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5 Michelin-star chefs reveal secrets of French cuisine

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Five of the greatest French Michelin-starred chefs pay tribute to their local food producers and reveal the secrets of their cuisine. In this journey to the six corners of France, each chef shows us his region, its most beautiful sights and the women and men (fishermen, breeders, market gardeners, cheese makers, bakers…) who provide him with outstanding produce. With French cuisine recently added to the Intangible World Heritage list, this film pays tribute to the people who are helping to maintain its reputation. Subscribe to wocomoCOOK: https://goo.gl/9c1suR Follow wocomo on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wocomo/
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Text Comments (118)
a.j Bandel (7 hours ago)
Totaal achterhaald dit soort onzin! Een Team gaat wel even zeggen wat een zgn ster waardig is..?? Men krijgt een bordje met een gerecht die men bij wijze moet zoeken middels een micoscoop en flik in de buidel mag tasten..een elite club! daarmee zeg ik niet dat d chef's niet kunnen koken!! maar het iedee dat er een paar mensen zijn die bepalen..echt zielig!!
Jos Akkermans (7 days ago)
My secret? Knorr Stockpot!
Me Tube (11 days ago)
I grew up on a farm and we use to cater for people. Then I went to cooking school and now I find myself wanting to grow all my food ingredients so I can flavor them with love. Then cook them for everyone.
nevereverlucky yes (17 days ago)
63 covers an 80 staff hahahhaha clownsircus ..
George Wardy (20 days ago)
A lot of hard work goes on to serve Michelin-star Food .
Steven Lambert (24 days ago)
5 star Micheline chef?? Really!!! You morons should realize the top rating is 3 stars! It pisses me off when idiots advertise a clip falsely!
Bemused Indian (26 days ago)
Are those roaches at 8.35? Good lord.
kristina makela (1 month ago)
hey asshole white man "chefs"...move aside, because we REAL chefs will soon be grilling you.
Ineke (1 month ago)
If only we had more chefs like this in America.
Ineke (15 days ago)
+Thibault Papin .... I'm sure some do. But they are still restricted by the government on what products they can and can't use. Like if one wanted to go and forge for ingredients to serve in their restaurant and make money off it they can't. If no money was to be exchanged one could forge for ingredients to serve. The people in the government here just want to control everything they can. In Europe telling someone they can't forge for a restaurant is like slapping them in the face. It's in their ancestry. It's in ours also but most Americans as a whole are to caught up in technology to know even know nature exists. The government makes sure of that.
Thibault Papin (15 days ago)
A lot of french chef work in US. They are very well pay
zemekiel (16 days ago)
Why? So they could ask "Do you want cheese with that" in a french accent?
Abdul Basit (1 month ago)
You can not give respect to the plate Unless have respect for the produce where it comes from...well said
Ade Ferranti (1 month ago)
Key ingredient is the passion
Mr. McLovin (1 month ago)
And butter, lots and lots
luke lucy (1 month ago)
Interesting, great to see such passion.  Impossible if you can't get such ingredients.....
Kim Kim (1 month ago)
Michelin stars are a total scam
Antonello Cancedda (1 month ago)
then they open Italian restaurant :-)
Peter Stroncek (2 months ago)
18:11...please how is called that terrine?
Peter Stroncek (2 months ago)
10:19 :D :D :D
Peter Stroncek (2 months ago)
After watching this video a few minutes I realizedI that, thats that restaurant is just on a perfect place!....just corresponding your passion about a food u make...amazing!
James Wong (23 days ago)
Peter Stroncek you sound likes you eat dick for breakfast
Emz Got Channel (2 months ago)
Whooah it's really amazing i wish I'd could be a great chef someday 😍
Are u working towards it? Studying?
C. Lee E. (2 months ago)
Translation: Devote your life to killing animals in ever more creative ways all the while keeping a running commentary about how you respect them. Find innovative ways to use their body parts all the while referring to them as 'protein' to mask the terrible pain and suffering you have caused real, living beings. Charge exorbitant prices to people with little more important to live for than what they put in their mouths. Call it a culture.
