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Mollie Tibbetts press conference

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Authorities say they are holding a suspect in the death of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, and he is being held on a federal immigration detainer.
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Sal Fernandez (5 months ago)
Am Mexican with a good heard , I feel so sorry for this young girl , but to be honest not all Mexicans we are like that , this dude has problem with he’s brain forreal , in my life I will touch any one I love humans , but is fucked up how Us government speak about Latin , Were not aliens ! Rip Molly 😔
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
Lady Fervor (5 months ago)
Probably raped her and then murdered her. Fucking garbage shouldn't have been here
Susan Trent (5 months ago)
So now we are going to pay for his food and board for life
Mama Mimips (5 months ago)
How about this .. ! white people they kill hundred of students at schools, they kill hundred of people at a concerts , movie theaters and nightclubs etc white people are trashy too but u guys don't want to see that .. because you are trashy people too . Your country is full of trash , staring with your funny president Donald caca 💩
aFeverishFiend (5 months ago)
Let's not forget this country was built on illegal immigration. Evil exists everywhere, this is Satan's world now..There are border patrol agents that commit rapes and murder on women & young female teens that are trying to cross over yet no one ever blows up those stories, do they. This is a tragic case but don't start making it into something political. Those farmers hire these illegals because they either can't afford and/ or don't want to pay minimum wage or simply can't find anyone else willing to do the work. Let's face it people, no one wants to be picking fruit or tending to livestock in the hot ass heat for less than $10 per hr, at least. That there is the problem
N D (5 months ago)
That one reporter’s question about what young women can do to protect themselves and avoid the same fate as Mollie... maybe ask what the community can do to teach people (not just men) to take no for an answer and not to murder/rape other people???
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
Kooky kat is advocating rape... Hmmmmm. This is exactly why Mollie was murdered. This attitude displayed right here. Her murder had nothing to do with immigration. Men from every culture still find it quite easy to dehumanize and take what they want from women. I am quite sure authorites would like to be aware of such violence. They are watching...
Lady Fervor (5 months ago)
Yeah ....right. You feminists haven't managed to brow beat white men into complete compliance for 100 years. But low IQ illegals who dont give a fuck about women or your rights ....yeah....you'll have great success. Maybe you can print out pamphlets for your pets teaching them with pictures not to rape people like the cucked Swedish tried to do maybe you can all sit around and make bracelets that say "please dont rape me" Like they do in Sweden. Yeah . .that's it.
N D (5 months ago)
The suspect being an illegal alien/immigrant or whatever is irrelevant. The colour of his skin or his country of origin is irrelevant. This is about toxic masculinity. He’s simply a fucking murderer and probably also rapist who didn’t respect Mollie enough to take no for an answer.
JohnDgr81 (5 months ago)
Cut his balls and penis off!...and give him to BIG BLACK "bubba" in cell block C,..then throw his lame dumb ass back to the shit hole he came from!
Michelle Diaz (5 months ago)
I pray for her family to have peace mentally and I hope this piece of dogg shit rots in prison
JJ M (5 months ago)
Give him the death penalty bring back the firing squad
JJ M (5 months ago)
Deport all illegal criminals
Bill Fowler (5 months ago)
Sonya Massiah (5 months ago)
This is so sad !! They should charge the people who employed him with adding and abetting. How was he even able to get a car?
Norten Joseph (5 months ago)
GOD BLESS YOU Mollie Family from Pakistan 😧😧😧😧😧😧 Jesus Christ be with you Mollie. I don't understand that what is the alien statement Mr offcier
Norten Joseph (5 months ago)
+Barrett Tribe ok I got it alien means crazy person like. God bless you all
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
They call illegal immigrants "aliens" here in the states. It is a dehumanizing statement. This MURDER has less to do with immigration status than it does the fact that WOMEN ARE NOT SAFE IN AMERICA. Bless you for sending your love from accross the sea.
