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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Carmilla" (Feat. Ashly Perez)

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"I've been confused for a good portion of this but the kisses are so good." BINGE ALL 16 EPS OF PROJECT INFERNO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKx5q7k0fsz2KkhL_XWbtSotRkJhJv9Km To support queer content, consider becoming a Patron at Patreon.com/GirlShipTV Check out Ashly on social media: @itsAshlyPerez Check out Amanda on social media: @AwkwardHolland LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, EAT, SLAY, LOVE
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Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
This may be our most disjointed episode yet! To support queer content please consider becoming a patron at Patreon.com/GirlShipTV
Briggett López (1 month ago)
The after acredita god damn!
Bella Nguyen (5 months ago)
AHHH!!! You forgot to watch the credits and after credits! They have scenes and tidbits in there as well.
Tia Elgey (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV they are in another movie called almost adults and they are best friends
Empressveiws Tv (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV can you react to everything sucks
Iryanna Beckman (1 year ago)
Please watch Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. It comes out on DVD in 2 days. It's amazing.
ravenmagic30 (8 hours ago)
I really love watching you girls give your opinions about lgbt movies! thank you!
A Bookish Obsession (11 days ago)
*starts randomly singing* oooh ladies in bed (pause) kissing each others heads idky this was as funny to me as it was but holy shit that was funny XD
Xanita Jobe (26 days ago)
I’ve watched this so many times and still I laugh out loud every time 😂
purplelove (1 month ago)
I love how u keep making references from other shows “is this where Janet lives”
Utkarsh Dubey (1 month ago)
Yeah it's 2019!!!
Karma Kaelyn (1 month ago)
13:52 She was just so done
Leticia Reis (1 month ago)
I'm just here to say that I have a big crush on Ashly.
Miranda Greening Jean (1 month ago)
Interesting fact if not already posted Dom is actually British. I did think she was Canadian myself as her accent is sooooo good
Nat (2 months ago)
Love Carmilla 💜💜💜
Destiny Marden (2 months ago)
When talking to Katie McGrath in Slasher (1x08) Carmilla talks with Laura about their money. She then stats that she gets her money by drinking blood on the net. Just a FYI. :)
Angelina Mancini (2 months ago)
This movie is a more shitty version of American horror story murder house
Katherine O’Brien (2 months ago)
P0nk o (2 months ago)
You know the screech I made when I learned this video existed
3ChordsAndTheTruth (2 months ago)
Lesbians and Hamilton referereference! Already miss this show!
Lei Murphy (2 months ago)
My reaction is the same as Amanda in every Dom scenes.
Lila Glass (2 months ago)
around 13:16 when Amanda said her purgatory i had to pause the video for about three minutes to laugh hysterically because the mental image it gave me was way to real
yuri 123 (3 months ago)
If you guys want to see a lesbian movie with a lot of sex in it then you guys should watch "blow her mouth" it is on Netflix
Rxsess Al (3 months ago)
Dom is just 😍
BeerForTheLadies (3 months ago)
I just recently found these videos and am impressed! I love lesbians! I love beer! I love movies! What a match!
Katie Brady (3 months ago)
Why Yes, Ashley, it is 2019😂
Allie Vb (3 months ago)
At 4:15 I was like "Omg its Rackula!!!" (Btw I love Wynnona Earp as well, its amazing)
Kate Vo (3 months ago)
1:20 that’s not creepy at all
Cole Coal (3 months ago)
You Skipped One Queer Kiss😂 ONE! ☝️ YOU SKIPPED ONE!😂 YOU SKIPPED MEL’S KISS!😂 That kiss was unexpected and you skipped it😂
Imani Babatunde (4 months ago)
React to strangers on facebook! My all time favorite LGBT show. Season 2 is the best and you don’t need to wait season 1 to understand. Thanks!!!
Anxiety (4 months ago)
Lol my science teacher has the same cup as Amanda
Elisama Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Am I on the wrong side of this 😂😂😂😂
Chenoa Curtis (4 months ago)
Elise Reitsma (4 months ago)
Oof that was confusing as hell bc every time they said "Elise" I thought they were talking to me lol
Jenny Attwood (4 months ago)
Both of the leading actresses are in the queer film "Almost Adults" ---gotta watch it! Also LOVEDD everything about this movie! My gay heart is so happy :)
JR Hunter (4 months ago)
Moisturizing while fighting. I DO THAT.
M Dela Cruz (4 months ago)
Dominique Provost-Chalkley 😍❤️
CrazyChick 69 (5 months ago)
Now imagine a Wynonna Earp Carmilla crossover. The Carmilla characters be like WTF now we have to kill her and the Wynonna Earp characters be all like hell no and get defensive AF especially Nicole
Effy Lee (5 months ago)
"Ghosts have a good co... That's just a full-ass duck right there"
Maria Ochoa (5 months ago)
Bro can someone please tell me how the fuckkkk and where you can buy this movie please cause I wanna see the whole thing
gem 12 (5 months ago)
liana grosser (5 months ago)
Amanda is me. I love Dom too
* Nadia Mundt * (5 months ago)
Karalynn Paley-Ryan (5 months ago)
I love love love these! You should to the movies made based on Sarah Waters' novels: Fingersmith, Affinity, Tipping the Velvet
S Ryan (5 months ago)
React to the rich man's daughter
wastethegen (5 months ago)
Wait, they didn’t watch the last scene with Mattie?
Novella (5 months ago)
“Sophia Bush kissing..” pause. Me thinking: Kate Mara in Niptuck?! “Brittany Snow” yup. But Anna Kendrick has expressed her love of Brittany & Sophia. Just throwing it out there. Random facts.
Pichi Romer (5 months ago)
You need to watch almost adults!