Vanness Tan (3 months ago)
it's the amount of butter that matters really..
pat comerford (3 months ago)
Sybarites are the only people who really appreciate French cuisine! I am so hungry!
elisanne M (4 months ago)
Le secret ? La patience...prendre le temps de choisir ses ingrédients, prendre le temps de cuisiner, prendre le temps de manger... c'est long mais c'est bon, miam ! :)
Pedro S. F. (4 months ago)
Troisgros eats half the profit of the market , by "sampling"
mofokraut (5 months ago)
I don't understand French, hopefully these cooks know how to cook something decent and put more food on the plate.
Michael Ovrutsky (5 months ago)
The best food in the world!!!
souri mel (6 months ago)
how do you know that
prema chintadi (6 months ago)
i would like to Come and dine here..for sure before i get old....
mofokraut (6 months ago)
the euro michelen rank system is a joke. these cooks realise that.
EOSHAY Fullwood (2 months ago)
mofokraut learn how to spell you dumb fucking hump.
mofokraut (6 months ago)
why do french food give you so little to eat? i tried there food it ain't that good, i think you have to get used to the food and keep eating it to get use to it.
David Louis (15 days ago)
mofokraut sure American continue to eat hamburger 🍔
Thibault Papin (15 days ago)
Every plate are tiny for sure. But you have 6 diferent plate during the meal. Not like in "normal" restaurant (3 plate).
David Louis (2 months ago)
mofokraut see in America they eat a lot of food !!! Go there and put quantity before quality and see what happened your call
divedeepinside (6 months ago)
you respect and love those nice beautiful animals to be killed later and eaten up , so nice , this is you do with your best frend also isnt it ?????
megafaune75 (3 months ago)
yes and if you are not happy we will kill you too but without any hate.
Richard Graham (6 months ago)
Who writes this shit? This first French Chef and his staff " Defy the laws of Physics" So, what do they do to defy the laws of Physics? Overcome Gravity? Turn the theory of relativity on its head? Nope, they cook food on a hill! Really, there truly are some arseholes that write this garbage. Imagine his stress levels too when he has to put up with terrible things like water not boiling at 100C due to the altitude, can you imagine how difficult it must be to make a cup of tea when the water boils at 98C instead of 100C, I don't know how they manage it! They put men on the moon but cannot get water to boil at 100C incredible. Pretentious French Twat!
Ertac 74 (3 months ago)
Richard Graham you are looking for the little beast, you do not know anything about French so by pity stop talking about a population that you do not know!
Jay Y (7 months ago)
The pretension is strong with this video. There's passion and then there's arrogance. French chefs seem to have a lot of both.
David Louis (2 months ago)
Jay Y and that is why we are the best !!! Arrogance is ok when you are the best actually ok bye 👋
megafaune75 (3 months ago)
pretention is better than presuming. that's why French maybe sounds arrongant because they know what their talking about since 1500 years.
Soriki (6 months ago)
Whatever you say bro, they still make a lot of the best food in the world
tetes de veaux (7 months ago)
one problem with all the wocomo vids translation is inaccurate and annoying. wish it was subtitled.
Andrew Bruce (3 months ago)
oui, moi aussi c'est penible
Amit Upadhya (5 months ago)
tetes de veaux totally agree with you
Miss D (8 months ago)
its my ultimate dream to eat food cooked by a michelin stared chief..
Miss D (6 months ago)
that makes me wonder, how'd 100$ steak normally taste.😅
Ruth Hevia (9 months ago)
Fabius (9 months ago)
French Food sucks...
Quentin Vachette (1 month ago)
Lmfao go look at his channel and his favorite playlist. He's a retard, his opinion is garbage, don't mind him
David Louis (2 months ago)
Fabius you must be a well oversized American uses to eat all conserved food 🥘 keeps going and good luck
megafaune75 (3 months ago)
you have 0 taste compltely lobotomize by sugar and salt... murica.....
Lyn Pigney (4 months ago)
How often have you eaten it? Not in some quasi-French restaurant, but somewhere with a French-run kitchen, maybe a French chef - maybe even in France? What experience are you speaking from?
