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Most Beautiful Music Ever: "Everdream" by Epic Soul Factory

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Subscribe: http://hdsoundi.com/go/subscribe Download (Bandcamp): http://bit.ly/2lAM1j4 Download (iTunes): http://apple.co/2lB79pp Music by: Epic Soul Factory & Really Slow Motion Composed by: Cesc Vilà (Epic Soul Factory) Album: SIGMA (2015) Auto-Replay: http://hdsoundi.com/video-470&loop For track licensing enquiries write to: [email protected] Stream full album on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/01oTdTA3L4wV9qv36M8cdB Follow Epic Soul Factory on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicsoulfactory/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/epicsoulfactory Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNceJmj2ZYJnERpQHvidapQ Support Really Slow Motion by purchasing their music: Amazon: http://goo.gl/kOAGrh iTunes: https://goo.gl/wpnHFU Spotify: https://goo.gl/eVyEyF Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/wL9ztK Follow Really Slow Motion on: Official website: http://www.reallyslowmotion.com/ Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/4dDb2XLONSNrTrucRcoaYM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReallySlowMotion Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/reallyslowmotion Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/reallyslowmotion Twitter: https://twitter.com/RSMmusicSound ARTWORK DETAILS: From (Pixiv): http://bit.ly/2lB7k43 By: 现充和神经元 POPULAR PLAYLISTS: Epic: http://hdsoundi.com/go/epic Battle: http://hdsoundi.com/go/battle Emotional: http://hdsoundi.com/go/emotional IMPORTANT NOTICE: This channel is only for promotional purposes, none of the featured music or artwork are created by me. Please don't ask for permission, I'm not allowed to give any. Have a question? The FAQ page may be useful: http://hdsoundi.com/go/faq MUSIC PROMOTION: In order to submit your own music, follow these 3 simple steps: 1. Send me a PM on my facebook page: ... http://hdsoundi.com/go/facebookPM 2. Message should start with word - PROMOTION. 3. In message must be included music file/s or ... link/s to them. (soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.) FIND MORE ABOUT EPIC MUSIC & HDSOUNDI: Subscribe: http://hdsoundi.com/go/subscribe Backup channel: http://hdsoundi.com/go/backup Official website: http://hdsoundi.com/go/official Facebook: http://hdsoundi.com/go/facebook Soundcloud: http://hdsoundi.com/go/soundcloud Spotify: http://hdsoundi.com/go/spotify VKontakte: http://hdsoundi.com/go/vkontakte
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Text Comments (14460)
epicsoulfactory (2 years ago)
Hi, I'm Cesc Vilà, the composer of this track. I just wanted to let you know how important is for me to read all your beautiful comments. To read that someone can feel more relax or empowered and even that this music can help you a little bit to endure your struggle with depression, is something that's beyond what a composer could ask for and makes me feel a sense of purpose and a strength to move on with my life too. Sadly, sometimes we (myself) are knock out by many cirumcustancies..., and although we all know that eventually things will pass, it's really hard to move on. At such dark times it is good to cling to what life gives to us..., it may be an idea, a dream, a song..., or even a series of warm comments in a video on you tube (that's the case). Anything goes to keep going on, to return back to our light. I just wanted to show you my gratitude and also encourage you all. Feel free to listen to my track Suns and Stars (Really Slow Motion). It's there on you tube. Not propaganda. I think that track really can help you also to feel empowered, uplifted and happy..., even if just makes you smile or dream for a second, it will be worthwhile :) Thanks also to HDSounDI for sharing my work. See you soon ^_^
John Ball (8 days ago)
Thank you so so much for using the talent and genius God gave you in such a beautiful and uplifting way! You have both honored and glorified Him.
Cylance 5H4P35H1FTR (8 days ago)
These are the vibes of the world I want to live in...!!!☀️ (Not me talking - but my soul🙂) In two words: THANK YOU❗ 🌟Keep shining&sharing it🌠
Moitri Gomes (10 days ago)
Thank you🙇
harsh2945 (1 month ago)
U must be having very beautiful heart ! Csec vila
Dana Cristina Popescu (4 months ago)
There's so much power and beauty tuneful combined in this track. I hope you know that.
Shrish Dhyani (2 hours ago)
Really great track....Thanks for the wonderful music...