Henry Thomas (5 months ago)
Better check to see if you have any unsolved murders or missing persons... May not be his first rodeo......IOWA
G W (5 months ago)
I wonder if the illegal murdered others in his path? Mollie probably wasn't his first.
Hooyahfish (5 months ago)
The racism on here is sad. You hypocritical pieces of shit scream when a brown person kills a white person, but it's all "thoughts and prayers" when a school is shot up. Fuck you.
kelli taylor (5 months ago)
It is sad . But 1 persons actions don't represent an entire race . We are all immigrants here for the most part. Where you come from doesn't make you a shitty person
Hugh Janus (5 months ago)
I don't understand why we incarcerate rather than deport? I realize he would just walk back over the border and live somewhere else, but why do we pay for these feral subhumans? Can't we just kill him? Although it is ironic given that Mollie proclaimed several times that she "hates white people" and then is murdered by a non white. Grow up little kiddies lest you find yourselves dead.
The Life Of Nikki Marie (5 months ago)
Such a tragedy! My thoughts and prayers are with Mollie's family, friends and this community. This is exactly why we need stricter borders and walls built!!
100fredkrueger (5 months ago)
Praying for this family. Can’t even imagine. This is why everyone should carry a pistol. She might be here today if she had.
Lady Fervor (5 months ago)
TheWalzkristin (5 months ago)
Why did the neighbor's tape on this rivera guy JUST now surface?
What kind of asshole asks about reward money????
Valarie's SunShine (5 months ago)
Autumnleaf2011 (5 months ago)
I support ICE.
Michael Graham (5 months ago)
There are fucktards who are native to our country, as well, that are willing to rob people of their lives just like some illegals. No reason to say this guy deserves anything special to happen, it should be simple: No one should be kept alive using tax payers dollars if they do shit like this. Castrate and leave to bleed to death when rape is involved; if just murder, like the guy (white American) who just killed his wife and 2 daughters.. kill em the same way they chose to kill others.
Winston C (5 months ago)
So sorry this happened to u Mollie.
Russada (5 months ago)
Tragic end but this story just makes no sense he was driving his car alongside of her as she was jogging. She says I'm calling 911 if you don't leave me alone and starts to run. So he have to stop his car run after her but she never tried to call 911.
Lady Fervor (5 months ago)
because he probably chased her tackled her and took her phone
cathyannkailee (5 months ago)
Great job by all law enforcement. R I P sweet girl Deepest sympathies to her family and friends
Orange_Man Bad (5 months ago)
Mollie " I hate white people'' Tibbetts burns in hell LMAO! Thank God hahahahahahahaha
rare reckon (5 months ago)
What do you mean? Did she hate white people or something. What makes you say that?
rezbarbie24 (5 months ago)
Da fuq?
Debra Baron (5 months ago)
chris griffin. Sick
ivonne howe (5 months ago)
Our niece in UTAH was stabbed and raped by an illegal alien. The illegal left her for dead, after he left her apartment she managed to crawled out a window from her bedroom. They caught the illegal and was picked up by the cops. When our police notified Mexico they found out the he was wanted in Mexico for the killing stabbing and rape of a 12 year old girl in Mexico! They need to check other states to see if their were more killings . THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS MEN IN MEXICO!
The Antagonizer (5 months ago)
trumps right keep them all out
Irina Godunko (5 months ago)
Renee480 (5 months ago)
If she was any other race the search would’ve been called off long ago, this is a tragic story don’t get me wrong, my prayers with the family. it’s just the truth.
Tony Annicelli (5 months ago)
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
This murder has less to do about race or immigration status than it does have to do with the fact that WOMEN ARE NOT SAFE IN AMERICA. some asshat decided he would punish this child for rejecting his advances. The same happens everday in every culture. Do not be distracted by the political agenda of the powers that be.
