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Let Joe Know: Car sold with unpaid lien

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Buyer can't get title to car.
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Varacka (3 months ago)
Interestingly I recognize the apartment in the background. I just moved out of that hell.
Jeremy Finister (3 months ago)
I bought a Ford focus like this. Five thousand dollar lean! Title max heard me out and told me I could keep the car. Cashed it out for me. Blessing!
waaazup D (3 months ago)
Only when the news gets involved did he get him his money back yea this fool is shsdy
OliveOyl12590 (4 months ago)
I'm gonna tell JOE!!!!
Raymond S (5 months ago)
Just happened to me with my 1965 chevy impala, I dont know what to do. Tried doing a surety bond and they told me they cant grant me a bonded title because theres an interested party/lienholder
Pyroman / (8 months ago)
How does a dealer not do a lien search
Pyroman / (8 months ago)
A person sells a car like this should be charged with fraud
Willie Deval Parker (8 months ago)
They knew about it
Phyllis Stein (8 months ago)
hahahaha magically complete cooperation from a real turd
DW Red (1 year ago)
this goes on everyday where i live, people posting car for sale with a lost title but in reality they have pawned the title and selling as such.
Same Hard (2 years ago)
very scary stressful feeling to have when buying a used car God forbid that ever happens to me
Samuel Bermudez (2 years ago)
he was embarrassed thats y he paid ....... would ruin his company name

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