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Most Shocking Second a Day Video

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A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. This is what war does to children. Find out more: http://save.tc/fvu430gar8B US ts and cs: Message & Data Rates May Apply UK ts and cs: You’ll be billed £5 plus standard rate text message. We receive 100% of your donation. Include NO INFO to stop further communications. Queries? 02070126400
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Text Comments (40426)
That Random Gamer (2 hours ago)
0:14 ADAM!
That Random Gamer (2 hours ago)
Oh geeZ
Miles Estrada (4 hours ago)
Sarfnic Productions (4 hours ago)
Britain turns into Iran
Isabella Zemelko (4 hours ago)
Hayden Eccleston (4 hours ago)
Well that escalated quickly
Mr. Bandicoot (5 hours ago)
Go to 0:05 watch for 3 seconds then go to 0:51
dreaming meming (7 hours ago)
“Grannay” “ADDUm” “Bye mum” “WHATS HAPPENING” “Dad where are we” “Daddy” “Happy birthday to you,make a wish darling”
temka artem (7 hours ago)
62 million views
PanicBuffalo559 (7 hours ago)
*War breaks out* Me: Hold up, let me get my camera
Skiper luise 123 (8 hours ago)
Hope this isnt real beacuse i fell bad for what is happend to that litle poor girl :'(
Amber Northern (9 hours ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I didn't knowwwwww
Gaming Ninja (9 hours ago)
This is so fake she was recording herself the whole time she would have sold it and bought food
Kennedy Logan Morgan (10 hours ago)
comments had me prepared
Misaki de la Lune (10 hours ago)
We watched this in geography class
Conny Swift (11 hours ago)
Is this Real ? 😅😣
Blanket (13 hours ago)
This might be some of the best videos I’ve ever seen ever.
Weegie Boi (13 hours ago)
They had us at the first half, not gonna lie.
ninja Glory (14 hours ago)
They should make a movie about this
Blue Cats (15 hours ago)
That was quick
Grand Écart (15 hours ago)
La guerre est assez dure comme ça, à quoi ça sert de le rendre encore pire en montrant les gens malheureux ? On ne peux rien faire alors c'est inutile de nous faire culpabiliser. On a saisi la gravité et on peut rien faire alors montrer ça est inutile.
Novan Arts (16 hours ago)
She was beautiful btw
This video is unrealistic, she would've sold the camera.
Jess_ica hofm_ayer (18 hours ago)
OoooOoo she *had* a boyfriendd 😏😏😏 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
RedShadow StarMaximus (19 hours ago)
This gets on recommended one more time *Share Subscribe and puke*
Electronic Arts EA (19 hours ago)
it only applies to girl, if the child is a boy, he will take up Ak47 ( im not joking ,u can search in YouTube with keyword "Child Fighter at Syria")
SuperV (19 hours ago)
Yo this is so sad man!
Levi Bayliss (21 hours ago)
1:04 mission failed
BRONUBIE GT (22 hours ago)
Wow beautiful vids Wait what happend Nvm
Abin Tom Sebastian (23 hours ago)
And I was just looking how super cute she was ...
Michael Scott (23 hours ago)
Lowkey netflix need to run this into a series about a lil kid and her family surviving an invasion by some foreign country like ww3 esk.
PoutineVaccine (1 day ago)
I saw this in a immigration museum. Makes me sad every time.
Spencer White (1 day ago)
About a third of the seconds in this video should be her sleeping
Zaid767 (1 day ago)
GruLáEmbaixo (1 day ago)
WSL 401 (1 day ago)
Okay fine, YouTube! I'll watch this already!
Bintara Mansur (1 day ago)
Btw wheres Justin Y
Clowned Hadimi (1 day ago)
Not even 100 million views 😐😐😠
Hey It's Sarah. (1 day ago)
oh nO-
Lily Maurice (1 day ago)
And the worst bit is that this is people lives 😭😭
JESVANESSA (1 day ago)
Umm I remember watching this when i was 7... like uhm 7 years ago why is it in my recommended again Other then that GREAT VID!!
