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Gay kisses drunk straight (gay) guy

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the movie is: "THE RULES OF ATTRACTION" The Rules of Attraction (2002) is a dark satirical film directed by Roger Avary, based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. It stars James Van Der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Ian Somerhalder, Jessica Biel, Kip Pardue and Clare Kramer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rules_of_Attraction_(film)
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Text Comments (440)
Selene (1 month ago)
That title though XD
Insane Gaming (1 year ago)
OYA 27 (1 year ago)
هههه نضحك مثلا
Damien Parker (1 year ago)
Damnit Jimmy you ruined my tower
Damien Parker (1 year ago)
Firsts few seconds of reading the title made me feel high
Cary Walker (1 month ago)
It`s actually simpler to seduce a straight guy. Try this secret method “gayom unique seduce” (Google it) to see if he`s bisexual curious and how to seduce him. Guys are meant to be sexual beings. With a little motivation and the right circumstances, most guys would try things out with the same sex.
Louis Fotunato (2 years ago)
Ah Ian Somerhalder as a very young adult or teenager and I knew him from The Vampire Diaries
Agent M (3 years ago)
Ian SmolderingHalder...Ian SomerSexyHalder....Ian SexyHalder...my list will go on 'n on 'n on 'n on 'n onnnnnnn..............!
Jeff Villalpando (3 years ago)
OK calm down
Alpha Omega (4 years ago)
The homosexual beast is death the bottom feeder of humanity
Faith, Hope and Love (2 years ago)
Alpha Omega...but your name is so gay xD
Spekky (4 years ago)
To be honest, if I was a guy, I'd be kissing him all day long XD he's Ian Somer-fucking-halder
NaNazLiLNuBz (4 years ago)
iBoYube (5 years ago)
LOL funny straight thinks and cheap hahaha XD 
hinde64 (5 years ago)
I love how he forgot everything and started to enjoy the kiss then suddenly came back to reality ahaha
Alex Wilder (4 years ago)
"Mmmm........wait I'm straight T.T"
Voice V4 (5 years ago)
Hhahah! True.
AsSereneMonstersRest (5 years ago)
omg. a racist troll.... how quaint!
Vanessa (5 years ago)
Niel Casas (5 years ago)
Kurt Lim (5 years ago)
Light 106 year (1 year ago)
Kurt Lim any real man obviously
Unordinary Fella (5 years ago)
'what the fuck' hahaha i wouldnt say anything
niklaus mikaelson (5 years ago)
What's this movie called?
Misspretty inpink (5 years ago)
Okay he isn't gay obviously he's just ACTING. Even if he was gay he is the sexist thing alive and him kissing a guy is the sexist thing. -Well other than Channing Tatum.
KyCrusty37 (5 years ago)
Wat the hell
pimpsoulja8888 (5 years ago)
thats my kind of girl :)
Agentyre (6 years ago)
I think prowlamongus said all that needed to be said here, but I feel the desire and need to tell you that he's absolutely right. Flagged / downvoted.
Sharee Harris (6 years ago)
prowlamongus (6 years ago)
Oh horrors! Two guys kissing.. what IS the world coming to. I guess it's more acceptable to see them bashing skulls and bloodying themselves at the football field. Funny how Americans can condone all sorts of violence on screen, but affection they can't stomach and are uncomfortable with.
Selene (1 month ago)
I suppose that is part of the reasons why there are more laws protecting guns than laws protecting minors to go through disgusting "conversion camps" programs and to deal with bullying.
prowlamongus (6 years ago)
why can't you believe he "had to act gay"? Does the fact he's good looking exempt him from the chance he is gay or plays gay characters? As a gay male, I totally resent your implications and insult.
StarRoseAngelic (6 years ago)
The cans lol
Chip (6 years ago)
Part 2 plz
talina winston (6 years ago)
Those two guys are hot.
kingnuking (6 years ago)
WHAT THE FUCK? Why PUSH HIM!?!? Fire him.
nick paliotti (6 years ago)
Boog from lost!!!:F
Jake Lambert (6 years ago)
Did anyone else catch how he leans in and kisses back before freaking the fuck out?
Derek Williams (6 years ago)
The other guy obviously loved it too much.
Matt E (6 years ago)
I went back and watched lost, and yup, stick out like crazy there too! I'm thinking he finally figured out how to do his hair to minimize the appearance... Lots of celebrities have looks that make fans drool over them, but that thing that makes ya turn your head. Megan Fox has her thumbs, Tom Cruise has that whole center of his face lines up with one of his teeth (freaky if you look at it)... Ian's got his ears.
Culvea Solvere (6 years ago)
LOL these straight guys all worried about image, spssssh girls like it when you're more open to things and not such a bigot :P
SifrahSpanjer (6 years ago)
Could he have sort of a sugary? because god, he sure as hell doesn't have those ears in The vampire diaries!
graykitty92 (6 years ago)
..and taste better:)
graykitty92 (6 years ago)
lmao.. oh man this is weird. I rather.. Ian as straight just like he is in Vampire Diaries. Much better for the ladies :)
Charleen W (6 years ago)
I just can't get past Ian's ears. After four seasons of Vampire Diaries how did I miss those??
Taylor Knight (6 years ago)
Straight guy gets owned!!!!!
Taylor Knight (6 years ago)
are you sure about that?
Taylor Knight (6 years ago)
the character is gay
First world problems (6 years ago)
Thrilla In Manila (6 years ago)
OMG I remember this What movie is this
dancingsnake263 (6 years ago)
hahaha right
B.C. (6 years ago)
Ian isn't gay, and I think, if I remember correctly, his character in The Rules of Attraction is bisexual.
kimberlyanne_22 (6 years ago)
Ah, Ian. That was fucking hot.
