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Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

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Alexis wants to get to the bottom of her boyfriend Brian and an apparent online love affair he’s having with Dominique. They’ve never met before and but both claim to be love each other would like to take things to the next level. What will Alexis have to say? Subscribe NOW to The Jerry Springer Show: http://bit.ly/SpringerSub Don't miss another episode of #JerrySpringer, find out where to watch here: http://jerryspringertv.com/watch Get social with us on: Website: http://jerryspringertv.com/ Add us on Snapchat: JerrySpringerTV Likes us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JerrySpringer Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpringerTV Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/thejerryspringershow Snag some merch at our Studio Promos Merch Store: http://www.studiopromos.com Watch full episodes of The Jerry Springer Show on demand for free at: https://www.Nosey.com
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Text Comments (78626)
ML Tips (7 minutes ago)
You wasted 6 years of your life😒
Alison Oros (38 minutes ago)
Yeah lol
FEXAZ - (47 minutes ago)
When she said “she got scholarships in basketball” I knew she was way too young ... it’s sad
Nyla Morrison (2 hours ago)
He need to shut the fuck up
Claudia Fau'ula (2 hours ago)
You planning to meet him now... Tf bitch!!! What you crying for? He's a fuckface. Alexis you deserve way better than his fake ass. And what makes you think he'll be faithful to you after he dumps Alexis for your ass. Some girls can be fucking stupid
gohstdog23 (2 hours ago)
This MF in love with himself with his stupid hair .
gohstdog23 (2 hours ago)
Girls sound dumb AF calling each other BRO ?!
Faeries_Xylia 923 (3 hours ago)
Alexis: a loving, loyal girlfriend who’s been there by his side for 6 years with a lot of history with. Dominique: text message, face time. Wtf is he doing?!! Many people would kill for a committed relationship like that bc they’re so hard to get these days due to Social media. 🤦‍♀️
wetrixo (3 hours ago)
just had to say it but the real girl friend is so much prettier and has a way better peronality
Razer Blade (3 hours ago)
wtf wrong with this dude, his real gf is really nice much better than the other one..
vaani kamboj (4 hours ago)
Lol men making bad choices. Not really shocking. Alexis deserves so much better❤
SELINA MAKAYLA FUN (4 hours ago)
This is how many times the girlfriend said “bro” I I I \/
KC Cads (5 hours ago)
That man doesn't care about that girl I feel bad for her😪 That man has a stone heart he doesn't even care like wth I hate that man 1 slap for that man=100,000,000 slaps for him The reason why I'm doing this bc I'm angry😡
Christen Tan (6 hours ago)
Honestly the real gf should be angry at the bf then the online gf
Stephanie Morales (7 hours ago)
imagine being in love with someone online for seven months and meeting them in person on a tv show😍😍 That bitch pathetic asf... tell her non real hair having ass to please move around. Alexis deserves waaay better periooood😪
Haydo Mo106 (9 hours ago)
8:43 I hate her and the guy. Real or not it just annoys me on how the guy is the one cheating but this little cow still wants to be with him. Even though she just found out that he has a significant other with him. 🤦‍♂️
sobhna baraik (10 hours ago)
I think both the girls should shake hands and hit his ass black nd blue. Even I want to kick my ex ass
saviour kings (10 hours ago)
link me up with alexis and i will treat her right i am in love with her already
Oil Ekon (10 hours ago)
hmmmm okay she deserve it
Sosig (10 hours ago)
I wanna slap the fuckk out of him for some reason
sam Villasorca (11 hours ago)
Fuck that guy...his stupid..😤
kikid Stewart (12 hours ago)
In all honesty a man will show you when your it for him. If he’s done nothing but cheat and lie and dumb you multiple times over the pass six years why be with him. It’s obvious he doesn’t love her. When a dude falls in love he makes it his business to show that woman. Nothing against Alexis or Dominic, their both beautiful intelligent queens. Just for future reference pay attention to the signs.
Lisa Ynfante (12 hours ago)
*snatches domoniques ghetto a** weave*
Amourr. laciii (13 hours ago)
I hope she has a man who respects her not a man that disrespects her.
