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Au/Ra - Panic Room (Official Video)

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Here's the new video for Panic Room! I hope you like it x :) Get the song here: http://smarturl.it/PanicRoomRet Join my exclusive club: http://smarturl.it/JoinOutsiders Vevo dscvr: Artists to Watch 2018 - http://smarturl.it/dscvrAuRa iTunes: http://smarturl.it/PanicRoomRet/itunes Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/PanicRoomRet/applemusic Spotify: http://smarturl.it/PanicRoomRet/spotify Google Play: http://smarturl.it/PanicRoomRet/googleplay Follow me on... Instagram: https://smarturl.it/AuRaIG Facebook: https://smarturl.it/AuRaFB Twitter: https://smarturl.it/AuRaTW Spotify: https://smarturl.it/AuRaSp Website: https://heyitsaura.com Lyrics: Hell raising hair raising Im ready for the worst Soul frightening face whitening Fear that you can’t reverse My phone has no signal It’s making my skin crawl This silence is so loud The lights spark & flicker With monsters much bigger Than I can control now Welcome to the Panic Room Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you (come for you) Welcome to the Panic Room You'll know I wasn’t joking when you see them too (see them too) Welcome to the panic room Still waiting hands shaking Maybe the coast will clear But these voices these strange noises They followed me in here My phone has no signal It’s makin’ my skin crawl This silence is so loud The lights spark & flicker With monsters much bigger Than I can control now Welcome to the Panic Room Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you (come for you) Welcome to the Panic Room You'll know I wasn’t joking when you see them too (see them too) Welcome to the panic room Theres no Cryin’ wolves now Cos the truth has settled in Hidin’ under goosedown For your nightmare to begin Welcome to the Panic Room Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you (come for you) Welcome to the Panic Room You'll know I wasn’t joking when you see them too (see them too) Welcome to the panic room Hell raising hair raising I’m ready for the worst
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Text Comments (7133)
emilija cakic (19 minutes ago)
See teachers in hallway....you know I wasn't joking when you see them too ...seeee them tooo
emilija cakic (21 minutes ago)
End of weekend .....hell raising..
Maja Kiraga (5 hours ago)
This would be a AWSOME MOVie
Pastel Wolfie (8 hours ago)
I'm already scared before the video started...
icecreamlollypop45 aj (8 hours ago)
Next time I’m gonna say welcome to the panic room at school like if you agree I should
CLARO SÓ QUE NÃO (15 hours ago)
sitting on waffles 123 (15 hours ago)
Welcome to the panic room Goes into a party* Has anixety attack* To many people Like if your an introvert:P
Alice White (16 hours ago)
Your performance of this song at the belasco last night was dope af
Leah Field (16 hours ago)
If it is you I'm so excited - you're amazing!!!
Leah Field (16 hours ago)
Is it you that's touring with EDEN? I'm seeing him next month and I'm researching into the artist he's going with ?? It will be in Brixton. If not sorry for the inconvenience:) xx
Grazia Romeo (20 hours ago)
This is my song⚘
This is SO good omf!
wild bird (20 hours ago)
Sławomir Taranowicz (22 hours ago)
fey maetz (1 day ago)
A really good Video!
Anika Proctor (1 day ago)
“Welcome to panic room. Where all your darkest fears are going to come for you.” Me when I see a spider. XD
Zara webster (21 hours ago)
omg ikr
Makayla Zaragoza (1 day ago)
Welcome to the panic room=my mind Where all your darkest fear will come for you=my life...this song is so relatable...its sad.
Max Hoffschwelle (1 day ago)
Ha Got 'em
Charessie Chyu (1 day ago)
*This is society bitches.*
Kuro Kasai (1 day ago)
I like the nightcore version a lot
Jazzy Jeff (1 day ago)
Kirstine (1 day ago)
thank you yt for putting this in my recommendation. i LOVE HER ALREADY
Jack_16 _ (1 day ago)
I don’t know why but this gives me stranger things vibes
Aisyah Aqila (2 days ago)
" My phone has signals. " " It's make my skin crawl " GURL-
Aisyah Aqila (2 days ago)
" My phone has no signals " " It's making my skin crawl " I'm relalted to that
Orion434 (2 days ago)
Wait, what exactly happened to kill nearly everyone in the <INSERT LOCATION HERE>? Neurotoxin or another deadly gas in the air circulation system?
Orion434 (2 days ago)
not nearly everyone. But what killed them?
Ema Fiona (2 days ago)
*when the toilet won’t flush in the bathroom* “Welcome to the panic room”
Okto Harlananda Elhan (2 days ago)
I like it :)
Ashley Vongast Walker (2 days ago)
Lilian Lawson (2 days ago)
this gives stranger things vibes, loved it
ShayAway (2 days ago)
THE anxiety song.
Lucia Z (2 days ago)
this was posted on my birthday!! :D
Alexis Perry (2 days ago)
And I am just now seeing this because!!!!!! WOW!!
Hina nawaz (2 days ago)
Did the girl was holding dead person heart
So...So....S...S...S...So good 😢Its to beautiful
XxKJGamingHDxX 13 (2 days ago)
"Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you" *Summers over and you have to go back to school* *Dies immediately*
rEEEE That's Creepy *But Edgy* *And Good Music Too LMFAO*
"Welcome to the panic room" * sees a clown * * looks at it then looks back at it * * faints *
Star Moon (2 days ago)
Kawanny Elias Vieira (2 days ago)
porra nunca entendi esse video
Lovercooki Studios (2 days ago)
*my phone has no signal* thats hell one like is one minute of the internet.
