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How to Knit a Ruffle Scarf | Winter Fashion Knits

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Text Comments (19)
Patrice Cooper (11 months ago)
How do I make the ruffles?
Cloudy Avenue (2 years ago)
0:31-0:37 SASSY
Studio Knit (2 years ago)
+Ashlyn Beauty Haha, you know it!! 💗
SARAH COLE (2 years ago)
I have a bunch of this yarn and had no idea how to use it lol. Thanks so much!
Kenya Periche (4 years ago)
Why so hard 4real
Merriam Al-maiahi (4 years ago)
Out of all the videos I've seen about ruffle scarfs this has been the best one 😀
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
Ha, just watched my OWN video for a refresher on #knitting a RUFFLE SCARF. One sitting + $5 + Easy = #quickknit gift!
Julie Kathrens (4 years ago)
Hi! I am following your directions to the letter, but seem to be doing something wrong, because my "bells" so to speak, are tighter and not so loose and rufflely. I have made this scarf before but it was a year ago. Do you think the size of the needles makes a difference? thanks!
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
Awesome!!!!  Good luck!  Hope it turns out quickly, flirty, and fun, +Julie Kathrens!
Julie Kathrens (4 years ago)
+Studio Knit I think I discovered that what I thought was every other was actually loop. It still seems tighter than yours though, but definitely better.
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
+Julie Kathrens Hmmm... changing needles might help.  You could also try picking up the stitches every loop, rather than every other loop.
Ms. Figtree (4 years ago)
Very nicely done! Love the way the cute scarf turned out, you wear it well. You have yourself a new subscriber. Now, just so you know, I just got through knitting one of these babies myself, and just needed to see how to bind it off correctly. It's been awhile since I've last knitted anything, and was just looking for some quick tutorials. I'm so glad I ran across yours. Just to clarify, the instructions included with the RH Boutique Sashay Boho scarf state that  "to finish off the ends, fold under the corner and tack to the inside with a sewing needle and thread". Did you do that as well to finish off, or did you just leave the tail once you pulled it through the last stitch of the bind-off? Thanks again for posting!
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
Awesome, thanks for subscribing. Very happy to hear this tutorial was helpful. You know, I just pulled it through the last stitch of the bind off and it holds great!
I wish found this video when I did mine. But my material was different...it was material at the end with knitted holes at the end to stich together.
Studio Knit (3 years ago)
No, this is a tutorial on how to use this special ribbon yarn for a ruffle scarf, since it's constructed totally differently. Happy knitting!
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this.  What size needles do you use?  Does it matter?
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
Great question! I am using size 8US needle, but I honestly believe that since this "yarn" to make ruffle scarves has it's own pre-determined openings, absolutely any size knitting needle that fits within the openings will do. Thanks for watching!!!
Studio Knit (4 years ago)
This Ruffle Scarf is the perfect glam gift. A quick knit for under $5! What's not to love?!?

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