Soriki (6 months ago)
Oh really? Upload a video of going to one of their top restaurants, try the food while recording yourself, around other people sitting right next to you, and you won't be able to say that with a straight face :)
Murilo Cruz (9 months ago)
Secret of French cuisine: Butter. :D
Brandon Le (6 hours ago)
Cheese a d wine
Cézure (2 months ago)
+elisanne M On y pense pas assez mais le temps est l'ingrédient le plus important en cuisine
elisanne M (4 months ago)
Non, la patience...prendre le temps de choisir ses ingrédients, prendre le temps de cuisiner, prendre le temps de manger... c'est long mais c'est bon, miam ! :)
Games TV (9 months ago)
No wonder the French are good chefs and cyclists. They think about new recipes and ideas while cycling. I think michelin quality recipes originate from the Tour De France.
gottfer (4 months ago)
FYI in France there is actually a pastry called 'paris-brest' which is one stage of the tour de France lol
Paul H (10 months ago)
Keep it fresh, clean, simple and you can't go wrong. Usually if something tastes flat it just needs salt.
Tenzin Dasang Gyaltsewa (10 months ago)
France = world class food.
Thibault Papin (15 days ago)
+Nanderlizer Nanderlizer dont go in restaurant for tourist.
Unknown pleasures (1 month ago)
Gsr Badell Prove it ? Big mouth !!
Ertac 74 (2 months ago)
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer Whatever you see, you know nothing about it! neither in French cuisine nor in French themselves, stay in your jealousy! you are uneducated and you made yourself that on your prejudging on the French it is lamentable! But success attracts the jealous it is well known, France is a victim of its success;) (last answer) ( english translation)
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer (2 months ago)
+Ertac 74 not really, french food in cafes and home cooked french food is nice. but, food in french restaurants can be very mediocre and often pretentious.
Ertac 74 (3 months ago)
Gsr Badell = jealousy and haters but we love u still 😘😘
hong lee (10 months ago)
one of my greatest satifactions working as a cook is working for a hard ass chef and hes says somethings good and adds you name in a way u know u nailed it ..gj jerry
Shubhh hoggle (10 months ago)
this things are for show, background and truth is something different. yanky and screaming chefs and this service forget it. lmao.
Triforce (9 months ago)
Those are top class chef. not 20$ restaurant.
Jason Barnes (10 months ago)
What a bunch of fucking cunts can't even cook toast
GrowingDownUnder (10 months ago)
I'd like to see more about how they prepare the food, not where the food comes from
Trevor Carter (28 days ago)
All prep is just portioning out meats and anything else that needs to be pre weighed. You will also need to top up your ingredients you will be needing the whole night before hand ex: veggies, sauces topped off, salad bar full for the night. Checking expirary dates on stuff that might or might not be able to use to avoid anyone getting sick. Alot more stuff aswell. Its a highly stressfull job. Being a cook is great though. 10 hour days/5 days a week is an easy 50 hour week not to mention tips are great. And they add up quicker than you think im getting $1000 plus tips every 2 weeks. So about $1200 bucks every 2 weeks. Roughly 2400 bucks a month. Its worth it for someone who has a passion for it.
Raphaël D (5 months ago)
yes meat must be cooked
Epicci (5 months ago)
+Raphaël D Yeah I'd prefer cooked pig, raw meat really isn't humans food..
Raphaël D (6 months ago)
where the food comes from is the most important thing. When the food is good, you don't need a lot of fancy stuff, you can even eat it raw, it will be good.
Badass Chef (11 months ago)
It’s called butter
elisanne M (4 months ago)
Non, la patience...prendre le temps de choisir ses ingrédients, prendre le temps de cuisiner, prendre le temps de manger... c'est long mais c'est bon, miam ! :)
JD Krasinki (11 months ago)
3:45 cheeky!
paulo sergio (11 months ago)
too small potions for 1200 euro i'll pass.
Soriki (4 months ago)
+Pel Pan Nah I don't wanna get acid thrown in my face and stabbed in the gut in London :) Just kidding haha, I don't live in London and have no interest in going, nor in NY And nah, what I'm saying is a counter-argument to when people stupidly say "The portions are too small" When just 1 plate isn't the thing you're going to be getting, you're likely to have a full course of different things, thus why I said, higher variety, easier not to get bored, and of higher quality than some random shitty overpriced restaurant or garbage fast food; You don't go there because you're starving to death and you're trying to survive your venture through a dense rainforest in the middle of nowhere, you're there to eat delicious meals you can't get anywhere else, like you said-As you'd find in any other 3 Star Michelin restaurants for that matter, for varying prices, obviously depending if you're there alone or with more people https://www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/restaurant-gordon-ramsay/menus/#Lunch%20Menu You can buy a full meal for 1200 if you want as long as it fits your budget For example, you just have to buy the equivalent of a big fried chicken with some rice and vegetables My point is that price is something that shouldn't be even thought about or considered when you're going to what you called "highly reviewed" places, your intention is far more important, and budget is not an issue People who complain about the portions being small don't understand that you eat more than what it is normally shown on videos (They don't usually show you all the dishes you'll eating) And don't understand that normal people don't get there every day after lunch to satisfy their hunger lol, they go there from time to time for some amazing shit and "Portions too small for the price" is not something they're thinking about
Pel Pan (4 months ago)
+Soriki Or you could just visit a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London or NY for 300$. Or any other number of 3 Michelin star restaurants for that matter, all for 300-700$. Following your own logic, it makes no sense to splurge 1200 on one meal when there's options that are reviewed more highly, for half the price.