Big booty Chungus (1 day ago)
Escalated *QUICKLY*
Zoiggel (1 day ago)
Why the f*ck do we have to have wars??? 😭
Our world is fucked up
•Waifu Chan• (1 day ago)
Golden Mel (1 day ago)
This is actually funny to me😂
Erica Abberlery (1 day ago)
Mutafa Rahmani (1 day ago)
Nobody will understand or feel her pain untill you see it with your own eyes... ~true story
KingJF85 (1 day ago)
Undoingauthor 99 (1 day ago)
Plz say its fake
raneem alghamdi (1 day ago)
The Arabia ..💔😭
Zack Irahza (1 day ago)
This is what happens when you get Fortnite in real life. This girl is such a noob! DIDN'T EVEN DRINK A SINGLE POTION!
DANI (1 day ago)
pta vida :'v agase pa tras me boa suicidar
What's happening
She had two birthdays in a year?
Mr. Donnathor (1 day ago)
How did she keep her phone through all that?
Mr. Donnathor (1 day ago)
retnyaP ekuL (1 day ago)
ZQuartZ 7 (1 day ago)
Oreo Kit Kat (1 day ago)
HOW DID THE DOOR CLOSE ON HER PARENTS!? IM TELLING YOU I BET IT WAS HAMSTERS! "CLOSE THE DOOR! 1 2 3.. 4! REPEAT!" 5 HOURS LATER."Let's give up... It's too hard..." *they walk away* She runs in. A Hamster Domino begins. Oops the door...
CheckNate (1 day ago)
Very creative!
briana raymundo (1 day ago)
Did Adam kiss her??
STR8_CRAZYY ‘Z (1 day ago)
Welcome to Fortnite season 8
Phillip Robertson (1 day ago)
Oh wow she is growing up Oh no she is sick Fu$&ing booommmmmmm!!!!
Yanzihko (1 day ago)
My faith in humanity dropped from 82% to 47% after this video.
mugetsu ichigo (1 day ago)
Lol i thought this was a zombie apocalypse
So shocking... 😱😱😱😱
Dead Parroting (2 days ago)
Awesome concept. This is hard hitting and relatable. It's time to think about their lives as something that could happen to us and something that is happening, right now, to them. Time to walk in their shoes.
Karen Tong (2 days ago)
Emilio Bello (2 days ago)
This could be a good idea for a novel i want to write
Nina Z. (2 days ago)
omg when she lost her dad i started to cry
AlphaChaser (2 days ago)
0:01: High school graduates 1:14: College Graduates
Macey Tarena (2 days ago)
That escalated quickly
Disa Lysti (2 days ago)
Why do I feel so much disgust at 01:05?
Helen Liu (2 days ago)
Sunil Chouhan (2 days ago)
rainy jess (2 days ago)
that made me cry
Yavor Mitov (2 days ago)
Ez win
1N73RC3P7OR (2 days ago)
Notice how she's white and she is running into another white-populated area. Why aren't arabs and blacks running to their arab and black neighbours?
Denise Agathe (2 days ago)
桜小路白夜 (2 days ago)
Ava Lizz06 (2 days ago)
Look at the newspaper 0:27 👀🥺
Nyly (2 days ago)
The Last of u- oops wrong video sorry
Šàrā_ Mh (2 days ago)
This is wierd
Finlay Howe (2 days ago)
this is what brexit happens
Carlos Cifuentes (2 days ago)
USA is the cancer of this world.
CaptainHand (2 days ago)
My brain: *"umm...ok."*
Hopreme (2 days ago)
Look like the last of us
Poor your dad 😢
Jasmine Duff (2 days ago)
When u watch it a second time and u notice all the little things
Jasmine Duff (2 days ago)
AlphaChaser (2 days ago)
No Stop This isn't right
Frosty (2 days ago)
It's propaganda. That's all. Don't worry guys.
Schaschliksheesh (2 days ago)
That escalated quickly
Obey Evan (2 days ago)
Well...I’m going to show this to my mindfulness class at school.
Muhammad Hilmi (2 days ago)
What about Palestin and Syria?? Search it save it.. They are in worse condition than this
InsT¡nct _Yt (2 days ago)
Deleted scene: Shrek saved us all
TheSilversickle 12 (2 days ago)
+InsT¡nct _Yt no
InsT¡nct _Yt (2 days ago)
+Anarchy_X subscribe to my channel pllsss
Anarchy_X (2 days ago)
《 V3NOOMED 》 lol
Suryansh Patel (2 days ago)
Least she got a role in the movie Logan...
Benjamin O'Connor (2 days ago)
This video and this whole channel are horrible. The message is to save the children. Everyone in that area deserves to be saved.
Kirollos Halim (2 days ago)
0:43 Mrs Obama get down!!

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