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The Style Blogger - Season 2/Episode 2: "Now Boarding"

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Billy Hoyle (6 years ago)
me :D
Noodlez82 (7 years ago)
The coolest thing about Dan is that he's a guy that normal guys can connect with. He balls. How many stylish dudes do you know that ball?
idrinkcoffee (7 years ago)
Fun video.If may add a small critique: the sound on your b-roll is terrible, it ruins the otherwise nice production quality. Go pick up a Zoom H4n and do it right! Use it for everything and sync it in post.
gamedf loner (7 years ago)
Hi , someone can tell me the brands of gloves that we can see at 3:18 please
Red is Not a Flavor (7 years ago)
You should have made him cut his hair! Bet's a bet.
cgm0407 (7 years ago)
awesome dan congrats
jose castillo (7 years ago)
way to go Dan living out you're dream congrats boy. btw wes got no game lol 11-0
froznf11re (7 years ago)

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