Lady Fervor (5 months ago)
You people are fucking garbage
Renee480 (5 months ago)
Cobra Commander let’s have a intellectual conversation here, to agree to dis agree. My bad for misspelling but grow up and come back when your insecurities are gone. To bash for someone’s appearance for...? What reason? Stating my opinion. Find someone else to bother. I stated my opinion.
Cobra Commander (5 months ago)
**you're so funny, not 'your so funny'...... I'm just a typical idiot correcting grammar for low IQ race-peddler's. You're welcome.
rare reckon (5 months ago)
Rivera, told detectives that he saw Mollie running, and Rivera then decided to start talking with her and even started chasing her. Here's a key, issue, was she running as in paranoid, or was she jogging? Also, Rivera said that he "blacked out" and came to at an intersection. This is an extremely fishy story, considering that intersections have camera's, and police could follow Rivera's every move afterwards. Something smells very fishy here.
rare reckon (5 months ago)
+Barrett Tribe Precisely.
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
This whole "blacking out" story is fishy, period. It doesnt happen like that.
rare reckon (5 months ago)
@Kooky Katt. You forget to think about the fact that thanks to Rivera, they found Mollie's body after he gave the last general location of where he saw Mollie, and then the police searched that particular area and found the body. Because Rivera was the last person to see Mollie, he is already being reported as the murderer.
Lady Fervor (5 months ago)
because he raped and murdered her and didnt want to admit to the details. That's what "blacked out" means. His Shitlib traitorous Politicians probably advised his lawyer to. e evasive on the details
rare reckon (5 months ago)
This is 2018 pal. We are also in the U.S. something as simple as camcorders isn't difficult to have.
Lu Lu S (5 months ago)
Now Dems ! Say ok BUILD THAT WALL!!!
Debra Baron (5 months ago)
Luann Sapp with electric fence. Here's something most folks don't know. Hillary voted for the wall when she was a senator. Change position running for President. Shame Hispanics believe in the racist Bullshitz. Its how politicians get votes. And then they walk around with bodyguards. Hispanics wake up. Politicians are surrounding you with criminals
Sammy Honn (5 months ago)
Feed this illegal murderer to the Lion, I don't fucking care if I am called a racist because I am not
Lu Lu S (5 months ago)
So sorry for the family 🙏🏼
yalcin uysalbas (5 months ago)
And these assholes Democrats want to abolish ice we should abolish Democrats 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Linda Riley (5 months ago)
Another fucking illegal! Build the damn wall and DEPORT!!
Sandra (5 months ago)
This guy was living on our dime for 4 to 7 years, WOW! This is a awful at so many levels. Prayers for the family.
playingdablues (5 months ago)
"your dime"
Sandra (5 months ago)
Yeah, got hit Sue. However, shame on his employer!
Sandra (5 months ago)
Well then, shame on his employer!
Sandra (5 months ago)
Shame on the dairy farmer.
Crazy Daisy (5 months ago)
Sandra hon, they said here that he was employed. Just dont want you to take a hit from others who may see different.
aservantofyhvh (5 months ago)
An illegal alien murdered her......thanks sanctuary city mayors and Democrats.....blood is on your hands!
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
Further... Mollie's own family OPPOSE you making this about immigration. This is ABOUT WOMEN. What happen to this child happens to women everywhere in every country. Just last week an American white man killed his family...Where is your outrage? Check the link I left on the front page of this forum for the words of Mollie Tibbit's own family. Scroll through those comments for even more of their messages.
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
Darlene, there is nothing that I can say that will make you absorb the facts. I watch both of your parties and the war between you and wonder how you can be played so easily... I will tell a Dem the same thing. It is not me that needs to wake up. White people are killing folks too.
