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Gavin DeGraw - Kite Like Girl (Audio)

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The new album 'Something Worth Saving' featuring "She Sets The City On Fire" and "Making Love with the Radio On" available now! iTunes - http://smarturl.it/GDSWSi?IQid=YT Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/GDSWSa?IQid=YT Spotify - http://smarturl.it/GDSWSs?IQid=YT Amazon - http://smarturl.it/GDSWSaz?IQid=YT Google Play - http://smarturl.it/GDSWSg?IQid=YT See Gavin on Tour this Summer with Andy Grammer! Get tix and info here: http://smarturl.it/GavinAndy?IQid=GDYT Follow Gavin DeGraw Website: https://gavindegraw.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gavindegraw Twitter: https://twitter.com/GavinDeGraw Instagram: https://instagram.com/gavindegraw/ Subscribe to Gavin DeGraw on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/GDGSub?IQid=GDGDWB #GavinDeGraw #KiteLikeGirl #Vevo #Pop #OfficialAudio
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Text Comments (107)
Adam Crosby (3 months ago)
Does literally no one have an issue with this song? Is this 1999?
Kameqø Blindweaver (8 months ago)
It sounded better when I was on hold with Office Max and I couldn't understand what he was saying
Pina Wright (10 months ago)
She's a kite like girl, you gotta let her fly away..
Shayna Lee (10 months ago)
I hear this song everyday at work 😂😂
MSDKZfan 12345 (1 year ago)
I heard this song at Denny's.
B0omer96 (1 year ago)
I work at a grocery store and they play this song incessantly. I could have liked this song, but I despise it.
gianna scholz (1 year ago)
Lieblingslied 😍
RJ3K Productions (1 year ago)
Horrendously stupid and awful.
Very Nice (1 year ago)
every day. my work places this damn song everyday. easily the worst song ever and if I hear it one more time I will die
Mary Zheng (9 months ago)
Lone Wolf do you work at Market Basket, because same
SilverPhoenix (10 months ago)
If you really hate this song then don't talk, its not cool to be hating on something someone works really hard on
Melodi Metcalf (1 year ago)
Very Nice so you came here to listen to the song that you hate and are tired of listening to??
Very Nice (1 year ago)
Marissa Rader hopefully we never have to hear this song ever again
Marissa Joy (1 year ago)
Very Nice I started May of 2015 omg !!and yes same I hate it there lol
Lilyzytha (1 year ago)
Love it ❤
Madisyn Kaytor (1 year ago)
The people who loved it gave it a thumbs up.
Paula Carter-Scott (2 years ago)
one tree hill!!!!!!!!
Maria Cory (2 years ago)
Love it 😊👏
Pyrelis (2 years ago)
I heard this song playing at the store the other day and had to listen closely, I was sure it couldn't possibly be saying "She's a kite like girl, gotta let her fly away" that is just so bizarre. To compare a girl to a kite, most would compare to birds or angels or such...
Jade Capo (1 year ago)
Pyrelis Are you talking about shoprite?!?! :) I work there and just looked this up because I always hear it playing!
Karrochita Romero (2 years ago)
George Potts (2 years ago)
love it👌
Maria Beatriz (2 years ago)
muito bom
Harriet King (2 years ago)
The music to this song 😍and his voice 😩❤️
carli spada (2 years ago)
Please make a music video
Rosi Oliveira (2 years ago)
Love this song!!!
Fede It (2 years ago)
italiani ci siete?
Amy H (2 years ago)
Amazing song!!! <3
Wolfman's Got Nards (2 years ago)
This is another powerful, incredible song. I am running out of words for amazing for this guy. Just incredible.
Sara Knotts (2 years ago)
Jessica Equihua (2 years ago)
Love the new album!! Gavin doesn't disappoint!!
christophe mendez (2 years ago)
bin putains saye tu tais réveillé lol vivement l'album
Lewis Jon (2 years ago)
Loving the new album
Jade Ottinger (2 years ago)
my new jam!🎶❤
Ivana & Ayonna (2 years ago)
New Music!!! :)
jihed tagorti (10 months ago)
when u like the song before even listining to it ... u know it belongs to gavin DeGraw 😎
George Potts (2 years ago)
jihed tagorti agreed
Errold Tumaque (2 years ago)
the instrumentation and vocal mix is throwing me off with these new songs very different
Jay Woodhouse (2 years ago)
By definition a Kite is tied down by string/rope in order for it to not fly away. The girl described in this song does not fit the description of a Kite. Ridiculous behaviour.