Suzi Yang (6 years ago)
wtf!??? Ian????
Claudio Cássio (6 years ago)
WTF?? Iann???? :(
Mercedes Quintana (6 years ago)
yeah, hamilton
Mercedes Quintana (6 years ago)
its so funnyyy
shannon bieber (6 years ago)
@MsAlexfields lmao right!?
everybodyisafool (6 years ago)
omg...my ovaries just exploded
angelwkw3 (6 years ago)
Ian probably isn't gay but just because a guy is dating a girl doesn't mean he can't cheat on her with a guy. Seen it happen many times.
senja korhonen (6 years ago)
Vampire diaries brought me here.
Niezwyczajna900 (6 years ago)
OMG. HOW HE CAN BE SO STUPID????? he DOn't WANT kiss from Ian!? BULLSHIT ....
aceshighsays (6 years ago)
Ian is like wine, he gets better looking with age
superslyguy4201 (6 years ago)
redrecluse08 (6 years ago)
damon salvatore!
ElisaN92 (6 years ago)
haha this is hilarious
Dreamy Flamingo (6 years ago)
He is straight guys, GET OVER IT. Even if he was gay, that's none of your business!
aiyruchan (6 years ago)
If you were a gay hater you wouldnt watch this right? XD
Robyn Mevis (6 years ago)
Ian is NOT Gay he askt Nina Dobrev to marry him but she say no caus she said to a friend that she think that she's to young but okay :)
Robyn Mevis (6 years ago)
That boy who kisses the boy with the shurt 72 is Ian Somerhalder and he's NOT Gay (not that i am a gay hater DONT get the ewrong idea )
MrGametape (6 years ago)
Ze n (6 years ago)
Pak Wong (6 years ago)
Even Ian kiss a guy it's doesn't mean he's gay!
Anna 001 (6 years ago)
I don´t care if he likes girls or guys... but this... Ian kising a guy... it´s just the hotest thing... OMG. Why is so incredible sexy when two guys kiss each other? Hahaha i´m loving it!
Shannon Lynn (6 years ago)
Ian is not gay. This is called ACTING.
bandgeekalways (6 years ago)
I'm not sure who is who, and if Ian is gay or straight, but I did want to point out something...just because he is dating a woman doesn't mean he's straight. Once again, I have no clue-he could be straight as a nail, but there are a lot of gays in the closet dating the opposite gender, because duh, they're still in the closet (sometime even to themselves). Just saying...
Sadie Morgan (6 years ago)
some of these comments are so stupid.... 1. Ian is dating Nina.2.Ian is not gay beacuse he is dating a female. and 3. It's acting as one person said...... not because you see something you have to make fun about it...... and that is probally grapics......
princessfox99 (6 years ago)
nawh my ian oh so young :')
Tobi Sarah Somefun (6 years ago)
Loool rofl at his reaction
Aitor Belvedere (6 years ago)
Yes, it is.
Mary Rimbaud (6 years ago)
Aw yeah ian somerhalder. ;p
calah (6 years ago)
eww...incest is not cool
Gable Cabrera (6 years ago)
Ian is not gay hes dating nina its called acting ppl!!
magnvss (6 years ago)
It would be worse if he became a Muslim fanatic. With no handle of English.
MsAlexfields (6 years ago)
lool if i was a guy and ian somerhalder kissed me there would be no pushing away lol
Bobby Drake (6 years ago)
BiShOuJiTo (6 years ago)
jajajaja LOL XD
Gable Cabrera (6 years ago)
Omg ian samberhalder!
LOL yes!!! <3.... 1 second later "fuck fuck fuck" XD
kaisa (6 years ago)
IAN♥ omg i love his he is so hahaha lol damn hot, DELENA♥
kawaiichan1231 (6 years ago)
Damn... why did u push him away??? -.-"
leevum1 (6 years ago)
Everyone knows that guys who always talk crap about gays do it because their really GAY!!! All you're doing is telling on yourself.
Sweet Tooth (6 years ago)
and anyone who think that ian is gay after watching this he is stupid .. because professional actors can do anything .
Sweet Tooth (6 years ago)
Restrain (6 years ago)
Lol coming from someone who hates gay people and has there username as 4evaBelieberMahomie. You are probably some guy acting like a girl on youtube! smh, Hes an actor not a guy guy making gay movies! Im a guy and im a great fan, TVD!!
DvelveITSEdifice (6 years ago)
...? He's an actor you know.. this wasn't reality. Besides, let's say he'd be gay, would you still hate him? someone is clearly hating on sexuality here. Homophobe..
Κατερίνα Γ. (6 years ago)
Stop that shit. He's an actor. Call him gay. I call it REAL TALENT. and hey boys? do you have the balls to do it? NO.
Κατερίνα Γ. (6 years ago)
you wish to
Κατερίνα Γ. (6 years ago)
it's not real life, you know? acting?
Kevin Larsson (6 years ago)
HAha its funny because they kiss
מאור חגג (6 years ago)
If Nina see this. Lol
FahoOowd (6 years ago)
he is an actor .. o,O professional actors can do anything .. if he was gay, he wouldnt date nina and he is bisexual in this movie not gay ;D
Daniël K (6 years ago)
omg! young twink damon!!!! i didn't even recognize him at first!
bianca chmelikova (6 years ago)
BenedoodleCumberpoodle (6 years ago)
That would be so weird!! LOL
AshenShugar72 (6 years ago)
Interesting enough, Kip Pardue has had a boyfriend in Hollywood once upon a time. I know not more than that, but I think this would mean he is gay or bi.

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