Darlene Vicars (5 months ago)
Barrett Tribe democrats have never been tough on illegals..where have you been..kates killer walked..the gun was blamed...democrates have tried too stop child sex gangs a few wks ago 2 days ago they were pissed because ICE pick up a murderer wanted in Mexico....on and on...wake up illegals are killing ms13 are killing in long island...
iks ks (5 months ago)
Obama deported 2.5 million immigrants...more then any other president to date. So how is this on Democrats?
acaeshapope (5 months ago)
+100fredkrueger 》.... AMEN!
xLove020306x (5 months ago)
So sad to the family. But thank you to The Democrats. Open borders. Bring there daughter back. If you please.😭😭
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
Maybe you can find a way to twist the muder of a family by a white Ameican male that happened at the same time? Surely he ate some tacos before he decided to do it? This horrible murder has everything to do with women in america... Not immigration.
Ken Steely (5 months ago)
They’ve known for weeks.
Ken Steely (5 months ago)
This is horseshit
Ken Steely (5 months ago)
Keep the evil out
Ken Steely (5 months ago)
It should be death. Not life without parole. Cut his fucking head off on the town square
B. (5 months ago)
Young life robbed by an illegal immigrant, how horrible. Thoughts and prayers for the Tibbetts family.
WingsOfTruth (5 months ago)
he wanted to r4pe her...poor girl
GreatValueCan (5 months ago)
+Ana M and also, dont we deport illegals all the time? There is something being done everyday.. This guy flew under the radar and was hired by a company here in the US just like many illegals who for the most part are constructive members of society. Build the wall as high as you want, it does not change the evil that can be found in ANY human being.
GreatValueCan (5 months ago)
+Ana M No. Im making a comparison. I mentioned serial killers for the fact that it is not where someone comes from but the crime they commit. Yes I understand the crime couldve been avoided (having him not been allowed into the US), but it negates the fact that the actual crime commited (murder) could have easily been done by any native born citizen. The serial killers are used as extreme examples of this situation. Strong borders keep potential murderers out, yes, but that is an overwhelming minority once you compare to the potential murderers who LEGALLY live among us.
Michael Graham (5 months ago)
I have to agree. There are retards who are native to our country that are willing to rob people of their lives like anyone else. No one should be kept alive using tax payers dollars if they do shit like this. Castrate and leave to bleed to death when rape is involved; if just murder, like the guy (white American) who just killed his wife and 2 daughters.. kill em the same way.
Ana M (5 months ago)
GreatValueCan So because we have US born killers like Ted Bundy, we have to open our borders to all the killers of the world??!! That's how retarded your logic is. Unfortunately we have US born killers and there's nothing we can do about that. But there IS something we can do about illegal immigrant killers....deport them! !!! And build a wall so new ones don't ever enter the country again.
Annie (5 months ago)
So fricken tragic and sad! My condolences to the Tibbetts family and to her boyfriend Dalton. Peace, love, and safety to all!
rayboy (5 months ago)
So, so sad. Yes CRAZY MAXINE, CRAZY AL SHARPTON lets let all these illegals foul our nation and kill all our beautiful children. What a POS.
Tunafish (5 months ago)
For God's sake man....damn!!
Tunafish (5 months ago)
Personally I would strap him in the electric chair and turn him into a bacon bit.
S Hurzz (5 months ago)
rayboy yes because all undocumented immigrants are murderers.
chuk tyson (5 months ago)
Yeah hes a son of a bitch but you people act like mexican are monsters when white people shoot up kids schools
EllieBellie Longstreet (5 months ago)
My Condolences the Tibbetts Family 😢😢😢😢😢
Daniel Martinez (5 months ago)
My condolences to Mollie's family. May Rivera recieve the full measure of justice. Ice should be built up.
100fredkrueger (5 months ago)
Lisa Monk that’s good too. We need both. If employers would hire these scumbags then they would still coming here. They would have a way to survive. Our laws have to be changed. This crap is happening way too much.
LuxeLifeOfLisa M (5 months ago)
How about farmer's and businesses stop hiring illegals
Cobalt (5 months ago)
All illegals have to go! Double, triple, quadruple ice's budget if we have too. The money saved on illegal on welfare will easily pay for it.