Soriki (6 months ago)
Not made for people like you who can't afford it lol People who pay for these go for taste After eating too much of low quality food you won't be able to eat anymore and it won't taste as good But you can eat much more in higher variety because it is smaller, not to mention, you're not only going to eat 1 thing
aandgdesigngroup (11 months ago)
Great piece...another excellent example of the importance and respect paid to food culture in France...
SadSeal (11 months ago)
Bullshit, the realty of cooking is dark
J35h13 (11 months ago)
Farming, cooking, eating. It's biblical stuff.
TheIkaika777 (11 months ago)
Give them less food and charge more.
Soriki (6 months ago)
Because it's taste better, which is what matters here, not filling your stomach as much as humanly possible
Kyle Patton (11 months ago)
60 covers, that sounds like a dream.
lin juan (1 year ago)
I notice one thing watching this video... And that's is every in the video wether farmer , fisherman , or chief they are all passionate about what they do.
paul sleeping (1 month ago)
lin juan So true. I've watched so many shows like this one. All Michelin chefs are ultra passionate about what they do. And all of them always source their food locally and freshness is overall key. And some of them actually have their own farms that grow produce they need.
Soriki (6 months ago)
Hmmm, if you're right, I wonder why people are not eating your food or other low tier/low rank cooks, but instead, they choose to go for what these high rank michelin star chefs make... Because it's better lol, if the rich man that asks for the best of the best chooses it, you can clearly see why lmao, because it's good, if people didn't like it so much, they wouldn't blow hundreds on it, maybe some pretentious people would, but there's still many people that go to these places simply because they know they can get great food out of it, and they have 0 care for the atmosphere or the expensive feel to everything
no theyre not theyre fucking idiots ive worked with many of these so called chefs and every last one of them have their heads up their asses... and more times than not they fuck up recipes and ruin the flavors of food .... in stead of keeping things simple they make shit that much more difficult . they all let the that title of chef get to their fucking heads when in actuality being a chef is nothing more than a glorified cook who has his way
morthim (1 year ago)
trusting the sea people ended egypt
mr niceguy (1 year ago)
so everyone is a farmer, but then when you cook it up, it's posh
vervor (1 year ago)
Frenchman with irish accent is my fav :)
Jonathan Finan (1 month ago)
There is literally no one with anyone approaching any kind of Irish accent in this whole show.
MrFlandrija (1 year ago)
I'm not sure how many michelin stars these chefs have, but surely not 5 :)
GrowingDownUnder (10 months ago)
I think what he means is french chefs, not just chefs in france. There is french chefs based all over the world not just in france
Shi Bal (10 months ago)
you're wrong boy. The Japanese chefs have the most michelin stars of all the countries.
GrowingDownUnder (10 months ago)
the maximum you can get is 3 stars, no such thing as 5 star
MrFlandrija (11 months ago)
I got the title wrong... I thought it meant chefs with five stars, which is impossible of course. My mistake :)
Kyle Patton (11 months ago)
Khrist75 that's awfully prejudiced of you. I give all cultures a chance to provide excellence in food. I see a lot of prowess in the chefery of many different races. To be excellent, you must have an open mind, and embrace diversity. Otherwise you are nothing more than a single faceted cook, completely average in my opinion.
Sigkim (1 year ago)
They all give a damn!!! :)
UnX Format (1 year ago)
Good Hairstyles in this video!
Corey Edwards (10 months ago)
It's just food. For FuckSake, bitches.
Boiled Frog (1 year ago)
These french speaks very good English
magno guillas (1 year ago)

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