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Most Shocking Second a Day Video

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A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. This is what war does to children. Find out more: http://save.tc/fvu430gar8B US ts and cs: Message & Data Rates May Apply UK ts and cs: You’ll be billed £5 plus standard rate text message. We receive 100% of your donation. Include NO INFO to stop further communications. Queries? 02070126400
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Text Comments (39479)
Ariel Rojas (9 hours ago)
Syria 🇸🇾 is a no longer existing country no more
BtsTaehyung FF (14 hours ago)
War isn’t good and neither is it bad. They have wars for a reason and I just hope those kids and people who suffered through this gets a lot of help. War is something that can resemble freedom and an end about country having a conflict with another country. But even though you wanted freedom or make things right, war can sometimes take away lives for those innocent and kind people. Even the people that are young. War isn’t good and bad. That’s what I would say.
sakura gamer (18 hours ago)
2018 oh ☹☹☹☹
Opinion_Master (23 hours ago)
NTP KING (3 days ago)
War is more horrible than that.
Nai Project (3 days ago)
Giorgi Iobidze (3 days ago)
the face at the end definetly seems like shes going to wish for world peace
Giorgi Iobidze (3 days ago)
0:43 _-happy-_ OH GOD
So sad 😭
0:05 asmr
Sergei Olegnatat (4 days ago)
Oh intense commercial
Sir Rahmed (4 days ago)
I love how this video is trying to show the sheer horror of the consequences of war yet these comments make light of the situation the internet never lets me down
LeoB Goo (5 days ago)
...Because it is going to happen in Europe when it's overrun by mudslimes. ~10years time. #saveeuropeschildren
Jeffy Jeffy (5 days ago)
LoanLeaf (6 days ago)
That's awfully sad
Kriosis Reborn (6 days ago)
Roby0o l ROBLOX l (9 days ago)
wait..so people think this is real? lol.
Eventually Sa (9 days ago)
Our rights are important than the world This is a reminder
nathan Jimenez (9 days ago)
Gia Huang (10 days ago)
She had 2 birthday in 66 days, why don’t I have that?🤣🤣🤣
Cassy and lilia (11 days ago)
This is making me cryyy
Eventually Sa (11 days ago)
حقب متبقيه
J-hope Hobi (11 days ago)
A Duck (11 days ago)
I would look badass with a gas mask ok
Plastic Pepsi (12 days ago)
I like = 1,000 prayers for their family
Hendro Yohanes (14 days ago)
Is this alien invasion?
Nova Guardian (14 days ago)
Sad but true
bosgotnojams (14 days ago)
Wow this was from 4 years ago, glad this came to recommendations
Save the world
#LPS.LOVER 1234567810 (14 days ago)
I think That’s the singer Melanie Martinez 😢
Kevin Owens . (14 days ago)
Me 24/7
purple_ mint (14 days ago)
So this is why smokng is baf
iiUnicorn Sparkles (14 days ago)
the tv channels showed that something was going to happen and the neighbor said you deserve to get shot
Øčeãnńã Płãyž (14 days ago)
What war is this?
Timmy tommygaming (15 days ago)
Help Them, They Need It #SaveSyriasChildren also #Timmytommygaming _SUB_ _TO_ _ME_ I need it to
Bianca Chan (15 days ago)
I feel bad for her. ❤
MTRA (15 days ago)
Leftist Propaganda
Volga Wolfhounds (15 days ago)
Pretty pathetic comments for the most part. It should not matter what color a child is. This would be unacceptable through any tinted lens...and these assholes below joke about it.