Onyeonu Victor (13 hours ago)
Why did you want to disappoint this lady
Bee Movie (13 hours ago)
Dennis Carver (13 hours ago)
Dennis Carver (13 hours ago)
King Chew (13 hours ago)
Alexis bad af bro😂❤️
WTF Vids (14 hours ago)
The audience are stupid
Spoon light Jerseys (14 hours ago)
Is he foreal beep y’all is fake as fudge
trickshot_gaming (14 hours ago)
Does anyone know Alexis's social media??????
JMoto (15 hours ago)
AlexisVlogs 23 (15 hours ago)
Online gf: the problem is you and he wants me Me:wtf is you talking about *HE’S* the problem she didn’t do any thing but love him All this is at 9:07
Lilah Garcia (15 hours ago)
kids:mom you can fight
Mr. BUTTR (15 hours ago)
Why all these white girls actin black tho this the question of the hour this aint jeopardy
teamdamien Stephan (16 hours ago)
He's a narcissist
teamdamien Stephan (16 hours ago)
She said who does this .... You do lmao expect the same result for yourself in bout 3 years
VERONICA ARROYO (16 hours ago)
I feel bad that boi is trash he should not have a life Poor girl (with the green dress)
Freya Gerts (16 hours ago)
Bro Bro XD
Destiny Stacey (16 hours ago)
Im here from tiktok
Choco Bear (16 hours ago)
Honestly, if Dominique is really going to stay with that shithead, she must be just as stupid as him. If he cheated once, he's gonna cheat again. Alexis deserves someone REAL and not no fake ass man.
Sum Nice (16 hours ago)
Dominique is fr acting like he won’t be as shitty like he was with Alexis. She was calling Alexis dumb for staying with him but this girl wants to get back together with him. I can see why Alexis stayed with him bc she didn’t want those 6 years to go to waste and she sees how her kids idk like? To be with him. Dominique is just beginning her life and graduated from college and wants to go somewhere where she unfamiliar with for the first time knowing damn right that dude ain’t faithful. #teamalexis all the way. She’s a damn keeper, I hope she finds someone that truly loves her and her kids.
NBA2kpro !!!! (16 hours ago)
How many bros is she gonna to say
TheHypeBro977 《 (17 hours ago)
I needs me a shawty like Alexis like shit the way she talk oooooooo SHIT. Again I needs me a girl like her
Lilã Gacha_NarWhAlL (17 hours ago)
Im on Alexis side like wth! hes just a player bro
Adam Davila (17 hours ago)
No cap she's not wrong
Sylvia Tiepelman (17 hours ago)
I can skew the pain in her eyes and face tbh
Nina Stanley (17 hours ago)
We I see that man that hurt her iam going to kill him
Hotensia Kariuki (17 hours ago)
Ohh Soo sorry to Alexis move on gal u Soo cute find a real man ,he might think the new catch is all he wants but get a chilly one later and start regretting it all .....
saviour kings (18 hours ago)
the real girlfriend is amazing, i wish i could meet her, please who have her social media handle, facebook instagram ...etc please help
Tiny_ HQ (18 hours ago)
Tbh that girl need somebody else she need she seems like a wonderful ass girlfriend but how both girls gonna love him when they both know he hella unfaithful
Duje Sahiti (18 hours ago)
Damn bruh this dude got no soul at all...what a fucking asshole
Dawn Pyx (19 hours ago)
She said she got scholarships them scholarships gone after being on this show
Denise Avalos (19 hours ago)
Online girlfriend u shut up they are ttying to talk but u always say sometching or I mumble
kailee voss (20 hours ago)
when she was talking and everyone started clapping what did the girl in the pink say it sounds like “she got a real “ something
Jasmineunicornxo (20 hours ago)
Alexis:FORGET YOUR SORRY BRUH. me: i bet he aint even sorry when you guys have been together for 6 years and texting this kid.
tOm iS hoLy (20 hours ago)
The internet girl and Brian deserve each other. Since they’re whores ;)
rosa30 (20 hours ago)
Yo the boy looks like my health teacher (aka, cute asf)😂😊❤
Jxelina’s Vids (20 hours ago)
Ngl but Alexis THIC af
Jxelina’s Vids (20 hours ago)
Dominique is dumb af, lmfao, why? Because if the guy cheated then he gonna cheat on Dominique.
