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Avril Lavigne being Drunk for 6 minutes straight!

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Videos of Avril Lavigne being drunk! - Video clips: Avril Drunk on stage: 0:17 Don't smoke, only smoke when you're drunk: 1:52 Avril's birthday: 3:27 Tmz clip: 5:14 Avril writing "Fuck You" to paparazzis: 5:29 Confused drunk Avril: 5:57 - Instagram: Avril4everyoung - My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/iceteanpizza
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sk8er boi (4 months ago)
gotta love drunk Avril lol
ME M (1 month ago)
Yeah dont smoke only smoke when ur drunk lol
Dina Yghalili (1 month ago)
Avril is
anime titania (2 months ago)
Avril became so thin when she was coming outside having divorce with Deryck.. That was so sad..

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