Мне нравится Припев однако сама песня не особо...(
lost (3 days ago)
"The silence is so loud" I love disssss😻💚
Capah (3 days ago)
heard this on alan walkers concert and been in love with this song since that
Random (3 days ago)
Wait but aren’t panic rooms the room you go into when something bad happens in ur house and it’s filled with food and stuff to keep you entertained and safe until it’s safe to leave the room?
Natali Raeva (3 days ago)
anna アンナ (3 days ago)
_sees that has 2 essays due tomorrow_ *welcome to the panic room!*
Alan Escamilla (3 days ago)
Who else put "Welcome to the petting zoo" in the search bar cause I did
Os Lokos Da Dyp (3 days ago)
Melhor musica
Os Lokos Da Dyp (3 days ago)
I love ❤❤❤💚❤💚💚
Saif 403817 (3 days ago)
music is good but, I can see you working as an amazing actor... something along the lines as Marvel or DC. Just an opinion
ovoll (3 days ago)
Prisoners of our own mind. And yet while this song is bringing our worst anxiety into a 3D form it's comforting knowing you're not the only one held captive..
Tayveyah Barrientez (3 days ago)
Hehe I felt bad and I like the song hehe
Tayveyah Barrientez (3 days ago)
Tayveyah Barrientez (3 days ago)
Your welcome to the panic room I’m sped
Pink Snowflake (3 days ago)
*My crush look at me* Me: “Welcome to the panic room!!”
Wonder Girl x Taylor (3 days ago)
Welcome me to the panic reminder room :*me when I have explosive diarrhea and it can’t come out. :*me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Lucas (3 days ago)
Who came from nightcore
kalli la kawaii1260:3 (3 days ago)
xX_MLG_DADDY_Xx (3 days ago)
SHe Idsjufbesf ifbsg,j skjdbvkj FUCK this is hot. Did she do it though? I'm confused, because she was holding the person's heart and her eyes flashed red so i'm like"oh shit they all dead" But i'm wondering what they're all running from. I saw a silhouette of a person in the background of one scene and i'm thinking that's what they're running from or is it just a shadow of someone who isn't running. But idk im bad at making assumptions
John Smith (3 days ago)
Panic room= school
Diya Thakor (3 days ago)
Hold up Waz dat harry styles 🤨
Angel of Lilys (3 days ago)
I don’t like the video it’s creeping me out but I like the song
Jocelyn Serrano (3 days ago)
I LOVE this song
Qlaudiax .e (3 days ago)
Łelkom tu de penik rum :(
XxStealth xX (3 days ago)
" Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you" thinks wow i missed two weeks of school because of pneumonia and mono... welp im dead
XxStealth xX (3 days ago)
This gave off some serious stranger things got even darker vibes, like i loved it but yeah just gave off a creepy kind of vibe which i very much appreciate.
Hadalee Mickelson (3 days ago)
I love your voice great song!
Mia Cruz (3 days ago)
I think she was holding the dead you know how she step in the blood I think that’s his heart but she keep it so nobody can’t see it. EDIT: like if think that
Angelica 887 (3 days ago)
Solo a me ricorda strangerthings?😂😂
Wantnoname XO (4 days ago)
Took some acid then this started playing
Starlia Candy (4 days ago)
So what is the story about?
Wellcome to the panic room
kknodelay ii (4 days ago)
"my phone has no signal."
Juliayuu Blair (4 days ago)
Welcome to the panic room were all you darkes fears will come for you.sees math teacher walk in with math test GOD NO
Star Dust (4 days ago)
Can't stop thinking about Venom tbh
Potato Lord (4 days ago)
“Welcome to the panic room” Me:she’s definitely talking about my sisters room
Harley Quinney (4 days ago)
welcome to the panic room where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you
FranticPeaches (4 days ago)
This should be a movie
Why does that nurse look like harry styles 😂😂😂
AU/RA you look like eurus from sherlock series .😍😍😍😍
Squishes first 101 (4 days ago)
She’s my bffs sis I’m shoooooooooook
Sophie Rønnow (4 days ago)
Can someone make a movie out of this?
Lizzie Studios (4 days ago)
I love dis song so much mah lord
BellaGacha :3 (4 days ago)
Well that turned a dark turn
Prinsessvaeh Moore (5 days ago)
SHE HAD A HEART IN HER HAND THE WHOLE TIME I was wondering why her hand were like that
Hizzer (5 days ago)
This music video has gotten *a lot* of attention since I first discovered Au/Ra, and rightfully so! She's a young and talented artist, and I'm still looking forward to her debut LP.
ღDianne Playzღ (5 days ago)
*School Starts* Me: Welcome to the panic room :')
GalTheGamer (5 days ago)
what are they hiding from?
Techo Echo (4 days ago)
Appearently not her. Maybe some zombie stuff happened?
•Mellow Playz• (5 days ago)
This is my BFFS fav song :)
Itz Jazz (5 days ago)
You'll know i wasn't joking *when you see the classrooms filled with PEOPLE YOU HATE >:C*
diamondSTAR THE GOOD (5 days ago)
I love how she didn’t want to let go of the heart that she was holding and the people that just passed by her like bish bye.
Jolly Foxs (5 days ago)
More like school.
Kimberly Ooten (5 days ago)
I NEed TO SEe Behind the scenes!
Travis Gaston (5 days ago)
She looks like finn wolfhards sister
Itz Melody (5 days ago)
This is what I do (Lol) *math class starts in 1 minute* Welcome to the panic room ;-;
Paarden Lovers (5 days ago)
Mei Schlegel (5 days ago)
Song: welcome to the panic room. Me: Gets put on stage to sing for the talent show. Remembers my anxiety. Shit
SuGa BuG (5 days ago)
*school is my panic room and homework and test are where all darkest fears come for me*
Amena Sultana (5 days ago)
I just want to know what happened after that

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