Abigail Guzman (20 hours ago)
You can really hear the pain in Alexis voice, she deserves so much better than Brian. And im sorry but dominique mad stupid bruh!
no one cares (21 hours ago)
Ugly ass online girlfriend: There a problem ? There a problem? Obviously u ugly ass thirsty ass bitch. She can’t get dick so she went and tried to steal some other bitches dude? Online? Get the fuck out. And his ugly ass was laughing the whole time. He probably never even fucked his girlfriend cus of his small ass dick. Man I feel so bad. She don’t deserve this.
Panda Bear (21 hours ago)
act up you can get snatched up xd
Sioned Evans (22 hours ago)
i wanna hug this girl so bad
Michelle Alba (22 hours ago)
I wanna kill the other girl
Randy Hanse (22 hours ago)
But she stupid for wanting 2 stay with him
Randy Hanse (22 hours ago)
brah you stupid
Montrell Fisher (23 hours ago)
Good chouse
Cherry Blossom (23 hours ago)
This is why men disgust me.
Nikki Fermin (1 day ago)
the guy and the online girl deserve to rot in hell. they are rude and bitches
nicah claire faur (1 day ago)
The two girls they are all victims
Sean Deegan (1 day ago)
Hes a ahole
Lillian Caraballo (1 day ago)
Bro dumb ass Dominic only said that she’ll take things slow bc she heard Brian say that Alexis was rushing the relationship
denimdo (1 day ago)
the online girlfriend kinda cute tho 👀
DTM_Flexx yt (1 day ago)
And he missing out🔥
DTM_Flexx yt (1 day ago)
That bro Brian a hoe
Aine Burke (1 day ago)
This is a tik toc tune lol
That black girl can fight period
Denise Hiers (1 day ago)
That guard said nope
Silly (1 day ago)
The girlfriend deserved better💖💔💖 I feel so sorry for her💔 I hope she'll find someone
т є ѕ ѕ (1 day ago)
..beat the sh#t outta the guy instead
Just Me (1 day ago)
May I ask why the girls don't have shoes on?
Imani Tahlil (1 day ago)
Black bich
Its Geneexo (1 day ago)
Dominique ugly n he ugly too they good for each other.
Jacob Skaggs (1 day ago)
Jacob Skaggs (1 day ago)
1 like equals 15 bros
Soumyadeep 980 (1 day ago)
Lol some humans are just like animals 😂😂😂 They never gonna learn how to civilize and have some morals
Zendrick Nicolas (1 day ago)
Fucked up person.
Zendrick Nicolas (1 day ago)
Bruh this nigga
Roden Rey (1 day ago)
Both cheaters are smiling like wtf! Are they happy seing another women crying because of them? Da fuq!
Jamarris Cotton (1 day ago)
It’s ok fuck that offline hoe
12:02 - 12:17 Was beautiful
Whai Maia (1 day ago)
I honestly wanna punch the online gf🙄
iRonaldoz (1 day ago)
Dominique (Does Blue Face's Eye Broad Fix)Let Me Talk To You Real Quick Damn Girl You Sexy Asf
Drunken Thoughts (1 day ago)
Bless Alexis...I feel her pain. Was in a similar relationship myself, not high school sweethearts but we were together for 9 yrs & he treated my kids like his own & they called him Dad. What struck my heart dead center was when Alexis started talking about how she didn't do nothing but love him BUT the kill shot was when she talked about even loving his scent! Like...I thought I was weird for doing that & felt like an idiot when I told my ex-husband (husband at the time) that after everything with his mistress came out! Like I've been in a couple monogamous relationships before but NEVER loved everything about a person so much, especially their scent!! It may sound crazy or gross but idc his scent could calm me down, make me feel at home & safe ..& that was without deodorant or cologne!! Throughout my life, I've unfortunately realized this seems to be a rarity. She loved that a$$hole SO much, flaws & all yet he couldn't see that because he was selfish! Dominique gonna find out real quick that her "prince charming" is shit ESPECIALLY since she knew he was already in a relationship & STILL wanted to be with him....act like karma ain't a thing but honey it comes for us all!!
Life As Hellena (1 day ago)
The side chick is so fucking stupid bro yall been texting
Fortnite (1 day ago)
Samantha Sukhram (1 day ago)
He just sit there with that dumb little smirk on his face. 😒
Angel Vloggs (1 day ago)
Alexis’ speech I felt that
Zoey Teliu (1 day ago)

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