HOLA SUKAH (10 hours ago)
Even teen titans made real life in heaven...and cyborg I can see him
garcia-reyes arquitectos (13 hours ago)
Psy Bonsai (13 hours ago)
LIKAONEK (15 hours ago)
geez im flying between highest mountains and drifting somewhere in the middle of the ocean the same time . i feel so calm and happy right now. i could listen to this track all the time. This is amazing. Thank You mr Vila for creating such amazing sounds
Azoz Manu (16 hours ago)
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Michelle Van Zyl (17 hours ago)
Your music gets me high on emotion. Its like my soul feels everything.. Thank you.🌹
Esta música hace que me den ganas de ahorcarme el ganso.
Одень наушники, закрой очи и лети...........
Andrew Reder (21 hours ago)
Yikes this gave me goosebumps! Well done
Vinayak Bansal (21 hours ago)
Damned </3
Helen Bostock (1 day ago)
i was asked as a teenager by adult what job do you want how the hell should i know give an answer they like they where ok it the giving you see but what i wanted to say i want to travel the world before you adult fuck it up completely
Helen Bostock (1 day ago)
kickson what ever u do do it with passion i think you will see better results methored i use and i perity sure i older ,
Helen Bostock (1 day ago)
kickson i think you might like to travel , i was younger once i traveled to other countries . i know it about money but you seem to be a travel like me now a days i just think i am adding to the air polion , your call not mind
Helen Bostock (1 day ago)
message again to kickson no i not in love but i love what you wrote your words and music go to gether it a match for my morning
Helen Bostock (1 day ago)
to kickson by texting talking we all rise up are own view if i am not challaged i do not grow , bird of a feather stick together i glad u too find this music great
Helen Bostock (1 day ago)
replie to my kickson its nice to listen and reply to a emotional stable male , i think it allway good looking at life from a different piont of view , i love drawing tree but could never get the down of the tree trunk right untill one day my and a mate had a walk in a local forest and i saw a tree up rooted then i understood how to draw trees better because i had the full picture thank for your replie
Somnath Gholap (1 day ago)
I am addicted to this music I guess
Wojciech Marszałek (1 day ago)
I was there when this beautiful piece number of views was... f*** who cares. After such a long time it's still remind me of something... (still wrong) It's a masterpiece. Cesc Vila thank u for this moment.
Blue Marine (1 day ago)
j'ai mal au coeur ...vraiment ..et en ecoutant ça ...ça s'empiiire
TGS RadiuZ (1 day ago)
Just relax and play the music.
Paul Milton (1 day ago)
been a very hard few months of my life and finding meditation and wonderful music like this has literally kept me alive, thank you!.
Nodge X (1 day ago)
Totally epic.
Perla Garcia (1 day ago)
Demasiado *.*
Esta canción fue el inicio de un sueño que quería cumplir, ahora vuelvo a escucharla con la satisfaccion de decir que lo logré!!! . Sueño cumplido!!! 💚
shafiqxoxo (1 day ago)
*The Title did not lie :) *
Khimavath Hemanth (1 day ago)
I am going past in my life through this music
Khimavath Hemanth (1 day ago)
Myself iam a hero in this tuned song
Joseph Sin (1 day ago)
not very emotional therefore not very beautiful
Atul Kumar (1 day ago)
For a moment this song merges me into the cosmos.. and then i realized this is the moment I want to live every day of my life
Indu Bhushan Rana (1 day ago)
It took me to heaven!
dr3amgawd (1 day ago)
Thank you for creating this masterpiece and giving hope to those facing their darker moments. Our lives are made brighter and more hopeful with this. Thank You !
dj.Ereck (1 day ago)
Bob Thompson (1 day ago)
I thought it said HDS Undi
DRVKUMAR123 (2 days ago)
last 3 and half minutes is for meditation and recalling goodness in you.
Hardik Bist (2 days ago)
2018 ??? Hit like ✋✋✋✋
SeT IcoN (2 days ago)
10k ppl no emotional feeling
Jøshüa 115 (2 days ago)
Over rated
PRADIP DAS (2 days ago)
It is truly Divine for the mind, body and soul.
SLOPnBISCUITZ (2 days ago)
Can i be a new member of this beautiful comment section?
