohhhh wait here comes another😊
Rainer Vilumaa (3 months ago)
This is talent beyond compare. Not only did you make it all yourself, but you also dressed yourself. A Tudor lady would have had an army of ladies in waiting or servant girls to dress her. Kudos, I bow my head down in respect and admiration.
Tricia Sanders (3 months ago)
I don’t want to sound creepy or anything but your skin is absolutely beautiful!
Mai Mayer (3 months ago)
My arms got tired just by watching......
시화유 (3 months ago)
Elizabete Sobral (3 months ago)
Muito interessante
Bea beebee (3 months ago)
You look very beautyful in this Dress. And you have such a white skin, just like people did in this time. Very nice.
strawberry_kid uwu (3 months ago)
*Thank you. This very helpful for my story!! ♥️*
Beto Bautista (3 months ago)
Anna Bolena
какая прекрасная женщина в костюмчике,и какая безликая современная одежка.
Chantal Walton (3 months ago)
I love your clothes and videos ^-^
Ur local meme dealer (3 months ago)
I miss these dresses, I wish people would wear these on a daily basis lmao
Jenia Rochin (3 months ago)
You look like Natalie Dormer playing Anne Boleyn on The Tudors!!! I Love it 😍
kalisto69jade (3 months ago)
Could you do this again and explain each piece you were putting on? I love this era and would like to know more about it! You look gorgeous BTW!
Teddywangdoodle (3 months ago)
How did you style your hair? I can't quite tell, especially since it gets covered by the veil, but it looks lovely!
Isabel la católica
김지휘 (3 months ago)
un cactus verde (3 months ago)
What is that on her head?
Nice video but absolutely wrong type of music. The dress is about 200 years older
Love it!!! 😍
Katie Pendleton (3 months ago)
It's a very beautiful dress. All the intricate pieces and detailing must have taken you quite a bit of time. I honestly wonder how much a costume like this would cost an individual. Probably a few hundred, I imagine, but it would be worth it.^_^
Fico imaginando eu tirando esse tanto de roupas, pra ir ao banheiro, depois de tomar umas cervejas... Kkkkkk
LaToya Banks (3 months ago)
Just beautiful
Magic Monkeyy (3 months ago)
Beautiful costume! Not so accurate musical choice though.
Christine Garcia Diaz (3 months ago)
Love this one!!!! Came across this video whilst watching The Tudors!!!
Wings71 -P (4 months ago)
You are simply amazing! We are so impressed by you and your talent. And you look lovely by the way.
Robin R. (4 months ago)
Oh, the bead work! This is lovely. :)
GG_ Love (4 months ago)
Back then having white and beautiful fair skin like yours was considered a must, and you having that natural beautiful white skin is a privilege. (Not trying to sound weird just putting it historically)
TwistedStepford (4 months ago)
If you are designing a dress like this to wear for long day festival wear, opt for flat shoes. Heels like that on tricky terrain and walking or standing long periods are just asking for a busted ankle.
Annike Olishka (4 months ago)
I love that dress so much! 😍 I want it soooooo hard 😭
AnEccentricGentlewoman (4 months ago)
Brilliant and beautiful video! You are an artist! Many thanks from Croatia!
david baker (4 months ago)
Mari V (4 months ago)
Beautiful!! It looks like Jane Seymour's dress
Janis Dai (4 months ago)
タニボの二乗 (4 months ago)
Lorelai (4 months ago)
She's so white!!! 💕
earlene wallace (4 months ago)
I love your costume. Tudor dress is fascinating. I have only one fault with the video. I didn't know how every piece worked or what some of them are. But other than that, brilliant.
Miriam Davenport (4 months ago)
Did you make your own pattern or purchase one? I’ve been looking all over for an Elizabethian pattern that fits what I’m looking for.. (Black Sails character /Lost colony play) the only one I’ve found was Simplicity pattern 8881 and I’m very wary of buying a vintage pattern off line from some random person
pinwheel87 (5 months ago)
id love to dress up like this and then go to a national trust castle or something
Babi i (5 months ago)
You look like Anna Boleyn ❤️
Amy Dearing (6 months ago)
Is this a dress a wealthy woman would wear or an average woman?
Layla Maria (6 months ago)
This looks so realistic I was half expecting Henry VIII to chop your head off at the end.
Chi Kim (6 months ago)
I love it!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Umm Sohaib (7 months ago)
I know this is late....but where do you get your fabrics? I tried in the past to make period pieces because I loved them a lot and it cost an arm and a leg and they didn't really have the type of fabrics that were used in these eras.

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