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Designing Personal Brand Identity with Purpose (and Flourishes)

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Michael walks us through a case study with one of his students' personal brand identity project and shows us how to connect personality and terms to visuals as a basis for designing a hiring package. In addition to creating a logo, he demonstrates how to use the logo grid to inform an identity system. He also helped her with some flourishing on her logo when all was said and done. To learn more about typography, visit our site: http://type-ed.com/ Enroll in our FREE course to learn how to Design for the Reader in one week: https://type-ed.com/sevendays
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Text Comments (6)
Devang Desai (6 months ago)
Brilliant. Much to learn here.
Dr Dermix Girl (4 months ago)
Devang Desai I love your brand logo thumbnail
aerozg (1 year ago)
With the Six Scents, it's not an ampersand but the number 6 and the letter S, at least that's what it looks like, but it also looks like an ampersand which i think it wasn't the intention but a happy accident maybe?
TypeEd (1 year ago)
Probably another beautiful layer to the logo’s visual presence and story!
Peter Hoffman (1 year ago)
That was great ! Thanks !
TypeEd (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed it. I hope it helped.

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