Matt B (2 days ago)
they should just crop this song from 1:00 to 5:11
jaquelin vicente (2 days ago)
Anastasia Arts (2 days ago)
hey you yes...JUST YOU you are kind,important and NOT USELESS if u are on this planet,you will do something special you'll make your dream cone true God wanted to send you here because you are important and amazing everyone is beautiful everyone is amazing everyone need love because with just love we can change the world take a look to how many assassins there are most of the time,their life had not love since they were little and this is why they kill us give love spread love make your dreams come true i love you whoever you are
Anastasia Arts (2 days ago)
Spencer 14 (2 days ago)
Next time you look at yourself in the mirror..........smile, keep your chin up and say to yourself "I'm worth it" because you are. <3
Balles McGee (2 days ago)
I took a shit while listening to this. I felt like I really made a difference. Thank you!
Micah Metcalf (2 days ago)
Adding more positivity to the comment section. Everything is okay, bad times are just the way of the road. You’ll make it through, I promise.
scorpio (2 days ago)
Wait is this a... good... comment sect- Space time continuum rips
Música épica, MUY BUENA.
Sofie Piessens (2 days ago)
Wow, I came here unexpected and I love this uplifting song, so epic, so full with emotions and then there's all this positivity around here in the comments. Makes me feel great again! We all should be this way <3
Sofie Piessens (2 days ago)
and you guys got a like from me on FB!
Danny Ashton (2 days ago)
thanks for this.
Odkhuu Erdene-bat (3 days ago)
1914 68 1982
Stannis Baratheon (3 days ago)
I love how songs like this bring out the poet in everyone
Ni WANG (3 days ago)
I heard this on the plane, watching the orange sun setting slowly over the clouds. Just a word......... Amazing
Carlos Danilo Souza (3 days ago)
Hope 💗💗
ArtisticAirDash (3 days ago)
This music is both epic and beautiful
Indonesian Sawit (3 days ago)
when I listen to this song...it is encourage me. I have live tru tears and pain but I will raise from my ruins.
Ben-Laden Bernanke (3 days ago)
Still gives me chill on a clear, stunningly waxing gibbous November night in north Alabama.
Eduardo Zani (3 days ago)
gracias ,ser feliz
Helen Bostock (3 days ago)
do you want to enslave each over or not choose we make affect the planit are further selvies and are young and oldies like me
Helen Bostock (3 days ago)
all the universy sing we are one because we come from the same source
Victoria Jones (3 days ago)
This is so beautiful, I love seeing so many hopeful and courageous comments. This song is extraordinary and I'm so thankful that it allowed me to express myself 💜
DerpyBubbleBear (3 days ago)
staring down at sidewalk below way up high in the falling snow. maybe now he would be glad. after all, is death so bad? hopefully, it will all end. that dark angel shall become my friend. I lean forward hands outstretched. reminding myself a better option is farfetched. the ground rushes up to me fast. I take one last breath for it is my last. I'm sorry all whom I have loved. these feelings maybe I should not have gloved. hiding behind those words, "I'm fine" freedom, soon shall be mine. I close my eyes, I see dark. and leave a world an leave no mark. I am nothing let me die. farewell, my last goodbye.
henrietta nsa (3 days ago)
this is good...i hope you're okay though
Vanessa Macleod (3 days ago)
2 0 1 8
Helen Bostock (3 days ago)
alison i was touch be what youn wrote but doe it really matter that high probibility we will meet . i glad you like and understood what i talk about if you found peace in my words prehaps that enought people need people a kind word goes along way
Helen Bostock (3 days ago)
message to iian i found keeping busy and being proctive helps then your thing ing about something eles time goes quicker less time saying what if
Helen Bostock (3 days ago)
alison repy
Helen Bostock (3 days ago)
hi you left a message reply people think people do i say what i feel after looking seeing and listening to new idea
The Triturn (3 days ago)
Clearly not heard much music. Mahi - Arcus? Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels? Deadmau5 - The Veldt? If I lose myself - Alesso? HOME - Resonance? Intermezzo in B minor - Brahms? Through the Mist - Rameses B? One Summer's Day - Spirited Away? Wings - Birdy There's one very every genre.
Joe Ross (3 days ago)
Don't click on read more........ You rebel.
