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Boy likes touching Girl

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Funny vid! If u went to CASA C/O 2012 u will understand! Insiderrrrr!:p
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where's My Coffee (11 months ago)
I am sacred Cuz a Boy at school Always touch in My Hands And my HAIR Idk why He Likes My hair or he Just likes me Cuz I some times I make him Laugh I think is okay I think I am in Love With some one Not him Oh Yeah we are in 5th Weird As boy And He is Trying To Look at my eyes And I am Friends with his Sister I think He has a crush on me. And I am only 10 years old
TrSki X moses (8 months ago)
Only 10 year olds speak like you
Joxana Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Weird af
iidestiny ii (1 year ago)
This is wired idea stupid
Selma Hernandez (4 years ago)

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