M Dela Cruz (5 months ago)
Throughout the entire movie I was like, "Where's Dom?"
Grace Power (5 months ago)
ashly's face when she said "drunk *lesbians* watch" lmao
Benjamin Müller (5 months ago)
Fun Fact: if you diss HP.... FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Lemonboy (6 months ago)
I love Ashley
Alexis N. (6 months ago)
I have that beaker cup!! #NerdSquad
Courtney Duckworth (6 months ago)
Have you watch the L word
amanda mcbride (6 months ago)
You and Ashly need to watch and episode of Wynonna Earp together!!
Karma Kaelyn (6 months ago)
13:50 When you're just so fucking done
blootheye (6 months ago)
Funnily enough (I don't think it was intended) the melody Elle is humming sounds like a german song for kids to go to sleep^^ You could translate its title like "the moon has risen"
Aditi K (6 months ago)
i never knew ashly was gay... she was a straight™ in all those buzzfeed sketches and that was confusing
Market Janku (6 months ago)
I'm too on side Dom😍😂😂
Jsasjeskrs (6 months ago)
Were can I watch this movie
Luisa. (6 months ago)
i wanna be your friend
David Wright (6 months ago)
Now we need almost adults
Mintspice's Music (7 months ago)
My purgatory would be me not having coming out of the closet and being stuck forever in a relationship with a REALLY catholic guy
Magical Molly (7 months ago)
The Lizzie Bennet diaries did that format way before Carmilla did
Lauren Matthews (7 months ago)
Ashly the entire time: "What's happening?"
Lauren Matthews (7 months ago)
Lauren Matthews (7 months ago)
"Moisturizing while fighting is the most lesbian thing people can do."
charms charms (7 months ago)
I am Amanda everytime Dom shows up! 😍
tbh daddy (7 months ago)
3:04 any vampire series is better than twilight 😂😂😂
Celluloid Queer (7 months ago)
Villains are attractive most of the time if you ask me. Lol
Anna Fosberry (8 months ago)
Idk if you have done Almost Adults, but it also had Elise and Natasha, it’s a comedy, and it’s gay! Highly recommend
Xrvxncai Pasuquin (8 months ago)
Please watch Gia Carangi.
Lyndsey Soto (8 months ago)
Where can you purchase The Carmilla Movie? I looked on Amazon but it says that the movie is unavailable...
Lightswxnn Edits (8 months ago)
Purely watched this for Dominique
nomadine85 (8 months ago)
Amanda, I’m with you. Every time Waverley popped up I did a gay sigh. Was definitely on the wrong side the whole time
Sarah Avery (8 months ago)
Amanda! Please get Ashly on the wayhaught ship! Like after this video, I’m probably going to go to haught and waverly clips😉 also, I agree, waverly wouldn’t go down that easy😂 she’s a damn Earp!
CJ Jeiven (8 months ago)
This is the best show! Thank you!
Jennifer N (8 months ago)
I love you gals... subscribing!!!
Kji Phoenix (8 months ago)
I hope they watched past the end credits, there are secrets.
CrazyChick 69 (9 months ago)
Carmilla turns into a panther
veda valles (9 months ago)
I love gay Canada 🏳️‍🌈
ditte manstrup kruse (9 months ago)
Noooo. U clipped the Best Line out. "If This goes Romeo and juliet on us, I'm totally gonna Hunt your ass" by Elise/Laura.
Riss Clements (9 months ago)
I’m just waiting for sam, dean and Charlie to bust in salt guns blazing.
Mitch Malasaga (9 months ago)
I just discovered Carmilla the movie like a few hours ago, and at first I was a bit lost but I loved their make out scenes and right after watching the movie, I'm looking for the series..for a low budget series that just evolves in a room, it's so funny and I loved watching it. any suggestions for lesbian themed series?
courtney203 (9 months ago)
“That’s just a full ass duck right there” 😂😂
Darling Kitteh (9 months ago)
I fucking love you Ashley! You are my spirit animal! 😂
Brandy (9 months ago)
WATCH "If these walls could talk 2" !!!!
Adri Gonzo (9 months ago)
Prior rubs moisturizer on his hands while fighting with Louis on Angels In America. It's just a gay activity😂😂
Hardcore Pasafist (9 months ago)
*cough cough project inferno season2 cough cough*
diecutiedie (9 months ago)
I'm obsseded with wayhaught and Dominique as well
Amanda Almaraz (9 months ago)
Claude Faustus (9 months ago)
waverly also stop being gorgeous
Claude Faustus (9 months ago)
Natasha fucking damnit im suffering a heart attack from the hardcore gorgeousness
Sarah Payne (9 months ago)
“Laura” and “Carmilla”???? R U KIDDING ME😂😂😂? #camren
Teddie Jean Mitchell (9 months ago)
Yall missed the extra scene after the credittsssss
Teddie Jean Mitchell (9 months ago)
"Moisturizing while fighting is the most lesbian thing that people can do"
alyssa Ramirez (10 months ago)
Please please please watch the seasons. Only three of them well four if you count season zero
Sailor Mitchell (10 months ago)
Please please please watch season 2 of Wynonna Earp before season 3 comes out
MariJo E McKinley (10 months ago)
‘That was one of the better sex scenes I’ve ever seen’ - please watch Below Her Mouth 😂 ace card.
Holly de Reya (10 months ago)
Please do Wynonna Earp !!!
Cindy McClure (10 months ago)
Denise Nickeson (10 months ago)
Guys need to watch Saving Face and A World Unseen
Molly Baker (10 months ago)
“Ghost have good coo..that’s just a full ass duck” 😂😂😂👌🏻
Chance Reeves (10 months ago)
Still wish there’d been laferry :^)
Chieko Katsune (10 months ago)
I ship Amanda and Ashley.

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