Redberry Image Studio (2 years ago)
Vildan Arpacık (2 years ago)
he sounds like adam levine
Hemmilly Araujo (2 years ago)
Happy D (2 years ago)
much better than set the city
Tjalle Joostema (2 years ago)
Samantha Paola (2 years ago)
Me encanta su voz y sus canciones, ojalá tuviera más reconocimiento 😻
Bruno Vergaray (1 year ago)
reconocimiento tienen, sólo que no necesitan ser desesperadamente anunciadas como las más comerciales =)
Mauricio Calvo (2 years ago)
Samantha Paola No crees que las canciones con poco reconocimiento son las mejores? las que de pura casualidad escuchas y te gustó pero no a todos les gusta porque ninguna cadena de tv ni estación de radio les dice que las escuchen
SeeTheHalo92 (2 years ago)
whats the meaning of "KITE"?
Samia Ahmad (1 year ago)
A kite is both an object and a bird.
Daniel Espinosa (2 years ago)
Have you never seen a kite before? Ben Franklin, come on, look him up - he flew a kite in a thunderstorm like 270 years ago and discovered the principle of electricity!
SeeTheHalo92 (2 years ago)
+Camille Laflamme her first... but yes correct ^^
Camille Laflamme (2 years ago)
maybe english isn't his first language. be nice.
Bent2109 (2 years ago)
+SeeTheHalo92 Are you serious? Look up the word "kite".
5zgr A8ght (2 years ago)
Those are some beautiful lyrics 🙌🏻😘
Abby Wellman (2 years ago)
love you Gavin! you were amazing last night!!❤
kerri boddy (2 years ago)
Love this song , love you 💯💜😻❤️
Tute357 (2 years ago)
Hey why don't you come to argentina?
maggie robinson (2 years ago)
love love love it
Perla Oliveira (2 years ago)
Dia 9 está chegando e com isso o "Something Worth Saving" também. Então vou mandar a indireta e espero que atinja alguém: COMPRE PRA MIM!! hehehe
Farrah Schneider (2 years ago)
I love this song though
Farrah Schneider (2 years ago)
Man I thought he would sing something that ain't about girls but I'm wrong 🎧🎤🎶🎵🎼🎹🎸💜😍😘🙌😎
Eduardo Maia (2 years ago)
yes!!! sick!
Kristina Ingersoll (2 years ago)
Brent Wubben (2 years ago)
Might be my favourite from SWS so far! Thanks for this amazing song!
Bryanne Porter (2 years ago)
Love all the songs you have released for the album and I loved listening to something worth saving in concert the other day!!! You are amazing Gavin!!!
Hight Stile (2 years ago)
some to Maroon 5
Josh Spicer (2 years ago)
MUCH better than "City".
scalesinblue (2 years ago)
I do love those dreams when I'm flying, & especially with the one I love! Brilliant & beautiful Gavin💙💦
Lugene Montgomery (2 years ago)
lo ve
Enzo Paragano (2 years ago)
You are the best. love from brazil
Marizabell Madrigal (2 years ago)
A beautiful song!!! ‹3
Shope Nubi (2 years ago)
He sure loves singing about girls!
fate bringer (11 months ago)
Like everyone EVERYTIME
DANG JOS (2 years ago)
We guys typically do haha
Rocky Balboa (2 years ago)
Great song love this guy so talented
Whitney Johnson (2 years ago)
Love it. 💜
Jeremy Bonnefond (2 years ago)
ça sent bon le son nouveau
inoT official (2 years ago)
gavin rules!!!
Estelle (2 years ago)
I like Making Love With The Radio On and this song as well! I hope the rest of the album is similar to those two songs! Then I'm going to love it!
Katy Swartz (2 years ago)
I can't wait to see you on Tuesday😍😭😭
It’sAnnaAlyssa (2 years ago)
Where is he gonna be?
Jose Calderon (2 years ago)
Charlène Binard (2 years ago)
Can't wait to hear the full album! It sounds so good Gavin! Home to See you soon in France
Snarke (2 years ago)
Great lyrics Gravin DeGraw. But i live in the netherlands and i really want to see you so can you maby go to the netherlands and give a show here thanks for the amazing songs
Rik Huiskamp (2 years ago)
Ik wil ook zo graag dat hij naar Nederland komt, wie weet wanneer het album klaar is gaat ie misschien een tour doen!
Estelle (2 years ago)
+Snarke He probably will :)
Snarke (2 years ago)
+Estelle i hope so
Estelle (2 years ago)
He's been here many, many times :) But I'm pretty sure he'll come here when the new album is out! :D
Menina Luz (2 years ago)
Voz perfeita 👏
NickPocalypse (2 years ago)
It sounds really good man
Ioana Pasa (2 years ago)
Song *
Ioana Pasa (2 years ago)
The best video ever
ENZO (2 years ago)
One Trill Hill
LeBron Curry (2 years ago)
first lol this was coo
Gustavo Echevarria (2 years ago)

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