Edward Joseph (3 days ago)
This is The Best comment section Ever in my life...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Robert Tuxford (3 days ago)
Beautiful music, my cat is lying next to me, she seems to flow to a deep sleep, when these type of songs are played. That is a compliment.
Tushar Padhi (3 days ago)
It's feel like I'm in heaven. 😇😇😇
Accelerator (3 days ago)
Riding a bicycle is like living a life. You had to move on in order to keep it balance to avoid problems and get to your destination just the same as living a life, you had to move on from all the problems like the bad memories, the negativity, the regrets, the gossips and many more to be the most successful and complete your goal. What I wanted to tell you is think positive cause even if you’re ugly, poor or broken hearted, I want to tell you that you are the best and you can do anything you want to also, life has only 1 for each person so, what are you waiting for? Keep moving on and complete your goal : )
Rodrigo F. Mandetta (3 days ago)
Perfect sound !
John L (3 days ago)
Been listening to music on YouTube since 2010, and this is the first time I've come across music this beautiful, n inspiring. I listened to this a month ago, and find myself coming back to this often. And I spent a good amount of time reading the comments... never before seen such positivity like I've seen for this video. Thank you for each one of u for sharing making everyone else reading and listening to be inspired to something positive.
hilmi kıratcı (3 days ago)
Çok güzel bir çalış ma very good uyumak için ideal tebrik ederim
Claide Bonto (3 days ago)
best music ive ever heard so far it made me even cry my god
Mooney//Magic (3 days ago)
When I listen to this song I see two lonely souls that have been yearning for each other finally connecting, what do you's see?
Denny Roy (3 days ago)
It's not about wanting what we don't have. It's about what we have right now but not giving values to them..
NCC MOTORS (4 days ago)
danieljliversLXXXIX (4 days ago)
I am an angry, frustrated person. I live alone, an incel FA. I don’t need to your condescending pity or sympathy. It change anything in my life. I live because I’m too afraid to kill my self, not out of some misplaced superiority or undeserved inspiration like the rest of cretins. What the fuck do you people have to cry about and emotionally jerk each other off? The world is an ugly place and we’re all ugly people. Only the strong survive.
Doge R (4 days ago)
Reach the stars and be yourself make a nice day by the heal that’s health make the best self that you can be...nothing can stop you,you should see 🙂
Velnar (4 days ago)
I was dreaming all the time when I listened it ^^
aaman lone (4 days ago)
The Stars of Success are Twinkling freely in the Space...!!!
Dilip Gautam (4 days ago)
Like it hate it but these is the most beautiful music in the internet
two Houston (4 days ago)
Livvygurl (4 days ago)
Love this so much! <3
Tali 81 (4 days ago)
This song is on almost every motivational compilation on youtube :D
ieBrazil (4 days ago)
Sorry. The most is the 4th mov by Beethoven. Your work is great, but not the most. Frankly. With. You.
Oliver Mayo (4 days ago)
I am intending to study medicine and will be listening to this for study in the years ahead. Thank you for providing it to youtube users.
Manny R (4 days ago)
Hans zimmer: *hold my beer*
Daveidkila Must (4 days ago)
Elisabetta Molin (4 days ago)
Bella, bellissima
mourad velasquez (4 days ago)
AKF Nielsen (4 days ago)
Maybe it was just an illusion Just a Dream Maybe it wasnt’ anything more than words To me - It was a chapter in my book called LOVE A sweat fairytale - A Dream came true To me it was more than words It’s not the time but the moments we shared Your eyes and your kisses The future in our hands That special feeling that dosn’t show very often Maybe it was just nothing I’ll never get the answer and that’s okay Cause the Day I Close my eyes I need a book like this With the sweet fairytales - Filled with love I don’t need true answers to ruin my book I need to feel that life was worth Living at some moments And you ... were one of Them ❤️
Cláudia Matos (4 days ago)
Agape eficaristou. Sagapou polyy
Cláudia Matos (4 days ago)
Cláudia Matos (4 days ago)
Eficaristou agape. Sagapou polyy
Helen Bostock (5 days ago)
ice cold if my veiws are a bit exsteam yes but you get to an age where you do not want to mess about
rainbow li (5 days ago)
I just remember, I've always got a soft spot for music. My second soul.

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