JoeyWETbaCK Mtz87 (5 months ago)
Jerry Whidby (5 months ago)
+LuxeLifeOfLisa M I agree with everything you said except the racism part. More on that later. My wife, who was Mexican, works at a DFCS office. Illegals only get welfare if they have children who were born in here. They themselves cannot receive welfare. I do not believe any of these people are racist. What race are we even talking about? Latino just means you are from a country in the Americas whose language is derived from Latin. Hispanic comes from the word Hispania. Which is what the Romans called the people of the Iberian Peninsula. The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) are in Europe. All Europeans are considered to be white. Are Italians another race too? No, of course not. Maybe you are talking about Mestizos (A name that comes from the truly racist Mexican Casta System.)? There is a descent amount of admixture in Latin America with amerindians. I do not believe that "race" plays a part in how people feel. This is a country built and fought for by our ancestors. They have no claim here. When people act like it's OK to break our laws, which every other country has, then other people get pissed. I am in complete agreement that we should go after the companies that hire them. Without a place to work they will self deport. There are 33 countries in Latin America. No one ever asks why they aren't more successful. Great weather, plenty of natural resources, and people her mom told will do the jobs Americans won't do. Not to mention the fact that 96% of all enslaved Africans went to Latin America. America received 4% of all enslaved Africans. So if you believe that slaves built this country then their countries should be even wealthier. Look up the cities with the highest homicide rate in the world. It is dominated by Latin American countries. We owe them nothing! Absolutely nothing. Their history is even worse than our history.
Angela Reeree (5 months ago)
Now many ppl are murdered by American citizens. Not making excuses. But a man in Colorado just killed his wife and two daughters and his unborn daughter.
Irina Godunko (5 months ago)
Lisa Monk you are so wrong! Do you know that Public assistants offices make workers to sign papers that they never report illegals who applying for assistance to authority? Yes! They do. I was married to a man who worked their. I can testify. This is in f****n Calischmackia! Demrats have all that blood of innocent people killed by illegals on their hands! I am sooo mad! Death penalty! Period! No life To a victim - no life to a murderer!
LuxeLifeOfLisa M (5 months ago)
+Nicole Boza also Legal Citizens
Mariana Peko (5 months ago)
Just tragic and sad.
Jamaica (5 months ago)
This is clearly Obama's fault. The timeline fits.
Maddie Rus (1 month ago)
Obama deported 2.5 million illegal immigrants. More than any other president. Why do people ignore this fact??
RaAja (5 months ago)
Obama had more deportations than any other president before him. A simple google search would’ve helped before making this statement.
Kathy Lackamp (5 months ago)
Actually it’s converses fault this is been going on for years through the Reagan Bush Administrations also
Kathy Lackamp (5 months ago)
Jamaica Actually it’s converses fault
Barrett Tribe (5 months ago)
Further, it is important that folks know... Both Dems and Repubs have historically fought illegal immigration. All this fuss started when Obama tried to cut the number of deportations by allowing a pathway to citizenship. Illegals had to meet certain criteria to qualify for that pathway, and not all of them stepped forward, but he wanted to make opportunities for certain desirable immigrants to have a chance. This effort was twisted and spun by certain news networks in a 2 decade long campaign to divide the country. Do many know the owner of Fox and MSNBC are one in the same? This organization is working both sides of the divide. The purpose is to have us distracted with partisanship and hate. They do not want you aware that we have strategically placed 300 military bases all over the world, have all kinds of nuclear weapons pointing at Russia (who are now retaliating) and are covertly making an effort to change our Constitution under our noses (been in the works for a couple years now...almost finished). We the people need to come together. We can not let the powers that be prevail. It would appear to me that we are all sheep, regardless of which side of the divide we are on. RIP Mollie Tibbit. I send love and compassion to the family of this beautiful child. I am so sorry that there are those who would make a partisan attack out of this childs passing. I can only hope that we all find peace soon. With out a doubt, she has found hers.
Jacqueline Lang (5 months ago)
Great detective work!

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