Kazuma Kendate (16 days ago)
Harry potter genderswitch. Look properly and you'll recognise she's pretty much like d.radcliffe
DED_MURDERER (16 days ago)
Can I have one thing that this channel can do if I sub to you you must donate and help Syria because syria is my home
Syn Jab (16 days ago)
*2059 be like*
J P (16 days ago)
Now just think about if this was a camerea man, he/she isn't helping them
Chris Ausbrooks (16 days ago)
Poor girl
Golden Brothers (16 days ago)
Look comrade my country is taking action my comrade told me app called you tube ok
Achref & Yahia (16 days ago)
Palestine Iraq Seria yemen libya
Rest in peace child's farther
Danny BOII (16 days ago)
Best meme i've ever saw
WW3 in color
Ze (17 days ago)
And gosh some of these comments are really disrespectful
Ze (17 days ago)
This is so sad. May Allah help them ❤
Geniecus (17 days ago)
I know the UK is a shithole but I doubt it will ever break from war
Ola Bassing (17 days ago)
Is this real?
Uchiha Obito (17 days ago)
This literally happen , espicially in Syria and palestine
Awesome Ashley (17 days ago)
1:01 NOOOO
Ghost Legtinue (17 days ago)
I love here. Its middle east bois!
ichi (17 days ago)
Don’t take ur life for granted. Life is precious.
Nostalgia Bender (17 days ago)
Yuh didn’t know that This War of Mine had live action promotional footage
Ali Fadheel (17 days ago)
Jmaster (17 days ago)
Nice propaganda
ASMR-Queen Xoxlol (17 days ago)
It’s so say
Richard Kobler (17 days ago)
is it real!
旬東 (17 days ago)
No wars!
Kat - (18 days ago)
I just feel bad for everyone,this world is sad,i'm just trying to be deep here
O.O VeRy SCaRy¡
Toxic GamerZ (18 days ago)
Who is holding the camera?
ILF AM (18 days ago)
Harby Sitjar (18 days ago)
Hasisys (18 days ago)
1:15 poker face
stranger danger (18 days ago)
Delet This (18 days ago)
That’s a lotta jump cuts.
Jerzey Banks (18 days ago)
That really f****** up yall know how to make a person depressed😢😢
ExtraDan (18 days ago)
Nonsense, the apocalypse was her wish!
Slick Nick (18 days ago)
Sharctic (18 days ago)
This video is pure quality. Sends a strong message. Good work.
Anneliese Jones (18 days ago)
That was sad
Paraplegireno (18 days ago)
Holy Moly, ain’t it a dandy miracle that we aren’t like these feller beings righty here
TheAlmightyLoaf (18 days ago)
At the end it actually shows what happens to a lot of the children in Syria that only knew war or the war happened to them at a young age. Some refer to them as the lost generation
Emolga Rules (18 days ago)
0:23 u deserve to get shot
timelyseeker minecraft (18 days ago)
Good actor
My life from happy to anxiety disorders and depression
shannonedownie_ (12 days ago)
LoveyDaUnicorn (18 days ago)
I seen this at school.
SuperSatanCat (18 days ago)
If you look closely you can see her hair gets messier and she gets dirty..harsh.
Troope r (18 days ago)
Dam that hit me..
commander 5 (18 days ago)
Say this to your friend and tell them to tell their other friend "we this bad . They are people . Love not hate . Help those in need. Don't stay silent ."
commander 5 (18 days ago)
This is bad we need to help
Johnny Bravo (18 days ago)
Waaaaiiiittt..... That girl doesn't look Syrian...
Mangorollo (18 days ago)
Im reading comments For u people who think this is a joke its a serious situation your not funny so stop
Abby (18 days ago)
Was it war
Hzxel (18 days ago)
I like he way there is an apocalypse in London and you can see smoke from the buildings especially the shard
ROBLORX TV (19 days ago)
That so sad
Rawan Moubarak (19 days ago)
Im from Syria and I pray that the war will end soon 1 like= hope
Emanuel Estevez (19 days ago)
:'( </3
Lilo Tey (19 days ago)
Gaurav Malviya (19 days ago)
JASPEX GAMING (19 days ago)
0:20 Disturbing headline
Sonic Screwdriver (19 days ago)
0:13 She got a boyfriends!?!?
Twitch Dawnsxt (19 days ago)
Out of sight out of mind
GabrielOrloff Orloff (19 days ago)
Q criança consciente tão lindo
GabrielOrloff Orloff (19 days ago)
Que perda de tempo,que maravilha

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